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 Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th

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PostSubject: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 3:45 pm

[Fireworks Open as the third Beatdown is underway, Fans at Wachovia Center are all screaming holding signs saying "Burry him alive, and Cookies N creme"]

Mike- Hello, Welcome to Tuesday Night Beatdown. I'm mike along side my partner Jim. We have Many great matches here tonight, But expecially The Buried Alive Match, Vs. The legends kane and The giant IronEx

Jim- Man, I cant wait for it, The loser has to quit WWKF for good.. It's going to be sad seeing one of these great superstars leaving the WWKF building for the Last time.

Mike- Couldn't Adgree with you more, We also have a hell in a cell match between Masked Terros and The new Guys cookies and Creme, winner faces Alex Wilder at Redemption for the Tag team Belts

Jim- I've been scouting these cookies and Creme guys and Trust me they are the real deal, Tyron Williams is a striker and Matthew Betts has technqiues that impressed me.. It'll be great to see who comes out Victorious..

Mike- Here is The new reporter Jillian with Cookies and Creme...Take it away Jillian

Thanks Guys, Im along side with Cookies and Creme, Guys this is your First Match as WWKF superstars, What can we expect from you guys

You can Expect pure, Speed, Quickness, and Flavour, Because we're all about winning but we would like to make it look good in the mean time

We specailize in these types of Matches so You can expect, Brutality and Blood because it's what do best

Now Last week you guys Interfered in Alex Wilder's Match. Where you guys sending a message to Alex?

That's exactly what we did...And i Loved every Minute of It.

We were able to signify our presence in this Federation, and i hope alex is able to watch our match, Because he will get a taste of whats still to come

You guys do know you still have to fight against Masked Terrors..What are your thoughts on Them?

Masked Terrors. Wow, i never heard of them untill this match..These guys are Just trying to make a name of themselves, Their only in our step of becoming Champion..I don't expect much of them, They have guts if they even show up

Couldn't of Said it Better my--

[Tyrone is Interrupted by the Masked terros they come storming in and go eye to eye with Cookies and Creme]

You don't Expect much of us?, we'll see in a short ammount of time..

Listen, Because you just interrupted our Interview, You give me more reason to bust your skull..

Lets see you try..

Get stepping before i bust you freikin skull right now

Lets go, Save them for the Cell..

Masked Terrors walk off as Cookies N Cream look abit annoyed and angry.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 3:49 pm

Mike- Well we have a rematch of last week next, It's HBK vs. Solution.

Jim- These two lightsweight have all the characterristics of Heavyweight, Lets see what they have in store for us today.

Announcer- Introuducing First. The Challenger, weighing in at 200lbs......HBK

Shawn Michaels walks down the ramp smiling, he looks very confident, he slides into the ring and tuants the fans

Announcer- And the Opponent, He is a member of New Generation......Solution

Solution walks down the ramp looking very cocky, the fans begin to boo loudley, behind him is the WWKF Tough Enough Champion Non-Stop, Solution begins to whisper things into his ear and Non-Stop turns around and walks away, Solution then slides into the ring.

[Bell Rings]

HBK and Solution start the match. Solution goes all out, heading right at hbk who takes him down with a powerful clothesline. Solution gets right back only to receive another clothesline. The hatred is apparent because Solution doesn’t stop there as he gets up and charges at HBK once more who catches him with a big backdrop, Solution holds his back as he hits the canvas hard, HBK continues his assault not letting Solution catch a breath as he grabs Solution and nails a few knees right into the ribs of solution before sending him for an Irish whip. Solution comes back and tries for a clothesline but HBK ducks and grabs solution in a German supplex landing it violently.

Mike- This is all one-sided.. HBK is just dominating this match

Solution finally catches a break, Once HBK gets up Solution quicky lands a couple of Left and right punches.
Solution takes advantage picking up HBKS hair and throwing in onto the turnbuckle. HBk bounces back hard and Solution holds HBKS head and lands a vicious DDT. Solution goes for the Pin


HBK kicks out. Solution drags HBKS feet to the turbuckle hanging him on the turbuckle by his feet. Solution starts jabbing away at HBKS mid-section, before the ref breaks it up.

