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 GCW March Massacre Recap

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PostSubject: GCW March Massacre Recap   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:23 am

Courtesy Of Geeneva Championship Wrestling

Mike: We'll have to see about that, just like we'll have to see how good, WWKF's DXLatin,
is against our world champion, "Rebel Angel" Jack Carter.

Sean: This is Carter's home town, and DXLatin coming off a match last night in Florida on
WWKF's show against our own Brett Fury, I don't know, you'd think the powers that be in
WWKF would've sent a replacement.

Mike: Maybe DXLatin is just being stubborn and wantsa to prove a point, that no matter
what the odds are, no matter what he has to go thru, he's going to win in the end.

Superstar: it's a nice theory on paper, but he's had some tough matches the last couple
of weeks. Coming into this not being 100% is going to hurt him.

Sean: We have othe rmatches lined for this great show like....

("In Time" by Mark Collie plays)

Mike: Like we'll have to tell you later because we, are going to be hearing one
hell of an ear piercing cheer, right

(The fans stand and ewrupt in extremely loud cheers as the GCW World Champion, "Rebel
Angel" Jack Carter comes up the isle. Jack's wearing his trademark leather vest with the
"Club 81" patch on back, black jeans, skull cap, biker boots and is wearing a "Buddy Guy's
Legends, Chicago" sweatchirt under the vest...he comes to the ring and gets a mic, circling
the ring as the fans cheer very loud).

Sean: Jesus, I never heard such loud cheering before.

Mike: I can't hear you...

Jack looks around, then gets up on the second turn buckle and raises his fist into the
air, which brings even more cheers....when he steps down a loud "Certer..Carter..Carter.."
chant erupts..

Superstar: This guy is a member of Club 81, right?

Mike: Correct.

Superstar: That's the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club, he's amember of one of the most ruthless
motorcycle clubs in the world, breaks every rule there is, says things that are considered
'taboo"'in this sport, yet these fans cheer the hell out of him, I don't get it.

Sean: Carter doesn't get it either.

Mike: it's a strange world we live in.

The chanting dies down and Jack shakes his head.

"I see we have alot of drunks in the building, tonite".

(the fans erupt in loud cheers again, and Jack smiles, then continues)

"well ain't it good to be alive, and IN CHICAGO...ILLINOIS"!

(the fans bust out in very loud cheers again, and Jack circles the ring again).

JC: I had a match in Florida last night, on WWKF's Slim Survivals show and let me tell you..
after the match, the cheap shots came..they nailed me all over...They couldn't handle the fact
that Onita and I, backed up what we said, just like we always have..we took it to the competition
and the best they could do? Instead of just admitting they bit off more than they could chew
when they sent two winos...who are better off with the homeless people over on Madison ave...
(the fans go 'oooooo"...),against us, instead of just manning up and saying ok, you beat us..
they resorted to cheap shots with a weapon..well that's fine and dandy because last
was their back yard...Tonite...IT'S OUR...BACKYARD!

(the fans cheer loud again)

JC: Now DXLatin, you've spewed all the crap you're gonna huffed and puffed all over
the internet on how you were gonna beat me.right my home town...(the fans start a chant
offigure4@ix.netcom.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Dave Meltzer: "bullshit, bullshit, bullshit")..and that's exactly my response to that...bullshit..(the fans
cheer again). Because you after last night's match, are in no shape to even try to beat me, you
should've stayed in Florida..You should've gone to a hospital...frankly..I think you should go
to Hell, myself...(the fans laugh and go 'oooooo'), many who hjave come down the
road thinking they're all that, you've come to the show tonight, and you're telling anyone who'll
listen for 30 seconds, that you're going to do the're going to beat this my home town of chicago...

(the camera comes in close to Jack's face)

JC: A black man has a better chance of joining the KKK..than you beating me in my home town.

(the camera man steps back)


(the fans go "wwwhhoooaaaaa"!)

