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 Tuesday Night Beatdown, May 4th 2009

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PostSubject: Tuesday Night Beatdown, May 4th 2009   Mon May 04, 2009 4:22 pm

Fireworks Light up the Arena as Tuesday Night beatdown is about to begin, the arena is sold out carrying 22.134 fans. Some signs read "KODX For King", and "Jericho who?"

Mike- Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the first Beatdown since Rare Survival, Some superstars in this Brand have inproved their game since beatdown, some with winning championships or beating Familiar faces

Jim-The One superstar that impressed me the Most was KODX, not only did he win one title he won two and that must be on everyone's mind coming into tonight.

Mike- Another superstar that really impressed me is Alex Wilder, he has been here since 2 weeks ago and already holds a Tag Team Championship.. That really Impressed Me.

Jim- He has his hands full tonight as he takes on The tough Enough Champion Non-stop.

Mike- It's funny you mentioned Non-stop because coming up now is the Number 1 Contendership match for the tough enough belt
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown, May 4th 2009   Tue May 05, 2009 6:55 am

Announcer Introuducing First, He is a Member of New Generation Please Welcome, Solution!!!!

Solution walks down the ramp, with a determined look on his face, he has nothing in his mind but his upcoming match with HBK. He enters the ring as HBK is going to be introuduced.

Announcer- And the Challenger, He is the heart break kid, HBK

HBK Walks down the ramp as small amounts of fireworkd go off, all of the fans cheer as HBK pumps up the crowd for this upcoming match.


Shawn looks at Solution with a smirk on his face as he circles Solution. He then runs at Solution and hits a clothesline, sending Solution down to the mat. Solution quickly gets up as he kicks Shawn in the gut and throws his shoulder into the steel post. shawn begins to scream in pain as Solution is taunting Shawn.

As Shawn get's out from the steel post, Solution starts to run at him and hits a clothesline. Solution get's back to the other turnbuckle as he get's cocky with a huge smile. He then runs at Shawn and hits a big boot to the face of Shawn. Shawn just lays on the floor as Solution is taunting Shawn.

The crowd starts to boo at Solution.

As Solution has his back turned, Shawn get's to his feet. As Solution turns around, Shawn clothesline Solution and Solution falls down hard. When Solution get's to his feet, he irish whips Shawn to the ropes. Shawn counters Solution as he hits a flying forearm to Solution as Shawn is screaming to the fans.

Mike- Classic Shawn Michaels Jim!

Jim- That's right Mike. It's the beginning of the end!

Shawn goes up to the top turnbuckle as he taunts Solution. He jumps off the top turnbuckle as he hits a elbow on Solution's chest! Shawn is estatic as he goes to the corner of the ring as he awaits for Solution to get to his feet. As Solution get's to his feet, Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music. As Shawn is about to go for the pin, Lance, Carl J and Non-Stop run to the ring. Lance get's on the arpon as the referee is distracted and Shawn is confused.

Non-Stop get's a chair from the announce table and Carl J get's in the ring. When Shawn turns around, Carl J picks up Shawn and hits a big 400 ound body slam in the centre of the ring. Carl J get's out of the ring as Non-Stop get's in with a chair. Carl J goes and distracts the referee even more as Shawn get's to his feet. Non-Stop throws the chair at shawn as he catches it. Then Non-Stop hits the 24/7 kick as he slides out of the ring to Lance and Carl. Solution goes for the cover as the referee turns around and pins.


Jim- My God Mike! New Generation had no reason for this!

Mike- That's right Jim, but what can you do?

Solution slides out of the ring holding his chin as he goes to Lance, Non-Stop and Carl J. They hold their hands high up in the air as the crowd is booing for New Generation.

As New Generation is leaving the ring, Edge walks out of the curtains with a cocky smile and the fans begin to boo loudley, he passes by New Generation and slides into the ring. As Shawn Michaels is layed out, Edge bends over and begins to slap him in the head and the fans boo louder.

He slides out of the ring and grabs two chairs, he gets back into the ring and places one chair under Shawns head, he then takes the other chair and smiles, the fans chanting "You Suck"

Edge then smashes the steel chair right onto the skull of Shawn Michaels and the fans boo loudley as Edge luaghs.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown, May 4th 2009   Tue May 05, 2009 6:57 am

Mike- But we all know what this means, At redemption it will be Solution vs. Non-stop the two New generation buddies.

