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 Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Fri May 01, 2009 4:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Fri May 01, 2009 4:57 pm

Fireworks begin to hit the stage and the fans begin to go on their feet cheeing holding up signs, they all look excited, the camera pans around the arena then the WWKF Logo comes into place.

Mike - Ladies and Gentlemen, around the world, welcome to WWKF Saturday Night Slim Survivals!, this is the outcome night of Rare Survival!

Jim - And what a great Pay Per View It Was, I mean so many things happe-

All of a sudden Killer and Brittney Konx begin to walk down the ramp, Killer has bruises on his forehead and all over his body, hes holding his Main Event title on his shoulder and Brittney is holding his arm, she doesnt look very happy, they both dont look very happy, they both get into the ring and Killer grabs a microphone.

What the hell... is wrong with this picture?

Killer looks around at the fans and they just begin to Boo, Killer looks at Brittney and she looks up at him, they shake their heads.

First of all, Brittney Knox doesnt have the Womens Championship, and second of all, We're not smiling...

The fans boo loudley and chant "We Dont Care", Killer nods his head studying the fans.

Thats awesome, because WE dont give a DANM about YOU!. WWKF is finding more and more ways to screw us out of victories and pride, who the hell said that Nikki would gain a "anytime, anywhere" opportunity to face the Champion, I didnt hear it, all I heard was just an opportunity, had Nikki not broken the rules, Brittney Knox would've had a rematch clause, but now... all she gets is a Triple Threat Match!

The fans begin to cheer and chant "BANG BANG BANKS!" they dont like her but cheer for her just to piss Killer and Brittney off.

Thats cute. Thats really cute. Cheer for your Womens Champion, but sooner or later Im going to be Champion, and when that happens you can cheer and you can boo, it wont matter, because I am classifed as one of the most violent, sadistic, evil, WWKF Diva of all time, and once that Championship... once ANY Championship goes around my waist, the only way its leaving my side is if I get wrinkles, move to a retirement home, and get classifed as.. THE BEST DIVAS CHAMPION IN HISTORY!

The fans begin to boo loudley as Killer claps, she looks up at him smiling.

Now, as you all watched WWKF Rare Survival, you would all now that we the WWKF Superstars, Divas, Staff and Crew, went over to Mexico City, now theres some type of "swine flue" going on there, we got over the fact on why Im unhappy, which is Nikki Banks breaking the rules and stealing my Championship... now why my friend isn-

Killer looks at her quickly with a confused look on his face.


Boyfriend.. haha, same thing...

No theres auctually a big difference...

Brittney rolls her eyes, she puts the mic down and her and Killer seem to be arguing, she then puts the mic up to her lips, and rolls her eyes again looking annoyed.

Why my BOY friend, wasnt happy is because you all saw what he did to PowerBomb360, and for the second time in a row MY man...

Brittney looks at Killer and he just shakes his head.

Doctors who were taking care of Mr.360.. well they said its not going too well for him, as in he may die in a couple of days, but the real bullshit is what they're covering up, they did not mention anything about his match with Killer, they are mentioning the swine flue, yes he does have it, but thats not why hes in the hospital, all of you know why and it is because of your Main Event Champion.

Killer cocks in a smile nodding his head.

Not only is the WWKF trying to screw us, but so is the Media, the doctors, you fans, every single person in the WORLD!, why?, the guys look at me and they want to be me, the girls look at Brittney and they want to be her, but mark my words, I will be Champion for a VERY LONG TIME, and when Brittney becomes Champion... she will be Champion for a VERY LONG TI-

Ricky Wilde walks out of the curtains and the fans go onto their feet cheering loudley, Ricky smiles, he holds up his Money In The Bank Briefcase smiling at Killer.

Thats right Killer. Make all the excuses you want about "people" screwing you. However when I beat you tonight.. for the 1-2-3, you'll have nobody to blame but you.. yourself and your Ego.

Ricky cocks in a smile, Killer trys to get out of the ring and attack him, but Brittney holds Killer back and looks angry.

Shes not holding you back for my safety Killer... shes holding you back for your OWN safety...

The fans go "OOOH!" now Killer looks really mad, Brittney tries her best to stop him from leaving the ring and he gets even madder, he takes a few steps back then takes a deep breathe, he grabs the mic and holds up his Main Event Championship.

FEAR!. Thats what you have Ricky!, fear of walking down the ramp, and stepping into this ring with the MAIN EVENT CHAMPION!, Just remember that Im champion and you cant take that away from me.

Ricky Wilde cocks in a smile, he raises his Breifcase up into the air.

Oh Killer... its my DESTINY to take that away from you.

The fans cheer loudley and Rickys music hits the stage again, Killer looks pissed off and Ricky smiles as he turns around and walks backstage
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Fri May 01, 2009 6:34 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a Singles Match, Introducing first, Riiiiic Oweeeen!

Ric Owen walks down the ramp with his arm raised smiling, he gets up onto the ring then slides in smiling, he raises both his hands as the fans boo.

And his opponent, Caaaarl J!

Carl J stands in the top of the ramp, he looks so pissed off, he has marks all over him, he shakes his head at Ric Owen and Ric auctually looks intimidated, Carl J speed walks down the ramp then gets into the ring, he stares right at Ric Owen.


As soon as the Bell Rings Carl J runs towards Ric Owen and clotheslines him right down to the floor and the fans go "OOOH", Carl J picks him up with no effort then throws him into the turnbuckle, he then delivers a set of 3 clotheslines followed by a big hard fourth one knocking him to the floor again.
Mike - Any ideas as to why Carl J is in a foul mood?

Jim - Maybe because he lost 2 matches on Rare Survival, the Tag Team Battle Royal and the Brooklyn Beatdown Handicap Match.

Carl J picks Ric Owen up once again, he then bench presses him up into the air, lifiting him up high, the fans go on their feet booing, but some luagh, Carl J then runs forward and throws Ric Owen right out of the ring as he falls out of the ring chest first.

The fans begin to cheer "HOLY SHIT", Carl J smiles, he walks forward and is about to exit the ring but the reff doesnt let him, Carl J looks around, he then hits the Reff with a huge right hand, knocking him right to the floor and the fans go crazy, Carl J shakes his head, he looks at the Refferee whos down and spits on him then begins to stomp on him.

Mike - This is terrible!, you shouldnt let your emotions get the best of you!

Jim - This Is WWKF for crying out loud, Violence & Attitude are strictly encouraged!
Carl J has had enough of playing around with Ric Owen, he picks him up by the head, and gets him ontop of his shoulders the fans begin to boo loudley then all of a sudden BAM!, Carl J executes the Groove Streek. Carl J smiles and looks down at Ric Owens lifeless body, he then gets on his knees and pins him.


Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner... CAAARL J!

The fans begin to boo loudley and the Refferee calls for some help for Ric Owen he just looks destroyed, Carl J exits the ring luaghing

Mike - Man Ric Owen just didnt even have a chance!

Jim - Can you blame him?, well for another week, Ric Owen gains another loss.

Johnny Leather walks down the ramp smiling, hes wearing his wrestling attire and he has a frown on his face, he looks towards Carl J who is in the ring staring down at him.

Woah Woah Woah, hold on there big guy..

Johnny looks at his wrist, pretending he has a watch, he then looks back at Carl J

Looks like Im abit "late", I was suppose to be in that match, seeing as how you might of destroyed Ric Owen there, I guess Im.. very late. However next week, I know your match, and listen here big man, your facing me.