The ref pushes solution to the side and waits till HBK is up. HBK is now up and the ref restarts the match. Solution and HBK lock up, but it is the strength of Solution that knocks down HBK. Solution begins to stomp on HBK, but HBK grabs solutions leg and drops him. HBK picks solution up and lands a snap-suplex. HBK goes for the pin


Solution kicks out. HBK gets quickly up picks solution up throws him to the turnbuckle. They exchange irish whips, until solution counters and bulldog pins HBK


Jim- I cant believe he kicked-out...

Mike- Something big is going to happen to end this battle

Solution gets up quicky and stars to pound HBK with lefts and rights and kicks. Solution goes to the top turbuckle and Does a frog-splash but HBK is able to get out of the way. Solution twists and turn in pain. HBK gets up and throws solution out of the ring. HBK grabs solutions head and throws it against the Guard rail. The ref stars the count


HBK enters the ring. Solution hasent moved a muscle..all of the sudden Edge walks down the ramp and picks solution up and throws him in the ring. The ref stops his count and solution tries to get up but hbk is their to land a DDT. HBK goes for the pin


The Reff suddenly stops the count due to the music beginning to play, then Edge appears in the curtains, the fans begin to boo, he runs down the ramp and knocks the reff down with a spear

[Bell rings]

Announcer- Here is your winner By disqualification. SOLUTION

Edge begins to beat up on HBK. The picks HBK up throws him outside of the ring, where hbk lands hard on his shoulder. Edge goes under the ring and grabs a garbabe pale. He puts the pale over the head of HBK. As HBK gets up, edge kicks the Pale with all the force that he has.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 3:54 pm

[The scene Opens with IronEx and BamBamKana, in their locker room]

Is your big rock solid hairy ass ready for the alive bureid match?


The Kana shall make sure you come out victorious, you are aware of this?


Do not be holding yourself, this is a very gigantic match.

You... worry .. for Non-Stop Match

Stop-Non?, dont worry about him, Kana is not hungry for chocolate

Worry for New... Generate.

Dont you worry about Kana, if things go terrible you will appear yes?


IronEX walks out and Kana looks worried that he said maybe instead of yes.

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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 3:57 pm

Announcer-The following Is schedhuled for One Fall, Introuducing First.....Bam Bam Kana!!!

Bam Bam Kana walks down to the ramp with a smile on his face, hes wearing a shirt, on the back it shows an American Flag burning and on the front it reads "Rock Hard Kana", the fans begin to boo.

Announcer- And the opponent...He is the tough Enough Champion...Non-stop

Non-Stop walks down the ramp with a cocky smile, hes holding his Tough Enough Championship on his shoulder, he slides into the ring and spits on the mat.


Non-Stop and Bam Bam Kana stare down at each other as Kana is just smiling. Kana says to NS "DEATH TO AMERICA CHOCOLATE MAN WITH YELLOW SPRINKLES!" as NS get's angry. NS runs at Kana and clothesline him viciously as Kana is laying on the floor. NS looks down at Kana with a smirk as he picks up Kana and irish whips him into the turnbuckle. Kana looks a little tired as NS runs at him and hits another clothesline.

NS get's Kana onto the top turnbuckle as he landing punches to Kana's head and tries to go for a superplex. Kana is holding onto the ropes with his feet as he starts to punch NS in his gut. NS finally breaks loose of the hold as Kana hits NS's head onto the turnbuckle. Kana then get's NS's head again and puts NS's face onto his crotch and Kana says "CHOCOLATE MAN! NOT DEATH TO AMERICA, NO NO. BUT DEATH TO APPETITE MY FRIEND!"

Jim- Oh my God! I think I might be sick!

Mike- Same here Jim, he calls it not the Death To America, but Death To Appetite!

Kana goes for the pin as the referee counts.

[1...2...KICK OUT!]

The crowd is disgusted as Kana throws NS off the turnbuckle. Ns is trying to get the bitter taste out of his mouth as Kana is smiling. Kana jumps off the top rope and hits a cross-body to NS. NS quickly get's up and Kana hits a clothesline on NS as NS retreats back to the corner. Kana runs at NS as Kana hits another clothesline and NS falls down in a sitting position, all of a sudden Kana looks to get more excited. Kana jumps on NS's face as he starts to hump NS over an over again and NS tries to escape from Kana. Kana starts to shout at the crowd as some of the crowd begins to chant "No more D.T.A, No More D.T.A!" and some of the crowd is getting more disgusted.

