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 After the PPV

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PostSubject: After the PPV   Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:29 am

In a locker room after the Pay Per View, "Rebel Angel" Jack Carter
and Masa Onita are angry, they kick chairs around and Carter slugs
a locker door, putting a dent in it.

JC: We had em...we had the freaking match won.. But what happens,
them three assclowns from Beat down come in and interfere.

MO: Of course, they have to run off, like the F(BEEP)KING CHICKEN
SH(BEEP)TS they are, no balls to stay and keep the fight going.

JC: All they did was copy the stuff we've been doing for years,
we did the same thing when we beatr up Rattlesnake, so all they
did was copy us, because they can't do anything original on their own.

(Jack punches another locker door).

MO: Their asses better stay on Beat Down because because they'd get their
asses kicked if they came to Slim Survivals.

JC: Bottom line...we didn't win the match, but we didn't lose, so we're
still...undefeated in the WWKF. We took it to our opponents and we had em
beat. especially you Wilder and Iceman,

MO: Wilder had a few nice moves but he's going to have to do a hell of alot
more if thinks he's going to take this company, or anyone down. Rattlesnake,
if we want, we can get the best of you every week, and make you look like a
joke, but we have bigger things in mind here, better goals, and you already
know if you screw with us, we'll just beat you up again.

JC: Just like we beat on our opponents tonight. Iceman, you were one second
from being iced. You and Wilder couldn't get the job done. Jamie punked you,
turned on you and as much as Alex huffed and puffed? he may have won some
title for the minor league show here in WWKF, but when it came to REAL Main
event level talent, you came up short...It doesn't matter if those three
diaper wearers the not much of terrors came in and interfered, all that did
was stop the ref from counting the third count, which would've come anyway.
You two..are just like the rest we've faced here in WWKF..just...not...good

MO: One other thing I noticed, the head waitress is back taking orders again.

JC: (chuckles), oh yeah, Alyssa Ruins is back, that'll be a pitcher of beer and
acouple vodka/redbulls, right over here. Too bad she's back, I was really hoping
she would've taken the job as a stripper.

MO: A rack like hers, she might've made more money showing them off to the public.

JC: At least we showed off..and while we didn't get the three count...the obvious
was there. we're still the greatest tag team this company will ever see and there
isn't a thing, or anyone, who's bad enough to stop us.

MO: Terrors, stay on beat down, you try that crap again on us and you'll be the
ones getting a beat down.

JC: Somewhere we're gonna them bastards, they couldn't do sh(beep)t in GCW and this
little attack on us didn't accomplish much here in WWKF. All it did was give acouple
minor league nobodys, 15 seconds of fame on a major show, they're on the minor league
show for a reason.

MO: because they're minor league talent, little leaguers just like the guys we faced

JC: They couldn't handle a match with us because we're major league, and they're the
bad news bears in breaking training. ain't sh(beep)t either, you think
you're gonna take this company down? You're lucky you can take a store display down,
he team with MOD?

MO: We wasted him too, that's why he and Wilder, and Tewrrors and KingofDX are all
on beatdown, they got beat down from us and they sent them there

(they bust up laughing).

JC: So whoever it is we face this saturday night on Slim Survivals, THE Main event
show in WWKF..remember one thing, facing us is one thing, beating us, is a thing,
you'll never be able to do, because we are the ELITE here in WWKF, and nobody else
can say that to us..or back it up...our actions and wins have said it all..and the
fact we had our match won tonight, furthers that proof.

MO: So...

(they give the camera the finger and say)


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After the PPV
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