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 WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009

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PostSubject: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:00 pm

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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:46 pm

Fireworks hits the stage loudley as the Mexico Arena is packed with millions of screaming fans, the arena looks huge and the fans look ready, the camera goes to Mike and Jim who are smiling and cant wait to get things started.

Mike - Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are LIVE, here in Mexico City in the "Arena Mexico", and what a special night we will have it is Rare Survival!

Jim - The bloodiest!, most dangerous!, and BIGGEST Pay Per View WWKF has to offer, you can very well say this Pay Per View is barley legal!

Mike - Thats right Jim why dont we tell the fans watching at home what we have tonight.

Jim - Well we have a 2 Triple Threat Main Events, one triple threat main event is from the Slim Survivals Brand, for the Main Event Championship, as Killer takes on PowerBomb360 and Prince Harming!.

Mike - Thats right and the other is from the Beatdown Brand as it has 2 championships on the line, the Golden Crown Championship and Heavyweight Championship, as Chris Jericho takes on Christian and KingOfDX!

Jim - Oh yes, but theres more, DXLatin takes on Lance Kent, Carl J and Solution in a 1 on 3 Handicap Brooklyn Beatdown Match, the match has many stipulations as if DXLatin loses this match he will be fired, Alyssa wont get her job back and Perfection will become "New Generations offical property".

Mike - Ya and you cant forget that WWKF has officaly won the War of WWKF vs GCW, as GCW has closed down out of the blue.

Jim - They must've been afraid..

Mike - Who knows?, we dont know what happened over there with management, but they did but up a good fight.

Jim - Thats right but the WWKF vs GCW Match that was announced is still suppose to happen, a rising star in the WWKF, Alex Wilder, takes on Jack Carter and Masa Onita, with his partners, Kalvin Brown and Jamie Hayden.

Mike - Do you think the Iceman and Jamie can Co-Exist?

Jim - Anything, and I mean Anything can happen at Rare Survival Mike, we can only sit back, wait for the match, and find out.

Ladies and Gentlmen, please welcome, the WWKF Heavyweight Champion, "Y2J" Chris Jerichoooooo!

Chris Jericho walks down the ramp holding his WWKF Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder, hes wearing a black suit, and he doesnt look happy as usual. The fans begin to boo loudley, confused as to why hes comming out, they were expecting to see him later in the Main Event not in the beginning of the show, he slides into the ring and grabs a microphone.

I know, I know. You "liars" didnt want to kick off the show with me, I know what goes through your heads, you rather have the show start off with people like Alex Wilder, Prince Harming, DXLatin and KingOfDX. I understand. Liars will cheer for liars, and liars will look down on the honest people, an honest man like me..

The fans begin to boo loudley, chanting "Y2FUCKED?"

And thats what Im talking about. I have said nothing wrong, done nothing bad to you hypacrits, and yet this is the response I recieve?, well dont worry, you'll be happy to hear that tonights Beatdown Main Event will not include Chris Jericho, Im injured, and I cant defend my WWKF Heavyweight Championship.

Chris Jericho smiles, and a large amount of Boos are heard, chanting "A Coooward"

I speak the truth. I am siriously injured, as a matter of fact I cant even walk to the ring, that explains the wheel chair Im sitting o....

Chris Jericho quickly bites his tounge, he then quickly trys to pretend he didnt mess up.

Im very very injured, which explains why I was limping to the ring...

The fans begin to Boo loudley as they know Jericho is lying and just doesnt want to put his title on the line, they begin to chant "We Wont Pay"

The fans erupt in cheers as Rattlesnake walks down the ramp, behind him is Richard Kennedy, Rattlesnake slides into the ring and snatches the mic from Jericho.

Let me get this straight... your injured and you wont be able to compete tonight?

Thats exactly right.

...Ok, I wouldnt want one of WWKF's stop stars getting screwed out of a victory because of one stupid injury, your free to go...

Rattlesnake steps aside, allowing Chris Jericho to move forward and leave the arena, Chris Jericho stands there, surprised by what is happening, he looks at Rattlesnake shocked, the fans begin to boo loudley. Chris Jericho pats Rattlesnake on the shoulder smiling, Rattlesnake smiles back at him, Jericho walks forward but before he gets out of the ring Rattlesnake grabs his arm tight, Jericho turns around and Rattlesnake snatches the WWKF Heavyweight Championship.

You stupid bastard...

The fans begin to cheer loudley, as Jericho looks mad and confused, Rattlesnake cocks in a smile.

When I said your free to go... did you hear "with the Heavyweight Championship".. because I definetly dont remember saying that...

What the hell are you talking about?

This Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in the Beatdown Main Event, WITH or WITHOUT you...

The fans begin to cheer loudley

What the hell is that suppose to mean!??

It means, you can leave, but this title is going to be on the line, you can showup to your match, or you can go back to the hotel, either or, this Championship will be on the line along with the Golden Crown Championship in the Beatdown Main Event.

What no you ca-


Rattlesnakes theme plays again as the fans cheer loudley, Rattlesnake slides out of the ring holding the WWKF Heavyweight Championship, leaving Jericho stand in the middle of the ring looking very upset.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:34 pm

Mike - Im not surprised with Jericho trying to escape the match he has for his Heavyweight Championship, its just typical Y2J.

Jim - I agree with you, hes always trying to find ways to get the easy way out, and now he has a choice, either go to the match or dont, but his Championship will be on th line with or without him, you think he'll show?

Mike - Im not sure, but I know for sure that he'll have somthing up his sleeves.

Jim - Most likely, well right now we're kicking Rare Survival off with the WWKF Tough Enough Championship Match, the Most Hated, Master Of Disaster, takes on New Generation's Non-Stop for the Tough Enough Championship

Mike - And lets take a look at the video package...

King Of Kings Tournament March 15th 2009

Ladies and Gentlmen the following is a Ladder Match, above is a suitcase, inside is a contract for the Tough Enough Championship, the winner will face the champion at Rare Survival for the Tough Enough Championship!!

**Video Shows a Bunch Of Highlights From The Match Then Shows The Ending**

M.O.D then goes behind Kane and applies the White Out, as Kane trys to escape but he cant, as its locked in tight, but what M.O.D doesnt notice is Ricky is climbing the ladder, the fans try to warn M.O.D but hes too distracted, he wants to hurt Kane, Ricky grabs the briefcase and trys to pull it off but he also notices its stuck, he then notices that its tied with a chain, Ricky begins to untie it.

M.O.D then begins to hear Kane scream in pain, he lets go of Kane and Kane falls down knocked out, M.O.D looks up and sees that Ricky has finally untied the case, M.O.D has to do somthing, but he thinks theres nothing he can do fast enough, he then desperetly runs toward the ladder dropkicks it, and the ladder and Ricky fall out of the ring, the briefcase then falls as Ricky untied it but it lands right in M.O.D's hands as he catches it and the fans cheer loudley.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, Maaaaster Of Disaaaaster!!


I have held this tough enough championship not once, but twice and it is going to be a good feeling knowing that it is coming back to papa because i will retain the gold that is mine, i deserve to have this, this title is mine, and i don't care who i have to beat in order to get my Title, the toughest thing about having to leave WWKF about a year ago, was when i had to let go of my tough enough belt.


Im retaining this title, I dont give a danm how much you want it, or how much you miss it all I care about is New Generation and this title on my shoulder that isnt leaving my shoulder!


Tuesday Night Beatdown April 21st 2009

Non-Stop locks M.O.D in a camel clutch as we see Solution coming , he slides in the ring and sees M.O.D face , then he starts kicking and kicking it , the referee tells him to stop but he doesn't wants to stop , the referee calls for the bell as M.O.D wins this match via Disqualification

The winner by disqualificationnn....Master of Disaaaster !!!!!

Jack - Ah , c'mon leave him alone !

Brian - The match is over , get outta here !

Then Lance Kent and Carl J come running and they slide in the ring quickly , then Non-Stop releases M.O.D from the camel clutch as he falls down on the ground and all the members of New Generation start to stomp on him


after the 24/7 Kick, his head is going to be so FUCKED, his head will not only bobble in figures, but in real life...



Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a Rare Survival Normal Match, It is for the WWKF Tough Enough Championship, introducing first, the challenger, WWKF's Most Hated, Maaaaster Of Disaaaaster!

Master Of Disaster walks down the ramp, his purple suit, and a sadistic smile on his face, the fans begin to boo loudley, he slides into the ring and does the title around the waist tuant, he looks over at the curtains and looks confident, he smiles.

And his opponent, the WWKF Tough Enough Champion, 1/4 of New Generation, NOON-STOOOP!

Non-Stop walks out of the curtains smiling, behind him is Carl J, Solution, and Lance Kent, they all begin to whisper to eachother as they look at Master Of Disaster, all of a sudden Non-Stop gives all 3 men props, and they leave, he walks down the ramp and slides into the ring, smiling at Master Of Disaster, he holds up his title, and the reff takes it, they both then come to the center of the ring and stare down eachother.


