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 Friday Night Beatdown 5-22-09

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PostSubject: Friday Night Beatdown 5-22-09   Fri May 22, 2009 4:39 pm

Fireworks hits the stage and the fans go on their feet cheering loud, as the Beatdown theme dies off the show opens up in an office, a man wearing glasses and in a leisure suit is sitting at a desk.

[Eddie Gordon]
"My name, is Eddie Gordon. What do I do? I book matches. Tony Whatshisname
is gone. Alyssa Ruins called me and asked me if I could come in and run this asylum that's called Beatdown. Let's get a few things straight rght off the bat. There won't be anyone wheeling me out on a wheelchair, I don't scream 'EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME' in a pig sounding voice. I don't change stipulations on a whim during shows and I don't have family members working here in the WWKF. You see these..?

Eddie shows ear pieces

[Eddie Gordon]
These are things the commentators here had to wear during the show.

Eddie throws them in a garbage can

[Eddie Gordon]
Those are gone, history because I don't scream into ear pieces telling my commentators what to say. There is a format to this show and the format will most likely get shot to hell. This will nolonger resemble a monday night wrestling show. This, is a whole new Beatdown show, and how it's going to go, starts, right now, so let's get to it".
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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Beatdown 5-22-09   Fri May 22, 2009 4:42 pm

The show starts with clips from past matches of Beatdown. Cookies and Cream
taking on the Masked Terrors, King ofDX, Christian, Jericho, Alex Wilder. Alicia Jackson, Aundrea, along with a clip of Masa Onita's Match against Kalvin Brown and Randy Johnstone where a metal shopping cart was involved. All to the song "Bad Religon" By Godsmack.

It goes right to Jim and Mike at ringside. As the fireworks go off again and the Beatdown theme plays on

Jim: Hello fans, and welcome to FRIDAY NIGHT BEATDOWN! my name is Jim and this is my partner Mike, we're coming to you, LIVE FROM THE PRUDENTIAL CENTER HERE IN NEW JERSEY!. Mike, all I can say is, this is going to be a whole different kind of Beatdown for now on.

Mike: I can agree with you. A new General manager was put in place with literally
one night's notice, and you can tell the feeling about it in the back, Eddie Gordon
who accepted this position is really gonna shake things up.

Jim: he brings experience of running other promotions here to Beatdown so speaking
of the back, let's go back there right now with Blossom who's with the world champion,


I'm here with the WWKF Heavyweight and Golden Crown Champion KingofDX, Well King you're wrestling..


I know who I'm wrestling tonight, you think I'm that dumb that I don't know?


well I'm just..


You're just gonna be quiet and hold the microphone. I'm facing Tyrone and he shouldn't even be facing me, who's he beat to even be in the ring with me?


He and his partner beat the Masked..


Just hold the mic I said, The Masked Terrors? Where are they now? They lost and left. Tyrone? You're going down to the king. You are nothing and I will show you and all those people, you are nothing..You don't deserve to be in a main event match and you don't deserve to be in the ring against me. When I beat you you will know who
your king is here at Beatdown, and why I am that king. And you Blossom need to smarten up and know your role, when you're told to do something

KingOfDX points at her, not looking happy

you do it.

King turns around to leave and bumps right into Masa Onita, who's wearing his dark
sunglasses and black trench coat.

[Masa Onita]

You got a problem with her?


It's none of your business.

Onita gets right in KingofDX's face, both looking ready to fight

[Masa Onita]

I'm making it, my business.

The fans cheer as they glare at each other for a long moment.

[Masa Onita]

Is it time to play the game? it, TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!?

The fans cheer at Onita's mocking of KingofDX. His face gets red.

[Masa Onita]

You might be the main champ here...

Onita pulls up his international heavyweight championship, and puts it right in KingofDX's face

[Masa Onita]
but I'm the REAL, International Heavyweight Champion. You might be a world champion and can defend that title around the world, but only as long as it's on a WWKF show, I on the other hand, can defend this title on any show, anywhere in the world, anytime I want, so that makes me more of a real champ than you.


I know I know, I've heard this rap from you enough times.

[Masa Onita]

Then why don't you do something about it. The last time you tried you whacked your
own tag team partner with your sledgehammer. Nice going champ, your wife isn't here to stop me and believe me, if I want that title, I'll be coming to take it, unlike you, I don't duck any and all contenders like you do.

the fans go 'oooooo'.


Why don't you just go earn your money and team with Wilder..

