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 Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 12:18 pm

(Rated : 14A)
May contain scenes of Violence
Sexuality and Coarse Language.
Viewer Descretion Is Advised.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 12:41 pm

Fireworks begin to hit the stage and the fans go on their feet cheering, holding up thousands of signs, the camera then moves towards Mike and Jim.
Mike - Ladies and Gentlemen, we are LIVE, in Montreal Quebec Canada!, and welcome to another edition of WWKF Saturday Night Slim Survivals!

Jim - And what a night we have here for you, as a new dominant superstar, Golpe, teams up with Nikki Banks to take on the team of the Main Event Champion Killer and his partner Diabolique.

Mike - Yes and remember tonight will be Diaboliques last match, no word has gone out to why she has asked for release papers but at the end of tonight, win or lose, this will be the last time she will be seen in Slim Survivals!

Jim - Thats right Mike, and we also have Angelika, shes one of the hottest rising stars today, and she will be taking on Colby Danielson, a new diva making her debut here in the WWKF.

Mike - Ya but one thing, I was wondering if you knew the answer to this Jim.. , do you have any idea why the BOTD, Jack Carter and Masa Onita, are standing in the middle of the ring?

Jim - I was just about to ask you Mike, I have no idea at all, for the viewers watching at home, Carter and Onita, came out before WWKF went on air, and they just seemed to be standing there whispering to eachother, I for one dont like the looks of it.

Jack Carter and Masa Onita get word from a staff member at ringside that they are live right now, and Carter and Onita nod their heads smiling.

Look Onita, it seems that we are in the land of the dirty frenchmen.

The fans begin to boo extremly loudley hearing what Carter had just said, Onita chuckles shaking his head.

Last week on Slim Survivals, a new superstar rose, taking out Diabolique, DXLatin and Killer, three top superstars all in one night, he came onto OUR show, and just acted like he can do whatever he wanted to do.

Thats right, because here we run Saturday Nights, this is our show, me and Onita still remain undefeated and tonight will be no differnt, this Superstar thinks hes gods gift to wrestling, he claims to be "The Hottest Hottest Under The Sun", its obvious that he has all the sluts backstage brainwashed, I look at him and I just see a poor old Mexican looking to get divas pregnant to add on to his thousands of family members.

Ya he thinks hes so tough, where is he?, he claims to be the best, where is he right now?, why isnt he comming out?, you just gonna stand there backstage and get dissed Golpe?, huh are you?, some tough peice of garbage you are huh?

Nope well he can stand there all he wants, we arnt leaving this ring until he comes out, or we get an answer, because we have a special request, and that is, either me or Onita, taking on him, in any match we choose at Redemption!

The fans begin to cheer loudley, looking like they like the sound of that match.

We would make it a Handicap Match but knowing Golpe, he wouldnt except, so why not make things one on one, come on out Golpe, and pick the person, either way your going to get beat.

Ya Golpe, we're not leaving until we get an answer from you, we can be out here all night, we can camp out here, bring some chairs and some tables, smoke cigars, and play cards for three hours if we have to, we're not leaving until you get your "colo" out here.

Nikki Banks walks down the ramp smiling, she gets a mixed reaction, she then slides into the ring, holding a microphone, and holding the WWKF Womens Championship on her shoulder.

Aww whats wrong?, you two putos want my man to come out and comfort you?, you want an answer from him sooo badly?, aww, thats so sad, it brings tears to my eyes, it really does.

Look Onita, heres one of those chicks with big boobs.. but small brains.

The fans go "OOOH!", as Nikki doesnt look too happy.

Well at least I have a Championship, how long have you two clowns been here for?, claiming to be undefeated, have you ever held WWKF Gold?, you both shouldnt have burned your GCW titles, those are the only titles you'll ever have, but hey, whoever my man picks, Ill pick the other person, we can face eachother at Redemption for the Womens Championship.

Enough with the jokes hoe, get your "man" out here, whats he doing?, maybe banging your sister backstage?, ya hes so your "man", get that little bitch out here, he cant fight his own battles?

Auctually hes still back at the hotel, he'll be here shortly, he told me about your request, you knoww, the one where he should come out after your match Onita, so dont worry, he'll be there.

Ok, well that wasnt a very smart choice that he made, but on the other hand, Im happy he made that choice, I get to finally shit him up.

Oh and um... Bang Bang Banks is it?, we were saving this for your boyfriend, but seeing as how he never showed up and you showed up instead....

Onita and Carter both pull out steel pipes from the back of their pockets and just like that, they both smash the steel pipes right onto her skull, dropping her right to the floor hard, the fans boo and they smile, they each grab their mic.



[Carter & Onita]
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 1:12 pm

Blossom is seen backstage, she has a smile on her face, and a microphone in her hands.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, "Mr.Drive By", Lance Kent.

Lance Kent gets into the scene and he gets a mixed reaction, Blossom smiles, and Lance seems to be checking her out, he snatches the microphone away from her.

Yo, dig this, I got dat call, Tony Pisquali be tellin me that I need to get ma ass over at Beatdown, I be tellin him straight up dat Lance Kent is Slim Survivals.

What do you mean?, Carl J, Solution and Non-Stop are on Beatdown, whats going to happen with New Generation?

Shut yo mouth and listen nigguh, New Generation is going thru rough times right now, and I say, Fuck Non-Stop, Fuck Carl J and Fuck Solution, Lance Kent is not in New Generation no moh, cause right now, Lance Kent is Slim Survivals, and right now, Lance Kent is a one man gang, nigguhhh.

Wow... thats shocking, can you tell us what you mean by rough times?, whats happening?


Lance Kent bumbs into Blossom hard and walks off.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 1:18 pm

Onita and carter are going towards the catering table in the back luaghing about what they did to Nikki Banks, all of a sudden Jack Carter stops luaghing and remembers what happened with Onita and Alex Wilder.


