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 GCW Monday Night Meltdown Recap

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PostSubject: GCW Monday Night Meltdown Recap   Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:24 pm

Courtesy Of Geneva Championship Wrestling

"I fans, I'm Mike Dean, with Sean Patterson, MONDAY MELTDOWN"!

(The fans cheer loud)

Mike: We're LIVE from the pleasant, clean, pollution free, ever friendly city of DETROIT,
MICHIGAN! (the fans cheer again), Sean, we're two weeks away from When World's Collide,

Sean: That's going to be prettynhostile, especially now that Onita and carter, once again
beat two more of their top stars this past saturday night on WWKF's Slim Survivals show.

Mike: That has sent some real shockwaves as their GM Alyssa Ruins was fired as a result,
and there's got to be some real hot tempers going in that federation.

Sean: Masa and Jack did what they said they would do, and from what I hear, that's been
the way it is for a very long time.

Mike: It has for the most part evere since they first came to GCW. and now they they
reformed the Brotherhood of The Damned, they've been like a locomotive racing down a track.
proving that together they are indeed almost unbeatable in any situation.

Sean: But what will be the situation come When World's Collide, in two weeks. That we'll
have to see about.


Mike: We're back on Monday Meltdown fans and we're waiting the arrival of..well, there's the music so I'll shut

"The One" by White Zombie plays and the fans cheer loudly as "Rebel Angel" Jack carter and "Mr. Monday MMasa Onita come down the isle.

Sean: Do they have beer in their hands?

Mike: uuuuh, that's the looks of it.

They come to ringside..Jack looks over at Sean, and shakes his head, saying "shame on you...sean".

Sean: oooh no, I hope he's not gonna publicly rub it in that Tasha Harris turned me down for a date.

Mike: see what trying to stick your little head where it don't belong gets you?

(Sean chokes hearing that one..Onita and Carter get into the ring, hand their beer and title belts to Referee
Larry Huntley to hold. They both pull out black t-shirts from their back pockets, one is of KingofDX and the other
is of Killer, both of the WWKF. They make larry move out of the way as they lay the shirts down in the middle of the
ring, and then after they go to one end of the ring. They do the Jeff Jarrett strut walking right on the shirts. They
do it again and the pick the shirts up and wipe their butts(outside their jeans) with them, before throwing them out
of the ring).

Sean: oooo total diss.

Mike: well, they beat them this past saturday night so as they said in a radio interview, they have the bragging
rights now.

(Carter gets the mic as the fans roared with "wwhhooaa", over the fact they dissed the feuding federation).

JC: Walking over them shirts was just as easy as it was to walk over the losers we beat this past saturday night.
(the fans again go "wwwhoooaaa"). Mr. Onita and I, went into this much anticipated match, hoping, HOPING, for a
good fight, what we got? was two more losers thrown together in cheap as a tag team, who don't get along, have not
one pinky of tag team experience together, and in the end, everything I said, i was right on. KingofDX couldn't do
jack sh(beep)t without his sledgehammer, and when he tried? the dumba(beep)s hit his own partner. what I really,
really, want to know is..WHERE'S THE REAL COMPETITION IN WWKF AT!?

(onita takes the mic)

MO: I had alittle respect for them because they have accomplished alot in that little federation they have, but it
all went to sh(beep)t when KingofDX's skills just weren't up to the task, when he had to go get his little sledge
hammer and try his ol triple H routine, he couldn't do it, and now, because he couldn't do it, the GM of Slim
Survivals is, how's that saying here in GCW go?

JC: She's seeking employement elsewhwere

(they both crack up laughing).

MO: So really, did anyone really expect them two wannabes, never will bes to actually beat us? a team that has now
proven to be two of the best wrestlers on the planet both as a tag team, as well, as being the top two singles
wrestlers in the world(Onita gets the International belt from Larry), Jack and I holding these singles belts prove
it, every damn tag title we've won, or retired, proves it as well, so how in the f(beep)k did WWKF think those two
goofs were gonna take us down for a win? THEY'RE ON FREAKIN CRACK IF THEY REALLY WERE THINKING THAT!

(the fans go "oooo")

JC: Now next week I know Masa and I will be defending our singles belts here on Meltdown, so tonight we're just

(the fans burst into loud cheers as Jack and Masa open two beers and start drinking)

Sean: Excuse me, Mike? When did this become the happy hour federation?

Mike: I don't know man, I just work here, this place has changed so much since I forst started here, I just learned
to go with the flow.

MO: Jack and I have earned and spent more money on spilled liquor, than anyone in WWKF is ever going to make, we
said we're just that good, and every week we show it, so yes people, Jack Carter and I, will just..that
good, it's just a fact of life many people just can't accept, but the wrestlers in WWKF have no choice, but to
accept, nobody there in that f'n promotion has what it takes to beat us, so we'll be glad to just keep going in
there, and beating them, like the damn losers.....

(the loghts in the arena go out)

Mike: I knew someone was going to come out and ruin this.

Sean: They earned the right to brag, why be sore losers and ruin the party, if someone was bad enough to beat em,
they would have.

(the lights come back on and the fired GM of WWKF is in the ring)


Sean: she don't work...she was fire....what the hell is this about.

Alyssa: Jack Jack...You having fun? having fun over the fact that everything seems to have gone your way?

JC: Seems? it has..but since you're nolonger employed in WWKF, the cafe up the street could use a good waitress.

(the fans go "OOOOOOOOOO" and Alyssa sighs)

JC: or....since you have 'those'(pointing at her chest), the strip club around the corner could use a good 'set'
to spur business.

(the fans go "whooaaa" and Alyssa shudders at the thought).

Alyssa: One thing for sure Carter, you'll able to have THESE..only, in your dreams..(the fans go "OOOOOO",
and as for the striper job> No thanks, I'm not Missy Hiatt, I don't have to do that.