[Masa Onita]

I'll surely be doing that, in the mean time, why don't you just simply, go to hell.

the fans go "OOOOOO".

[Masa Onita]

Don't say anymore, your track record against me sucks as it is, don't make it worse.


This isn't the time, your time will come and when it will bow to the king.

[Masa Onita]

The king? Jerry 'the king' Lawler don't work here.

the fans go "wwwhhoooaaaa".

[Masa Onita]

as for bowing down to you, I don't think so.

Onita turns to leave and walks a few steps before he runs into Giant Riquez, KingOfDX then walks off shaking his head

Masa Onita sighs shaking staring at Great Riquez

[Masa Onita]

What is this, a neighborhood reunion? First Eddie Gordon, and now you?

[Great Riquez]

Nice seeing you too. You and I never got to face each other in..

[Masa Onita]

Don't even say that company's name. And I'm only here for one night,
you want a piece of me to find something out, to scratch that itch you can't scratch. Take it up with the GM here cause I'm not a regular here.

[Great Riquez]

And what if he does grant it.

[Masa Onita]

Then..Then maybe we'll have to find something out, won't we, now get out of
my way.

Onita walks off and the camera shot goes back to Jim and Mike.
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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Beatdown 5-22-09   Fri May 22, 2009 4:46 pm

Mike-Tensions are high tonight.

Jim- Onita being here from Slim Survivals has caused quite a stir.

Mike- yes it has, let's stir our way to the ring for our first match.


Aundrea comes down the isle and enters the ring as the men in the audience whistle at her. She sneers at them.

Alicia Jackson comes down the isle smiling

referee Bobby Cruise signals for the bell


both women circle each other.They tie up and they both try to get the advantage pushing one another towards the ropes. Alicia gets and armbar on Aundrea but it's reversed and then it's reversed back by Alicia who then uses the monetum for and armdrag.

Aundrea gets up and is arm draghged again and then a third time by Alicia who holds an armbar on Aundra on the mat. aundrea gets to one knee and then fireman carries Alicia to the mat, she misses a leg drop and Alicia grabs the leg and drops and elbow, she does it again and after the third time she turns Aundrea over into a one legged boston crab.

Jim: Nice moves so far.

Mike: both women are very competitive so this won't be your usual diva match that's shown in other companies.

Andrea turns and kicks off Alicia, gets to one knee and shoulder blocks her in the gut and then gets to both feet to deliver a DDT. She follows up with a somersault into a leg drop to the back of Alicia's neck. She rolls over over and covers for a 1 1/2 count. Aundra goes for a knee drop but Alica grabs it and tuirns it into a legdrag to the mat where she then slaps on an STF.

Mike- WOW! very fast paced.

Jim: I told you, this is a new Beatdown.

Aundrea makes it to the ropes for a break and Bobby Cruise starts a 5 count. Alicia breaks and then stomps Aundrea in the back. Cruise makes her move back and Aundrea gets to her feet, Alicia moves the referee out of the way and charges...right into a superkick by Aundrea.

Aundrea scoops Alicia up and nails a double underhook suplex, then bounces off the ropes for a knee drop before bringing Aundrea to her feet for a swinging neckbreaker. Alicia kicks out at two when Aundrea covers and rolls out of the ring. Aundrea dives thru the ropes and nails Alicia hard against the guard rail as the fans cheer.

She gets Alica toi her feet but Alicia reverses a whip into another section of guard rial and then grabs a steel chair. She cracks it over Aundrea's head and the fans pop loud for it.

Mike: This broke down fast, chair shots already?

Jim: WELCOME, to Beatdown ladies and Gentlemen.

Alicia bashes Aundrea in the face with the chair and blood comes streaming down her face as she slumps to the floor. Alica places thchair against Aundrea's face and steps back, she goes for a basebal slide but Andrea rolls out of the way at the last second and Alica misses.

Aundrea takes the chair and cracks Alicia back.

"TAKE THAT, BITCH"! yells Aundrea as she starts hammering Alicia with punches to the face and head. she then rams Alicia into the metal stairs and then after smacking her face first into the top of the stairs. Aundrea looks around, and grabs the bell off the time keepers table, she runs with it but Alicia ducks and back drops her onto the metal stairs. Alicia takes the bell and hits Aundrea in the head with it, drops the bell and throws Aundrea back into the ring. Alicia gets on the apron, climbs the buckles and comes off with a senton bomb and cover for the count.


Jim- She just got her shoulder up.

Mike- Both women are taking a beating.