The fans cheer, not knowing who this man is but already respecting him.

Just us two, one on one, BOOM!

The fans cheer as Johnny Leather cocks in a smile

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 1:26 pm

Carl J is walking backstage after a short break, hes smiling and looking happy over his dominant victory then all of a sudden you can see Non-Stop holding his Tough Enough Championship smiling the fans begin to boo loudley, Carl J walks up to him.

[Carl J]
What the hell you doin here man??

You heard Lance dog, New Generation sticks with New Generation.

All of a sudden Lance Kent and Solution come into the scene smiling, Lance chuckles looking at all 3 members.

You kno what dat means right ?, dun kno, Tag Team Gold stickin with New Generation soon times.

They all begin to luagh and the fans begin to boo loudley as they know that things could be bad for Master Of Disaster.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 1:32 pm

"Rebel Angel" Jack Carter and Masa Onita are seen coming into the building early, before they let fans in. They're wearing black jeans, boots and their hells angels
jerseys and black leather vests with the Hells Angels patch on back.they pass
different crew members and staff who mumble things like, "those two..their shit
is tight". "Those two have run roughshod most of the guys here, who's gonna stop them"? "Did you hear what they did to the statue of Liberty"?

They turn down a hall and come right into Alyssa Ruins whos smiling


Well well, looks who's back, the head waitress here in WWKF.

Alyssa makes a huge sigh shaking her head


Guess you didn't want the stripper job, a set like those could make you some

Alyssa shakes her head and sighs again not looking so happy now.


You two done now?


Oh we can go all night with this..


Done? Not even close..


Well, I have to admit you guys are on quite the roll, nobody's been able to
beat you and I know, don't say it, tell me something you don't already know.


We could've said that but we'll let our wins keep sending the message.


it is actually nice seeing you back..but don't let the fact we're happy to see you here
again go to your head.


With you two, there's usually a catch if you say something nice to someone.


Just so we understand each other.

They start walking away and Rattlesnake comes out of an office.


Yeah I know you're back, your boy got his win and you're back on the payroll,
I'm not happy about it to say the least.


It's not for you to like, that was the stipulation and now...

Rattlesnake gets up in her face


Listen to me you stupid son of a bitch and listen to me carefully there'll be a price to pay for that, bitch.

Rattlesnake then steps back and bumps into Onita...


You got a problem with her?


You do, then you'll definetly gonna have a problem with us.


What!? After all she did to you two, between here and that other promotion,
you're gonna stand up for her?


yeah...we you better take a hike..


or Brotherhood 316 says we'll kick your ass again, because we said so..

Alyssa tries not to chuckle at the rips on old steve austin cliches.

Rattlesnake glares at them..but doesn't say anything.


You gonna do something, or just stand there and breathe..


Need us to give you a swift kick in the ass to send you on your way?

Rattlesnake walks off mumbling..


I really don't know what to say..


Don't say anything..


don't ruin a perfectly dysfunctional aquaintance now..

Right then DXLatin comes up holding his steel bat on his shoulders who was watching from a distance, he looks confused


What the hell was going on with Rattlesnake and her?


Nothing now.


It's better that way..

Onita and Carter walk off..Alyssa scratches her she tells DXLatin what


THEM TWO!? those guys are the biggest assholes here and they, came to
stick up for you? I don't get it.


Neither do I, neither, do I.

Just then Christina Martinez appears behind DXLatin, DXLatin turns around and Alyssa relizes this might be personal, she walks off and DXLatin stares into the eyes of Christina.

I got your message "honey".

Heh... come on now, it wasnt working out o-

WASNT WORKING OUT?, We hung out almost 24/7!, we slept almost 24-

DXLatin interupts her sushing her, he looks around blushing as Christina looks pissed off, DXLatin then shakes his head.

Look... I dont know what to say, I still like you ok, you dont get it...

DXLatin looks around again, he doesnt see Diabolique, he looks at Christina and begins to whisper.

That crazy chick is following me around, those Hooded guys are following me around, I dont know what the hell is going on ok, I see things that arnt really there, I hear things that are just in my head... its weird, and right now, I just cant be around you, its going to get worse, you got a match with her.

Im not facing her, are you out of your mind?

Shit just do it ok?, you beat her, you make her taste her own blood, and take things "5150", this whole dark magic bullshit can finally probobly end, ok?

Christina rolls her eyes not looking too happy she then nods her head.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 5:38 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen the following is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, making his debut to the WWKF, Raaandy Johnstooone!

Randy Johnstone walks down the ramp smiling the fans give him a mixed reaction since they dont know him, he slides into the ring and cocks in a smile.

And his opponent, please welcome, BAM BAM KANNNAAA!

Bam Bam Kana walks down the ramp as the fans begin to boo him loudley, hes wearing a shirt that says "Death To America", he slides into the ring and stares down at Randy.


Randy Johnstone runs straight for Bam Bam Kana, but at this happens, Kana spits right in his face, causing Randy to go back, he wipes the spit off his face and trys to get the spit out of his eyes, he begins rubbing his eyes, Bam Bam Kana bounces off the ropes, he then clotheslines Randy right to the floor and the fans begin to Boo loudley chanting "USA".

Kana picks up Randy slowly, he then begins to throw shots to his head, again and again, pounding on his skull, and just then, Randy cant take anymore, he nails Kana in the stomach with a huge headbutt, getting Kana off him, he then gets up and runs towards Kana and clotheslines him outside of the ring and the fans begin to cheer loudley. Kana looks hurt, he slowly gets up and looks to be groggy
Mike - Down goes Kana!, Down goes Kana!, Down goes Kana!

Jim - You never get tired of hearing that...

Randy looks around smiling, the fans stare at him, waiting to see what hes going to do, Randy relizes first impressions are big, he runs accross the ring and bounces off the ropes, he then runs forward and dives outside the ring, landing right onto Kana, taking him back to the floor, the fans cheer loudley and chant "LETS GO RANDY"


Randy gets up first, as Kana is slowly getting up, Randy picks him up and throws him into the steel steps, knocking the steel steps over and knocking Kana to the floor, the fans begin to cheer loudley and Randy looks mad, remembering Kana spitting on his face, he walks over to Kana.


He throws Kana into the ring, he then slides into the ring, they both get up, and lock up, Kana gets the advantage giving Randy a lowblow with his knee that the Reff didnt see, he grabs Randy into a headlock, then DDT's him right to the floor, he goes for a pin.


Randy kicks out quickly, Kana looks down and he looks angry, he picks up Randy and begins to yell out "DEATH TO AMERICA", he gets Randy setup for the D.T.A but Randy counters and hits a huge neckbreaker, the fans begin to boo loudley, Randy goes for the pin.


IronEX's theme begins to play and the Reff stops the count, Randy gets up and looks at the curtains surprised, he looks ready, he begins to yell out "COME ON IRONEX"
Mike - Woah, Randy looks ready to go to war with the Giant.

Jim - Well... where is the Giant??

All of a sudden IronEX's music dies off, and as Randy slowly turns around Bam Bam Kana hits the D.T.A the fans boo loudley and he goes for the pin.


Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner...BAM BAM KANA!
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 5:49 pm

The scene goes to the WWKF Parking Lot, all of a sudden a car comes storming into the lot, it parks near a open lot that reads "Reserved", the door then opens and Joey Storm exits the car, you can now hear mixed amounts of cheers, mostly boos, Joey takes off his sunglasses and cocks in a smile looking at the arena enterance, he shakes his head.

Oh its on 5150 Soilder... Its on.

Joey walks into the arena smiling.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 5:56 pm

Ricky Wilde is backstage holding his Money In The Bank Breifcase, hes smiling, beside him is Blossom who looks at his Money In The Bank Breifcase and smiles.

Ladies and Gentlemen I am backstage here with Mr.Money In The Bank, Ricky Wilde!

Hello Blossom.

Hey Ricky!, you seem pretty happy.

Well thats because I am, I have every reason to be happy.

So your not nervous?, your facing the Main Event Champion tonight, in a No Disqualification, and this will be your First Main Event ever?

Well I have Main Evented countless times, this will just be my first Main Event in WWKF, and hopefully not my only one, as for being in Nervous?, why be nervous?, Killer should be nervous, I have the advantage, its a No Disqualification, its my game, Killer loves it when there are rules, why?, because he can break them, and when he does, he gets disqualified and he keeps his Championship, its a good thing his Championship is not on the line, because if it was, the Main Event Championship would become WILDE!

Well you do have some truth, Killer has disqualified himself many times, by porpose or by accident it has happened.

Yes. However tonight is a differnt story, It is my destiny to become Champion, Killer is just going to find out how strong I really am, I garuntee it, win or lose, he will never underestimate me again!

Thanks Ricky.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 6:01 pm


:: Slowly the screen comes in to focus and we appear to be in a desolate area. The only light in the area being given by a huge bonfire. As the camera pans around, it is easy to see that this area has been used for some kind of demonic rituals.
Standing in the smoke of the fire is a solitary, dark, womanly figure who is flanked by three dark male figures. The male figures remain in the darkness, but slowly the female figure comes in to focus and the viewers come to realize that it is Diabolique!
Slowly, Dia looks into the camera and, in a very sinister, evil voice hisses... ::

"The ritual is completed and slowly my powers begin to grow. All innocence shall suffer as the world comes to fear the name Diabolique! There is but one thing missing that I MUST have...I must have the complete allegiance and loyalty of one supposedly true of heart, I must have DXLatin!"

:: Dia pauses a moment to let this sink in then continues... ::

"Latin, you have three days to bow down before me, three days to swear your fealty to me, three days to submit to me totally. What shall your answer be? "

The scene then shows DXlatins locker room, DXLatin is sitting down looking into the camera, he has a happy smile on his face, and looks "inlove"

[5150 Elite Soilder]
Oh my god. Ever since you... Diabloque got signed to my brand I was hoping you would look at me, even mention my name!, and you have!, I.. I.. I cant even get the right words out, would I bow down to you, join you, oh my god... I.. I.. Im surprised you would include me!, somone like you!, Let me put it like this...

As DXlatin is smiling his smile grows wider, his eyes seem to get watery, he looks very happy about Diabloque.

[5150 Elite Soilder]
I would love to.... See you NEVER... EVER... mention my name again.

He smiles, a bright smile.

[5150 Elite Soilder]
3 Days to bow down to you?, you must have me?, gee, you know I would love to at least get to know you and bow down to you, but the next thing I know, Ill wake up only to be in a black tight mask, tied up to a bed, and have you tickling me in one of those "Emo Pornos"

He chuckles and shakes his head.

[5150 Elite Soilder]
But in all siriousness... come on now, Me?, I bow down to no man, no woman, you might want me, but please oh great "Diabloque" dont cast an evil spell on me, but my answer to you is going to have to be...

DXLatin seems to be thinking for a momment.

[5150 Elite Soilder]

DXLatin smiles.


:: DXLatin has just arrived at the arena for his match for the upcoming PPV arm in arm with Christina Martinez. As they approach DXLatin's dressing room, they stop cold in their tracks and, for a moment, Latin's jaw drops open. The cameras swing from DXLatin's face to his dressing room door where, in what appears to be red paint, is a pentagram drawn on his door. Under the pentagram is the message "You WILL bow down and pay homage to the great Dark Father!" in the same, apparently, red paint.....


[Video Footage Taken From WWKF Rare Survival]
[DXLatin vs New Generation]
[3 0n 1 Handicap Match]
[Brooklyn Beatdown]

All of a sudden the match is about to start and a deep scary music begins to play, the lights begin to flicker, DXLatin turns around and a bunch of men with hoods on and holding candels walk down the ramp they surround the ring, and DXLatin looks freaked out, all of a sudden Diabolique appears looking at him smiling, then all of a sudden the lights flicker again, and a loud BOOM!, makes a huge noise and they all dissapear and it has Latin whispering "What the fuck!?"


DXLatin is walking backstage after the break, he gets into his locker room and the lights are off, as he turns it on he sees 3 men, they're hooded this freaks him out and he turns off the lights and shuts the door.

He takes a deep breathe, gets his steel bat out in view, he kicks the door open and turns on the lights and notices they're not there anymore.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for a Divas Singles Match, Introducing First.... Making her debut, Diaaabolique!

The lights turn off and then after a couple of seconds they turn back on, Diabolique is then seen standing in the middle of the ring smiling, the fans begin to boo loudley and chant "DESPERATE BIT*H", she looks at them smiling and evil smiling, her eyes studying them as if shes casting a spell on them.

And her opponent... Christinaaaaa Martinez!

Christina Martinez slowly walks out of the curtains, she looks at Diabolique and looks abit worried, she then shakes it off and walks down the ramp as the fans give her a mixed reaction she slides into the ring.


Christina and Diabolique circle eachother, Diabolique then runs towards Christina, Christina still doesnt want any part of Diabolique, she quickly slides out of the ring and the fans begin to boo loudley, Diabolique looks mad, all of a sudden Diabolique looks up to the cieling and begins to mumble all thease weird words, Christina looks freaked out, she shakes her head.


Christina turns around and walks up the ramp, shaking her head, not wanting to deal with some "crazy chick", as she continues to walk up the ramp, Diabolique has a big smile on her face, as Christina gets up to the curtians a big explosion occurs near the curtains blocking Christina and causing her to fall, and all of a sudden tiny flames appear, and Christina looks so freaked out and Diaboliques smiling grows


Diabolique slides out of the ring and runs towards Christina, Christina is not even paying attention to anything, shes too shocked about the whole explosion, Diabolique catches her by surprise, she grabs her by the hair and drags her down the ramp and Christina begins to yell out in pain.


Mike - This is JUST disgusting!, shes literally pulling Christinas Hair right out of her skull!

Diabolique then throws Christina right into the ring and slides in right before the 10 Count, the fans begin to boo loudley, Diabolique then picks up Christina and hits a vicious clothesline knocking Christina right down to the floor, Christina looks lifeless, Diabolique smiles, an evil smile, a sadistic smile, she grabs Christina again and this time, she hits a vicious DDT right in the middle of the ring the fans begin to boo louder.

Christina is not even moving, she just looks knocked out cold, Diabolique looks down smiling, shaking her head, she whispers "Pity Little Girl..." , Diabolique then picks her up by the hair and now Christina awakes, screaming in pain, Diabolique looks straight into Christinas eyes, smiling, and BAM!, she connects with a vicous headbutt knocking Christina right down to the floor again.