Non-Stop and M.O.D begin to stare down eachother, words being exchanged, all of a sudden Non-Stop shoves M.O.D, M.O.D goes far as the fans go "OOOH" abit surprised by Non-Stops strength, Non-Stop smiles, M.O.D then goes back to the center and shoves Non-Stop, Non-Stop doesnt go far at all, before Non-Stop can smile about it, M.O.D runs at him and clotheslines him to the floor as he falls down hard.

The fans boo loudley, M.O.D begins to stomp on Non-Stop not letting him up, he then picks him up after a couple more angry stomps, he irish whips him towards the turnbuckle, but the athletic ablitly of Non-Stop gets the best of M.O.D, as he gets irish whiped, he jumps up high, landing on the top turnbuckle, he then jumps off with a huge splash, landing on M.O.D and they both crash onto the center of the ring as the fans chant "HOLY SHIT"

Mike - SHIT did you see that??, I havent seen that side of Non-Stop in awhile!

Jim - Ya!, and I was expecting M.O.D to catch him!

Both men slowly roll onto their backs, they use the ropes to lift themselves up, and as they both get on their feet at the same time, Non-Stop sees M.O.D is unaware, he seems to be groggy, not standing straight, Non-Stop runs towards him in full speed but as this happens M.O.D ducks down and pulls the top rope downwards, Non-Stop then tripes and falls out of the ring, over the top ropes, the fans give M.O.D a mixed reaction, all of a sudden, M.O.D gets up, he smiles and the fans cheer

Jim - They're cheering for M.O.D!!

Mike - Not for him, but because of what hes thinking, look at him!

Master Of Disaster looks at Non-Stop whos layed outside of the ring, he then looks over to the announce table where the Tough Enough title is, he then looks back at Non-Stop, a smile grows, he then runs accross the ring, he bounces off the ropes, and as Non-Stop is slowly getting up, M.O.D jumps out of the ring committing a suicide dive outside of the ring landing on Non-Stop as the fans go on their feet and cheer and chant "WHAT THE FUCK?"


Mike - We all know that Master Of Disaster was one of the best high flyers and extremist as of the days in 2007 and 2008, but we never knew he still had it in him!

Both men are layed out, not moving, but there are no countouts, the reff is just there to call in for bodybags just incase its needed, all of a sudden, Non-Stop and M.O.D roll to their sides, the camera zooms in and gets a surprise, so does the fans, M.O.D and Non-Stop are busted wide open, blood trickling down from their skull, a replay begins to play and it shows that as M.O.D does the suicide dive, both Non-Stop and M.O.D's heads collide hard. Non-Stop gets up, as he turns around he notices M.O.D is nowhere to be found, he was watching the replays and wasnt paying attention, but the fans all know that M.O.D slid under the ring, a couple of fans begin to tell Non-Stop M.O.D is under the ring, and as they tell him, Non-Stop shakes his head smiling.

Non-Stop goes under the ring, but all of a sudden.. BAM!, Non-Stop goes flying, his jaw looking like it broke, a ladder came flying out of nowhere from out of the ring, causing it to hit Non-Stop square in the face, he crashes into a barrcade. M.O.D comes out of the ring with the ladder, he sets it up outside of the ring, Non-Stop is slowly getting up, as M.O.D climbs the ladder he gets to the top, every single person in the arena is quiet, waiting in anticipation, they know that M.O.D is going to go flying when Non-Stop gets up, but the silence breaks, as Non-Stop is just about to get to his feet, a fan close to Non-Stop wearing a New Generation shirt, just cant keep quiet he yells "NON-STOP WATCH OUT!!", M.O.D knows he has to jump now.

Non-Stop looks at the fan confused, not knowing what hes talking about, all of a sudden he looks at the titantron and sees M.O.D diving towards him, all of a sudden the fan takes a steel chair that he was sitting on, and closes it, he then tosses it at Non-Stop, Non-Stop catches it, he turns around to hit M.O.D with it, and as this happens, M.O.D switches his stance in the air, into a dropkick stance, he then dropkicks the chair and dropkicks Non-Stop, causing the chair to smack onto Non-Stops head an they both crash to the floor yet again.


Non-Stops head is covered in red, blood pouring from his skull and nose, M.O.D seems to have injured his left leg, he holds it in pain and the fans end their "Holy Shit" chant, Non-Stop gets up slowly, he wipes blood off his face, he then looks at his hand and is in complete shock, his hand is covered in dark blood, he didnt know he had that much blood from his face, hes mad now, he grabs M.O.D and throws him into the ring, he then grabs the steel chair again, the camera zooms into the steel chair and you can auctually see a dent in it, thats how hard he got hit, and you can tell he wont be in the match for much longer, hes barley walking, as he gets into the ring he smashes M.O.D's legs with the steel chair and M.O.D yells out in pain.