Aundrea ducks a punch and gets a go behind for a german suplex, she then takes Alicia and turns her into a sharpshooter. Alica's screaming and says no when Bobby Cruise asks if she wants to submit. She tries to bridge out but then fakes it again and turns on her back to kick Aundrea off her, breaking the hold.

She kicks Aundrea in the stomach and delivers a sitout powerbomb, then climbs to the top turnbuckle and waits. Aundrea gets to her feet and Alica comes off with a splash but Aundrea uses the momentum to roll over on top of Alicia, and holds the tightsd as Cruise makes the count.


Mike- Nice move by Aundrea to reverse into a pin

Jim- she used the tights to get the win though and I'm sure Alicia's not going to just sit by and let this stand.

Mike- I agree, we'll have more of Friday Night Beatdown right after this.
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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Beatdown 5-22-09   Fri May 22, 2009 4:52 pm

After the commerical break Blossom is with General manager Eddie Gordon.


Did you see that, using a steel chair and the ring bell?


yes I did, Blossom, I know many treat you like you're an idiot, I will not stoop there. I run a different style of product than the last GM's here have. So tables and chairs and bells are fine.


So you condone this style?


I didn't say I condone it, but I like to give the people what we say we give them. World Wrestling Kings Federation prodes itself on Violence and Attitude, correct?


Of course, that's our motto.


Then you just saw an example of how I intend to back up that motto. Ahh what the heck is this.

Bam Bam Kana comes up to both Blosom and Eddie with a big smile on his face


I want interview time.


Good for you, so does everyone else here.


Kana sees that I will not enjoy you


Good so will everyone else, is there a point to all this?


Riquez not so great, I, I so great, I great defeater of filthy americans.


Um, Riquez isn't american.


You, you shut up. DEATH TO AMERICA AND RIQUEZ, YOU WATCH THE TOP OF YOUR ASS KNOWN AS YOUR BACK, you turn to enjoy view and Kana might be there to give you nice hello


Well that's all fine and good but I have a show to run, so why don't you turn around and head out to your match.


You don't tell Mr.Kana what to do, Kana does what he likes, when he wishes


Ok, I'll settle for you just turning around at this point.

Kana turns around and gets whacked in the face with a sheet of glass by Great Riquez, glass flying every which way. Riquez grabs Kana and starts dragging him away.


That my dear Blossom, is what you call violence, and attitude, how do you like Beatdown now?


Oh, my God.


Jim- Um, Mikie, I think our next match is coming up the isle.


Jim- No, This is Beatdown.

Riquez drags Kana up the isle, stopping occasionally to stomp or club his opponent. before dragging him some more. he makes it to the ringside area and slams Kana face first onto the apron. he then slides him into the ring before sliding under the ropes himself.


He backs referee Bobby Cruise back and starts stomping Kana in the head. He then picks Kana to his feet, fires him into the ropes and spears him hard to the mat.

Riquez then fires kana into a corner and charges but Kana jumps up and turns it into a sunset flip out of the corner for almost a 2 count. Kana lowblows Riquez and gives him a reverse atomic drop and then snap suplexes him to the mat. Kana punches Riquez several times to the head. then knees him to the groin before making a big yell that makes the fans boo him.


Mike- yep, great way to make friends Kana.

the crowd starts chanting "kana sucks, kana sucks, kana sucks" and he yells at the fans again, he goes over to one section and threatens to come out after them. The chant gets louder and he puts his hands over his ears. He goes to Bobby Cruise to complain and Cruise shrugs his shoulders telling him "I can't do anything about what the fans say".

Riquez gets to his feet and Kana charges with a vicious knee lift, staggering the latin buzzsaw. kana bounces off the ropes and connects with a running dropkick, that staggers Riquez, Kana tries his luck one more time but Great Riquez turns it into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Mike- That was a nice move.

Jim- don't count him out yet.

Riquez headbutts Kana and then rams him face first into a turnbuckle before school boying him for a 2 count. Kana rakes the eyes of Riquez and then rubs his face across the top rope before trying to lift him up for a suplex, he tries again but Riquez uses his weight to nail a spike DDT. he then nails a face first suplex on Kana before hitting a falling headbutt from a standing position. he picks Kana to his feet for a go behind but Kana reverses it, and Riquez reverses it again, Kana mule kicks Riquez in the groun and barely gets him up for a piledriver. he rolls him over, hooking the leg for the count.


Mike- Riquez got the shoulder up.