Jim- Im Already Getting Happy for Redemption and it's like 29 days away.

Mike- Well i think you're going to be happy with the next match, It's a Triple Threat Divas Match...

Jim- You bet, and the new comer Laura Jackson is in this match too...Expectations are high for this one....

Mike- But she will have her hands full though.....Let's take it ring side for the introuductions...

Laura Jackson is already in the ring, her music begins to die off as the fans begin to give her mixed reactions, the announcer walks over to the center of the ring.

Announcer- The following is a Triple Threat Match, Please welcome the WWKF Divas Champion.....Alicia J

Alicia Walks down the ramp and throws her hands in the air, the blows kisses to the fans as she jumps over the ropes and into the ring, she throws her hands in the air once more as she is in her corner.

Announcer- And the Final Contestent, Aundrea......

Aundera runs straight down the ramp and straight into the ring, she goes after AJ first as the knocks her down with a clothesline:

[Bell rings]

Before the bell even rang, Aundrea already clotheslined AJ, Laura Jackson takes Aundrea off of AJ as LJ begins to punch and slap aundrea, AJ gets up and hits Aundrea over the head with her foot. AJ then begins to grapple with Aundrea taking her down, Aundrea is now near the ropes, AJ Runs to the ropes and bounces back sliding and kicking Aundrea's head taking her out of the ring.

Mike- What Athleticism..

Jim- Man These girls can Fight..

Mike- What else do they have in store for us Tonigh....

AJ gets up from getting kicked in the head as she lifts LJ up and throws her onto the turnbuckle. Both of them are now on the turnbucle. Aundrea gets up after getting thrown out of the ring, and she knocks both of the girls of the turnbuckle with both LJ And AJ landing hard. Aundrea climbs up the ropes onto the turnbuckle and she does a 360 twist landing on AJ and getting a peice of LJ

Mike- DID you see that??


Aundrea picks LJ up and does a sidewalk slam, she runs straight to AJ and kicks her in the face. Aundrea goes to pin LJ:


LJ kicks out. Aundrea goes after AJ but AJ counters with a moonsault that lands Aundrea on LJ, LJ goes to pin aundrea:


Aundrea kicks out... LJ is finally up after getting moonsaulted on, and she Grabs AJ's hair and throws her to the ground. She stomps and kicks AJ as LJ is kicked out of the ring. Now it is only LJ and Aundrea in the ring. They stare at eachother. Aundre does a quick clothesline. Aundrea then grabs LJ'S leg and puts it on her's creating LJ'S leg to twist. She applies more pressure and more pressure until LJ is finally able to Grab the ropes, LJ kicks aundrea of her, LJ gets up and clothesline's Aundrea to the mat,

JIM- What a wicked clothesline....

MIKE- The power that she has is unreal...

LJ Notices that AJ is climbing up the ropes, she goes to kick her out but AJ throws LJ's head on the ropes, LJ bounces backwards, and as she does Aundrea does a bulldog pin... Aj tries to break it up but the ref pins:


Announcer- Here is your winner, Aundrea!!!!!

Aundrea runs straight out of the ring and goes to the end of the ramp where she looks back into the ring where AJ And LJ Are laying in the ring. she throws her arms up and walks out
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown, May 4th 2009   Tue May 05, 2009 5:25 pm

Mike- What a match Eh?, 3 divas that don't care about nothing but winning and it's good to see the Female Sex getting into wrestling.

Jim- Yes Indeed, The Next match though is all heavyweight. It's a 3-2 Handicap Match. We take you ringside for the Introductions.

Announcer- The Following contest is a 3-2 Handicap Match, and its schedhuled for one fall introducing first, The former World Heavyweight Champion. Jericho

Jericho walks down the ramp with a determined look on his face, he enters the ring and raises both hands up the the fans can't help but cheer, "KODX KODX", He grabs a microphone and the fans begin to boo loudley

Ladies and Gentlemen... Boys and Girls... For all of you that witnessed a scam at Rare Survival, I appologize for WWKF's Managements poor choice in Reffs, its obvious that I should be Heavyweight Champion, and its obvious that I should also be Golden Crown Champion

The fans boo loudley.