Non-Stop then is about to hit his legs again with the steel chair but M.O.D lifts both his legs up causing the chair to get out of Non-Stops hands, M.O.D then kicks up and jumps to his feet, he yells in pain because of his legs, Non-Stop looks scared, M.O.D looks confident, he then runs to Non-Stop and BAM!, out of nowhere a 24/7 Kick from Non-Stop, M.O.D falls down hard, Non-Stops eyes are starting to close, he has nothing more left in him, the 24/7 kick was probobly all the power he had left, he falls down ontop of M.O.D, not even knowing that hes auctually pinning M.O.D


Here is your winner and STILL, the WWKF Tough Enough Champion, NON-STOOOP!

Non-Stop lays on the floor ontop of M.O.D as a bunch of paramedics slide into the ring and bring both Non-Stop and M.O.D into the stretcher, you can see blood stains all over the ring, decorating the ring, the scene then fades
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sat Apr 25, 2009 6:44 pm

Blossom is backstage smiling, she looks at the camera, and you can hear the sound of the fans outside as they are really excited to be at Rare Survival.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Im backstage with DXlatin and Christina Martinez!.

DXLatin is smiling, wearing his New & Improved Shirt, he has his arm around Christina as her head is on his shoulder.

You both have very big and important matches dont you think?

Well no shit sherlo-

YES!, we do...

DXLatin interupts Christina, he looks at her as if saying "Come on now", then looks at Blossom and continues

Big matches that will come out with a BIG win for the both of us.

Well Christina what do you think?

Well I really think you should be in the Divas Battle Royal with me.

haha really?, whys that?

Because you need to be out there getting your ass handed to you along with all those other divas.

What the hell is your problem?, I have done nothing wrong with you.

Your my problem you ugly whore.

DXLatin quickly steps infront of both ladies, he smiles at the camera, a big smile, as if getting the attention of the ladies and onto him, the fans luagh and begin a 5150 Chant.

Girls girls girls... relax... we're at Rare Survival. This is the night I shutup Lance Kent, this is the night, you Christina, get one step closer to having gold around your waist, and you Blossom.. this is the night you..

DXLatin thinks about what hes going to say for awhile, relizing shes nothing but an Interviewer and theres nothing special for her.

Well... .. Blossom... this is the night you.. , ya.. I gotta take a piss.

DXLatin walks away as the fans cheer "WHOOOOPS", Christina then looks at Blossom, not taking her eyes off her.

You watch yourself...

Christina then turns around walking away as Blossom shakes her head.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sat Apr 25, 2009 6:47 pm

The camera then goes out to the WWKF Parking Lot, Chris Jericho gets in his car and begins to start the engine, a bunch of camera men run over to him and begin to flim him.

[Camera Man]
Jericho!, where exactly are you going?


Chris Jericho then honks his car many times, the camera men get out of the way and Chris Jericho drives off out of the arena, as his engine makes a loud noise.
Mike - Looks like somebody is going to miss out this great night

Jim - Ya now we can say that we will have a NEW Heavyweight Champion FOR SURE.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:53 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for a Money In The Bank Ladder Maaaaatch! Introducing first, The Rated R Superstar... EDGE!

Edge walks down the ramp smiling, wearing his black jacket and his Rated R Attire, he slides into the ring, and grabs a mic, the fans begin to boo loudley.


Edge then looks around as the fans boo loudley, he then relizes hes not in New York, he chuckles and shakes his head.

Oh Im sorry, looking around for a minute, all you people looked like New Yorkers, I mean you guys have the same disgusting smell, the same ugly faces, and the same bad taste for professional wrestlers!

The fans begin to boo loudley and the fans chant "BURN IN HELL", Edge smiles.

I just wanted to say that Big Daddy J is not here tonight, infact you wont see him around for awhile, it looks like hes scared, WWKF hasnt seen or heard from him, I cant blame him, afterall his House did burn down.
Mike - What?? Why am I hearing this for the first time?

But hey he wasnt any competition in this match so it wont matter, Im going to be Mr.Money In The Bank, for the SECOND Time!

And next, Mr...MoneyBaaaags!

Moneybags walks down the ramp smiling, wearing his cowboy hat, in his hands are a bunch of dollar bills, he throws them at the floor instead of sharing with the fans, he then slides into the ring and looks up at the briefcase.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am just getting word that Jeff Hardy has been released, replacing this man.... JAAACK LIGHTNING!

Jack Lightning runs out of the curtains smiling, the fans begin to cheer loudley, he walks down the ramp and Edge and Moneybags dont look too happy, he slides into the ring and points up at the briefcase.

And next... Riiicky Wilde!

