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 Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 9th 2009 - Quick Results

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 9th 2009 - Quick Results   Fri May 08, 2009 4:43 pm

[Promo #1]
[Diabolique Goes 5150]
[The show started out with Diabolique calling out DXLatin, after a couple of threats, DXLatin came out, they stared face to face, exchanged some words, and then the lights turned off and the titantron began to play, a man with a black bandanna over his nose came out with black attire that read "El Guerrero Rojo". DXLatin looked shocked, after a couple of words exchanged from the new Slim Survivals Superstar : Golpe. It was announced that he was DXLatins cousin who didnt make it to televised wrestling. Before the promo ended, Golpe snatched DXLatins bat from his hands and smashed it right onto his skull smiling as him and Diabolique stood in the middle of the ring]

[Match #1]
[Carl J vs Johnny Leather]
[Johnny Leather came out confident, showing that size doesnt matter, altough it seemed it did matter because half the time Carl J overpowered Johnny and threw him accross the ring various amounts of times, it didnt, Johnny knocked out the big man with his finisher with the Leatherline]

[Promo #2]
[Slim Survivals Fears Golpe]
[After the vicious assualt on DXLatin, Golpe walked down the hallways as many looked on, he stared back just chuckling then spitting on the floor as he made his way to his locker room]

[Promo #3]
[Beatdowns New General Manager Arrives]
[Alyssa Ruins appeared in her office and introduced the new General Manager of Beatdown, Tony Pisquali as he promised big time matches]

[Match #2]
[Carter vs Iceman]
[Jack Carter and Kalvin both put on a good show, Kalvin wanting to out do Golpe, tried to send a bigger message to DXLatin then his cousin, he attacked Jack with everything, it obviously was not enough, Iceman hit his finisher onto Jack and went for the pin but Onita came out and broke it up, the Reff took Onita out of the ring and as Iceman began yelling at Onita, Carter turned Kalvin around and hit the Death Wish for the pin]

[Promo #4]
[Knox Out]
[Brittney Knox and Nikki Banks were having a conversation backstage about their Tag Team Match, it was then interupted by Perfection as the fans cheered. Perfection went in Brittneys face and said "This Rivalry is far from over, Im going to knock you out", she then turned over to Nikki and looked on her shoulders and smiled and said "And thats my Championship"]

[Promo #5]
[Money In The Bank?]
[Ricky Wilde and Richard Kennedy made their way down to the ramp, Ricky began to complain about what Killer did to his Money In The Bank, Killer then came out holding his title smiling, he slid into the ring and faced down both Richard and Ricky, they began making fun of eachother and Killer responded by saying "Ricky, Richard... your little gay crew you have going... your wrestling abilities, AND your "desire"... well IT SUCKS!" , Alyssa Ruins then walked down the ramp to explain what was going to happen, she announced that at Redemption it was going to be Ricky Wilde taking on Killer for the Main Event Championship in a "Death Match" which the only way to win is to break 3 of your opponents bones and have their body covered in blood. Ricky took time to talk to Richard then he accepted the match, the catch was that if Killer defeated Ricky Wilde, Ricky will never have a shot at the Main Event title aslong Killer is champion, and if Ricky wins, Killer will never have a shot to regain the championship unless Ricky is Champion.]

[Match #3]
[Ricky Wilde w/ Richard Kennedy vs Jamie Hayden]
[As the match started Jamie started gaining the advantage, taking Ricky down and hitting him in various weak spots, but at the end Ricky gained confidenece and sent a message to Killer by defeating Jamie Hayden, smashing Jamies head, right onto the steel post, Jamie was bleeding all over, he didnt have broken bones but he was bleeding alot as Ricky won because Jamie could not compete anymore]

[Promo #6]
[Kana meets Kent]
[Backstage Bam Bam Kana met Lance Kent and New Generation, Kana began to warn Lance Kent about Americas bad ways but Lance luaghed and responded by saying "Look at this goofy ass nigguh", Kana responded by yelling out "Kana is not the nigguh you speak of, you are the nigguh chocolate man, this resulted in New Generation jumping Bam Bam Kana]

[Promo #7]
[BOTD Backstage]
[Masa Onita and Jack Carter were backstage, having a few beers, Carter asked Onita why hes celebrating if he hasnt had his match yet, and Onita responded by saying "Its Alex Wilder, I might aswell celebrate a victory now"]

[Match #4]
[Diabolique vs Alicia Jackson]
[Diabolique simply destroyed the WWKF Divas Champion of Beatdown, making her tap out to a vicious choke hold, Diabolique then stood up smiling]

[Promo #8]
[Ok to Compete?]
[DXLatin came out of the medical area in the arena, and he looked fine, Diabolique then came up to him and asked "Are you ok my dear?", and DXLatin looked right into her eyes, and stuck the middle finger right in her face and walked away, Diabolique then giggled as he walked away whispering "Wont be long now my dear child.."]

[Match #5]
[Brutal Survivor Qualifying Match]
[M.O.D defeated every man to gain the first spot in the Brutal Survivor Match at Redemption]

[Match #6]
[Masa Onita vs Alex Wilder]
[Alex Wilder represented Beatdown strong, picking up a huge win against Onita, thease two were very even, they were both even knocked out and the match looked like it was going to be scored as a No Contest because of a double knockout but Alex got up quick and picked Onita up and hit the Pure Imagination]

[Promo #9]
[Sister vs Sister Rewind?]
[Who knew we would see another Aundrea vs Nikki Banks confrontation, backstage Tony Pisquali, Beatdown Gm approached Nikki Banks and delcared that with permission from Alyssa Ruins, Aundrea would be the Special Guest Refferee for the Divas Tag Team Match]

[Match #7]
[Angelika & Perfection vs Nikki Banks(c) & Brittney Knox]
[What a great match this turned out to be as Angelika picked up another win with her partner Perfection, although at the end of the match as Nikki Banks was knocked out, Perfection picked up the Womens title and looked at it, this caused Angelikas smile to dissapear, and Perfection and Angelika stared down eachother, both wanting the Womens title]

[Promo #10]
[Tonight Another Legend Dies]
[Killer was backstage and announced that this would be DXLatins last night, he declared him and Diabolique have talked and Killer will be out to not only defeat DXLatin but Kill him, he also mentioned that Ricky should keep an eye in the match]

[Match #8]
[Killer(c) vs DXLatin]
[This Match just turned out horrible for DXLatin, Killer KKU'd him and picked up the win, but after that, he just continued the assualt, Diabolique then came in and the lights dimmed, she began chanting thease weird words, her eyes rolling back, the fans confused, Golpe then came out to the ring and cleared it, stopping Diabolique and Killer, who knows why?]

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Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 9th 2009 - Quick Results
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