As Kana is taunting at NS and the crowd, members of New Generation run down the ramp. Lance, Solution and Carl J surround the ring as Kana is looking around knowing he's outnumbered. Carl J goes onto the apron as the referee is distracted by Carl, asking him to get off the apron. Lance goes over to where the announcer is and get's 2 steel chairs. He gives one chair to Solution as they go into the ring.

Jim- Ref, look behind you! Use your eyes more often!

Mike- It's hard enough Jim, Carl J is doing a good job at distracting the ref. This is the second week in a row they've done this!

Kana looks at Lance, Solution comes up from behind Kana and hits him in the back with a chair. As Solution hits Kana, Carl J jumps off the apron and walks over to the ramp. As the referee turns around to check up on Kana and NS, Lance hits Kana in the head with the steel chair! Kana begins to bleed a little as the referee calls for the bell.

Announcer- Here is your winner, by disqualification...BAAAM BAAAM KAAAANNNNNAAAA!!

Lance looks angry at the referee because he was trying to help with NS. NS looks at Lance with a dirty look, arguing with Lance asking why he interfered with the match. NS then pushes Lance as Lance hits NS in the head with the steel chair. The crowd and the other members of New Generation are shocked at to what Lance did. As Lance just stares at NS lying on the floor, Kana grabs the chair from Solution. As Solution turns around, Kana hits Solution in the head and smiles.

Carl J then runs at Kana and clotheslines him to the mat. Lance takes the chair and starts to hit Kana in the back and is just smiling at Carl while he's doing so. Just then, the camera turns to the titantron.

IronEX walks out with an angry look on his face and walks down the ramp slowly. Carl J walks over to NS and grabs the steel chair, looking ready as he has been. When IronEX walks up to the ring and goes onto the apron, Carl runs over hitting IronEX with the chair. IronEX pushes Carl over and get in the ring. Carl runs at IronEX once more as IronEX kicks the chair onto Carl's face and Carl looks lifeless.

Lance is just staring at IronEX as he drops the chair. IronEX grabs Lance by the throat and EXecution's Lance. IronEX picks up Kana as Kana is smiling and both of them walk out of the ring onto the ramp.

Mike- IronEX showed them who's boss!

Jim- But the question is, can he show Kane whos boss?
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 4:03 pm

[Christian is in his locker room ,When suddenly he hears a knock on his door]

Come In.

Johnny Leather walks in smiling wearing a Slim Survivals shirt as the fans cheer.

Surprise, Surprise..

What do you want Leather?

I think that we should make an Agreement..Dont You?

What Kind Of Agreement??

Listen, Jericho is a good opponent, And i think that tonight we know....Take him out early, I know, I know, its cheap and all, but dont you think he has somthing up his sleeves?, he will do anything to do to win, so how about we make it between the both of us? What do you think?

You bring up a good point, So your proposing that we...Take jericho out early? Is that what your saying?

Exactly, Yes.

Get out of my locker room newbie

What the--

Get out or i will call security..

Johnny Leather stands there for awhile, looking at Christian, and he shakes his head smiling.

Dont say I didnt warn you..

Johnny Leather then walks out and slams the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 4:07 pm

Announcer-The Following Match is a Triple Threat...With the winner going on to Face KODX at redemption, For the Golden Crown Championship


Introuducing First...."Y2J" Chris Jericho!

Chris Jericho walks down the ramp with a cocky smile, tilting his head side to side, he slides into the ring and the fans begin to boo loudley.

And his opponent...Christian!

Christian walks down the ramp smiling, the fans begin to cheer loudley, he points at the fans nodding his head.

And Finallly......from Saturday Night Slim Survivals....Johnny Leather!!

Johnny Leather walks down the ramp with a smile, the fans begin to cheer loudley, he slides into the ring and stares down Jericho and Christian.


Christian and Jericho lock up ignoring Johnny Leather, they begin hitting eachother back and forth with huge punches and Johnny just stands there watching them, as this happens, Johnny has had enough of standing around, he runs towards them and double clotheslines both men to the floor and the fans cheer.

Mike - Wow, underestimating the rising star of Saturday Nights

Johnny Leather throws Christian outside of the ring but then Jericho low blows Johnny and this makes the fans boo loudley, they are unhappy with Jericho, as this happens, Jericho locks in the Walls Of Jericho, Johnny trys his best not to tap out, but the hold is too tight, he screams out in pain, and Christian is slowly getting up, he notices that Johnny is about to tap, he has no time to break the hold, he then quickly distracts the refferee and as this happens Johnny taps out but the Reff didnt see, Chris Jericho is mad, he gets up and begins to argue with the refferee, calling him a cheater, the reff looks confused because he never saw Johnny tap out, and as they begin to argue, Christian slides into the ring and hits Jericho with the UnPrettier, the fans cheer and he goes for a pinfall.