Ricky Wilde walks down the ramp smiling with a new haircut and a new look, the fans cheer loudley, he slides into the ring, and smiles, he looks up at the breifcase and looks around.

And next... 10 feet tall... IRONEEEEX!

IronEX walks down the ramp smiling, he walks over the ropes, and looks up at the breifcase and begins to luagh, all he has to do is probobly climb one step onto the ladder and he'll get the briefcase, ricky, jack, edge and Moneybags dont look happy.

And last... replacing Big Daddy J.... BBAAAAM BAAAAM KAAAANAA!

All of a sudden a military tank begins to drive near the ramp, the fans look at it, and out of the tank comes out Bam Bam Kana he has a microphone, he then points up at an American Flag in the arena.


All of a sudden bullets fly out of the tank and cut holes through the flag, the flag then catches fire as the fans boo loudley.


He gets out of the tank smiling, he walks down the ramp, and slides into the ring, he looks up at the breifcase and all of a sudden IronEX and Bam Bam Kana begin to shake hands, and now the other superstars look really mad.


Just as the bell rings every superstar runs toward both Bam Bam Kana and IronEX, they all obviously knock down Bam Bam Kana, he falls outside of the ring and now everyone begins taking shots at IronEX, kicking him, elbowing him, and punching him, but hes just stumbling back, and now IronEX has had enough he screams out really loud, and he shoves every superstar, causing them to go flying, Edge and MoneyBags fall outside of the ring, Ricky hits himself onto a turnbuckle and Jack Lightning leans himself on the rope.

IronEX then runs forward and kicks Jack right in the face, it makes a big noise and Jack falls over the top rope as the fans boo loudley. IronEX begins to smile, he looks at Ricky hes about to attack him but he notices that Ricky is pretty hurt, he doesnt bother, he walks out of the ring and begins to grab a ladder, and all of a sudden everyone that was outside of the ring (except for Bam Bam Kana who seems to be missing) begins to attack IronEX, punching him and kicking him, and there is a big war in the front of the ring, Ricky gets back on his feet, he slides out of the ring, and grabs a ladder, nobody notices him, he then slides into the ring with the ladder and sets it up, its a huge huge 30 feet ladder, Ricky begins to climb it and he notices the Briefcase is abit more lower, hes above it, instead of unhooking it easily, he shakes his head.

He looks at the front of the ring from above and sees just everybody attacking IronEX, all of a sudden, Ricky knows he hasnt done anything "Extreme" but theres a first for everything, he jumps off the ladder, ignoring the fear, and he lands on everyone, and everyone falls to the floor including IronEX.

The fans begin to cheer loudley, and they all chant "THAT WAS WILDE *CLAP CLAP CLAP* THAT WAS WILDE" Everyone seems to be knocked out. And out of under the ring, Bam Bam Kana slides out, he quickly gets into the ring, he climbs the ladder quickly.
Mike - Hey Jim, Look up!, its a bird, its a plane, its the Kana!!

Jim - That sneaky bastard!!

Bam Bam Kana begins to try to unhook the breifcase but all of a sudden he slips, the ladder falls down and Bam Bam Kana is hanging onto the breifcase, he looks down and begins to scream, a loud high pitch scream, the fans begin to luagh, as Bam Bam Kana just screams, and now Edge is the first one to get up, he gets a table from under the ring, he then walks over to the announce table, he takes off the monitors.
Mike - Woah watch out!

Mike and Jim get out of the way, Edge then sets the table ontop of the announce table, the fans confused as to whats going to happen, he slides back into the ring, he grabs the ladder and sets it close to the edge of the ring, Kana still screaming, Edge climbs the ladder, he gets a few steps to the top and smiles, the fans begin to wait in anticipation, and as Kanas body slowly turns, hanging on the briefcase, Edge jumps off the ladder, spearing Bam Bam Kana, they fly through the air, they then crash through the table and then crash through the announce table, the impact makes a loud BOOM noise and the fans begin to go crazy, chanting "HOLY SHIT"

Edge and Bam Bam Kana look dead, they are not moving and barley breathing, and just then IronEX gets to his feet, he walks over the ropes and sets the ladder up he begins to climb the ladder, he only climbs up about 4 steps and reaches for the briefcase, all of a sudden Ricky and Jack slide into the ring, they try to drop the ladder but IronEX is too heavy, Jack then slides out of the ring, Ricky climbs the ladder, he begns to throw shots at IronEX, and then he trys to suplex IronEX off the ladder, but its obviously not looking too good, as this is happening Jack has another ladder he sets it up leaning it on the ladder IronEX and Ricky is on, IronEX punches Ricky right in the skull and Ricky stops, he looks hurt.