Why would you even help Alex Wilder makes no sense.


Cold..Hard...Cash..That's all the reason in the world for me.


The guy beats you and now you're gonna help him? let him get his own damn partner, he already has that chump Christian and that slut Aundrea.


He know you don't understand it, but he made a good point, what other options are there here. Nobody else is of the level he needs to defend them titles. You and I wasted most of the top guys already so their rep is shit..It only comes down to you and I, and since he felt first hand what it's like to wrestle me, he felt why not ask.


he felt first hand from me too.


Totally different situation, Jack, and you know it.

Right then they come across Killer, hes holding his Main Event Champion and has a couple of scratches from last week.


Well look who it is.


The Main Event Chump that seems to be ducking real main event talent.


The best highlight reel of his is, well you know.


You mean when he ran into KingofDX's sledgehammer and lost to us?


yeah, one shot and he went down for the count, what about that,'chump'.

Masa Onita holds his hand up to Killer's face

Don't bother with the excuses, we don't wanna hear them.

They both take out the titles they hold and put em up in Killer's face. Killer
swats them away in anger.


There a point to this?


yeah..the only reason you're still champion, is because we let champion..


We're about tired of you parading around pretending to be champion..When we do get
tired of of going to make ex..champion...


And we won't need you to face plant yourself into a sledgehammer to do it either.

Right then Alyssa Ruins comes up


guys..guys..come on..there's better ways to deal with this.

Jack looks and sees Kalvin Brown down the hall, lacing up his boots.


hey look, there's the Iceman, he's the most elite superstar here you know.


Just ask him, and he'll tell you.

They all look at Kalvin..and start laughing at him. he looks over not knowing that
they're all laughing at him. Onita and Carter then look back at Killer.


Just so we understand each other...


Your days are numbered..just like a person with AIDS.

They turn and walk away and pass Tyrone Williams and his girlfriend Tabatha..They turn and eye out Tabatha.


Not bad...for a rapper whose songs suck, he has a hot women.

yeah... but you know what she is, right?

a deep dark hole, leading to nowhere.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 2:41 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen the following is scheduled for a First Blood Match, Introducing First, accompanied by Richard Kennedy.... RICKY WILDE!

Ricky Wilde walks down the ramp smiling, behind him is Richard Kennedy, Richard grabs a seat at ringside with Mike and Jim and Ricky slides into the ring and tuants the fans as they cheer for him.

And his opponent, he is one half of the WWKF World Tag Team Champions, Introducing First, Maaaaster Of Disaaaaaster!

Master Of Disaster walks down the ramp smiling, a sick sadistic smile, the fans begin to boo loudley, he gets into the ring and stares down at Ricky Wilde.


Ricky Wilde stands tall just staring at M.O.D accross the ring, he relizes that he needs to send a message to Killer, M.O.D smiles, Ricky and M.O.D then begin to circle eachother going around the ring, then they suddenly lockup, Ricky gets M.O.D in a tight headlock gaining the advantage, but before Ricky can do anything, M.O.D digs his teeth deep into Rickys arm, biting him, Ricky Wilde quickly lets go of the hold, and trys to complain to the Reff, but before he can, M.O.D grabs him by the head and throws him straight to the ground as the fans boo.
Mike - Wow did you see that??

Richard - If I was GM Of Slim Survivals, M.O.D would be fired!

M.O.D picks up Ricky and throws him into the turnbuckle, he then takes a few steps back, then runs straight to Ricky, raming him arm onto Ricky, connecting with a clothesline, pressing Ricky hard onto the turnbuckle, the fans begin to boo loudley and M.O.D just ignores them, he then grabs Ricky by the head and hits a huge powerfull DDT right to the mat, the fans boo loudler, and M.O.D gets up and raises his hand, this causes them to boo even louder. Ricky begins to try and crawl to his feet but M.O.D just kicks him down, not letting him up, Richard Kennedy gets up, and walks towards the ring.
Jim - Woah where are you going Richard??

M.O.D turns around and sees Richard, he begins to tuant Richard, telling him to come to the ring, but Richard just stands outside of the ring, exchanging words with M.O.D, and then out of nowhere Ricky crawls towards M.O.D and rolls him up with a quick pin.


M.O.D quickly kicks out, Ricky bounces off the ropes, as M.O.D gets up, Ricky goes for a clothesline, M.O.D ducks, Ricky bounces off the other set of ropes and this time he jumps up trying to land on M.O.D but M.O.D picks him up, lifting him up in the air, he then throws him outside of the ring, and Ricky lands right on Richard, their heads collide and both members of K-X fall right to the floor, Mike and Jim get up, about to help them up but M.O.D gives them an intimidating stare from in the ring.

The fans begin to chant "You Still Suck"
Mike - Wow now I know why hes the Most Hated.

Jim - Yea just sit down.

M.O.D then waits till Ricky and Richard get up, and as they both get up, M.O.D runs back and bounces off the ropes, he then jumps over the ropes and flys downward to Ricky and Richard, Ricky, quick thinking, shoves Richard out of harms way, saving him, M.O.D then lands on Ricky with a flying clothesline and the fans boo loudley, The Reff slides out of the ring and checks Rickys condition, and as he does that, M.O.D turns around and grabs the chair Richard was sitting on, and he then smashes it right onto Richards skull and Richard falls right to the floor, knocked out cold, the Reff turns around and tells M.O.D to get back into the ring, as the Reff and M.O.D get back into the ring he starts the 10 count.


Ricky slowly crawls towards the ring.


Ricky crawls to his feet.


Ricky slides into the ring at the last mili-second, the fans cheer loudley, but then its too late, M.O.D picks him up and hits the WSS, the fans boo loudley and M.O.D goes for the pin.