Jim- Kana's bringing the fight to the buzzsaw.

Mike- and this is what Beatdown should've always been like.

Jim-The start of a new era.

Kana gets Riquez in a Texas Cloverleaf type move. Riquez cries out in pain. Bobby Cruise doesn't see that Kana's holding the top rope for more leverage on the hold. Cruise looks up as Kana lets go. he sees the ropes moving and asks Kana if he touched them, he shakes his head no as the fans yell yes he did. Cruise goes to ask Riquez if he wants to give it up and Kana grabs the ropes again. he lets go as Bobby looks up and sees the ropes moving again, he admonishes Kana again but Kana denies using the ropes. Riquez cries out again and Cruise goes to ask him about submitting but catches Kana grabbing the ropes and starts a 5 count.

Jim- went to the well once too often.

Mike- His luck ran out there.

Kana breaks the hold and then goes for it again but Riquez kicks him off and gets to his feet, limping on one leg.Kana runs and Riquez moves and turns Kana's charge into a sidewalk slam. he then pummels Kana with punches to the head and then headbutts him repeatedly before getting him up and firing him into a corner. Riquez nails an avalache move, then lifts Kana to the top turnbuckle and perfectly nails a muscle buster on Kana.

Jim- Take that Samoa Joe.

Mike- Beatdown is now, the real nation of violence.

Riquez makes the cover,


and Kana just barely gets his shoulder up.

Kana tries to fight back when Riquez brings him to his feet but Riquez paintbrushes him with smacks to the face and then delivers a face first powerslam, turning him over and covering.


Jim- Could this be an upset?

Mike- any match win could be an upset, but Kana has to go back to the drawing board, because he failed to make an impact here tonite.

The camera changes to the back with Alex Wilder and Masa Onita.

[Alex Wilder]

How are we going to top that? Broken glass, chairs earlier, the bar' set pretty high.

[Masa Onita]

With Gordon running things the bar's always going to be set high.

[Alex Wilder]

We can't top that at all.

[Masa Onita]

You know what 'cancer', we top it, by winning, that's all we need to do, just win, we win and that sets the bar for anyone who wants a piece of you, or me.

Right then Christian comes up.


we all set for tonight?

[Masa Onita]

I don't know about you, but we

Onita points to Wilder and himself.

[Masa Onita]
have things all figured out.

Christian cocks in a smile and chuckles shaking his head, he looks at Onita looking all tough and cocky


Oh Im sorry...Was I talking to you?

Onita gets to his feet, Christian and Onita now staring eye to eye

[Masa Onita]

You are now.

Wilder gets between the two of them, pushing both men away from eachother

[Alex Wilder]

come on come on, can't we just get along?

Both Christian and Onita say at the same time.."NO"!

[Alex Wilder]

Hey, Onita I need him, ok?

[Masa Onita]

You need him but where's he been all week?

[Alex Wilder]

What do you mean??

[Masa Onita]

He hasn't been around when you needed him this week, you sent him out for coffee and he get lost on the way back?


hey fuck you Onita

[Masa Onita]

Fuck me?, no, FFUUCCK...YOU!

Wilder tries to keep them apart but its not working great


you think you're so great Onita?, I've been in tag teams too you know.

[Masa Onita]

yeah yeah, with the R rated retard Edge, I know. You two won some tag titles down in Pennsalvania somewhere and you guys made some waves in McMahonland with the help of the Vampire Warrior, but you haven't won the titles I have, or faced the kind of talent I have, so fuck you and your "peeps".


Oh yeah? Maybe I'll see about facing you one on one, what about that big man?

[Masa Onita]

The line's now forming, starting with Riquez.



[Masa Onita]

Takes one to know one. what about defending that ECW title against me, oh damn, you can't. Vince McMahon won't let you. Another lame company champion compared to the REAL..International champion. When you can be more than just a lamer company champion, then come see me and we'll see who's really more extreme.

The show cuts to a commercial as they glare at each other and Alex Wilder just sits back down shaking his head
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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Beatdown 5-22-09   Fri May 22, 2009 4:58 pm

Back from the commercial break with Blossom.


I'm here with Tyrone Williams, KingofDX said you're going to bow to him tonite, your thoughts?


The black jesus won't be bowing down to anyone. He's the champ but he ducks people who want to challenge him for title matches. But that's ok, nontitle match? I'll earn a title match when I make you bow down to ME!