KingOfDX is a liar and a cheater, the WWKF IS FULL OF LIARS AND CHEATERS, Rattlesnake and Richard Kennedy both tricked me into leaving the arena, as I returned the match had already started, all I wanted was a fair match, instead KingOfDX put his dirty hands on me and threw me into the cell, I wasnt ready, so KingOfDX you proved nothing, tonight, IM READY.

Announcer- And His partners, THE MASKED TERRORS

Both of the masked terrors walk down, One fans throws a empty beer can at Maked Terror 1, he goes over their and punches the guy in the face. Both of the Masked Terrors enter the ring, and go alonside with Jericho.

Announcer- And the Challengers, Introuducing First From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 232 lbs. Please Welcome CHRISTIAN!!!!!!

Chrsitain walks down the ramp with light fireworks going off in the backround, the runs straight into the ring and goes nose to nose with Jericho, Jericho pushes Christian Away, Christian throws up one arm as the crowd cheers.

Announcer-And His Partner, he is the Golden Crown Champion, and The Heavyweight Champion, Please Welcome KODX!!!!!!

KODX Walks down the ramp raising both titles in the air, he kisses each one of them as he walks down the ramp very slowly, he enters the ring and puts the titles right in the face of Jericho. He throws his titles aside as we start the match.

[Bell Rings]

First of it's Christian vs. Jercho, they each move slowly around the ring staring at eachother. Jericho makes the first move, he goes straight to christian and shoves him into the corner, where Jericho lands 4 good punches, Christian is brought to his knees as Jericho lifts christian in his arms and slams him to the ground. Jericho goes for a quick pin:


Jim- He kicked out at 2

Mike- At this stage of the game i think that it's to early to start this early pinning

Jericho picks up Christian and attemps to sidewalk slam him again but it is reversed by Chrtistian. Jericho is now on the ground and christian begins to throw punches. They both Tag in their partners.

Jim- Now it's KODX vs. MtI

KODX Goes staright after MTI putting him in the headlock position, MTI Is able to get his foot to the ropes though so the ref has to break KODX apart, they start in the standing postion, MTI Grapples KODX And throws him to the ground. MTI Grabs KODX Arm, twists it, and puts it behind his back, MT2 Comes in and kick KODX In the groin and gives Him the King Mate.

MIKE-OMG, OMG did MT2 Just give KODX His own move. WOW!!!!

The ref kicks MT2 Out of the ring as MTI begins to Pin


KODX Kicks out. MTI Picks KODX Up puts him on his back and then lands the backbreaker. KODX is winded he lays on the mat as MTI Tag in Jericho. Jericho goes to work fast and starts stomping on KODX head. Jericho places KODX In the corner and starts Irish Whipping him. Jericho throws KODX to the opposite corner as Jericho rushes KODX moves out of the way as he tags in Christian. Christian clothesline's Jericho quicky, Christian picks Jericho up and throws him in the corner, Christian then lifts Jericho ontop of the turnbuckle. They both Exchange punches until Christian Has Jericho in the suplex position.


Christian Lands the suplex leaving Jericho on the mat helpless. Chritsitan Goes for the pin.


MT2 Breaks the count.

MIKE- Somebody get those Shit heads out of this Match. KODX Sees this and goes out of the ring and Gives the King Mate to both of the Masked Terros. Christian tags in KODX and KODX picks Jericho Up and Gives him the King mate. KODX goes for the Pin:


Jericho Kicks out Barely. Christian and KODX don't know what to do so they go and double Suplex Jericho. But KODX isn't satisfied, KODX picks up Jericho and Lands a King Mate, But Christian Isn't Satisfied and Kicks Jericho in the Head, All of the Sudden, Great Ruqiez walks down the Ramp and starts to beat up on Jericho, but The Masked Terros are starting to get up so Great Riquez flyies out of the ring and knocks both of the Masked Terrors Down. KODX Then slides out of the ring, Christian distracting the Refferee, as KingOfDX slides back into the ring he has a steel chair the fans begin to cheer.

As Jericho is slowly getting up, KingOfDX nails the steel chair right onto Jerichos's back and Jericho yells in pain and falls right to the floor, knocked out cold because of his back injury, KingOfDX pins


Announcer- Here is Your Winner, KODX, Christian and Great Riquez!
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown, May 4th 2009   Tue May 05, 2009 5:26 pm

Announcer- The Following Match is schedhuled For one fall and it is Tonights Main Event, Introuducing First, The world tag team Champion, AALLEEXX WIIILLLDDDDEEERR!!!