Ricky kicks out again and the fans cheer loudley, they all thought it was over, M.O.D shakes his head, hes angry now, he picks Ricky up by the head, then delivers a vicious powerbomb right in the center of the ring, making Ricky land head first, he then goes for the pin again.


Here is your winner... Maaaster Of Disaaaaster!

Lance Kent stands in the center of the ramp and for some reason the fans begin to cheer loudley, Lance Kent runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, and before M.O.D can react he clotheslines M.O.D right to the floor hard, Lance Kent smiles, he grabs M.O.D by the hair and spits right in his face then kicks him in the face.

M.O.D, You stupid Nigguh, Guess whos in the Brutal Survivor Match at Redemption, Richard Kennedy, and yours truly, Lance Kent.. good luck Nigguhhhh

Lance Kent smiles and raises his hand in the air and the fans cheer loudley and begin to chant "DUUUUN KNOOOO"
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 2:46 pm

Alyssa Ruins sees Jack Carter loading cans of beer into a cooler.


I know you have no opponent for tonight, but, what are you doing?


Getting ready to do the in ring interview.


With a cooler full of beer?


You prefer I got a garbage bag full of pot instead?

Alyssa sighs, and shakes her head


I should've known not to persist that. Whatever it is you're going to do, lewt's not get crazy, like you did on that radio appearance yesterday.


What I do?, I got the show over, plugged the company, what's the problem?.

Spitting out Keith's Beer and saying it was crap? They might've wanted to spend money on advertising.


Don't worry, I bet I can get Past Blue Ribbon to help out if you want.

My father used to drink that when I was little, they still around?


Yep, and guess where they're moving to. from Texas to just outside Chicago.

Jack opens a can and has a drink


Well, it's that time. by the way nice outfit, you'd look better if you had, no outfit on,
know what I mean?

As Jack walks off, Alyssa shakes her head and sighs.

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 2:49 pm

Nikki Banks is sitting down in her locker room, shes holding a pack of ice on her head, and in her other hand shes holding her cell phone onto her ear, it seems that shes calling somebody.

Hola Mi Amor, are you here yet baby?

As the person on the other line responds and she listens she puts the ice pack down and looks at the mirror she looks mad that theres a couple of bumbs on her forehead.

Ok well just get here as soon as possible, Carter and Onita attacked me, mi caveza is in total pain, and I just cant wait for you to knock them out, so lo vemos ma rato ?

As the person on the other line responds she smiles.

Ok besitos.

She hangsup and puts her cell in her pocket.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 2:57 pm

Mike: This has been a great show so far and we are very saddened by the untimely death of Rookie Johnny Leather.

Jim: Things happen in life that you just can't control, and..

Right then. "In Time" by Mark Collie plays

Mike: Speaking of things we can't control.

Jim: Here comes the man they say is the REAL World Champion. "Rebel Angel" Jack Carter.

Mike: He has a cooler with him.

Jack comes up the isle wearing black jeans, biker boots, black skull cap and leather vest with the Hells Angels patch on back. he slides the cooler under the bottom rope, gets a mic and enters the ring.

Mike: What does his shirt say?

Jim: Johnny Leather R.I.H.

Mike: Rest in Heaven?

Jim: I don't know, let's find out.

Jack taps the mic to make sure it's on, the fans are cheering for him, he looks around and shakes his head.


I was gonna hand out some beers to some of you but by the way you're cheering me, I can tell most of you are drunk already..

The fans cheer again.

Canada is well known for its beer, some good, and well, seeing what I had yesterday, not so good...But this town is a traditional wrestling town..and it's well known for a certain biker club I belong to.

The fans cheer again

So you're lucky, I happen to like this town.

Jim: You know there's a catch to this somewhere.

Mike: what would make you say that.

Jim: It's carter, nuff said.


Now I was asked to come out and say a few nice things about the now late, Johnny leather...How it's a tragedy he's passed was a horrible thing that happened to him, you know..stuff like that.

The camera man on the ring zooms in close to Jack's face, and Looks right at that camera

I just don't have it in me, to do it.

The fans pop with "whhhoooaa"

Jim: I knew it, I just knew it.

Jack opens the cooler and starts tossing cans of beer out to the crowd, then opens one and starts drinking from it.

I can't find the words that should fit, so how about we try a ten bell salute and maybe then..the words will come..gimme the bell and the hammer.

Jack walks over and gets the bell and hammer from a member of the ring crew. he goes back to the center of the ring, places the bell on the mat, finishes off his beer and tosses the can.


Ok, let's see how this goes..'ding..ding....ding.....'

Jack suddenly starts pounding the bell with the hammer


The fans go "wwwhhooooaaaa"!

Mike: So much for being sincere.

Jack gets to his feet, kicks the bell away, tooses the hammer and continues


Johnny Leather was a nothing happening forth rate second generation piece of SHIT! His father was supposed to be this big time legend, bullshit...he held a world title for four days while I've been the REAL world champion for almost six months.. All Johnny did was whine and cry every moment for the five minutes he was in this company, and when he finally got his wish, to face some main event talent to prove himself? He wraps his dumbass around a tree. Can't ride a motorcycle, couldn't wrestle, he was just a sad waste of human life who did the right thing and killed himself.

The fans are shocked as they go "WWWHHOOAAA"!

Mike: Is this really necessary.

Jim: You want to go and take the mic from him?

Mike: Fuck that, I'm addicted to breathing myself.

JC: Now his family..the poor sad sacks of shit they are, I'm sure they're upset, upset that their little boy with ADD who couldn't get a date if he paid for one, is gone, in the real world..NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT JOHNNY LEATHER...MAY HE ROT IN HELL JUST LIKE MY SHIRT SAYS!

Jim: Oh man, this is going to have some reprocussions I'm sure.