He's been the champion for quite some time.


and tonight his time starts coming to an end. He and Onita and Wilder, they can mock Cookies and Cream but we're the cream of the crop here. KingofDX will find out shortly, and then when he loses, he won't be able to run away from the fact that his days of king of the mountain here, are numbered.


Back to Mike and Jim at ringside, thanks Tyrone.


Suicide makes a spectacular entrance with oghts and music, shooting in on a wire into the ring. the fans cheer loud and Alex Armstrong makes his way to the ring.

Mike- This match has been hyped up, this is the very reason why Masa Onita is here on Beatdown tonight.

Jim- I still don't get it, why would Onita take a payoff from a guy who defeated him. This can't be going over well with the other members of The Brotherhood of The Damned.

Mike- Let's just be glad that all three of them aren't here and just one.

Suicide asks for a mic.

hey Onita, Wilder, ARE YOU SUICIDAL!?

the fans roar with cheers..when they die down, Onita's new intro of "I'm Shipping up to Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys plays.Alex Wilder and Masa Onita come down the isle. Onita's got his Fists taped and when he gets to ringside, he grabs the house mic.

I might be suicidal but you two are real fools if you think you're gonna beat us, jackasses.

the fans go "wwwwhhoooaaaa".


Armstrong walks over and spits at both Onita and Wilder. Alex goes to lunge at him but Masa grabs him and whispers something in his ear. They then slowly circle the ring and then lside under the ropes at the same time. Onita on Siuicide and Wilder on Armstrong. all four men are going at it. Suicide rocks Onita with strong punches and Wilder and The Jesus of Suburbia are in a slugfest. Suicide dropkicks Onita over the tope rope and Armstrong clotheslines Wilder. referee Bobby Cruise makes Suicide go to a corner and it's a regular tag team match.

Alex Armstrong gets Wilder in an arm twist and elbow's the arm and shoulder. Alex goes to one knee and Armstrong goes to cinch the hold in. Wilder gets back to both feet and reverses the hold before nailing a jumping head scissors taking Armstrong to the mat. Armstrong kicks out and when they both come to their feer Armstrong tags Suicide in.

Suicide locks up with Wilder and they do a long exchange of moves, headlocks, hammer locks arm twists and then suicide snap mares Wilder to the mat and hits a low dropkick to the back of Alex's head. he hits the ropes and does it again and the third time he hits the ropes he hits them near Onita, and Onita clocks him in the back of the head.

Mike- That killed the momentum, cheating.

Jim- I think Masa would call it taking advantage of a moment.

Wilder quickly gets an advantage by delivering a snap suplex, and then tags in Onita.

Onita gets in and an unexpected ovation from the fans erupts. Onita looks around and doesn't understand it

Mike- fans cheering him? They know who he is.

Jim- and what he is, but you can't doubt the talent he posseses.

Suicide and Masa lock up and they exchange alot of moves. with Suicide getting the best of it. Onita gets to his feet, nods his head and they lock up again. Onita gets a headlock to hamerlock to drop toehold combination and then rolls over Suicide for a front headlock on the mat. Onits gets Suicide up to his feet and lifts him for a suplex but suicide comes down on his feet and nails a belly to back suplex. he hits the ropes and Onita gets to his feet and counters Suicicde's momentunm with a hurracarana, taking suicide to the mat. then tags in Wilder.

Mike- This is what they were talking about, working as a team, solid frequent tags.

Onita has that experience. he's been a tag team champion with everyone he's teamed with.

Wilder climbs the buckles and nails a missle dropkick on Suicide. Suicide goes for a tag but Alex yanks him away from his corner, whipping him into the ropes for a back drop. he followed up with another dropkick and then Suicide blocks a punch and wails back on Wilder getting him back against the ropes where he can tag Armstrong in. They do a double team and Bobby Cruise holds back Masa when he comes in. They nail a double suplex and a double rib buster on Wilder. Armstrong kicks Wilder in the head yelling "How goes it Cancer, how bout that, you like this cancer" and kicks him in the head again.

Armstrong goes for a crippler crossface and Onita comes in and kicks Armstrong in the head. Bobby starts a count on Onita and after Masa gets out Armstrong whips Wilder into the ropes, he charges and Wilder gets an elbow in at the last second, he then somersaults over and tags Onita back in.

Masa comes in and Armstrong chops Masa in the chest, he does it again and Onita just looks at him, shaking his head. He goes for a third one and Onita grabs the arm and uses the momentujm to send Armstrong thru the ropes to the floor, then nails a spinning heel kick on Suicide before climbing the top buckles. He waits for Armstrong to get up and comes off into a hurracarana taking Armstrong to ther floor as the fans pop huge for it.

