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 Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 24th 2009 - Quick Results

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 24th 2009 - Quick Results   Sun May 24, 2009 6:28 pm

Edge vs Ricky Wilde
Ricky Wilde suffered yet another loss, for the third week in a row. He doesnt look so impressive without his Money In The Bank Briefcase. Ricky Wilde had the match won, he gave Edge his best, but near the end of the match, Killer ran in and smashed Rickys skull in with the Main Event Championship. The Reff was distracted, but at the end, Killer cost Ricky the match, and The Rated R Superstar made his return debut with a win over the #1 Contender for the Main Event title.

Lance Kent vs Master Of Disaster
Mr.Drive By picked up a win against Master Of Disaster. The match was very even, altough Master Of Disaster has beaten Lance Kent countless times, M.O.D's winning streak on 3LK was finally over, as Lance Kent hit the "Get Down N Blow", followed by the "3LK" to pick up the win, after the match Lance Kent got a microphone and addressed the fans that he will walk out of Redemption, Brutal Survivor Champion.

Angelika vs Perfection vs Colby Danielson
After another hard fought battle, Angelika came out the winner. The match was enjoyed by many as Colby and Angelika were trying their best to beat one another. All three divas had bumbs and bruises, Angelika was even busted open as the match was Anything Goes, and all 3 divas did whatever they could do to win, At Redemption, Angelika will be facing off against Nikki Banks, as Colby and Perfection head onto the Divas Battle Royal.

Jack Carter vs Adam Taylor - Chicago Street Fight
This match was definetly a fan favorite, Jack Carter had the hometown advantage and Adam Taylor was just so extremly talented. This match went back and forth, at one point it seemed Carter would lose, Adam Taylor had the upper hand literally throughout the biginning and middle of the matchup, however, Adam Taylors luck would come to an end after Carter through him over the railing and Carters hometown fans would beat up on Adam, causing over 20 secruity guards to break things up, Carter threw Adam back into the ring and then hit him with a steel chair to pick up the win, he later then grabbed a microphone and told Golpe that he better be ready come Sunday.

Nikki Banks vs Laura Jackson
Nikki Banks gave Angelika a message, in this match Nikki Banks just destroyed Laura Jackson, defeating her in under a minute, after she got the win, she began to beat on Laura, showing her no mercy at all, she then grabbed a table and slid it into the ring, she placed Laura ontop, and as she climbed the turnbuckle to add more damage to Laura, Angelika came out and stopped Nikki, they stared at eachother right in the eye, but Nikki spit in Angelikas face causing a all out war, secruity had to seperate the two, but after secruity let go of Nikki, Nikki ran accross the ring and kicked Angelika right in the face who was being restrained by secruity.

Stan Brody vs Golpe
As Golpe came into enemy territory in Chicago, Stan Brody had the advantage, this match was incredibly even as Brody had the size and Golpe had the speed, In this match Golpe danced around Brody, hitting him with hard shots then getting away from Brodys attacks, after finally catching Golpe, Brody picked him up and slamed him to the floor as Golpe looked knockedout, Brody then picked him up again and slammed Golpe with Golpes own "Click Clack Pow", Brody then went for the pin but as the Reff reached a two count, Golpes glove came off to reveal brass knuckles as he threw a punch right to the back of the head of Brody, Brody simply went to sleep, as Golpe then rolled out of harms way, he pinned Brody 1-2-3, but after that, Jack Carter came into the match and hit Golpe with hard shots to the head, he then took off the brass knuckles Golpe had then he smashed him into the skull with the brass knuckles, leaving Golpe a bloody mess.

Richard Kennedy vs Killer(c)
This match looked to be a squash match, Richard looked too old to fight and Killer was ontop of the world with the Championship, however Richard brought the fight to Killer, giving him his best, and as it was a No Disqualification Match, Ricky came out and it became a 2 on 1 Assualt, Ricky got revenge on Killer, costing Killer his match, as Richard picked up the win

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Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 24th 2009 - Quick Results
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