Mike: I agree, you just can't come out on national television and degrade a dead man like that, and not pay a price for it.

Jim: I don't know though, he and Onita degreded the statue of liberty acouple weeks back, remember?

Mike: And they got away with it.

Jim: So what's to stop Carter from doing this? Nobody's gonna do anything, he can get away with murder.

Mike: Um..from what I hear, he did get away with that as well.


Now tonight..I get to sit back, drink some beers, smoke cigarettes and get paid for it, everyone in the back is hating the fact I'm getting paid for nothing, but that's why I'm me, and these bums keep wishing they could be me....Maybe I'll come out later if I'm bored and beat someone up just for the sheer fun of it, if not, then enjoy the show, next week here on Slim Survivals, anyone wants a crack at me...Don't be like Johnny Leather and go killing yourself over it, just come get it...It's alot simpler that way.

Jack throws more beers out, opens one and drinks himself, then leave the ring with the fans cheering...he walks past Jim and mike, leaves a can for them and says


Bribe the bums with beer, they'll like you every time.

He meses Mike's hair up then leaves.

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 3:15 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, from Friday Night Beatdown... SUICIDE!

Fireworks hit the stage and the lights go red, and Suicide runs out of the curtains, the fans cheer loudley, Suicide slides into the ring and grabs a microphone smiling.


The fans begin to cheer loudley, chanting "Suicide" as he nods his head in appreciation.

I just came over to Slim Survivals, Masa Onita is in the back, so I just thought I should let him know that I will be on Beatdown this Friday, teaming up with a new Beatdown Superstar to take on you and Alex Wilder, so Onita, just like your partner, keep dreaming, this Friday, Beatdown becomes SUICIDAL!

The fans cheer again, continuing to chant "Suicide"

Perfection walks down the ramp smiling as the fans cheer loudley, they are confused as to why shes out here right now, she slides into the ring and goes face to face with Suicide.

You must thing your perfect huh?

Wait excuse me?
Mike - I dont have a good feeling about this...

I just had to ask, I mean comming out to MY show, having MY fans brainwashed, you must think your Perfect dont you?

Come on now, lets not set a bad example for the kids ok?, nobody is perfect.

Only thing is... Im not a "Nobody"

The fans begin to boo loudley, relizing Perfection has now decided to be like her old self, not caring about anybody.

Thats a cute costume you got there, you must be really ugly to hide your face...matter of fact you must have a really ugly body to cover it all up, did your mom make you that costume?

I dont even know you?, what do you want from me?

Hahaha, now if I wanted somthing from you, I wouldnt be so perfect now would I?, what could I possibly want from a creation of a computer geek?

It seems that Suicide is getting impatient, and angry, tapping his foot and his arms crossed.

I dont hit girls, Im not that kind of person, so your lucky your a diva, and your even more luckier that your on THIS brand, because if you werent a diva, and this wasnt Saturday Night Slim Survivals, you could say that you would turn into the Perfect Suicidal!

Suicide pretends to throw a punch at Perfection, and she falls to the floor in fear, flinching, Suicide then raises his hands as the fans cheer, he slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp as Perfection gets up, fixing her hair and looking mad.

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 3:23 pm

Angelika is in her locker room, shes fixing up her wrestling attire, and then the door knocks, she looks towards the door.

Its open, come in!

The door slowly opens and Colby Danielson appears smiling, Angelika smiles back, Colby walks over to Angelika and shakes her hand.

Hey, Im going to be your opponent tonight, Im Colby Danielson, heard lots about you, Im sure its going to be a great match.

Oh definetly, Im excited, your going to love it here, Im sure we'll have a great match no matter what!

Ya , cant wait.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009   Sat May 16, 2009 4:01 pm

After the commercial break, Colby Danielsons theme begins to die off as the Announcer introduces her. As it dies off completly the Announcer clears her throat again.

And her opponent, Angeliiiika!

Angelika walks down the ramp smiling as the fans cheer, she raises her arms up as she walks towards the ring and slaps some fans hands, she then slides into the ring and hugs Colby as the fans cheer.


Colby reaches her hand out to shake Angelikas hand one more time, Angelika nods smiling, she walks towards Colby and before she could even reach her hand out, Colby connects with a huge elbow shot right to Angelikas face, the fans go "OOOH!" in disbelief, Angelika backs away hurt, and Colby runs towards her, dropping her down with a spear and pounding her face as the fans give in a mixed reaction.
Mike - That was just strategy from Colby, she heard how good Angelika was and had to play out a surprise attack

Jim - I completly agree with you on that one, Angelika is known as a Rising Star, if anything is going to cause her to lose, then thats what you gotta do.

Colby gets off Angelika, backing away a few steps, Angelika looks up, her nose already bleeding abit, she looks surprised that Colby is letting her up, Colby then tells her to get up, giving her some respect, Angelika then slowly gets up and the fans cheer, the two divas begin to circle eachother, they then quickly lockup, Angelika gets the upper hand, catching Colbys arm, and then irish whiping her towards the ropes, Colby bounces off the ropes, Angelika gets her arm out for a clothesline but Colby ducks, she bounces off the other ropes, Angelika turns around, Colby goes for a clothesline of her own, but Angelika ducks it, as Colby bounces off the ropes again, Angelika sticks her knee out, Colby runs towards it and the knee connects to her gut and she falls down on her back hard as the fans cheer.
Mike - Oh my god did you see that?, what a counter!

Colby is crawled up in a ball, in pain shes holding her stomach, Angelika looks down and stomps on her abit, she then backs away and now tells Colby to get up, Colby looks up at her, she smiles and nods her head, as she slowly gets up, Angelika viciously kicks her right in the face, Colby's head bounces back and she rolls out of the ring and lands right back on her face, the fans go "OOOOH!!"
Jim - BAM!, Payback from that elbow shot!, and the tactic of surprise comes back to huant Colby Danielson!!