Wilder makes a running dive onto Suicicde and Onita reaches under the ring, he comes up with an aluminum garbage can cover and cracks Armstrong in the face, busting him open as Wilder and Suicide brawl into the crowd. Onita cracks Armstrong again with the cover and then grabs some barbed wire from under the ringm he wraps it around his fist and hammers Armstrong in the face, really messing him up. Suicide whips Wilder over the guard rail back to ringside. He goes to grab Onita but Masa Spits a green mist into Suicide's face. Suicide falls back against the guard rail as Onita whips Armstrong back into the ring.

Onita slides under the ropes and waves for Wilder to get in the ring. Wilder slides in and they both grab Armstrong and bring him to his feet. Masa nods his head and they deliver the tag finisher "total elimination" on Armstrong before Masa makes the cover. Suicide makes it to his feet but Wilder blocks him from coming in as Cruise makes the count.


Jim- the two rivals teamed together pays off.

both Onita and Wilder raise their hands in victory. Tyrone Williams comes running down and into the ring to check on his partner, he then gets up and shoves Onita, Masa shoves back and they're about to square off when Wilder clips Tyrone from behind and both he and Masa double team Tyrone before security comes in and breaks it up.

Mike- that wasn't necessary Jim they didn't have to jump Tyrone.

Jim-He's got a match against KingofDX later, this has got to effect that now.

Mike- let's take a break and we'll be back with more Friday Night Beatdown, right after this.
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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Beatdown 5-22-09   Fri May 22, 2009 5:05 pm

After a commercial break Tyrone finds Blossom.




Christian's already in the ring, his music's still playing when Matthew betts comes down the isle with a mic in his hand.

cut that crappy music..nobody wants to hear that..Christian, you think you're a big time star, I'm going to beat you, in front of ALL, your peeps, RIGHT NOW!


Matt gets on the apron and he and Christian start slugging at each other. Christian goes to ram Matt into the ring post but he puts the brakes on and rams Christian face first into the turnbuckle. he then jumps to hit a springboard clothesline on Christian.

Mike- nice way to enter the ring.

Matt whips Christian into the ropes but Christian hits a shoulder block, then hiuts the ropes and knocks Matt down again with another one, he goes for the third one and Matt takes Christian down with a drop toehold. Matt kicks the back of Christian's leg and then drapes it on the bottom rope and stomps on it.

Jim- good strategy, work on one part of the body.

Mike- a win over Christian would be considered an upset.

Matt is relentless on the leg and referee Mike Sparta makes Matt break. Christian gets up nursing his leg. They tie up and Christian clubs Matt to the back, he then knees him and goes for a bodyslam but his leg gives out and Matt falls on top of Christian for a 2 count.

Jim- that leg is bothering Christian.

Mike- Matt put a beatring to it and it shows.

Matt misses a fist drop and they get to their feet again, they tie up and Christian goes for a back slide but Matt
escapes and nails a swinging neckbreaker on Christian. he then hits the fist drop and covers for a 2 count. Matt then gets Chrustian in a corner and goes to hit him, but Christian spins him in the corner and nails him with punches and some kicks before climbing up..he looks at the crowd and punches Matt in the head. The fans count em out,


Matt slumps down in the corner and Christian then goes to the
diangnal corner and hits and baseball slide to Matt's face.

Christian then lifts Matt to the top buckle, and tries a super plex. matt punches Christian in the ribs and then shoves him off the ropes. matt comes off the ropes with a splash and cover.


Christian gets his shoulder up and fights his way to his knees, then lowblows Matt and shoves him shoulder first between the top and middle buckle to the ring post. he gets on the top buckle and comes off with a tornado DDT and cover.


Matt escapes.he headbutts Christian and gets to his feet. he goes for a russian legsweep but Christian reverses it into the unprettier and delivers it picture perfect. he covers Matt.


Jim- WOW! That win canme out of nowhere.

Mike- This was going back and forth and it was anybody's match until Christian hit his finisher.

Jim- good solid effort by them, and everybody tonight.

Mike- This is, the new Beatdown show. it's a whole new way around here now.

Onita goes into Eddie's office.



I'm not sitting, why am I here.

Because I want you to stay here, on Beatdown.


If I could I'd have all of the Brotherhood of The Damned here, I can't. Carter's got something going with Adam Taylor and he's on a collision course with Golpe, the fans want to see that, and Brody's on a path with Golpe now too, so I can't yank them because it'll ruin what Alyssa Ruins has going over on Slim Survivals. You on the other hand, can make a difference here.