Jim - Somebody has got to stop this!

Mike - Where the hell is DXLatin?

Jim - Fuck DXLatin, wheres the ambulance??

Diabolique then begins to choke Christina, stepping on Christina throat with her boots, the fans begin to boo loudley, the camera pans around the fan area and alot of them look worried, Diabolique is done playing with Christina, she takes her foot off her throat and the blue color in Christinas face dissapears, Diabolique slowly picks her up, and hits The Gates Of Hell, she pins


Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner, Diaboliqueee!
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 8:27 pm

After a short break DXLatin is seen staring at Big Dick Johnson with an annoyed face, Diabolique then appears walking up to him, he looks mad now as he sees her, she takes her finger and passes it through DXLatins cheeks leaving a blood streak on his cheeek, most likely the blood of Christina Martinez.

Dear, Dear.. Latin, your so confused, you seem to underestimate me and the power of the Great Dark Father, soon.. very soon, you shall join me..

DXLatin just looks at her, not even saying anything back like he usually would, now he just looks too freaked out, she smiles and walks off as DXLatin shakes his head looking abit frightened.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 8:49 pm

Jim: We're back here on Slim Survivals Mike and..

(the lights in the arena go off.."Time to Play The Game" by Motorhead plays)

Mike: WHAT!? You know who's song that is?

Jim: Hell yeah, no way, it can't be, HERE!? in WWKF!?

(the lights come back on and Masa Onita and "Rebel Angel" Jack Carter are standing
in the middle of the ring..Under the leather vests with the Hells Angels patch on the
back they're both wearing black t-shirts with white lettering that says "Buddy Rose..R.I.P",

The fans boo loud because they were fooled).

Jim: What jerks...coming out to that song.

Mike: Misleading people like that.

(Carter gets a mic)


Come jerks didn't really think HHH was gonna be here, did you? He don't have the b(beep)ls to come here...

The fans boo again)..

shut up..we have things to say..(the fans boo again)
You can boo us all night long..we'll just stand here and wait..UNTIL YOU SHUT THE F(BEEP)K UP!

(the fans boo loud again)

Jim: Such friendly guys those two are.

Mike: You saw what they did, defend Alyssa?

JIM: They degrade a national landmark..but then go and defend Alyssa Ruins?

Mike: I don't understand it...


This is a scared buolding when it comes to professional many champions have come thru here...Bruno Sammartino, Superstar Billy Graham, Bob Backlund, Ivan Koloff, Pedro Morales, Magnificent Muraco, Ric Flair, Harley Race, the list goes on and on..and can add to that great

(the fans boo again)

..aaaah shut up, nobody cares what you think..

(the fans boo again)


Onita's known now as the REAL International champion and since he and I as a world champion for another federation, we never were beat for these titles, and still have them..I'M now known as the REAL..World heavyweight we're the best at singles as well as tag team wrestling...simply the best anywhere in the wrestling world..period..and tonight...What the f(beep)K?

(Jack sees a sign and goes towards the section where it's at)


Gimme that damn thing

(Jack reaches thru the ropes and gets it)..

"Johnny Leather fan club"...
who the f(beep) Johnny Leather?

(Jack wipes his butt with the sign then tears the sign up)

That's what I think of Johnny Leather, right there..

.(the fans boo and chant "we hate your guts..
we hate your guts...we hate your guts...").

Good hate me more please...saves me the trouble of
having to like you unemployed welfare collecting jerks...

(Jack was about to continue when a section of bikers start chanting "Club 81"... Jack walks over knowing he's deep in Club 81 territory so he feels at home)

JC: Boy they just let any bunch of drunks in this place.

The section starts cheering loud. and jack goes back to the middle of the ring.

Tonight we have Kalvin Brown and Jamie Hayden..right here in this ring and you two
guys are gonna step into the flame...and you're gonna get burned..because I'm getting f(beep)king tired of defeating no name, lack of talents like you two jerks...we came here to WWKF looking for some real competition and the only competition there standing in this ring right tonight will be like every other night we've stepped into a WWKF're going to get beat.. and since this is New York City..a place of're asses are gonna get beat've had your chance all week to say something and you both haven't said sh(beep)t, why? because you both
ain't sh(beep)t, and after we soundly face you..and defeat'll realize just like everyone else that has fallen to us..that you join a miserable set of freaking losers...who ain't sh(beep)t. so don't come here and talk about it..don't go walking around the building looking for it..later tonight..bring your asses out here and let's do it..because when it's all said and done..and whoever the footlocker employee of the week is here that'll be the referee..counts'll be our
hands victory...

And then after that..we're gonna go for the tag titles so we can add them to our collection and show the world...we are..what everyone in wrestling wants to be...trhe greatest wrestlers to ever be on the scene..the legends we know we are...and the guys..nobody onm God's green earth..will ever be able to beat...You don't think we can...Hayden and Brown...prove us wrong...

Do what you if you can...but after tonight..your reputations will be put in a garbage can. maybe some guys from beatdown can come here since nobody here on Slim Survivals has what it takes to beat us...then again..nobody in the world ever

[Carter and Onita]

They leave the ring..hand the mic to Jim and mess up Mike's hair as they walk past them.

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 8:54 pm

Jim- The next match that we have is a bitter rilvary between Master of Disaster and New Generation. Master of Disaster has prevaled in the match-ups between these dominate forces. The most recent was Non-stop vs. MOD at Rare survival for the Tough Enough Championship. Non-stop prevaled in this match and after the match New generation attacked MOD, but now MOD Was announced to be in Killing spree. Will this make a diffrence, what does Lance kent and new generation have in store for this match:

Announcer- The following is scheduled to one fall introudicing the challenger From Gotham City, He is 1\2 of the World Tag team Champions, Master of Disaster

Master of Disaster walks out with The world tag team belt on his shoulder the crowd bood his loudly. M.O.D enters the ring and takes of his belt and raises it in the air, the crowd boos even more. He takes of his Jacket and his belt and throws it to the side.

Announcer- And the opponent from New York, Lance Kent

Lance Kent runs straight to the ring and looks M.O.D straigh in the eye the two go face to face, MOD Pushes Lance kent and the referre explains the rules to each of them.

[Bell Rings]

MODand Lance kent stand in the middle of the ring, looking across from each other in a distance. MOD makes the first move, running and grabbing a hold of Lance Kents Head and dropping him to the mat, face first. MOD quickly tries going for the cover, but only getting a two count before Lance Kent could get an arm up. MOD stands to his feet and grabs hands full of Lance kents hair again , dragging him into the corner of the ring, where he props him up on the turnbuckle. he begins attacking him with rights and lefts, until the referee gets in the middle and stops him. MOD shoves the ref to the side and goes back to work on Lance, pulling onto Lance Kents clothing to gain him some embarrassment. Lance kent shoves MOD and causes him to take a few steps back. Lance kent then does a quick clothesline knocking MOD to the mat. Lance kent quicky goes for the pin


MOD Kicks out. Lance Kent stands to his feet, and drops a knee into MOD'S midsection. MOD screams in pain, as Lance stands him right back up, and positions him into a suplex maneuver. MOD tries to reverse it, but with no luck as his back bounces off the mat. Lance looks pleased as he goes for a cover, but thinks better of it and doesnt do it. Lance is stunned as MOD tries fighting it, grabbing onto the ropes to stand to his feet. MOD quickly kicks Lance's legs from under him, knocking him back down on the mat. MOD Stands up and throws Lance to the ropes and does a drop kick to the face as lance his the mat. MOD Then drags lance kent onto the top ropes and does a superplex of the ropes as the ring Shakes.

