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 Jack Carter Interview

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PostSubject: Jack Carter Interview   Sat May 23, 2009 2:47 pm

"We're back here on 93.1 FM WXRT in Chicago, I'm Terry Hemerett and with me in the
studio is "Rebel Angel" Jack Carter, welcome.

"Thanks Terry".

"Slim Survivals is here tonight and you're in a match, a Chicago Street Fight match. What
does that entail for the fans who may know know".

"Basicly Terry, anything goes, come dressed as you are, use anything that isn't nailed down
to beat your opponent up so you can win the match".

"So no, 'sports entertainment'?

"The fans will be entertained I'm sure, there's not much sport when it comes to a street fight".

"Adam Taylor is your opponent, what do you know abvout him"?

"I know he's been talking alot about beating me in my home town, which is something that never
happens, he might be the first, we just won't know until the smoke clears and the match ends".

"There's been a buzz about shake ups within the WWKF, care to comment on that"?

"Every fed's going to have the ones who say they're the best, but when they lose, they're always the
first ones out of the cannon to complain. It's nothing new, every company I've ever been in has had
them kinds of people. Whatever shakeups happen I'm still going to be wrestling. The doors swing both
ways and while some are going to the other brand, others are coming in. It's a case of it's always going
to be that way so you just shake your head and laugh".

"Did you hear what happened on Beatdown last night? Your partner Masa Onuita was given an offer".

"And I hope he takes it. I hear after the PPV my PPV opponent Golpe may be jumping over there. I may
have to go finish what I started with him".

"You'd go to Beatdown too"?

" Sure, The main guy KingofDX is there, what better way to put him in check than go where he hides out.
Plus Jericho is there, Alex Wilder who's good. Great Riquez is a tough guy. What better way to go to the top than go where most of the top guys and top talent is".

"What about Stan Brody"?

"It's up to him what he wants to do, frankly I get paid no matter who I wrestle, my paycheck says WWKF
no matter what brand I'm on. Onita's commitment to Wilder is complete so many doors open up on Beatdown. Lots of different challenges there. I get the offder I'll go. If not no big deal".

"Anything else you'd like to say about the goings on behind the scenes"?

"Na, let the ones more qualified who own the company weed out the problems, then we do business with
what's left".

"What can people expect tonight on Slim Survivals"?

"A hell of a show, and hopefuly me showing Adam Taylor who really runs things in Chicago, then it's on to
Golpe who I have a real problem with, one I'm going to solve at Redemption".

"Ok, We're out of time, thanks Jack".

"No problem, if you can play some Motorhead in the next few minutes I'd love it".
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Jack Carter Interview
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