Angelika smiles, she pulls her hair back, and takes a couple of deep breaths, she relizes Colby isnt just some new diva, she relizes shes going to be some competition and she needs to do anything it takes to win, as Colby is slowly getting up, wiping the blood off her teeth, Angelika backs up, and runs straight, she bounces off the ropes and goes for a big suicide dive, taking down Colby hard, the fans cheer loudley and chant "Lets Go Angelika, Lets Go Colby, Lets Go Angelika, Lets Go Colby"
Mike - Thease two are very evenly matched!


Angelika and Colby slowly gets up, as they both turn around, they encounter one another and as that happens they lockup, this time Colby gets the advantage, headbutting Angelika on the nose, causing Angelikas nose to get busted wide open even more, as the blood flows down from her nose to her chin, Colby throws Angelika over the railing, the fans cheer loudey.


Angelika slowly gets up she trys to get to the other side of the railing, Colby then grabs her and slides her down the railing, she eventually falls off it landing on her back hard, the fans cheer loudley as this is really turning into such a great matchup, Colby walks over to Angelika then throws her onto the steel steps, it makes a loud impact and Angelika screams out in pain, as her back must be killing in pain.


Colby then grabs Angelika and throws her into the ring, she then slides into the ring aswell, Colby picks up Angelika and irish whips her towards the turnbuckle, as Angelika hits the turnbuckle hard, Colby takes a few steps back and does a cartwheel towards Angelika she then jumps up and trys to land on Angelika, but Angelika quickly rolls out of the way and Colby hits the turnbuckle headfirst and the fans go "OOOH!", as Colby slowly turns around, Angelika throws her to the mat, she then climbs the turnbuckle and waits for the perfect time to jump, Colby is slowly getting up now, as she slowly turns around, Angelika jumps up and catches Colbys head with her legs with a hurracurrana, throwing Colby outside of the ring once again.
Mike - down goes Colby, down goes Colby

Jim - My prediction is the end is near...

Angelika takes some time to rest up, but all of a sudden Perfection jumps out of the fan area, she sneaks near the ring, reaches into the ring and pulls Angelika out the fans begin to boo loudley, the reff is too busy trying to count out Colby, as Perfection pulled Angelika out of the ring, she hits her with lefts and rights, then she throws her over the announce table as the fans boo loudley, Angelika falls onto the laps of Mike and Jim
Mike - Woah watch out!


Perfection smiles and the fans begin to boo her loudley, Colby is slowly getting up, as she gets up completly she sees Perfection and she doesnt see Angelika, she runs around the ring then attacks Perfection from behind, as the reff turns he sees Perfection and Colby fighting, he goes for the bell.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Refferee has issued this bout a Nooo Contest!

Colby then takes Perfection down with a huge clothesline, she then gets up on the announce table and the fans cheer loudley, Colby then jumps off it and hits the "Broken Heart Buried", the fans cheer loudley, Angelika then gets up from the other side of the announce table, she sees Perfection on the floor and Colby standing, Colby and Angelika stare at eachother for awhile, then Angelika comes forward and hugs her as the fans cheer, showing sportsmanship

Alyssa Ruins walks down the ramp and the fans cheer loudley, shes holding a microphone, and she seems happy.

Well that was one heck of a match until Perfection decided to ruin it, so Perfection wants to involve her self into things?, ok, no problem at all, next week, this is what its going to be, I say.... Colby Danielson taking on Angelika Part 2!

The fans cheer loudley

Only this time, in the middle of Colby and Angelika, will be Perfection, in a No Disqualification, Anything Goes, Triple Threat Match!!

The fans cheer even louder, and Angelika and Colby look at eachother, no smile on their faces, they know that both of them were challenges, they stare down eachother.

Oh and the winner... the winner faces Nikki Banks at Redemption for the Womens Championship!

The fans erupt in loud cheers, as Angelika and Colby begin to exchange words

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Golpe is seen walking into the WWKF Hallways, he looks pissed off because of the attack on Nikki Banks, hes wearing his usual attire, and hes about to enter Nikki Banks's locker room door when all of a sudden...

[Fimiliar Voice]

He turns his head slowly, wondering if the person behind him was referring to him, as he turns around a mirror smashes right in his face.

Masa Onita looks at Golpe after he throws the rest of the mirror away smiling

"what's up, eeesssseee".

"Rebel Angel" Jack Carter comes from the right and kicks Golpe in the face.


Say your shit now..COME ON...SAY IT NOW PUTA MERICON!

They both clobber Golpe wityh punches and kicks and then lift him up to his feet.


Shall we?



They connect with their tag finisher "total elimination". knocking the bleeding latin star to the floor. Onita then spits a green mist in Golpe's face. Then as Carter picks him up. Onita quickly drags a table over, and pours lighter fluid all over it. carter lights a match and throws it on the table. setting the table on fire. carter then low blows Golpe in the groin and Onita bitch slaps Golpe.


How bout it now huh, vato punkass, how bout it now, call us gay now, make a stupid fake documentary now!

Onita then grabs Golpe and hits his "end of the line" putting Golpe thru the flaming


Another punk ass..bites the dust.


Some people...just..never learn.

Onita looks at Golpe, and kicks him in the groin

MO: Pussy.

Jack and Onita then walk away smiling, Nikki Banks's locker room door then opens as she heard alot of noise, she then sees Golpe layed out, she runs towards him and calls for help, as she turns around and watches as Jack and Onita walk away

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Jim: We're back on Slim Survivals and Kalvin Brown along with his opponent,
Randy Johnstone are in the ring.

Mike: They have the asasignment not many want to have, face Masa Onita.

Jim: Maybe with them working as a team they can put loss number two in
Onita's book.