Alex Wilder walks down the ramp raises both his titles in the air. He walks into the ring going to each turnbuckle and raising up his championship.

Announcer- And the challenger, The tough Enough Champion,,,,,,,,,,,,,NON-STOP

Non stop walks down the ramp with his title in his hands, he enters the ring as we're ready to start..

[Bell rings]

Right Away Alex lunges towards NS who side steps him, Alex falls forwards as NS jabs him in the kidney before grasping his hands around his waist. He tries to hit a German supplex but Alex blocks it and roles out of the hold and puts NS in a wrist lock. NS then reverses that and puts Agent in a wrist lock of his own. NS then yanks down on the arm and cranks up the pressure on the wrist before slamming it down again and again, and =followed by cranking the wrist again. ALEX tries with his free hand to grab the rope and does, the ref asks NS to break which he does.

ALEX then turns and bitch slaps him with his left hand, he then hits a jab which NS exchanges with a jab of his own. The two men start to exchange rights and lefts and Alex after a few kicks NS is down low and then hits an uppercut which stuns NS
backwards, ALEX then follows up with a powerful clothesline!

Jim: He nearly took NS head off with that one

Alex then Grabs the left hand of NS and twirls it around. NS is in pain and screams out loud. Alex then applies the pressure and then slams NS with a back suplex. NS jumps up and down in pain, as Alex then lands another suplex as Alex goes for the pin:


NS kicks out and then rolls quickly out of the ring, The fans boo NS for his girly Move.
Alex then goes to the edge of the ring but NS grabs alex's feet and alex falls. NS takes advantage going to the top rope and landing a frog splash, NS goes for the pin.


Alex kicks out. NS picks Alex up and drops him hard outside of the ring, Alex favours his right arm ,NS gets out of the ring picks Alex up and throws him on the Commentators Table

Jim--No, Please No!!

The ref's count it up to 5 so NS doesnt stop and hops onto the Top turnbuckle and then Does an flying frog splash onto Alex breaking the commentators tables

MIKE- The table just split into two, OMG....

The ref's count is now 9...10

[Bell rings]

JIM- What a horrible way to end the match, Just Sickens me.....

Don't stop believing hits the stage as the New Gm of Beatdown hits the stage.

Listen, That is no way to end a Match, I herby continue this Match

Fans cheer Loudly

And now it's a No rules match, So referre riing that bell

JIM- I Like This Guy already.....

NS grabs a chair and Hits Alex over the shoulder, Alex screams in pain, NS then throws Alex back into the ring, where he picks him up but Alex does a low blow and knocks NS down, Now that alex has the advantage he picks up the chair and lays it on the mat, he picks up NS and lands A DDT on the Chair, NS is now dripping blood.
Alex then goes out of the ring and grabs a table.

MIKE- What else is their under that ring?

JIM- To much....

Alex Places the table in the middle of the ring, Alex starts punching NS a few more times so that he is unable to counter, alex then lays NS on the Table and goes out of the ring, he grabs the 45ft ladder

JIM- That thing is huge

MIKE- May we all pray for this man's sould

Alex sets up the ladder and jumps off it landing on NS, NS is knocked out, As alex goes for the pin:


Announcer- Here is your winner ALLEEEXXX WIIIIIILLDER!!!

All of the sudden Cookies n Creme walk out and start to punch and kick alex, they goes out of the ring and find a Baseball bat, Alex gets up and then is knocked out with the Baseball bat. Both NS and Alex are left in the ring bloody as the ambulances await to get them. Cookies n creme walk out of the arena.

Jim- I'm guessing these guys want one thing, Those Tag Team Championships

Cookies N Cream smile as the camera zooms into their faces.

--------WWKF LOGO FLASHES-------
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown, May 4th 2009   Tue May 05, 2009 6:16 pm

Please Note :
Beatdown Results Include No Promos + Short Matches due to Richard Kennedy changing his mind for quitting as Gm during his assigned Results and New Gm Tony, only having about a day or so to create them.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown, May 4th 2009   

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Tuesday Night Beatdown, May 4th 2009
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