Mike: (cringes)..Just when you thought you've heard it all here in GCW...

Superstar: and yet the fans cheer for him still, fans are strange.

JC: So tonight right here in my home town DXLatin...we're gonna be RAISING HELL IN CHICAGO
TONIGHT! (the fans cheer loud)..DXLatin, I'm going to show you why not only am I one of the
top guys in the sport of professional wrestling, why I am the world champion you'll never
accomplish being..but I'm also going to show..and all your WWKF fans, why GCW IS the company
wqith some of the toughest wrestlers in the world..and I'm going to do kicking your
ass! (the fans cheer again), and then..after the show, I'll be heading right here (points at
his sweatshirt), to Buddy Guy's Legends over on Lasalle street, to hear the best blues, drink
and have the hell raising good time I always have...(the fans roar again).. So DXLatin, you can
say I'm fat, old, whatever, when you've had as many victory meals as I have...(the fans go "ooo"),
you're gonna get a bit chubby, and after tonight, I'm gonna have yet anotother victory meal at your
expense, so stick that up your ass and enjoy it!


Mike: yes, as you can hear the fans, the International Heavyweight champion is on his way to the ring.

The fans cheer as Onita, in his dress shirt, nice black jeans and black boots comes to the ring. Mike gives him a
mic and Masa takes in the cheers...then speaks.

MO: Last night, in Florida on the WWKF's Anniverary show, Jack Carter and I reunited for one night as the Brother
hood of The Damned...(the fans cheer)...They threw us two guys who had no experience teaming together, and it
showed. We out classed them, and took them to wrestling school. They wound up fighting amoung each other and we
got a win over them...(the fans cheer loud). so's WWKF 2...GCW 1...and I'm sure Carter's going to beat
the holy hell out of DXLatin later after's going to be tied...GCW 2..WWKF 2...

(the fans cheer again)

MO: And the fact they pulled a switcheroo on Brett Fury last night, replacing DXLatin with Killer, really just
ashows that the GM there had no faith in her boy to get the job done again. that maybe...his win over Brett Fury
was a fluke. Alyssa Ruins was scared to let her boy wrestle..ore maybe he was hoping he wouldn't have to wrestle..

(the fans go "ooooo")

MO: But this is GCW...we wrestle hurt, no matter how hurt..we don't punk out of a match we're booked in. and no
matter how much DXLatin was hiding behind Alyssa's skirt, he WILL be wrestling tonight here in Latin had
better be ready, because only a real man, who wants to be somebody in this sport, wrestles hurt..we've all done it


Let's go to the back with Craig Johnson.

"Craig here with General Manager Eddie Gordon"

Eddie: My othe rissue here is, the condition of DXLatin, he's really not fit to compete tonight.

Craig: Are you saying that the highly promoted match of him against "Rebel Angel" Jack Carter, is not going to

Eddie: I don't know how I can let it happen. They didn't let him wrestle last night in WWKF because of his condition,
and it's not like he's going against a Frankie Armadillo, Jack's over 300 lbs and...

(Carter comes up)

Jack: whao whoa...fuck that, he went all over the world wide web and said he was going to kick my ass, in my ring, in
my home he wants to punk out? what kind of punk bitch shit is this?

Eddie: he's not, I'm trying to consider the options Jack.

Carter: ok, option one...did they send a replacement for him..

Eddie: well..

Carter: did...they send a replacement? they pulled that change at the last second last night, so I ask again..did
they send a replacement.

Eddie: No..they didn't.

Carter: Then he wrestles his's YOUR own rules Eddie, that we wrestle the matches that are booked. so you
want us to go by your rules? Then you have to as well. or what's the point of even having them.

Eddie: Jack, have you even seen the shape he's in?