IronEX doesnt care, he picks up Ricky, he then body presses him and throws him out of the ring as the fans watch Ricky fall chest first right onto the mat hard, the fans look very concerned, Jack Lightning then runs up the leaning ladder and he trys to clothesline IronEX that doesnt work, IronEX catches him, then IronEX climbs the ladder fully, the fans go on their feet excited, not believing what is about to happen, and then IronEX, holding Jack Lighting, jumps off the ladder, falling to the mat, he then lands ontop of Jack, the ring cant handle the weight, the ropes snap, the ring begins to shake and the Money In The Bank Breifcase falls.

The fans begin to cheer loudley chanting "Holy Shit", and just as the briefcase falls, Ricky who is on his back now, catches the briefcase as it falls on his hands, the bell than rings and Ricky looks really hurt but really happy.

Here is your winner, and Mr.Money In The Bank, Riiiicky Wilde!

Ricky slowly gets up, holding his chest, he holds the briefcase up high.
Mike - Champions watch out, WWKF is going WILDE!

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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sat Apr 25, 2009 9:31 pm

KingOfDX is backstage with Blossom as the scene re-opens, he looks really happy, hes wearing a Chris Jericho t-shirt, and wearing a hat that says "Y2J", he has a big smile on his face.

KingOfDX.. Chris Jericho left the arena earlier, Im sure your aware of that, I want to get your thoughts, and maybe an explanation as to why your wearing some Chris Jericho merchandise?

Its simple, my thoughts?, I dont even know, Im too darn happy auctually..., the Chris Jericho merchandise?, well Jericho has offically become my favorite wrestler, he left the arena, and now I can say that there is nobody stopping me from getting the gold... well golds that I deserve. If Jericho would've stayed he would've done somthing tricky, made me sign a contract, do somthing behind the Reffs back, anything, anything at all that will help him retain his title. Now I dont have to worry about any bullshit happening, and I definetly dont have to worry about getting screwed out of victory.

As KingOfDX finishes talking, Killer is seen right behind him, KingOfDX turns around and Killer stands their holding his WWKF Main Event Championship on his shoulder.

Now if your done your little fairy tale speech, I think the fans would like to see somebody Important talk. Because enough is enough, at first I thought you wanted to be Triple H, you stand here and do my eyes decieve me?, or do you want to be Chris Jericho now, that would explain why you dont have your best friend, the sledgehammer with you.

KingOfDX chuckles shaking his head, he looks around then looks at Killer.

Do my eyes decieve me?, wheres your girlfriend?, I wouldnt blame her for not being with you, we all saw Christina with DXLatin, but where Brittney?, she has been emberassed of you, maybe shes over with Princess Paul, I heard somthing about a "Show and Tell" Brittney was giving him...

Killer goes nose to nose with KingOfDX now, both men staring deep into eachothers eyes, and Blossom calls in some secruity who stands by just incase somthing is about to happen, Killer then backs away and looks at his title then looks at KingOfDX.

Only god knows that your jelous of me and my championship, only god knows that your Ric Flair Wannabe General Manager makes you the top superstar for no reason, and only God knows that Im retaining my championship tonight, and that your championship dreams will only dissapear... AGAIN. Your life story is simply pretending to be somone your not and dreaming. So wear your Chris Jericho shirt and wear it with pride, thats the closest you'll ever get to the Heavyweight Championship!

Killer cocks in a smile and luaghs, he pats KingOfDX in the cheek, this gets KingOfDX really mad, Killer then backs away with his Championship, he then walks away as he yells out "Dream On Triple H"
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:22 pm

Perfection is backstage sitting down, shes holding her WWKF Womens Championship and shes smiling brightly at the camera.

I wanted to make an announcement, somthing that I want to address to DXLatin, Lance Kent, the fans, and the whole WWKF Locker room...

Perfection pulls her hair back, then looks back up into the camera.

For weeks, I have been trying to win back DXLatin, make him relize that I still cared for him and sill loved him, tried to make him relize that all the lies Brittney Knox said to him were just lies, expecially with that fake video footage. For weeks I tried to talk to him, only to get bitched at by Christina Martinez or to get ignored by DXLatin.

Her smile is gone now, shes talking very sirious.

I wanted to just say that Im done. This thing ends tonight. DXLatin I am done trying to win you back, I've found somone that cares for me now, somebody that will believe me when I say the words.. "I love you", somebody that will stick with me and care for me. DXLatin, you know him very well, and tonight, in your Custody Match, win or lose, you will find out who that man is.