MIKE: Did you see that??

JIM: The risks that these men are willing to take to make sure that the other opponent if lifeless is remarkable.

MOD Goes for the pin:


Lance Kent kicks out.

JIM: How did he kick out?

MOD grabs on to Lance and brings him back to his feet. He shoves him against the ropes and bounces off. Lance comes back and fly's in the air to try and knock MOD down but MOD ducks and Lance goes flying into the corner, bouncing his head off the ropes and hitting the mat hard. MOD looks on, with confusion but he walks over to him and brings him back up. Lance can barely stand as MOD spins and kicks him in the stomach, making him bend over. MOD then wraps his arm around his head and drops to his back, making Lances head bounce off the mat. MOD See that Lance is hurt and goes for the pin


Lance Kicks out. Lance quicky gets up as He walks back towards MOD and slams his head against the mat. He does it again, and a third time, before releasing him hold and walking away towards the turnbuckle in the corner. he climbs the turnbuckle and drops down with a knee directly placed against his the back of her neck!! Lance grabs onto MOD's hair, once more, and tosses him to the outside. he goes to the outside, following him. MOD Lands hard on the mat as lance quicky jumps out and picks MOD Up and throws him into the steel steps. MOD Starts holding his right shoulder as lance sees this he gets up and throws MOD Back into the steel steps. The ref's countout number is now up to 5 lance picks MOD up and then throws him back in the ring and lance goes back into the ring to. Lance kent gets MOD In the DDT Position and lands a DDT. Lance goes for the pin


Lance kent is all happy that he has one but as the ref looks over he sees the MOD's foot was on the rope so the match is still on. Lance kent still doesn't realize this but MOD does. MOD Turns lance kent around and Gives Him the WSS Mod pins


Announcer- Here is your Winner MASTER OF DISASTER!!!!

The ref hands MOD his belt as all of a sudden Carl J and solution come out and start hitting MOD, they throw a fury of punches as MOD is lifeless. But MOD gets his belt and hits Carl j over the head as Carl J begins to bleed. New generation then leave the ring as MOD is left in the ring as he holds his title in the air.
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Richard Kennedy is backstage, he is seen walking into Alyssas office, he smiles at her and she gets up looking at him.

Paying a visit?

Yes, well, I got some news, so you can say I am.

Oh... whats the news??

The rumours about me quitting are true, I am quitting as General Manager of Tuesday Night Beatdown.

You can hear an enormous amount of boos and Alyssa chuckles.

So I guess this means goodbye?

No.. not at all, This Beatdown will be my last one, after that, I would like to become a wrestler on Slim Survivals.

Now you can hear a loud amount of cheers and Alyssa looks surprised.

What??... wait your kidding?, no offense but how old are you?

Probobly older than your grandfather but I have the heart, I would like to team up with Rick-

All of a sudden Killer walks into to Alyssas office with his Main Event Championship, he looks happy.

Well Well Well, look where the gold brick road brought me, Richard Kennedy, Im sorry but if you need to find Ricky Wilde, I believe hes taking a shower over at his locker room, perfect timing huh?

I know hes taking a show-

Of Coarse you knew, you were taking a shower with him werent you.

SHUTUP!, I am tried of your stupid remarks and your rants about me and Ricky, we're just friends and tonight, my best friend is gonna KICK YOUR ASS!

The fans begin to cheer loudley and a smile grows on Killers face.

Dont worry, Ill be sure to bring your boyfriend back to you... Alive... well... barley

Killer smiles and he walks off as Richard looks pissed off

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Jamie Hayden is backstage adjusting his attire and looking into the mirror in his locker room all of a sudden you can hear somone kock on his door, he opens the door and Kalvin appears looking straight at Jamie.

Look man, Im going to put what you did at Rare Survival all aside.

Bite me man...

Jamie Hayden is about to close the door but Kalvin pushes it open.

Im not losing this match. The BOTD are undefeated I want to be the one to beat them and Im going to send DXLatin a message, we have alot of history, we could be Tag Champs, if you dont want to go far, fuck, at least work with me just this once.

Ill think about it... "partner".

Jamie slams the door in Kalvins face and cocks a smile, an evil smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 9:15 pm

I'm going to have a few words with the Brotherhood of the...

Jamie Hayden brushes past her and goes into a door. you can hear smashing, things breaking.


I don't know what's going on.

Blossom opens the door and peeks her head in.


It's a fight, between...

Suddenly the door is spushed open and Jack Carter, His shirt from earlier has tears in it, he goes past Blossom and up the isle..he swipes a mic from Jim and gets into the ring.


You wanna do this now Hayden? get your partner or forget your partner and let's do this..NOW!

Mike: Their match wasn't supposed to happen now.

Jim: It is now..It must've been one hell of a fight back there.

(the camera shows Jamie coming out of the locker room he went in, some blood on his face as he heads to the ring.)

Mike: Where's Iceman and Onita?

Jim: I don't know but right now, we're gonna have Jamie Hayden and Jack Carter squaring off one on one
right now.

Jamie gets on the apron and Jack charges him, they exchange punches back and forth, Jamie connects with a jab followed by a roundhouse right that staggers Carter. jamie hits a sunset flip over the top rope on Carter to get into the ring. Jack escapes and they both come up swinging at each other. Hayden rocks Jack and whips
him into the ropes for a backdrop attempt. But Jack holds the top rope to put the brakes on and kicks Jamie when he bends low. Caerter follows up with a clothesline and then mounts Hayden to start slugging him in the head.

Onita comes running down and gets to a corner. Iceman makes his way down and it's officially a tag match.

Jack and Jamie roll on the mat slugging each other. Jamie's getting the better of the exchange as they get to one knee. he grabs Jack by the hair and hammers him over and over with punches to the head. They get to a corner and Jamie's pounding Jack over and over.jack staggers back into the corner and after a punch from
Hayden, Carter shoves Hayen's face..jamie hits him again and Jack shoves Hayden's face again.

Mike: I think Jack's getting pissed.

Jim: Put a dog in the corner and kick it once too often and sooner or later it's gonna fight baxck?

Jamie notices what's happening and hits Carter again. Jack shoves Jamie's face and hayden slowly backs up as Jack's glaring at him, Jack gives him the double finger salute, "F(beepK YOU"! and nails a sweries of jabs to Jamie's face before turning and mule kicking Hayden in the groin. he then whips Jamie to his corner and
tags Onita in.

Iceman's yelling for Jamie to make a tag but Jamie waves his hands like "I got it..I got it". and locks up the Japanese hardcore Icon. Hayden gets Masa to another corner and chops him in the chest. as the fans go "wooo" Onita just shakes his head, Hayden tries it again and the fans go "wooo" as again Masa shakes his head. Jamie's lips read "oh sh(beep)t".

Onita grabs Jamie and spins him into the corner and wallops him with chops and punches and follwos up with a spinning backhand to the face that slumps Jamie to the mat in the corner. masa turns as iceman comes in and
gets clocked by Iceman. Careter comes in and the ref makes Jack get out of the ring. Onita and Kalvin throw down with pucnches back and forth and finally the ref seperates them amd makes Brown leave the ring too.