I'm a Slim Survivals wrestler, I'm only here because...

I know why you're here, I know all about it. here, look at that.

Onita takes a piece of paper, it's a check.

that's...alot of money.

It's not the company's money, it's mine. that's how much I want You, here. You talk about how Master of Disaster, KingofDX are ducking you, here's your chance to prove it. You once told me you'd love to have a Malenko/Guerrero type feud with someone, you know that someone is on the roster here. I can make it happen. You want to defend that International title here? I can make that happen too. here it is, all on a silver platter for you. And I know for a damn fact that if you ever were in trouble, Carter and Brody are a phone call away, so don't give any crap about breaking you guys up. the way you were in your match, I want that here, every week, and I want it, with you.

Jack's gonna think you're crazy for trying this.

he'd think I was crazy if I didn't try to get one of yous here. You talk about giving back to the sport that gave to you, you talked about helping up and comers, you talked about being the best there is period, well don't tell me, come here and show me. or was that all just a bunch of B-S.

Onita shakes his head

you, motherfucker.

if they all ran here to get away from you, where are they going to run to if you come here. if they run again, you're proven right. You face them and beat them, you're proven right. You want to make your mark, make your mark here, prove all that talk here. You're not afraid to go it alone are you.

I hate when you pull this shit.

you always do, but you can thank me later. take the check, look at it, feel it up, you cash it, you're here, you hand it back then fuck me.

Onita looks at Eddie for a long long time.

I'll give this some thought.

Goes to a commercial break.
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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Beatdown 5-22-09   Fri May 22, 2009 5:11 pm

It comes back to Mike and Jim at ringside.

Mike-Eddie wants ONITA here, that's who he wanted, it's been a rumor he wanted someone here from Slim Survivals.

Jim- They have history and Eddie nailed masa with all valid points.

Mike- Good or bad that he is, he would be an awesome addition to Beatdown, it opens up many different matchups.

Jim- We'll have to see what he decides, right now, as you can hear from the song Down and Out" by Kid Cudi, Tyrone Williams is coming to the ring as it's main even time, here on Beatdown.

Tyrone comes down the isle still alittle shaken from the attack he got from Wilder and Onita. he gets a mic and gets into the ring.


All everyone's said is how KingofDX makes everyone bow down to the king, now it's time that the king, bows down to the black jesus..

The fans go 'oooooo'

Tyrone -
so don't give us your pyro, get out here and give me your best shot because I'm going to CROWN THE KING!

KingofDX's music plays and he marches right down to the ring with a purpose.

Mike- Some people say Tyrone doesn't have a chance.

Jim- They said that about Mikey Whipwreck years ago and he went on to become ECW champion.

Mike- Good point.

Referee Mike Sparta checks both wrestlers


King jumps Tyrone from behind. Clubbing him in the back of the head and pinning him up against the ropes. He keeps clubbing him as Sparta starts a count. king backs off and goes in and starts clubbing him again. Tyrone fights back but King is all over him. knee him, punching him and clubbing him. Mike Sparta makes count again and at the count of four King backs off, he shoves the ref but Mike shoves back, and the fans go "oooooo".

King shoves Mike away and goes in on Tyrone, Tyrone nails a forearm to King's stomach and follows it with an uppercut. he then hits the ropes and clotheslines King to the mat. he mounts him and starts beating on him with punches.they roll around the mat swinging and punching each other. they come up swinging and King kicks Tyrone in the stomach and goes for a pedigree type move. But Tyrone turns it into a backdrop.

Mike- Tyrone's done his homework.

Jim- Scout your opponent, if you don't, you're doomed.

Tyrone bounces off the ropes and nails a flying forearm smash to King's face.

Mike- Shades of Tito Santana.

Jim- Terry Taylor was known for that too.

Mike- I like this new way, we can talk about anything, no restrictions, nobody screaming things in our ear.

Jim- let McMahon scream in his announcers ears.

Mike- DOH!

King reverses an overhead wristlock that Tyrone applied and now it's a test of strength. Tyrone batles back and is getting the better of it when King yanks his hair, bringing Tyrone to the mat. Mike asks King if he yanked the hair and he shakes his head no.

Mike- Right, liike KingofDX is going to admit he pulled the hair?

Jim- why yes mr. referee I sure did yank his hair, I'll admit it.

Mike cracks up laughing.