Perfection gets up and says thanks to the camera man, she takes her championship and walks off.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:19 pm

War Machine" by Kiss plays...Jack Carter and Masa Onita come down the isle. The mixture of cheers and boos very evident. Both are wearing black jeans and black biker boots. Carter's wearing an old ECW shirt of Tazz, but it has an " x" pained across it. Onita has a GCW shirt with an "X" painted across it. Theyu enter the ring and Onita immediately mocks Rob Van Dam's "thumb tro the shoulders" routine.

Jim: They come out to Tazz's old theme song, and then Masa makes fun of RVD.

Mike: Well, Carter recently beat the recently released from WWE Tazz and Onita got a pinfall victory over Rob Van Dam, so they have that right.

Jim: These are the same guys that helped beat up rattlesnake last week.

Mike: and what happens? Rattlesnake gave them full time employment, is that how you get a job or promotion around here now? Beat the owner up?

Jim: Nobody else here has had the guts to do it.

Carter grabs the mic smiling


Tonight...WWKF...makes one of the most historic wrestling the world..right here in Arena Mexico...

The fans begin to cheer loudley

Anyone..who has been anyone...has dreamed of wrestling in this building....

As the fans cheer a camera man gets closer to Carter's face.


Why anyone would dream of wanting to be in this fucking pisshole...I'll never know.

The fans suddenly boo loudly and Onita chuckles

Mike: I knew he wasn't going to be nice for long.

Jim: When have they ever been nice, to anyone?


This building has some of the worst toilet systems I've ever seen. I had 4 tacos from the food stand over there and they sucked..and fans like

Jack walks over to his left smiling

and expecially,YOU...suck as bad as this building does.

Onita gets the mic looking pretty happy.


Last week on Slim Survivals, we did the unspeakable...we beat the owner of this company up..we beat him up, blew his car up, blew Killer's car up, and they all week long, didn't have the balls, to say shit about it, you know why? because they know fucking better, and their smart enough to keep their traps shut, unlike you fans who...SHUT UP I SAID!

The fans boo and chant "you suck you suck you suck".


yeah? We suck? Wait until you see our hands raised in victory, then you'll smarten up to the fact that it's you MORONS, that suck.


Alex Wilder, Jamie Hayden and Kalvin Brown, it's going to suck to be you, because you, have to face us, the undisputed greatest tag team ever to be in professional wrestling, and the team that's totally undefeated here in WWKF. We've been bound for glory from first day we teamed together, all you three are bound for? is defeat. plain simple, cut and dry, you bums are going to lose, and then everyone in WWKF will again be in an uproar because they'll again see that they nobody on their roster anywhere, that can ever beat us, they're going to be pissed, and these peso collecting bums we havefor fans, are gonna be pissed too...SHUT UP..STOP BOOING"!

The fans boo real loud now


So tonight, when we win again, right here on Pay per View...all you stinking smelly, low life unemployed BUMS...

The fans boo still very loud

Can bow down to the greatness that is us and appreciate the fact that you speant your hard earned...wait a people are jobless winos, what was I talking about...'work'..

The fans boo again

Work for you is siesta time which is all the time...

The fans boo again

You zipperheads can appreciate that you spent your hard stolen money, on us...and that we're not gonna spend one dime of this stinking shitplace you call Mexico, so how you liike that"!

As the fans boo, Their three opponents come down the isle and get a house mic. The fans begin to cheer.

You guys talk a good game, and yeah you got some real good wins here in WWKF, but we're not going to let you walk over us... oh my bad guess I forgot, Im not the hero anymore, let me change that... IM not going to let you walk all over ME.

The fans give Alex a mixed reaction as Jamie and Kalvin look at him and Jack yells "oh is that so, is that so"..

Jack piece of biker trash...

The fans go "OOOOH"

The three of us may not like one another but hell, against the two of you, we have the advantage, we may not have the experience you have, but there's strength in numbers, and us three...ARE GOING TO KICK YOUR ASSES TONIGHT!

You like to say that you are what we wish we could be, well you guys, are going to get your asses kicked,by us three, so eat that Onita and Carter.

They flip off Onita and Carter and head up the isle as the fans begin to cheer loudley.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for a Singles Match which will feature two handicaped former WWKF Superstars engage in battle, Introducing First, Princeeeeesss Paaaaaul!

Princess Paul walks down the ramp, hes wearing a pink skirt, flip flops, and a apron that reads "Kiss The Anderson", hes also holding a spatchula, he has a big smile on his face as the fans cheer, he slides into the ring and begins to jump up and down he grabs a mic.

Hello one another, Paul is speakng to you, he is the men with the pink skirt in the middle of the ring, yes it is I that I am reffering to, I would like to take this time to invite all of you to nice barbeque at my house, ok?, I have a couple of kittens I keep in garage, they will make nice meal for the afternoon.

