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 WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009

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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:25 pm

DXLatin is walking backstage after the break, he gets into his locker room and the lights are off, as he turns it on he sees 3 men, they're hooded this freaks him out and he turns off the lights and shuts the door.

He takes a deep breathe, gets his steel bat out in view, he kicks the door open and turns on the lights and notices they're not there anymore.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:29 pm

The following is scheduled for a Falls Count Anywhere Elemination Match it is for the Main Event Championship, Introducing First... POWERBOMB360!

PB360 Walks down the ramp, he slides into the ring and tuants the fans as they cheer.

And the opponent.... PRINCE HARMING!

Prince Harming walks down the ramp smiling, he slides into the ring and stares at PB360.

And the Main Event Champion.... KILLER!

Killer walks down the ramp as the fans boo loudley, he slides into the ring and holds his title up as the reff takes it.


All 3 men are standing in the middle of the ring as Killer stares at both PB360 and Prince Harming. Haming and PB360 start to surround Killer as they have mad looks on their faces and Killer starts to retreat into the corner. Prince and PB360 charge at him as PB360 begins to kick Killer in the gut and Prince is punching away at Killer's head.

Killer roles out of the ring trying to catch his breath near the announce table as both men get out of the ring and begin to stomp on him viciously. Prince picks up Killer as he rams Killer into the barricade and Killer screams in pain. PB360 takes Killer and irish whips him into the the steel post as it makes a big impact. As PB360 walks over to pick up Killer, Prince goes over to the announce table and picks up a steel chair as the crowd is cheering for him.

Prince is smiling at Killer, as PB360 picks up Killer telling Prince to smash his head in. Killer get out of the way as Prince accidently smashes PB360's face as it makes a big impact. The crowd is cheering loudly as Prince is in shock.

Mike- Did you see that? Prince just crushed PB's head in with that steel chair!

Jim- That's right Mike, but you know this is a Falls Count Anywhere elimination match? It's free for all.

As Killer is making his way up, Prince turns around and Killer dropkicks the chair into Prince's face. The crowd is cheering for Killer as Killer has a grin on his face. He picks up a fallen PB360 as he irish whips him onto the steel steps. Killer is getting cocky as he goes under the ring as pulls out a table. As Killer takes it out, Prince hits Killer right in the back and makes a big impact. Prince picks up Killer and puts him lying on the table as he makes his way up to the top rope.

As Prince is ontop of the top rope, PB suddenly pushes Prince off and lands onto the barricade face first. PB360 starts to taunt at Killer as he measures him for a 360 splash. PB connects with the 360 splash as both men are screaming in pain. PB gets up slowly as he crawls to a broken Killer. The referee counts.


Killer kicks out barely as PB360 has a shocked look on his face and his temper is boiling. Meanwhile, Prince goes under the ring as pulls out a ladder as the crowd is cheering loudly for him! As PB turns around to get Killer, Prince smashes the ladder onto his PB's face as the camera turns to PB's face. You can see that PB is beginning to bleed as he is busted wide open! Prince grabs PB by the hair and hits his face onto the announce table. Prince begins to take off the thing from the announce table as he tells them to get away from it.

Prince puts PB onto the announce table as he is just pounding away onto his face. Prince grabs the steel chair as he hits PB's gut as he's screaming in pain. Prince then hits Killer in the face as he puts the chair onto PB. Prince sets up the ladder as he begins to climb up slowly and the crowd is cheering for Prince. When Prince reaches to the top, he goes high risk as he moonsaults onto PB as the announcer's table breaks in half!

The crowd begins to chant "HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!!!"

Mike- Wow! Prince just risked his body for these fans!

Jim- That's right Mike, nothing get's better than this!

Both men are down as Killer get's up slowly as looks at the carnage. He grabs Prince by the head as he starts to land punches on his head as he lying on the ground. Killer begins to drag Prince's head as he takes him to the ramp and lays him there. Killer checks under the ring and get's a garbage can along with another steel chair. He sits down Prince as he places the garbage can over his head, he takes the steel chair and smashes it into the garbage can. Killer takes off the garbage can as he smirks at Prince. He picks up Prince, smirking at him as he KKU's Prince onto the ramp made of pure steel. Killer pins Prince as the referee counts.


Announcer- Ladies and Gentlemen, Prince Harming has been eliminated!

Mike- It's down to Killer and PB360!

Jim- What a classic showdown between these 2 men!

Killer is just waiting for PB to get to his feet and follow him. PB gets up as he see's Killer on the other side of the ring and grabs a steel chair. PB put's it behind his back as he slowly walks over to the other side. Killer is walking over to PB as he makes his way to the steel steps. PB nails him in the face with the steel chair as Killer lays flat on the floor. PB grabs Killer's hand as he put's it in between the steel steps and the steel post, PB measures Killer as he smacks the steps. Killer is screaming pain holding his hand as PB is just smiling.

PB checks under the ring as takes out a table and some barbed wire. PB sets up the table as he walks over to the announcers and grabs the ladder. PB goes over to the the ramp with the ladder as he sets it up. PB grabs Killer as he smashes his face onto the table and Killer screams in pain. PB places Killer onto the table and PB starts to climb the ladder trying to hit the 360 splash on Killer again.

As PB is climbing up the ladder, Killer takes the steel chair and hits PB's back as it makes a big impact. As PB is still holding onto the ladder, Killer decides to place some barbed wire onto the table. Killer goes under the ring as he takes out some gasoline and pours it onto the table, he then takes out a lighter and now it's on fire! Killer is smiling at the camera as he climbs the ladder and is punching PB's head in. Killer has a sadistic look on his face as he positions PB for a KKU.

Jim- My God! Don't do it Killer, you'll kill the man!

Mike- It's gonna be sickening to see Jim, but he'll do anything it takes to win!

Killer then jumps off the ladder and KKU's PB onto the burning table with barbed wire! Both men are lying on the ground in agony as you can see that there's burn marks on their backs and chests. The crowd is chanting "HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT!!!" Killer and PB are just lying there almost unconcious as Killer begins to get up on his knees. Killer looks like he still has some life left in him as he pins PB for the win. The referee counts.



Jim- Oh my god Mike! Killer has retained his Main Event Title back!

Mike- That was a grueling, brutal and physical main event! Well, this is Mike and Jim, saying so long from Mexico City and I hope you enjoyed Rare Survival!


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WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009
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