Sean: (spits his coffee out) WHAT, DID SHE SAY!?

Mike: oooh boy.

As the fans roar at that Missy comes down the isle but security is holding her back, Missy could be heard yelling.
"who the hell does she think she is mentioning me like that, that freakin b(beep)tch, I'll slap the sh(beep)t out
of her".

Alyssa turns and says to Missy.

"Sorry honey, my boobs will never be shown in public, unlike those sagging sows you got".


Sean: she did, oh man she did.

Missy's fighting to get past security, she then grabs a bottle and flings it towards the ring. "You wait b(beep)tch,
I'll cross paths with you and when we do, we're gonna throw down, get off me"!

(alyssa turns back to Jack and Onita)

Alyssa: Now that that's over...You Jack and you Onita, I hold responsible for me losing my job..uubb..don't say it,
you're gonna say it's Killer's and King's fault because they weren't good enough, or they have no skills, I know
what you're going to say. But Jack, had you gys not made me look like a fool, made WWKF look like made us
look like sh(beep)t carter and because of that, I WAS FIRED!

(the fans cheer extremely loud).

MO: I don't think the sympathy vote is in your favor here, Miss Ruins.

(Alyssa glares at Onita with looks that could kill)

Alyssa: I tell you what is though, Like your man Eddie Gordon, I have connections in this sport too, and because
you two insist on being total a(beep)holes about this recent win, I can promise you, I will get even. I may not
have a job, but I have friends and Jack.. when it happens, keep this little thing in mind.

(she gets right in Jack's face)

Alyssa: HELL, hath no fury, like a woman scorned, you remember that.

(Alyssa leaves the ring and Jack looks concerned)

Onita mumbles to Jack, "Remember what Lorena did".

JC: Tonya Harding..

Alyssa starts to leave the building, comes back, gets the house mic and says, "Oh yeah, Jack? F(beep)k you".
Then walks up and isle and out the front door as the fans react going "oooooo, wwhoooaaa".

Mike: What did she mean by that?

Sean: The PPV is coming up, who knows what she may pull.

Mike: But she don't have a job.

Sean: But if she has friends, and friends who care, this, can be a real issue.

Mike: oh boy. I can only imagine where this is all going to lead to.


Mike: hell yeah, Onita beats Rob Van Dam, Carter pins Tazz, the BOTD one up WWKF again and now, James The Truth,
comes thru with an upset of his own, defeating the homicidal suicidal death defying athlete, Sabu.

sean: Can it get any better around here..

The crowd stands and applauds James as he has his hand raised. Then....

Mike: What the hell?

The great Riquez comes down another isle from the front door and cracks Mr. Hughes in the face with a chair. James
watches as them two start to brawl and go up another isle. James lets Highes handle it but kjeeps an eye on it, he
doesn't see what happens next.

sean: I thought Riquez was in Mexico.

Mike: Detroit is pretty far from Mexico Sean.

Sean: I can see that, but still...he...oh SH(BEEP)T!

Out fo different parts of the fans WWKF Wrestlers Killer, KingofDX, Ricky Wilde, Joker, Master of Disaster, and
DXLatin all come out of the seats, hop the rail and jump James the Truth in the ring.


They clobber James with chairs, a barbed wire baseball bat and a blackjack, busting him wide open, they nail him
with a stuff piledriver on the broken table and then. DXLatin pulls a bag from his jacket.

Mike: DAMNIT! this is an all out assault, someone needs to get out here.

Sean: What trhe hell is DXLatin doing!?

As KingofDX, Kiler and Joker Hold a bleeding James The Truth, and Master of Disaster is hitting him. DFXLatin
pulls out a staple gun.


Mike: This is so screwed up...I can't...what the hell they going to do.

Sean: I don't know but I've got to stop it.

Mike: Sean, GET BACK HERE!

Sean leaves the table and slides under the ropes. they drop James and stomp and beat Sean up. Then sail him over
the top rope and then tie James up in the ropes. he's trying to get out but they beat on him. DXLatin then walks
up and nails the staple gun in Jame's eye.

MIke: SON OF A..B(beep)TCH!

DXLatin uses the staple gun a second time on James's eye and blood comes pouring out. They then bail out as the whole
GCW locker room comes running and enters the ring. carter, Onita, brody, brett Fury, a bandaged Billy Nightmare,
the Jones all come in. Carter and Onita look as DXLatin and KingofDX give them the chop block, and then give all the
wrestlers in the ring the finger.


Carter, Onita and now Vinnie James who came running chase all the WWKF wrestlers out the door but they all piled into
a van and you can hear the tires squeal as they take off away from the arena

Mike drops the mic and goes to check on Sean, who's laid out on the outside of the ring. Mr. Hughes comes running,
bleeding from his battle with Riquez, he's as angry as the others and throws things in all directions as a show of
emotions. Even the Hardcore Institute comes down as well. Owner James Long and General Manager Eddie Gordon come with
the paramedics and get into the ring, pushing the other wrestlers back as James was unhooked from the ropes and is
grabbing his eye, screaming in a voice that's sickening to hear.

Craig Johnson comes out and gets the mic.

"Mike, Mike, how's sean"?

Mike: he's hurt man, and they got James f'n good, his eye's all messed up.

Craig: Unfortunately, this is going to be news.

Mike: How the hell can you call, THIS, news?

Craig: Mike, we're paid to tell the news, and this is, news.

Mike: What the f(beep)k you talking about, explain how this is news.

Craig: well, GCW has boasted about how they take things to the extrme.

Mike: yeah.

Craig: well tonight, it's sad to say, but WWKF, just took GCW, to the extreme.

(the scene fades to a commercial).

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GCW Monday Night Meltdown Recap
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