Johnny Leather jumps foward and breaks the pin, and as the pin gets broken, Christian gets up, he trys to hit a clothesline but Johnny ducks and he hits a clothesline of his own as the fans cheer loudley. Johnny then picks up Christian and throws him into the turnbuckle, hitting him with vicious lefts and rights, punching him square in the mouth, then dropkicking him out of the ring, the fans cheer loudley and chant "Thats What You Get", Leather than looks around, feeling the atmosphere, he than yells out "BOOM!"

This makes the fans cheer even more loudler, but as this happens, Chris Jericho has a chair in his hands as Leather turns around, he probobly got it when Leather was busy with Christian, the fans begin to boo, and the Reff warns Jericho not to do it, Jericho smiles, and Leather catches the bluff, he yells out "DO IT!", and out of nowhere, surprisngly Jericho his the steel chair on Leather face first and the fans boo loudley.


Here is your winner by disqualification and the Number One Contender for the Golden Crown Championship... Johnny Leather!

Jim- That has to be the biggest Upset in all of WWKF

Mike- He dominated in a match that didn't last long...It was all Johnny From the Start.

Jim- This Kid has a Good Career Ahead of Him

Chris Jericho exits the ring smiling, holding his hands into the air and making faces at the camera, happy that he took out Johnny but all of a sudden as Christian is getting into the ring all groggy, Johnny gets up and hits the Leatherline, catching Jerichos attention, Jericho looks mad now, Johnnys theme hits the stage and he points at Jericho.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 4:10 pm

[Johnny Leather is Backstage in his locker room celebrating his win..When all of the sudden, KODX walks in]


Congrats, Leather


Yeah, Thanks man.


You won that match clean...You may be a challenge to me..


You think so?

[KODX laughs]

Not a chance....See this main event title...Look at it now..Because you are getting nowhere near it..You understand me?

[Scene Fades as KODX leaves the room]
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 4:15 pm

Jim- What a match we have next...A tag team hell in a cell..WOW

Mike- Tony has outdone himself Tonight.

Announcer- The following Match is a hell in a cell Match..With the winner going on and facing Alex Wilder at Redemption for the tag team belt..Introuducing first..Cookies-n-cream..

They walk down the ramp..look over at the cell and are amazed by the height and how thick the metal is...The enter and get their places in the ring...

Announcer- The Challegers...Please welcome Masked Terrors..

MT1 AND 2 walk down the ramp and run staight to the ring..The glance at their opponent at the match is underway.


Tyrone stares at MT #1 as Matthew stares at MT #2. Tyrone runs at MT #1 and clothesline him, MT #2 runs at Matthew and get's kicked in the gut. Matthew throws MT #2 into the steel post, meanwhile Tyrone throws MT #1 over the top rope and MT #1 leg sweeps Tyrone's feet and his face hits the cage hard. Matthew grabs MT #2 and throws him out of the ring also as MT #2 is lying on the floor.

Matthew grabs MT #2's head and starts to grind it on the cage as MT #2 is screaming in pain. The camera shows that MT #2 is busted wide open. Matthew grabs him and starts to smash his head constantly to the cage. He then irish whips him hard into the cage and part of the bage is bent. Meanwhile, Tyrone get's up, MT #1 runs at Tyrone, at the last second Tyrone grabs MT #1's head and throws him into the cage. Tyrone goes for the pin on MT #1 as the referee counts.

[1...2...KICK OUT!]

Matthew then breaks open the cage door and throws MT #2 outside the cage. He get's a steel chair from under the ring and brings it outside the cage. Matthew then starts to swing away hitting MT #2's back hard and the crowd is cheering for Matthew. Matthew then takes MT #2's head and places it on the cage, Matthew then looks at the chair and hits MT #2's head over and over again. Tyrone then goes under the ring and pulls out a ladder, he places it into the ring and sets it up. It's about 30 feet high as the top reaches the little cage doors. Tyrone goes up to the top and breaks open the top doors. Just then, MT #1 get's in the ring and pushes the ladder, Tyrone is thinking "What the fuck?" as he jumps off the ladder and hits his back on the cage. The crowd is cheering!