Carter: I don't give a fuck, he sold woof tickets everywhere, and if he punks out now, he'll be known as a bitch in
his own federation. It's bad enough some of his own guys were making him look like a schmuck for not wrestling last
night. he don't do it here? Then he's going to be known all around the wrestling world, as the guy who pussied out
of his matches. GCW don't have pussys, we wrestle hurt, broken ribs, concussions, eye swollen think the
late Road warrior Hawk complained when he did the scaffold match with a broken leg? You think Terry Funk punked
out when he was going to do the I Quit match against Ric Flair with a fractured spine?

Eddie: uh..

Carter: no..they didn't, they got into the ring, and they wrestled their match. I'd rather him wrestle and lose, than
to punk out, any little bit of respect I may have for him, will be gone if he wimps out. You insist the match don't
happen, then I insist he goes out to the ring wearing a dress, and explaining to the fans why he's become the bitch
of pro wrestling. I'm sure we can find some high heels for him to wear as well.

(craig winces at all this)

Eddie: That's pretty rough to say, even for you.

Right then DXLatin limps up to the area.

DXLatin: Fuck you carter, see the bandages? see the bruises? all of this won't matter when I kick your ass tonight.

Eddie: Listen.

DXLatin: no YOU LISTEN. I said I was gonna beat this freakin loudmouth, I'm gonna shut his big mouth up, once and
for all...and I'm going to do it, right here in Carter's home town..

(DXLatin spits at carter)

DXLatin: So fuck you Jack, and fuck you all, I'm going 5150 all over you and as beaten up as I am, I'm still gonna kick
your biker ass all over the arena.

DXLatin limps away.

Carter: What Now Mr. General Manager.

Eddie: When the time comes..I'm going to walk out of the building to have a cigarette, whatever happens then, happens.

Carter: good. Now I have to go to the ring with Onita.

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PostSubject: Re: GCW March Massacre Recap   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:23 am


("In Time" By Mark Collie plays, and the fans cheer again)

Mike: here it comes now, the highly anticipated match between our world champion, "Rebel Angel" Jack Carter, and
WWKF's DXLatin.

Sean: but what shapew is Latin going to be in?

Mike: You could tell from earlier, Jack don't care. DXLatin ran his mouth and in GCW, you run your mouth, you
better back it up.

Carter comes up the isle and sees there's still remainders of the last match still spilled around the ringside area.
Jack gets a mic.

"Just leave that shit there, My opponent wants to go 5150, he'll need that stuf, so leave it there".

Jack then looks under the ring, and throws acouple things into the ring, before entering it.

"I fugured, since this is Pay Per View..and we my home town of Chicago..I'd have alittle more fun than usual".

(Jack picks up a head stone that says "16-1, and then tosses it out of the ring)

"Nobody gives two shits about that"

The fans go "ooooo" and Jack picks up a sledgehammer.

"And nobody gives two shits about a wrestling owner's son in law and the best they could do a few weeks back was do a
bad recreation of an Austin/Pillman angle"

The fans go "oooo" even more.

Mike: Oh boy...

Sean: Laughing..This is good, let him keep it up.

"And nobody gives a flying fuck, about a guy in WWKF doing a HH ripoff with a sledgehammer, if he was truly a bad ass,
he wouldn't have to use a sledgehammer and try imitating a guy who can only do that because he's..(Jack looks around)..
because he's fucking....daddy's daughter".(the fans go "WWHOOOAAAAA"!), so King in WWKF, if you were a badass you'd be
here facing me instead of a half beatend DXLatin, so FU cause you ain't shit, and FU to WWKF for not sending someone to
replace DXLatin, obviously nobody in WWKF wants to support him or back him up, so..he takes the ass kicking himself, get
out here and let's see all this '5150' you're gonna do, punkass"!


DXLatin makes his way down the isle, limping, bandages on his forehead, bandages and tape on his ribs, and one eye
almost swollen shut.

Mike: Man he does look like shit. Brett Fury really did a number on him last monday and last night..