Masa goes for a baseball slide into the corner on Jamie but Jamie slides out of the ring at the last second. he grabs Masa's legs and yanks him groin first into the ring post.

Mike: That hurts.

Jim: Hayden's taking it to the Brotherhood.

Mike: he best keep doing that if he wants to win.

Jamie grabs Onita's left leg and smacks it against the ringpost, he does it again and again and carter comes in to go over to where Hayden is, the ref stops him, iceman comes in and Carter points to Kalvin, when the Ref turns to deal with Brown, Jack runs and hits a dive thru the rops. slamming Jamie hard into the guard rail.

The fans chant "Holy shit holy shit holy shit".

Jim: That was a nice move.

Mike: That hit perfect.

Jack gets a chair from a fan and clocks Hayden in the face and Masa slowly gets to his feet, limping on one leg. Carter kicks Hayeden and goes back to his corner. masa gets to the top turn buckle and waits. Jack taunts Brown by coming into the ring, egging him to come too. the referee tries to stop it and when Hayden staggers to his feet,
masa comes off the top buckle and hurracaranas, Jamie to the floor, causeing the fans to pop and chant "wwkf, wwkf,wwkf,".

Mike: WOW!

Jim: These guys...can back their words with actions..simply amazing.

Onita gets back into the ring and tags Carter in. Onita backs the referee into a corner and gently taps the ref's chest like he's saying "just stay there a minute". then he and Carter go and nail the Iceman with a doubvle dropkick, knocking him off the mat.

Mike: Jim..Is it me or am I hearing the fans actually starting to cheer for the Brotherhood.

Jim: You're not hearing things, but this is New York City..Fans here, like in Chicago, Philly and Boston seem to cheer for these guiys while they're absolutely hated elsewhere.

Mike: It's a strange world we live in when it comes to wrestling fans.

Jamie rolls back into the ring and grabs Jack's kick attempt and legdrags him to the mat. iceman is back on the apron wanting a tag and Jamie doesn't want to give it to him. he instead goes for an ankle lock on carter. jack after a few seconds, turns and kicks Jamie off into his corner...where Kalvin tags himself in. much to Jamie's

Jim: That's one way to get into the match.

Mike: If Jamie won't tag you, tag him.

Iceman Grabs Carter as he's getting up and snap suplexes him to the mat. jack blocks a kick but Kalvin takes Carter to the mat again with an ambar, following it up by scissoring the other arm. Onita comes in only to be sent back out with a five count...jack's screaming in pain trying to escape the move and the ref asks Jack if he wants to quit or tap out. Carter shakes his head no.

Mike: Kalvin's really got that move on Jack.

Jim: These two I have a feeling are not gonna settle anything tonight.

Jack starts rocking back and forth, getting some momentum, he rocks to the left and is barely able to get to his feet still in the hold. Onita tries to come in again and as the ref sees to him Carter kicks Kalvin in the head, he does it again and breaks the hold. he goes back against the ropes holding his arm, smacking it to get feeling back into it again. kalvin gets up and jamie's wanting a tag. Brown shakes his head no to Jamie and goes to hit Jack when Carter blocks a punch, knees Brown to the gut and then DSDTs him to the mat, before rolling over Kalvin
and tagging Onita in.

Mike: Tag team experience, get the fresh man in.

Jim: Jamie and Kalvin are not, functioning as a team, as a unit.

Mike: and that doesn't work if you want to be a successful tag team.

Brown and Onita get into a collar/elbow hook up. Kalvin goes for an arm twist and Masa reverses it, they go back and forth reversing that and Brown after reversing it back to him, armdrags Onita to the mat. Onita gets up and is armdragged to the mat again. he smacks the mat hard with his hand. Then springs to his feet, jumps and hits a
reverse victory roll for a 1 1/2 count. Kalvin tries a small package hold but gets a 1 1/2 count, Onita gets a go behind and hits a released german suplex. then smacks quickly smacks Hayden in the face. Onita turns and stomps Iceman in the chest as Jamie tries to come in, the referee blocks him and Carter comes in. he and Onita do a double
team on Kalvin, stomping and punching Kalvin, then the refd turns and starts a count on Jack, at the count of four Carter leaves, and Onita fires Kalvin hard into a corner, following up with a running dropkick to Brown's face.

Masa then gets a monkey flip out of the corner on brown, jumps to the top turnbuckle and tries a splash. Brown gets his knees up and Masa lands on them. Jamie's screaming for a tag but Brown ignores him. Jack points at Jamie and
laughs at him which pisses Hayden off even more.

Jim: No continuity there with Iceman and Jamie.

Mike: That may cost them.

Kalvin goes for another armlock submission. Onita's screaming but refuses to tap out. he rolls thru it turning it into a boston crab hold.Brown turns out of it and kicks Masa off and jumps to his feets as Onita bounces off the ropes and nails a spinning heel kick to Iceman's head. Onita then tags carter back in who takes over by applying a rear naked
choke wioth body scissors on Kalvin, right in the center of the ring. breaks it up by kicking Masa in the head. Carter comes in and both Jamie and Jack get into a slugfest.. Masa fires Kalvin into the ropes for a tolt-a-whirl powerslam and
cover for a 2 count.Jamie fires Carter thru the ropes to the floor and tries a tope out to jack who catches him and rams Hayden's back into the metal ring post. Carter does it again before powerslamming Jamie to the cement floor. Onita
slaps a figure four leg lock on Brown while Jack looks under the ring..he pulls out a sledgehammer, shakes his head. "nnnaaa" and flings it. puls out an aluminum garbage can cover and smacks hayden in the face with it, busting him open.

Mike: Well it's breaking down now Jim.

Jim: Taking it to the extreme.

Kalvin gets to the ropes for a break and Masa's in full swing now. breaking the hold and stomping Iceman all over his head and body and then clocking him with a yakuza kick. Jack cracks Hayden again with the Garbage can cover and then after picking him up to his feet, slams him into the commentator's table.

Mike: Whos look out.

Mike and Jim scatter away as Jack rams Jamie face first into the top of the table, and then DDTs him to the floor. Onita slips out of a go behind attempt by Kalvin and hits a victory roll for a 2 count and then connects with a sidewalk slam. carter reaches into his boot and pulls out a small cnister and squirts it on the anouncer's table.

Jim: Oh no..what the hell's this crazy carter going to do?

Mike: I'm staying away from all this.

Onita gets backslided for a 2 count and he and Brown are trading finishing covers for 2 counts. Jack stomps Hayden in groin, and then pulls a zippo lighter from his other boot.

Mike: OH SH(beep)T!

They both back away far as Jack sets the table on fire. he picks Jamie up and nails the Deathwish Powerbomb, putting Jamie thru the flaming table.


The fans pop HUGE for that as Kalvin gets Onita up in an airplane spin and as he's spinning Masa' the referee gets hit. carter slides into the ring and cracks Kalvin in the ribs with the garbage can cover. Onita hits the End of The Line on Brown onto the garbage can cover, then they both quickly pick Kalvin up, and nail him with their tag team finisher..TOTAL ELIMINATION.

Jack gets the ref's attention and then gets out of the ring as Onita small packages Kalvin for the count. The ref gets over and starts counting.1...2...3. YOUR WINNERS..MASA ONITA AND 'REBEL ANGEL' JACK CARTER!