Jim- My God! All 4 of these men are risking everything to get a shot at Alex's tag titles!

Mike- That's right Jim, no one can stop Cookies N' Cream right now!

MT #1 then get's out of the ring as goes for the pin, the referee counts.

[1...2...KICK OUT!]

MT #1 then get's out of the ring, pulls out another table from under the ring and sets it up beside the other ladder. The ladder are facing each other so that the steps of it are facing the same direction. Meanwhile, Matthew climbs up the cage as MT #2 follows him up there. They start to brawl it out as MT #2 get's the upper hand. He then suplex's Matthew onto the top of the cage as the crowd is cheering! MT #2 picks up Matthew again and suplex's him once more. MT #2 then climbs down the cage, goes inside it and pulls out a table from under the ring.

MT #2 then sets it up close to the announce table, he then get's some barbed wire laying on the floor near where the announcer sits. MT #2 then puts some around the table and MT #2 then smiles. Matthew is on the edge of the cage and cross bodies onto MT #2 as the crowd is cheering for Matthew. Matthew takes MT #2's body and places him onto the table as MT #2 screams because the barbed wire is puncturing his back. Matthew climbs up the cage, stands on the edge of the cage and taunts. He jumps off the cage and hits the Lightning Strike as the crowd is estactic!


Jim- My fucking God Mike! Matthew just hit the Lightning Strike on MT #2 with a barbed wire table underneath.

Mike- That's the most daredevil thing Matthew did!

Matthew goes for the pin as the referee counts.

[1...2...KICK OUT!]

Matthew can't believe what happened. Matthew is just lying on the floor screaming, holding his chest as MT #2 is doing the same thing holding his back. The camera goes back to Tyrone and MT #1. Tyrone is throwing punches at MT #1 in the corner as he goes under the ring. He pulls out 4 table as puts them into the ring. He sets a table onto the 2 steps of both ladders on the bottom one, then puts another one every 2 steps. Tyrone is smiling as you can see 4 tables stacked on every 2 steps as he starts to climb up the ladder onto the top of the cage. MT #1 follows him as they are both ontop of the cage fighting it out. MT #1 then DDT's Tyrone onto the cage as he's smiling.

Meanwhile, Matthew and MT #2 get's up as they are exchanging punches, MT #2 get's the upper hand as he irish whips Matthew to the barricade. He then get's the steel chair that Matthew used before and starts to hit him on the back. He then put's Matthew's head onto the cage and returns the favor as he swings the chair and makes a big impact. Matthew starts to bleed as MT #2 is smiling. MT #2 then climbs up the cage with the chair and throws it up to MT #1. MT #1 catches the steel chair as he is smiling and hits Tyrone's back over and over again. MT #1 places the chair on the cage, MT #1 then takes Tyrone's head and DDT's Tyrone again onto the steel chair this time. MT #1 then takes the steel chair and puts it onto the table that Tyrone set up.

MT #1 picks up Tyrone, trying to set's up Tyrone for a chokeslam. As MT #1 lifts up Tyrone, Tyrone jumps off MT #1's grip and lands behind MT #1. Tyrone then low blows MT #1 and MT #1 is holding his crotch. As MT #1 turns around to Tyrone, Tyrone kicks MT #1 in the gut and set's him up for a power bomb. Tyrone does the power bomb and let's go of MT #1 as MT #1 crashes threw the steel chair and the 4 tables set up, the crowd is cheering for Tyrone loudly.


Jim- This is an amazing match-up!

Mike- Damn right Jim, how could this get any better?

Tyrone doesn't bother going for the count on MT#1 as he smiles. Meanwhile, Matthew climbs up the cage as MT #2 slowly catches up to Matthew. As Matthew is dealing with MT #2, Tyrone sneaks down the cage as takes everything off the announce table. Tyrone then goes over to where the announcer is and takes a box of matches and a tank full of gasoline. Tyrone puts the gasoline all over the announce table and then lights up the announce table as he is smiling. MT #2 is brawling with Matthew as Matthew this time get's the upper hand. He then DDT's MT #2's head onto the cage, he then picks him up and set's up MT #2 for a chokeslam. MT #2 is trying get out of the choke, Matthew just smiles as he throws MT #2 off the cage onto the burning announce table, the crowd is cheering for Matthew.