Mike: The way he's been since that loss to Alex Wilder, they'd better work
as a team.

"The One" by White Zombie" plays..and as the fans give a mix of chhers and boos, Onita, in jeans, an old white WING! shirt, fists taped up and boots, comes down the isle with a metal shopping cart full of weapons.

Mike: Um, Jim, is this a hardcore match?

Jim: I think it is now.

Onita comes over and gets a mike from Jim.

"Shut my music...SHUT MY MUSIC, you MORON"!

The music dies down.


You two guys, your career is on life support here in the WWKF because simply, you two
ain't shitt..

The fans go "OOOOOO"

But since Carter has no match tonight, I'm going to be alittle more giving....Since I know I'm going to be giving you both a bad ass kicking..

The fans go "oooo" and Kalvin yells "Try it"

Oh I'll be trying it, 'iceman', and seeing how
Carter kicked your ass last week, you should just, shut up.

The fans go "OOOOOOOOOO" and Kalvin kicks the bottom rope, angry.


Now Like I said, I'm going to be giving. Want no rules? You got it. Weapons? Right here if you want em...I'll even throw in that I have to pin BOTH of win...and hold up..hold up people.. See this title I carry?

Onita grabs the International title belt he's had for months

..I'll even put it on the line, against you both...

The fans cheer loudly

Mike: Wow, no rules, weapons, he has to defeat both guys to win, AND, he's putting his International heavyweight championship on the line!?

Jim: That is giving, but what's the catch to all this.


Why do all that? because you two bums have never had a title shot in your life...and this graveyard disciple right GONNA KICK BOTH YOUR FREAKING ASSES, RIGHT NOW"!


Onita gets on the apron and Randy and him exchange punches, Onita grabs Randy by the head and rams him face first into the turnbuckle and then enters the ring. Kalvin swings and Masa ducks, lifting up one finger. Kalvin swings again and Onita ducks, and puts up two fingers. Icemna tries it a third time and again Onita ducks and puts up three fingers, then give Kalvin the middle finger.

The fans roar with cheers when Masa gives Kalvin the middle finger

Brown goes for a kick but Onita swats it away and delivers a sewries of chops and punches before whipping Brown into the ropes for a back drop. He's about to do another move when Johnstone clips him from behind and goes for a go behind. Kalvin starts slugging Masa as Randy holds the go behind. Kalvin's laying in some heavy punches but then Masa mule kicks Randy in the groin and nails a thrust to Brown's throat. he whips Brown thru the ropes to the floor and then looks at Randy. Masa hits the ropes and comes off right into a over head belly to belly suplex by Johnstone.

Mike: Nice way to get back into this Jim.

Jim: Onita's been holding his own against two guys, let's see how long it lasts.

Randy knees Masa several times to the head and then after getting him back to his feet. fires Onita into a corner.Brown gets on the apron in another corner and Randy slugs Onita, he slugs him again and then chops Masa's chest. he knees Onita and starts hammering him with punches before tagging Kalvin in.

Brown slugs Onita in the corner and then hits him again, but Onita's taking deep breaths as he's getting hit. Kalvin headbutts Masa and Masa makes it to one knee. He hits him again and Onita makes it to both feet in the corner. Brown then lays a loud chop to Onita's chest. But Onita glares at him.

Jim: uh oh.

Mike: keep kicking the dog in the corner and see what happens.

Kalvin chops again in Masa's chest and Onita glares at him, shaking his head "no". Kalvin does it again and Onita spins Kalvin into the corner and nails a punch, then chop, punch, then chop, punch then chop, followed by a knee to the gut. Johnstone comes in and Masa turns and spits a green mist, right in Randy's face.

Mike: I hate when Onita does that.

Jim: Nothing the ref can do, no rules, so he has to stand back and let it happen.

Masa grabs Randy and sails him over the top rope to the floor and then hits a runing dropkick on Kalvin in the corner as the fans cheer loudly.

Onita steps back and then hits a running dive thru the ropes slamming Johnstone hard into the guard rail.


Jim: He does that so effortlessly. Randy's hurtin.

The fans pop loud and chant "holy shit holy shit holy shit".

Onita gets a steel chair from a fan and cracks Johnstone in the face, busting him open. he hits him again with it then throws it aside and goes to the metal shopping cart.

Mike: Oh no, here we go.

Jim: we're in Onita's world now. Japanses Hardcore Icon.

Onita grabs a guitar out of the shopping cart. he starts strumming it singing "on the road again, I can't wait to get on the road again", and smashes it over Johnstone's head, shattering the guitar in a bunch of pieces.

Jim: Take that Jeff Jarrett.

Mike: ooooo DOH!

Onita slides back into the ring and Brown blocks a punch, they tie up and Kalvin whips Masa into the ropes for a drop kick. he bodyslams Masa and goes to grab a leg but Onita kicks him off. Onita gets to his feet alittle wobbly from thw dropkick he got hit with. Kalvin charges and is backdropped over the top rope to the time keeper's table. Randy's slowly getting to his feet but falls back down again and when Kalvin gets to his feet on the table Onita nails him with a spinning heel kick. Onita then goes thru the ropes, lifts Kalvin up and delivers a liger driver putting Iceman thru the table.

Jim: ccchhrr--IISTT!

Mike: Welcome to the world of Masa Onita..

Jim: Who is it that says they have the nation of violence?

Mike: Forget that company, I'm seeing a nation of violence right before my eyes with Onita.

Masa goes, grabs Johnstone and whips him hard into another section of the guard rail, by Kalvin, he then grabs the metal shopping cart, and rams it into Randy's body against the guard rail. He gets an aluminum garbage can cover out of it, and cracks Kalvin in the face, busting him open, he then hits Randy with it and then starts bashing Brown with it before taking Kalvin and rolling him back into the ring.

