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 Onita After Redemption

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PostSubject: Onita After Redemption   Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:13 am

The new Brutal Survivor Champion, Masa Onita comes intro the same room Eddie and Alyssa had just left, for a question and answer session. he's carrying the Brutal Survivor championship and the International title he's had for months. He's wearing black jeans, boots and a New Japan Pro Wrestling shirt, and takes a seat.

Onita: Them two..Alyssa and Eddie, are dangerous together.

The crowd laughs.

Onita: Never did I ever imagine them two ever getting along, but boy when it comes to this sport, them two together have it going on business wise. I'll just kick right in with your questions.

Onita then opens a large can of Monster Energy Drink and drinks from it.

"Your thoughts on the show tonite".

Onita: Solid. top to bottom one of the best shows I've been a part of. Congrats have to go out to Cookies n Cream for becoming the top tag team here. Wilder did what very few have been able to do, knock KingofDX off for one of them titles. The ladies were awesome. not that cheezy diva crap you see on Monday nights. they reminded me of a group in Japan that used to run. JWP. solid women's matches the way it was meant to be and tonight, all the women on this show truly, showed that women's wrestling has come back to the United States. I didn't see a bad match tonight, though I do have to feel a bit sorry for Brody, he's been a top guy everywhere he's been and before he came here he beat Savio Vega, a very good latin wrestler, in his home country of Puerto Rico. he just hasn't been able to get it together here for some reason. Someone like Alex Armstrong should've been massacred but he somehow slipped in a win. I don't know. Stan has to do something because I know his rep and this usually doesn't happen like this. So whatever the flaw is I hope he can find it.

"Do you have an update on Jack Carter?

Onita: He's at L.A. General now. Brody went with him as I volunteered to stay and do this with you guys. of the three I'm more willing to do these Q&A's than the other two.

"Is there more of an update than we were given earlier"?

Onita: Well from what I know, he's hurt bad. concussion at the least. face banged up maybe a cracked rib. I'm known for hardcore matches, as evidenced again in my winning of this title here (holds up the Brutal Survivor championship), but that match with Golpe, was all out violence. You wanna talk about take it to the streets, they did. it was close and there was no lucky shot with brass knucks. this was an all out bloodbath that makes the old buzz sawyer/tommy rich wars look tame. That could actually surpass anything I do as hardcore match of the year. As much as Jack's feeling it, Golpe's feeling the shit too. Jack wanted to tough it out and not go to the hospital but this time, no way. vodka and red bulls won't be able to help him. he needed, to go to the hospital tonight.

"You think you're next for Golpe"?

Onita: if he wants it he knows where to find me, we're on the same show. And as much as I dislike CNC, the only reason they have the tag gold is because we've had other issues going on here, of which this friday night when finally, I get to face off with the Latin Bullshitter, Riquez.

"Eddie when he was out here said that you two were set to fight in GCW but politics held it off".

Onita: He said that? Good for him, glad he's finally talking about that shit. owner's son being shoved down people's throats worse than a nothing happening HHH/ Randy Orton Feud. Riquez and I would snipe at each other and the seeds were firmly planted for us to go, but , nnnooo.The owner had other plans other than the golden eggs that were right before his very eyes. Now..there's not a thing holding it back so he and I, have to find something out. This isn't about titles mind you, it's about rep and respect. who's rep is more legit? He's torn a path in many places, now, it's time for someone like me to put him in his place. he maybe the tough enough champ, but I'm the Brutal Survivor champ, as well as the REAL, international champion. I take that title from him, put it with this one and I can call myself the brutal enough champion.

"Alex Wilder won the Golden Crown championship,. thoughts"?

Onita: Now he can see how good he really is on his own. right now the cancer looks like something on America's Funniest Videos but Alex has the stuff to make it on his own. he doesn't need the others.

"Some could say that about you".

Onita: I'm talking about him. for me, everything the BOTD does, is just more of the same for me. Just another day in the life I chose and have no regrets on.

"That includes pissing on Eddie Guerrero's grave"?

Onita: (smiles). I'd rather do that than try and fuck that pig of a wife he left behind.

the crowd goes " WWWHHOOAA".

Onita: I can see why he had his demons, wake up next that slob every day, fuck that. At least here in WWKF we have some decent looking street walkers. well except for Nikki Banks.

The crowd goes "wwhhooaa" again.

Onita: everyone knows 20 bucks or acouple crack rocks and even smelly homeless guy who hasn't showered in a week, can do her.

The crowd goes "oooo".

"Now that you're on Beatdown, anyone besides Riquez you'd want to face"?

Onita: Jericho. he's another loudmouth I'd like to test my skills against. Last Survivor of the Hart Dungeon huh. If that rep is supposed to mean something then how come Mickey Rourke popped him a few weeks back?

The fans go "wwhooaaa".

Onita: I can do this all night. Buit I know a few more may want to come out here, so let's move on.

"Your opinion of Eddie Gordon as GM".

Onita: I can't seem to shake the guy, no matter where I go here in the states, here he pops up. Hard ass bastard. Doesn't take shit from any wrestler or anyone. he'll tell youi right to your face you're not that important to him, and then, he'll quickly replace you just to prove that point. The recent switches of wrestlers cemented that to a certain few whiners in the WWKF. But a guy who does a good job at what he does, if he didn't they wouldn't have hired him here. It's gonna be an interesting show on friday nights now. One last question.

"You have anything to say to yur opponent for friday night"?

Onita: Riquez, you're not so great, you're great at bullshitting the people. Now you're going to be great at getting your ass knocked out by me. Nothing's stopping us now, no politics, no owners that come to the frontlines just to push notalents then runs back to the sidelines because he's afraid to put in the work. Nothing at all seperates us this friday night you fat bastard. I'M PUTTING AN END TO THE MYTH THAT YOU'RE A BADASS..THE ONLY REAL BADASS ON BEATDOWN...IS RIGHT HERE, JACKOFF..SO COME FOR IT, BECAUSE I'M COMIN TO GET SOME ON FRIDAY NIGHT!

Onita gets up and l;eaves as the crowd applauds.
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Onita After Redemption
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