Jim- Oh my God! Is he dead?

Mike- Who knows Jim, we just have to find out.

Tyrone smiles as he goes for the pin and the referee counts.


Announcer- Here is your winners....Tyrone Williams and Matthew Betts, COOOOOOKIES N' CREEEEEEAM!!!!

Matthew get's down from the cage and is exhausted holding up his hands with Tyrone. As the cage begins to be lifted up, Alex Wilder runs down the ramp and goes to the burnt and broken announce table. Matthew and Tyrone are lying on the floor tired and fatigued as MT #1 and 2 are the same. They are bloodied as Alex just smiles at Cookies N' Cream with a smirk. Alex takes the top steel step and holds it up high as Matthew is getting up slowly, Alex then runs with the steel steps and rams it into the face of Matthew. Matthew is now busted wide open and bleeding quick.

Alex then turns his attention to Tyrone as Tyrone is getting up slowly, not knowing what just happened now. Alex then picks up Tyrone and hits the Pure Imagination as Alex has a smile on him. Alex then walks away as he goes up the ramp and goes behind the curtain.

Jim- Wow Mike, Alex is making a statement that he is ready for Cookies N' Cream and to defend both his tag titles against them!

Mike- That's right Jim. Alex is pumped to fight those 2 men. But now, coming up's our Main Event of the evening! Kane vs. IronEX in a Buried Alive Match, the loser quits WWKF FOREVER!
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 4:25 pm

[Alex wilder in standing in the middle of the ring]

I know you all wonder what i am doing here tonight? That is to share to all of you...That i have a new partner...This partner will be with me when we defend our titles at Redemption...I'll give you some hints..He was from GCW......Well, without Further or do...Please welcome Masa onita!!!

Jim- What? Thats big...

Mike- No Jim..Thats Huge..

Masa onita walks down the ramp and goes to Alex wilder where they shake Hands...

[All of the sudden, Cookies and creme comes out..Limping and bruised]

Ohhhhh. Do you hear that tyrone..They got Masa Onita....Please we should quit...He's to good...I dont want to fight him

Listen. At redemption im going to drop you so fast you will spin...

Very funny...Did you not see what we did to Maked terrors...We pretty Much UN Masked them..You we will mess you up

I saw you fight...It reminded me of when i faught..when i was 3..Tyrone take your little Cookie and beat it..

You havent seen the best of us...Because you have my title now

[Tyrone and matthew leave the arena smiling as the fans cheer]
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th   Wed May 13, 2009 4:27 pm

Jim- It's the moment Us and the whole world has been waiting for, We've seen some great Matches tonight, but they all set the stage for this. It's Beatdown's first ever Buried Alive Match. The Rules are simple, you must burry your opponent alive.

Mike- Man i am so ready for this Match, either the legend Kane loses and quits or the monster IronEx quits, Its a david vs. David Match and we're about to get started.

Announcer- The following Match can only be won by burrying your Opponent alive. Introducing first the Challenger, He is 7ft tall and Comes out of India, Please welcome IRON EX!!

IronEX walks down the ramp, he has no expression on his face, the fans begin to boo loudley, some cheering, he slides into the ring and raises his hands up into the air

Announcer- And the Opponent The big red machine Kane!!!

Mike- We're going to start, Oh my god we're under way here in Philadelphia!!

[Bell Rings]

Kane and Ironex stare at eachother, Neither wants to make any mistakes, Kane makes the first Move, going for a clothesline but doesn't knock Ironex down, he goes for a second time but same results, he attempts for a third time but ironex counters and Chokeholds Kane, Bringing Him slowly down to the ground, IronEx releases his hand and slaps Kane across the chest, he does it again and again. IronEx Picks up kane and and throws him out of the ring, Kane lands hard on his shoulder, IronEx grabs kanes head and attempts to throw him into the Sidesteps but Kane counters throwing IronEx into the sidesteps.

Mike- Nice counter by Kane

Jim- But its going to take more than that to win this match.

Kane takes advantage of IronEx, throwing numerous punches and kicks untill ironex is leaning on the guardrail, Kane looks under the ring and fines a chair. He takes the chair and hits it across Ironex's skull, He takes the dented chair and does it again, IronEx falls to the ground. Kane Takes the Chair and throws it onto ironex's stomach, Kane enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, He jumps off hoping to land on the chair but iron ex Moves and Kanes lands akwardly.