Sean: Somne people should just call it a day, fight another day, but as jack said, this was hyped up for this pay per
view and peopple bought tickets and bought this show from their cable companies, for this match, mostly.

Mike: (sighs), I wish jack would reconsider this, really, this could be put off.

Sean: it could've been, but the GM of WWKF never bothered to send a replacement, so how does that look, sending a beaten
man into abttle like this.

DXLatin gets the mic on the outside of the ring.

DXLatin: Listen carter, stop laughing at the way I look. I know I look like shit, but you're gonna look worse when I get
get thru with you...

Owner James Long comes down and tries to talk to DXLatin..

DXLatin: No,, I won't back out of this, I'm standing up for WWKF, I'm gonna shut that big mouth up, so shove it, Long.
and you Carter, far as I'm concerned, you're...THE BIGGEST PUNKASS THE CITY OF CHICAGO HAS TO OFFER"!

(The fans go "OOOOOOOOO" and James Long shrugs his shoulders, then comes and sits with Mike and Sean. DXLatin slowly
goes up the ring stairs and enters the ring).

Sean: I don't think Latin should be doing this match mr. Long.

Long: Me and Eddie Gordon have been trying to talk him out of this all night, he would've been paid. if he decided not
to do the match, we would've paid him anyway, as a respect to WWKF and to him for even showing up. You heard him though
so I can't do more, he's on his own in there.

DXLatin and Carter circle the ring. they tie up. and Jack gets latin against the ropes, and Latin's leg gives out. Jack
steps back with a clean break.

Mike: a clean break? From CARTER!?

Sean: Look at DXLatin..his leg just gave out.

Long: This is going to be hard to watch.

Jack ties up again and gets him against the ropes, and again the leg gives out on DXLatin...Jack steps back again,
shaking his head..jack then asks for a mic...

"Listen..I know you're hurt, I'm going to give you this one just leave the ring...admit you don't have
the level of health you need to take me on, and just go get medical attention. This would be best, and I can get anyone
in the back to come out and fight me".

Mike: That's unusual, even for Jack.

Sean: If I were latin, I'd consider this.

Long: It's an act of professionalism that one usually sees Carter do behind the scenes.and there's plenty of GVW guys
that would come out here if DXLatin does quit.

DXLatin: Forget it Carter..I'm not punking...not for you,,for these asshole fans who cheer you..(fans boo) or for any
one else...I'm going 5150 on you, RIGHT NOW"!

DXLatin ties up with Jack and smacks him with a forearm before fires Carter into the ropes, Jack leap frogs over him
and bounces off the opposite set of ropes to land a shoulder block, taking Latin to the mat. Latin gets up and limps
to the ropes.

The fans start chanting "Carter's gonna kill you....Carter's gonna kill you...Carter's gonna kill you..." and DXLatin

Mike: Nice way to make friends there Latin...

Sean: Yep, those kind of comments sure do make the people of Chicago very friendly..


Jack and DXLatin tie up again and Latin gets a hammerlock then shoves Jack shoulder first into a corner turnbuckle.
he then slaps Jack in the face...and then Latin's leg gives out again.

Mike: Slap carter!?

Long: Wrong idea.

Jack doesn't step back this time. Carter kicks latin in the ribs and latin goes down, holding his ribs.

referee Larry Huntley holds Jack back. and Jack's getting pissed.

"oh come on, what the fuck...he chose to keep going, he's had every out he can ever have offered to him, I nolonger
have sympathy..".

Carter kicks Latin again in the ribs as he makes it to his feet. Carter fires him into the ropes for an overhead
power slam. jack starts pounding Latin with punches, opening up the cuts he recieved last night, blood starting to
pour out. jack then lifts latin up and delivers a russian leg sweep and cover. 1...2...

Mike: why..did Latin get his shoulders up.

Sean: He should've just taken the three count and gotten out of there.