Onita climbs on the apron, quickly gets to the top turn buckle, and comes off, nailing Kalvin with a hurracarana into a pin which the fans pop loud for.

Mike: How the hell does he do that so easily.

Jim: He makes high risk moves look so easy, look the ref's making the count.


Onita wins over Brown.

Mike: One more to go.

Jim: The Iceman gets iced again as they say.

Mike: look..over there.

Johnstone makes it to his feet, grabs a beer bottle from a fan and Onita gets up..spits a red mist into Kalvin's face, then turns and Randy smashes the beer bottle On Masa's head. shattering the bottle and causing blood to come from Onita's head.

Randy drops off the apron, grabs the shopping cart and throws it into the ring. stuff falling out all over as he gets back into the ring. he grabs Masa and rams him face first into the metal shopping cart. Randy then gets a metal shovel and when he swings it, Onita ducks it and low blows Johnstone before nailing Randy with a spine buster onto the shopping cart.

Mike: DAMN!

Jim: if it isn't nailed down, use it.

Onita gets the shovel and bashes Randy in ther head and then the groin before bashing his head again with it. he then gets Randy to his feet and whips him hard into a corner. Onita then gets the shopping cart and throws it right into Johnson's face, and Randy tumbles to the mat. masa had blood all over his white shirt but he walks over to Randy and starts pounding him with with his taped fists. He then lefts Johnstone up and delivers his finisher, The End of the line, right onto the shopping cart, and then slaps on an STF.

The ringside fans can hear Onita screaming "GIVE IT UP! TAP YOU F(BEEP)KING BITCH"!

Randy taps out...the referee signals for the bell..and for a moment it looks like Onita doesn't want to let the hold go. he then lets go and gets to his feet as the fans give an ovation. WINNER! MASA ONITA!

Mike: What can you say about a match like that.

Jim: Welcome to World Wrestling Kings Federation, where violence and attitude rule supreme.

Onita raises his own hand and the crowd pops.

Jim: You think Wilder's happy he paid off Onita?

Mike: If I was in Alex's shoes, I'd pay Onita off too.

Onita finds some barbed wire on the mat amoung the other scattered things, wraps some around his left fist, shoves the referee out of the way, and pounds Johnstone with the barbed wire wrapped fist.

Mike: I think someone's sending a message.

Jim: Ya think?

Onita then grabs Randy and tosses him over the top rope to the floor. Then asks for a mic.

Mike: oh shit.

Masa gets a mic.

Now that these two worthless, pieces of shit are done with, IS THERE ANY REAL FREAKIN COMPETITION HERE IN THE WWKF!? Someone back there has got to have some freaking balls..I'm gonna stay here until someone comes out here, and faces me... , Golpe, you talked alot of fucking shit on how your going to come out after my match, so are you going to come out!!?, ARE YOU??, HUH GOLPE??

Jim: He still wants to fight!?

Mike: After beating so many people I think he wants a real fight.

Nobody comes

That's fine, Ill stay back there, I'll just hold up the show, and stand here all night until someone, comes down and faces me.. , anybody, anyone at all, Golpe is obviously all talk and just a chicken shit, so why doesnt somone come out?, If nobody wants to come out, like I said, Ill stay here, I wont leave.

Mike: After what he just put Johnstone and Brown thru, why would anyone want to come out here?

Come on..someone man up back there..come on..any year now. While we're all still in 200-

Right then the lights in the arena go out.

Mike: be careful what you ask for.

When the lights come on Golpe is in the middle of the ramp, the fans pop big, he has the metal shovel in his hand, Masa looks surprised, he wasnt expecting him to come out after the attack, Golpe takes off the bandanna covering his mouth and he throws it down and steps on it, he looks mad, Golpe then runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, Onita trys to attack him but he smashes the shovel right on Onitas gut and then Golpe blasts the japanese superstar square in the temple with the shovel.

Mike: he and carter jumped him earlier! NOW IT'S BREAKING DOWN!

Golpe cracks Onita over and over...Jack carter then comes running down the isle and Golpe swings the shovel wild at him but misses. Jack nails a shoulder block thru the ropes to Golpe's stomach and enters the ring, they get into a slugfest and Jack staggers Golpe with a wicked left haymaker, then follows up with a jab, a jab another jab followed by the flip flop and fly, dropping Golpe to the mat.

Mike: Guess Jack gets to fight after all.

Jim: So much for his happy hour all show long.

Carter goes for a kick but Golpe turns it into a corkscrew leg drag. He then nails Carter with a snap suplex as Onita slowly gets to his feet. Masa falls back into the ropes and Golpe runs and clotheslines him over the top rope and then nails Jack with his signiture the CCP.

Onita throws a chair into the ring, Golpre gets the chair, cracks Onita when he tries to enter the ring, turns, and is about to clobber Carter..when the lights go out again.

Mike: Now what the hell's gonna happen.

Mike: On Slim Survivals, anything. This isn't no wimpy Beatdown show.

When the lights come back on a huge guy, about 6'1 or two heavyset is standing right in Golpe's face.


Mike: I heard a rumor this guy might be coming back.

Jim: That's not.

Mike: Yeah, it is, 450 lb. Stan"the man' Brody.

The fans pop huge for seeing him Golpe cracks Brody with the effect. he hits him in the head again.. no effect, Brody just smiles and yells "COME ON"! Golpe backs off, and leans thru the top and middle rope to leave the ring. He gives Brody the finger, then gives Onita the finger as Onita's back on his feet staggering. Brody threatens to leave the ring and Golpe backs away slowly, speed walking backwards up the ramp, not letting his eyes go of Stan Brody, he looks like hes seen a ghost.
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After a short break, the scene shows Jack Carter, Masa Onita and Stan Brody leaving the arena, Carter and Onita seem abit sore and Stan Brody looks happy to intimidate Golpe.