Jim- Did you see Kane's foot??

Mike- OMG It bended, OMG

Kane favours his foot, holding it, Ironex gets up and grabs the chair, he hits the chair on Kanes foot, Kane screams in pain, twisting and turning, Ironex laughs and does it again. Kanes leg stars to bleed, IronEx goes under the ring and finds a Table, He sets the table up outside the ring, grabs kane's head and throws him on it.

Jim- He's not serious....

Mike- The force of IronEx and the table is got to be Unreal...

Kane is now on the Table, All of the Sudden Bam Bam Kana, comes out of nowhere, he goes to Ironex and says something in Arabic and IronEx crouches down. BBK goes to the end of the rope runs and jumps off of Iron Ex. He hopes to land on Kane but kane moves and BBK goes right threw the table.

Jim- Serves Him right

IronEx gets out of the ring and goes to Kane, But kane gets up and DDT's IronEx onto the Broken table. Kane Limps to the Commentary's box and grabs the TV, he brings it back over and waits for IronEx to get up, Once ironex gets up Kane hits him with the Tv monitor, drawing blood on IronEx's face. IronEx goes down on one knee, Kane Kicks Ironex in the face with his foot.

Kane was able to drag IronEx back into the ring, Iron ex gets up as him and kane nursing their own injuries begin to exchange punches. Each of the punches are harder and harder each time. Ironex lands a monterous Punch that knocks Kane down. IronEx lays kane on his back and steps on him. Kane screams in pain

Jim- Thats over 500lbs on Kanes Ribs.

Mike- These men are doing what it takes to win and stay in this business and i got to give my hat of to them.

IronEx Picks kane up and delivers a chokeslam. IronEx picks kane up and delivers another chokeslam. Ironex is using his height and power to man handle this match. Kane achks his back. IronEx drags kane by the feet out of the ring, He picks kane up and Drags him to where the Dirt and the Hole for which the opponent is to be buried are.

IronEx drops kane onto the dirt near the Hole. IronEx attemps to lift up kane but kane lowblows him. Kane falls on the dirt, IronEx struggles to get up, and does, he grabs the shovel and Hits kane in the head with it twice. Kane is gushing Blood, IronEx throws the shovel to the side, And tries to lift up Kane, But kane reverses and knocks ironex to the dirt.

Kane Picks ironEx up by the hair and throws his head into the guard rail. IronEx falls to the ground, Kane runs Back to the Ring grabs a Table and a ladder. He sets up the table near the dirt and throws the ladder beside it, He sets up the Table on the hole, and sets the ladder close by. Kane goes to get IronEx, But ironex gets up quickly and Chokeslams Kane hard onto the dirt..

Jim- Quicks moves from such a Big Fella

Mike- Man This match is entertaining

IronEx Picks kane up and throws him onto the guard rail,, Kane hits his head hard..Drawing more blood, Iron Ex goes back to the ring and Gets a match and gasoline

Mike- Oh Come On, What are you going to do with that?

Jim- Something is Happening Here...and i dont like it one bit..

IronEx goes to the dirt Picks up Kane by the hair and throws him on the Table ....IronEx climbs up the Ladder and Prepares to jump....All of the sudden we hear a loud Snap and The ladder Breaks because of all the weight that iron ex put on it...IronEx falls to the ground and kane gets up...

Jim- This is the Chance that Kane needs..He can do it

Kane starts Punching and Kicking IronEx He picks him up and tries throwing him in the Hole But ironEx spins away and tries chokeslam kane into the Dirt whole... Just when it looks like Kane is going to Counter...Master of Disaster Comes from underneath the hole

JIM- What the Hell is he doing here

Mike- These men have never liked eachtoher and Master of Disaster said he would get kane back..Why Now MOD, WHY?

Mod lowblows Kane and IronEx chokeslams him through the table and in the whole...MOD and IronEx get a shovel and start Burying Kane.....

Announcer- Here is Your Winner... IronEx

MOD Holds IronEx's hand up in the air....The Fans boo extremley Loud....Just when IronEx wants to walk of..MOD says to Him "Lets truly burrying Him". So MOD Gets the Match and Gasoline and Sets the Hole on Fire....

Mike- Well Ladies and Gentlemen This is the Final Night of Kane...

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Tuesday Night Beatdown May 12th
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