Jack grabs Latin by the hair but Latin low blows Carter, hits a reverse atomic drop and and follows up with a DDT on
the GCW world champion. Latrin slugs Jack back several times and then brings Jack to his feet. and nails a face plant
on Carter. Latin then hits a front somersault into a leg drop to the back of Cater's neck.

Mike: Maybe we were wrong..

Sean: he'd better keep going with this spurt..

Latin fires Carter into the corner and starts hammering him with punches Carter goes to one knee and keeps taking the
punches. Latin steps back and then comes in with a vicious kick to Jack's gut. and Jack falls onto his stomach. latin
then yells "5150 baby"! and the fans boo.

Latin gets jack up in the corner and starts belting him, on the third one, Carter shoves latin in the face. Latin hits
Jack again and Jack shoves his face...

Sean: uh oh...

Mike: now...Jack's mad.

Latin hits jack a third time and after Jack shoves latin's face again, Latin backs up seeing the look in Carter's eyes.

Jack gives a double flip off and says "fuck you"! then nails DXLatin with several punches, then going to jab after jab
after jab and follows up with a flip flop and fly, dropping Latin to the mat. Jack the gets Latin up on his feet and
nails the death wish, and covers for the count. 1...2...

Sean: damn, why is he still trying to fight this.

Mike: Alyssa Ruins of the WWKF was concerned this would happen.

Long: Jack's not gonna have any mercy on this guy anymore. I can feel it.

Jack stomps Latin in the ribs, then in the head before draggin his hurt leg over to the ropes, he drapes it over the
bottom rope and looks over to a fan. he motions to the fan.

Long: Everytime Carter does that, the chairs come flying from everywhere.

Only one chair came to Jack

Sean: whew! lucky there.

Long: You're telling me, I keep telling Jack not to do that, but you see how well he listens to anything I say.

Jack takes the chair and bashes latin's hurt leg, DXLatin screams out in pain. Jack hammers him in the head and then back on the leg again. Huntley as well is having a hard time watching this and gets Jack to step back. Latin's
holding his leg and Jack moves past Huntley and jams the end of the chair into Latin's leg again. he slams the
chair into the leg, denting it. Jack flings the chair across the ring..drags latin out to the middle of the ring by
his legs and after dropping a fist drop to the head, rolls Latin on his back and slaps on an STF.

Mike: Oh shit..that is such a painful hold.

Sean: Listen to Latin screaming...

Long: I'm about to end this match myself if this keeps up..There comes a time when both WWKF and GCW can go at it
again, find someone else to represent them..This...

Mike: whoa look!

DXLatin tried to get to the ropes, but instead, taps out...Huntley calls for the bell.WINNER! 'REBEL ANGEL' JACK

Sean: Thank God.

Carter quickly releases the hold. stands up and the fans cheer as Jack's hand is raised in victory. Jack leaves
the ring but then stops, and goes back into the ring again.

Mike: Oh come on Carter, leave him proved you could beat him, it's tied now 2-2 between the federations.
there's no need...

Sean: I don't think he's going to attack him, look...

Jack yells for Long to get the paramedics out here. Then looks at latin..

"Listen..I know you wanna be a tough guy...but as long as I been in this sport there are times you just got to do
what's right for yourself...just get on the fucking stretcher will ya? get the help you need, and when you're
healed up..come see me..and I'll be happy to face you again...just..shut up..don't say what's right for
you and for the federation you work for".

The medics come with the stretcher..Jack looks at them.."be very fucking careful with him..and get him some attention,

They get him on the stretcher and Jack goes with them up the isle as Rob Van Dam goes past them to the ring.

Mike: we can't catch a breath at all here, our main event is starting now.

Sean: Welcome to GCW..(chuckles).

Mike: James Long went to the back with the medics, hope they get DXLatin to a hospital.

Sean: That was hard to witness but at least we evened the odds between last night and tonight. so..take that WWKF!
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GCW March Massacre Recap
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