Mike: What a car crash this has been. Jamie's put thru a flaming table, Carter uses a garbage can cover and

Jim: and as a tag team unit..they get the win. It's not pretty how they do it, but they do do it, and together as a solid tag team, the expewrience that comes with that paid off for them once again.

Mike: I can't argue with that, The Brotherhood are very experienced in tag team wrestling.

The referee raises both Onita's and carter's hands in victory as the fans give a mix of cheers and boos. the section of bikers can be heard cheering louder than anyone..they chant "club 81 club 81 club 81". Jamie wobbles to his feet and is pissed. Kalvin is on the mat trying to get the cobwebs out after what just happened.

Onita and carter leave out of opposite sides of the ring and walk up on Jamie from both directions..Jamie backs away and lets them thru as they head up the isle.

Jamie looks at Kalvin and gets into the ring. he's yelling at him about losing, not tagging. How Kalvin lost the match.

Jim: Jamie's pretty angry.

Mike: You would be too if you were put thru a flaming table, and your partner loses the match.

Jamie sees the garbage can cover, dented, and grabs it. then whacks Kalvin in the face with it, busting him open.

Mike: WHOA!

Jamie leaves the ring, grabs the mic.

"Sorry buddy, hope you can forgive me"

Mike: you ahve any words at the moment?


we lost, now get out here!

Jamie pushes Mike away and goes up the isle.

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Angelika is walking backstage looking very sexy, as shes walking down the hallway the Slim Survivals Theme begins to play and you can see Superstars backstage checking her out, she walks down the hallways smiling.
Mike - Well the Triple Threat Match is up next!

Jim - And Angelika makes her debut inside the ring against the Womens Champion and one of the most vicious divas in history!
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 9:46 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a Divas Triple Threat Match, Introducing first, making her debut, Angelikaaaa!

The fans begin to cheer as Angelika walks out of the curtains, she blows kisses at the fans then slides into the ring and raises her arm into the air.

And the opponent... Brittney Knoooox!

Brittney Knox walks down the ramp and the fans begin to boo loudley, she winks at the camera and slides into the ring and looks eye to eye at Angelika, Angelika smiles at her and Brittney just sticks her tounge out at her.

And the WWKF Womens Champion.... NIKKI BAAANKS!

Nikki Banks walks out of the curtains holding the WWKF Womens Championship smiling, the fans give her a mixed reaction, she smiles, and holds her Championship up high, she then runs down the ramp and slides into the ring and the Reff takes her title.


Brittney Knox and Nikki Banks look at eachother, they then look at Angelika, and Angelika looks worried, Brittney and Nikki smile, and all of a sudden, Nikki and Brittney run at Angelika and knock her to the floor, taking her down and pounding on her skull and body, the fans begin to boo loudley.

They both pick Angelika up, Nikki hits Angelika right in the face with a huge elbow shot and as Angelika turns around in pain, Brittney grabs Angelika by the head and throws her over the top rope and the fans begin to boo loudley. Brittney turns around and looks at Nikki Banks, she smiles, and Nikki smiles too.
Mike - Brittney Knox, Nikki Banks, this could be a dream matchup!

Brittney Knox and Nikki circle eachother, they both look pretty confident, they then walk towards eachother and begin to talk trash, the fans cheering in anticipation waiting to see whos the better diva but before they can attack eachother Angelika slides back into the ring and she looks pissed off, Brittney and Nikki turn to her and BAM!, Angelika knocks both girls to the floor with a huge double clothesline, the fans begin to cheer loudley.

Brittney and Nikki gets up and again another double clothesline from Angelika, now Brittney gets up again, Nikki still on the floor, Angelika goes for another clothesline, but Brittney notices the pattern, she ducks the clothesline, as Anglekia turns around Brittney slaps her right in the face and the fans go "OOOH!!" as you can hear the impact.

Angelika looks at her angrily and Brittney smiles, and blows her a kiss, making fun of her, Angelika runs towards Brittney with full speed, and as that happens Brittney doesnt know what to do, she takes a desperate move, she tries to go for the headbutt that Perfection gave her at Rare Survival, Angelika counters, she grabs Brittneys head and gives her a huge DDT, the fans begin to chant "Holy Shit"
Mike - OH NO!, Brittney!, no!

Jim - Brittney has an injury on her head, thats not good!

Angelika gets up slowly, she tuants the fans and raises her hands into the air, and all of a sudden Nikki Banks rolls her up.


Angelika kicks out right ontime, but as she quickly gets up, Nikki also gets up, she hits Angelika with a huge right hand, Angelika stumbles backwards, Nikki bounces off the ropes and hits a huge dropkick right to Angelika, causing Angelika to fall out of the ring.

Nikki Banks smiles she grabs Brittney by the head and all of a sudden Brittney grabs her and hits the "Brankrupt" the fans cheer loudley in surprise by the move, Brittney goes for the pin.


Angelika slides into the ring as quickly as possible and jumps forward and breaks the pin the fans go "OOOH!"

Brittney looks really surprised she looks at Angelika as if saying "How the hell did you do that??", Angelika smiles and blows a kiss at Brittney, Brittney is angry now, she runs towards Angelika and BAM!, Angelika hits the "Black Heart" the fans go on their feet shocked she pins.


Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner... ANGELIKA!!!

Angelika rolls out of the ring, tears in her eyes, she looks surprised herself and looks very happy, she walks up the ramp and all of a sudden, Brittney grabs a mic, she looks hurt, shes sitting down.

Hey Angelika!, Hey Angelika!

Angelika turns around confused.

Oh you look so happy, GOOD FOR YOU!, just answer this, how are you going to get home??

The fans look worried.
Mike - Uh Oh what does that mean??

Jim - Brittney is known for being a physco, this isnt good.

Hahaha... when you get back to Florida, I dont want you to wonder who burned your house down, I want you to KNOW, that I burned your house down.

Angelika quickly runs down the ramp, she slides into the ring and begins to stomp on Brittney again and again secruity comes to the scene and seperates Angelika from Brittney, as this happens Brittney rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, she slides back into the ring and smashes the steel chair right onto Angelikas skull and the fans begin to boo loudley.

You just got burned...

Brittney walks away smiling
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After a short break, Brittney Knox is walking backstage smiling she looks happy, as she turns the corner she bumbs into Killer.


Why thank you, arnt you cute?

Killer cocks in a smile, looking down at Brittney, he then leans in and kisses her the fans begin to boo loudley.

Sorry about arguing with you, watching that match reminded me why we're meant to be.

Good.. now let me be proud of your match, let me see why we're meant to be.

You got it.
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Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for a Beatdown vs Slim Survivals Match, Introducing first, representing Beatdown, Jooooey Storm!

Joey Storm walks down the ramp smiling, he slides into the ring and the fans give him a mixed reaction as he shakes his head smiling.

And the opponent, representing Slim Survivals, the 515000 Elite Soilderrr, DXtreme Laaaaatin!

DXLatin runs down the ramp smiling the fans cheer loudley, he slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle tuanting the fans, he jumps off and stares at Joey Storm, he smiles.


DXLatin and Joey come together face to face, nose to nose, the fans all go in there feet in anticipation, DXLatin smiles, Joey begins to talk some trash, and DXLatin luaghs, he then begins to talk some trash, and now Joey luaghs, and all of a sudden Joey takes a step back and slaps DXLatin right in the face the fans begin to boo loudley.