Carter gets on his motorcycle as Onita and Brody get in a car and they all drive off.
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Then after a dark match and a commercial, Golpe is seen in Nikki Banks's locker room with her. Nikki Banks is wearing her bra, she puts her shirt on now, and Golpe was shirtless, but he aslo puts his shirt on.

Mira Aqui now that was mucho para una mamasita, that was ALOT from just one mamasita.

Gracias Amor

Listen, now we got our match, BOTD thought they had the best of me when they attacked me backstage?, well I showed them, they needed to bring their amigo waton back from retirment just to try and get me to stop, well it worked, I obviously did not want to injure myself disecting el waton feo, you feel me?

Yup, they're probobly at their hotel room right now, celebrating thinking they got the best of you, having what Kana calls a "Some of Three", hopefully their tv is on, they can watch has "matar el matador"

Yee, and "matar ese loca fea"

How I love you

Now like the BOTD like to say... Shall we?


Golpe puts his arm around Nikki Banks and they walk out of the locker room, and walk down the walls heading towards the curtains.
Mike - Well Golpe and Nikki Banks looking to send a message to the BOTD

Jim - I have a feeling things are going to turn out pretty hardcore.
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Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a Mixed Tag Team Match, Introducing first, the WWKF Main Event Champion, Killer and Diaboliqueeee!

Killer walks down the ramp holding his Main Event Championshiop, beside him is Diabolique, the fans begin to boo them loudley, Killer shakes his head and continues to walk on, they both slide into the ring then tuant the fans.

And their opponents, the team of, Golpe and Nikki Banks, The Laaaaatin Kingdom!

Golpe and Nikki walk down the ramp, Golpes arm around Nikki, the fans boo louder, not liking both teams, Nikki Banks gets up onto the ring and pulls the ropes down, Golpe then jumps up and slides into the ring, he kisses Nikki in the lips then brings her into the ring, they stare down Killer and Diabolique.


Nikki Banks starts off and so does Diabolique, they both run towards eachother and lockup, Nikki Banks begins to pull on Diaboliques hair, giving her the advantage, she throws Diabolique to the floor by the hair, she then begins to stomp on Diabolique, vicious, hard stomps, not letting her up.

Mike - Ms.Banks should be impressive in this match, getting attacked by BOTD has had to have her in no good mood.

Jim - Ya but after the little warmup she had Golpe had backstage, that should've gotten her in a good mood.

Nikki Banks picks Diabolique up, she grabs her head tight with a front headlock, she lifts her up, holding her waist, she has her in a suplex position, the fans go on their feet, Nikki Banks then yells out some spanish words then drops Diabolique right to the mat with a huge suplex. Nikki Banks then gets back to her feet, again she begins to stomp on Diabolique, again and again, viciously, just torturing her. Nikki Banks then picks Diabolique up and shoves her to the turnbuckle, as that happens, she walks over to her and begins to yell in her face, she then spits in her face then jumps upwards and delivers a huge knee to the face and Diabolique falls right to the floor again.

Nikki Banks smiles, Killer doesnt look too happy, Nikki Banks then tags in Golpe, the fans begin to boo louder, Golpe gets into the ring and he looks at Diabolique then at Killer.

Jim - Please tell me hes going to let Diabolique tag in Killer

Mike - He'll probobly rape Diabolique then let her tag in Killer...

Golpe smiles, he grabs Diabolique and looks into her eyes, he yells some spanish words out at her then spits on her face just like Nikki did, then he irish whips her towards the ropes, Diabolique bounces off the ropes, Golpe then delivers a huge big boot to the face, and Diabolique falls to the floor unconcious.

Mike - So much for Diaboliques last match

Jim - Ya she was on a role here and now shes leaving with bruises and marks all over her!

Golpe has another big smile on his face, he then yells out "YOU WATCHING THIS SHIT BOTD??", he picks up Diabolique again and gives her the "CCP" right in the middle of the ring, the fans boo louder, Golpe then smiles as Killer wants to get in the match, Golpe nods his head, he picks Diabolique up and throws her towards Killer, as her lifeless body drops down near Killer, Killer reaches in and tags himself in, the fans give in a mixed reaction and Killer gets in the ring and cocks in a smile, he cracks his knuckles and walks towards Golpe but he notices Nikki Banks isnt in her corner, he looks confused, but before he can figure out where she is Golpe runs towards him and hits a huge, well executed, picture perfect, dropkick, dropping him to the floor hard.

The fans go "OOOH!", Golpe smiles he stoms right on Killers head, then looks at Nikki Banks who is now seen near the announce table, she grabs two chairs and throws them over the top ropes, she then slides in the ring, Golpe grabs a chair, and Nikki kisses him on the lips as the fans boo louder, Nikki Banks then picks Killer up slowly and Golpe smashes the steel chair right onto Killers skull, the Reff then rings the bell and the fans boo loudley.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners by Disqualification, Killer and Diaboliqueee!

Golpe and Nikki quickly look at the announcer, they look pissed off, the Announcer shrugs and points at the Refferee, and Golpe and Nikki walk towards the Reff, the Reff begins to back away slowly and just as that happens Golpe runs towards him and grabs him by the shirt, he then throws him on the floor, and Nikki Banks grabs him and executes the "Beauty Killz", the fans begin to boo loudley, Golpe then grabs a microphone smiling.

Brothers Of The Danmed, Be advised, next week, Stan Brody, Im comming for you ese vato, then the week after, at Redemption, you wanted it, you got it amigo, Jack Carter, you and me, you pick the match, and I pick your defeat!.

Golpe then picks up the Reff and gives him the "Mala Suerte" right onto the middle of the ring, as him and Nikki begin to makeout in the middle of the ring as the fans begin to eurpt in boos.


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Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 16th 2009
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