Tyrone battles back in the test or strength and King again yanks him by the hair to the mat. Sparta starts a five count to make King break the hold. King breaks it and tries to kick Tyrone but he catches the leg, drags King to the mat and turns it into an ankle lock.

Mike- Nice!

Jim- Tyrone is bringing the fight to the champ.

King turns and kicks Tyrone off and when Williams charges King side steps him and shoves him thru the ropes to the floor. King follows him out and they start brawling on the floor. King hits an atomic Drop on Tyrone landing his groin on top of the guard rail, then slugs him off the rail into the crowd before hopping the rail.

Mike- This is going to get crazy real fast.

Jim- ya think?

King gets a chair but Tyrone mackes it to his feet, knees King and takes the chair from him. he smacks King in the face with the chair, busting him open. he then jams the top of the chair into King's ribs and then cracks him in the head again with it. He tosses the chair and then grabs King by the hair, he takes him thru the crowd back by a wall where the merchandise tables are at. King blocks a punch and slams Tyrone face first into a wall. Tyrone's face is busted open as well, he staggers and King hits a running clothesline before clearing off the t-shirt table. King grabs Tyrone from behind, Williams reaches up, grabs King by the head and hits a jawbreaker. He the grabs a broom and cracks it over King's head, breaking it before putting him on the table.he takes a broken end of the broom handle and jams it in King's eye
and then jams him with it in the groin.

Mike- I can't see what's going on.

Jim- From what I can see, it's a hell of a fight.

Tyrone sees a ladder and quickly opens it, climbs up to almost the top and comes off with a splash, putting KingofDX thru the table.

the fans pop with a 'holy shit, holy shit, holy shit' chant.

Williams brings King thru the crowd back to the guard rail but at the last second King shoves Williams into the rail and smacks him face first on top of it King hops the rail grabs Tyrone and lifts him up, bringing him over the rail and suplexing him hard to the floor.

Mike- no more pretty mats around the ring.

Jim- Not on this show, not anymore.

King gets a chair from a fan and throws it to Tyrone as he gets to his feet, Tyrone catches it but throws it back and follows up with a dropkick smacking the chair into King's face. which pops the crowd. Tyrone then gets on the apron, he climbs to the top turnbuckle, KingofDX staggers to his feet, falls against a section of guard rail. he then gets back to his feet and Tyrone jumps.

King catches Wiliams and in a desperate move slams his back against the ringpost. he then rolls him back into the ring. King follows thru and nails the pedigree type move and covers Tyrone for the count.


Mike- HOLY...How did Williams get his shoulder up.

Jim- Instinct maybe. I winder if Tyrone had these kind of matches in ICW.

Mike- well this is WWKF and things are way different here.

Jim- This show, with the new GM, is definetely showing how different.

King hits the Pedigree type move again and covers.


Mike- I don't know, maybe Tyrone should call it a day, he can't take too many more of them.

Jim- He can always fight another day, get a rematch, something.

King goes for a body slam but Tyrone fights out of it landing on his feet behind King and nails a scorpion death drop and covers for a two count. King low blows Wiliams and connects with a german suplex with a bridge pin for a 2 count. Tyrone gets to his feet and they tie up, Tyron goes for a small package hold for a two count, King rolls it where he's on top for a two count and Tyrone re-rolls back to where he's on top for a 2 count. They break the hold and Tyrone elbows King in the stomach and nails a spinebuster for a 2 count. King gets to his feet wobbly and Tyrone rakes King's eyes and rolls him up, scissoring King's legs in another small package hold.





Jim- He just did, right before our eyes.

Mike- Man I bet this wasn't in the plans for KingofDX.

Jim- what a way to end this show, Tyrone comes out of nowhere, gets a nontitle match against the WWKF champ, and BEATS HIM!

Mike- The landscape here on Beatdown is sure changing.

Jim- You're telling me.

King gets up as Tyrone slides out of the ring, he can't belive it. he kicks the ropes and Tyrone smiles, then gives King the finger. The fans
go crazy with cheers.

Mike- I don't know what's gonna happen next week, and with Redemption right around the corner, a new General Manager, this whole place is going thru changes.

Jim- And who knows what will happen next around here, for Mike, I'm Jim, and we're all out of time for this week's Friday Night Beatdown. We'll see you right here next week.

Mike- So long fans.

The show ends with Tyrone walking up the isle and KingofDX smacking the turnbuckle in anger.

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Friday Night Beatdown 5-22-09
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