DXLatin runs towards Joey and Joey takes him down with a huge suplex and the fans all go "OOOH!" all surprised by what happened, Joey smiles, DXLatin quickly gets up and he looks as confused as the fans.
Mike - Woah wasnt expecting that...

DXLatin shakes his head, and whispers "Lucky", Joey smiles at Latins excuse, DXLatin and Joey begin to circle eachother, and DXLatin takes his arm up, requesting a test of strength the fans begin to cheer loudley, Joey agrees, he takes DXLatins hand and the test of strength begins, and all of a sudden the fans are in complete DXLatin is auctually losing, he begins to yell out in pain, he gets on his knees and Joey begins to apply more force, DXLatin shakes his head, after a couple of seconds he gets back to his feet and the fans cheer loudley, but before he can do anything, he irish whips DXLatin right into the turnbuckle.

The fans begin to boo more loudley, Joey runs towards DXLatin and hits a clothesline onto him and the turnbuckle the fan begins to boo and chant "We Wont Pay", Joey then grabs DXLatin by the head and drags him to the center of the ring, and all of a sudden DXLatin starts to fight back, he hits Joey with a right hand, Joey stumbles backwards, DXLatin smiles, catching Joey, he relizes that he hurt him, Joey looks mad, he runs towards Latin and DXLatin hits a big boot to the face knocking Joey to the ground, the fans begin to cheer loudley.
Mike - WOAH!, YES!

Jim - I smell some 5150 up in here!

DXLatin looks down, Joey is layed out, DXLatin smiles ,he brushes his shoulders then bounces off the ropes and hits the 5150 Shuffle, and the fans cheer loudley, DXLatin succesfully hit his signiture, Joey is now slowly getting up, DXLatin turns him around and gets him in position for the Hat Trick, the fans cheer.

Joey then counters and hits DXLatin in the mid-section, he then gets DXLatin in position of the Spinal Shock, DXLatin then counters and takes Joey down, he gets him on his stomach and applys the DXFX!

The fans all go on their feet, cheering, they know the end is near, Joey has nowhere to go, hes in the middle of the ring, his only choice may only be to tap out, DXLatin applys force but all of a sudden Joey bits DXlatins arm and the Reff doesnt see it, DXLatin lets go in pain.

Joey quickly gets up, and as he does hes too slow, DXLatin picks him up and hits a huge Hat Trick, the fans cheer loudley, he then goes for the pin.


Here is your winner, DXtreeeeeme Latin!

DXLatin raises his hand smiling, he looks hurt, he knows it wasnt an easy victory
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After a short break DXLatin walks backstage, looking hurt, Kalvin Brown stops him, looking right in his eye, he doesnt look happy

Im not impressed.

Ya you didnt look so impressive getting betrayed, AT LEAST I got a win man.

Awesome. Celebrate your win, Celebrate it good, it may be the last win you have.

Oh but you see Im facing you next week in a Mixed Ta-

That got changed.

Why?, scared?

Nope, auctually I have things to settle with Jack Carter

Then who the hell am I going to face??

Oh I heard your facing.... Killer

DXLatins smile dissapears and he looks mad now, he doesnt want to face Killer, Kalvin smiles looking at DXLatin.

Good Luck...

Kalvin walks away smiling
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009   Sat May 02, 2009 10:18 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for a No Disqualification Match, Introducing First, Mr.Money In The Bank, Ricky Wilde!


And his opponent, the WWKF Main Event Champion, Killer!


Killer and Ricky stare at each other as the crowd is cheering for Ricky. They circle each other as Killer is staring at Ricky with a crazy look. Ricky places his Money In The Bank briefcase underneath the turnbuckle as Ricky runs at Killer. Ricky try's to clothesline him, Killer ducks from the hit and low blows Ricky. The crowd is booing him as Killer is just smiling and gets out of the ring.

Killer has a sadistic look as the crowd is cheering for Ricky!

He goes over to the announce table as he grabs a steel chair and slides it into the ring. As Ricky get's up and turns around, Killer hits Ricky in the head with the chair and makes a big impact! Killer then goes crazy as he hits Ricky in the back and Ricky is just screaming in pain. Ricky goes for the pin as the referee counts.

[1....2...KICK OUT]

As Killer stops, he goes under the ring and pulls out a table. Ricky gets to his feet as he's just sitting on the bottom turnbuckle. Killer then sets the table on it and goes over to Ricky. Ricky then kicks Killer in the gut and then low blows him. Killer is on the floor holding his crotch as Ricky goes over for the chair. As Killer get's up, Ricky hits Killer with the chair as the crowd is cheering for him!

Mike- This is an entertaining match Jim!

Jim- That's right Mike, both of these men are warriors!

Ricky places Killer on the table as he get's the chair and hit Killer with it. He drops the chair as Ricky goes to the top rope. The crowd is cheering for him as he jumps off and hits a moonsault as the crowd cheers for Ricky! He then goes under the ring and pulls out a ladder and sets it near the announce table and slides back into the ring. Killer gets up and clothesline him as Ricky is just lying on the floor. Killer drags Ricky out of the ring along with the steel chair as Killer sets Ricky onto the announce table.

Killer climbs up to the top of the ladder. He taunts at Ricky as he jumps off attempting a leg drop, but Ricky slides out of the announce table quickly. Killer is holding his legs as he is lying on the announce table. Ricky quickly climbs up the ladder, when he reaches to the top he blows kisses to the fans. As Ricky jumps off to hit a frog splash, Killer quickly jumps up and KKU's Ricky through the announce table!

The crowd starts to cheer in amazement!

Mike- My God Jim! Killer just KKU'd Ricky through an announce table in mid-air!

Jim- I don' t think anyone has seen Killer do that before! This is a outstanding Main Event!

Both men are lying on the floor as the referee is just standing there. Killer is crawling to a broken Ricky as Killer goes for the pin. The referee counts:

[1....2....KICK OUT!]

Killer can't believe it as he slams his hands on the floor in anger. He takes Ricky and throws him in the ring. He goes under the ring, pulls out a table and slides it in. He takes the briefcase from under the turnbuckle and throws it near the table. Killer sets the table in the middle of the ring and places the briefcase on the table. He get's Ricky and places him on the top rope as he starts to throw punches at his head. Ricky looks knocked out as Killer grabs his head and positions him to KKU him. The crowd is estatic as Killer jumps off with Ricky and KKU's him through the table onto the briefcase. The crowd is in shock as they chant!


Mike- My God Jim! Another first from Killer!

Jim- That's right Mike! What's a first Killer hasn't done other than kill 40 over superstars?

Killer has a sadistic look as he goes for the pin and the referee counts.


Announcer- Here is your winner, the WWKF Main Event Chaaaaaampion.....KIIIIIIIIIIILLER!

As the referee raises Killer's hand in victory, Killer slides out of the ring and check under it. He pulls out a tank of gasoline and slides into the ring. He opens the briefcase as all the money is piled up in the center of the ring. Killer pours the gasoline onto the money as pulls a box of matches from under the mat. He pulls out a match, strikes it and drops it onto the money. Killer has a smile on his face as he puts his foot on Ricky's chest and taunts.


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Saturday Night Slim Survivals May 2nd 2009
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