Mike - Ok I had enough of this already, first of its 8:30 right now, and we past the afternoon, second of all, why the hell is this man wearing a skirt and an apron?, hes about to compete in a match for crying out loud, somone shut this off.

Jim - Come on man, cheer up, just sit back and relax.

And the opponent, Ruuuuuuuuuuudolph!

Rudolph walks down the ramp holding a toilet, hes smiling, a big smile, all of a sudden a bunch of the fans are seen covering their noses and saying "eww", Rudolph looks inside the toilet only to see a disgusting surprise, he closes the lid and appologizes, he then slides into the ring and sets the toilet down.


Mike - Ok.. I think Im going to leave, call me when this is over.

Jim - Come on man, stay, this is Rare Survival, anything can happen!

Mike - Im pretty sure I dont want to know whats going to happen between thease two men.

Hello people of Mexico, I have some fun questions for you today. First Question, do Frogs have penises?, and if they do have penises, does this mean they can get an erection, I have always wondered this because it would be funny if a frog could jump up with an erection and poke somebodys eyes out.

Mike - Ya... I think Im gonna go.

Jim - Why??

Mike - They arnt even fighting!!

Jim - Woah I dont know about that, look over at Princess Paul, he looks abit jelous.

Princess Paul stands there looking at Rudolph, Rudolph is in the center of the ring and Paul seems to be jelous that Rudolph is getting all the attention.

This.... Is.... My.... Spotlight....

Second question... can you people do this..?

Rudolph sets the microphone down, he then gets on his knees, opens the toilet lid, all of a sudden he sticks his head in the toilet, and you can hear him making bubbles inside the toilet you can hear groaning from the fans making an "Ughhh Eww" noise, all of a sudden Paul had enough.


Princess Paul runs at full speed towards Rudolph, he bends down, takes his spatchula and begins to smack Rudolphs ass with it, over and over again, the fans give in a mixed reaction.

Jim - Ok... I think Im going to have to agree with you now Mike.

Mike - Oh dear lord, wasnt that toilet unflushed or somthing??

Rudolph gets up, and bends more down allowing Paul to smack his ass even more with the spatchula, Rudolph begins to moan load.


Mike - Is he shiting himself...?, where are all those brown stains appearing from in his backside of his tights???

Jim - Im getting word that WWKF Management wants this match stopped right now

Mike - So??, why are they telling us, Im not stopping thease two.

Jim- Well somebody better get in there before Rare Survival gets ruined.

All of a sudden the fans erupt in cheers, they all look happy to see WWKF Legend and Hall Of Famer Hooded Freak in the top of the ramp, he has a sadistic smile on his face, he runs down the ramp, he slides into the ring and clotheslines Paul right to the floor hard, he then bouncess off the ropes and delivers a huge big boot to the face of Rudolph as the fans chant "Freak Show"

Hooded Freak then takes Pauls head and shoves it deep inside the toilet, he then picks up Rudolph and slams him in the middle of the ring with the "Freak Of Nature", he smiles as hes standing tall, in the middle of the ring.
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The scene goes to a Medical Room backstage, Kalvin Brown is sitting down on the bed, he looks unhappy, hes holding an icepack on the side of his head, paremedics are trying to get him to lay down.

Im fine!, for the hundreth time!, fuck.

Kalvin gets up from the bed and hes about to walk out of the room but Alex comes running in, he bumbs into Kalvin hard, and looks at him.

Not that I care about your condition, but I do care about winning, what the fuck happened??

Gee thats great to hear, some idiot attacked me in the Mens Washroom backstage while those retards were having their so called "match".

Do you know who??

No.. once again, for the second time now, SOME IDIOT ATTACKED ME. Do you need to hear that again?

Shutup, I heard what you said the first time, do you have any idea who did then?

Carter and Onita for sure.

Your ok to wrestle right?

Ya, whoever it was doesnt know who to injure somone. By the way wheres Jamie?

Last I heard he was in his locker room working out.

Ok. Well all 3 of us are going to kick their asses tonight.

Correction. Im going to kick their asses tonight, you and Hayden can sit back and watch me, ok pumpkin.

Alex Wilder rubs Kalvins head and chuckles as he walks out of the room.
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DXLatin is in his locker room, hes sitting down looking at an album he made with pictures of all his historic momments, he smiles as he remembers some things, all of a sudden the door knocks.

Just come on in.

The door slowly opens and Alyssa walks in, he sets the album down, gets up and smiles at her, she smiles back.

Are you.. worried for tonight?

Worried?, you know I've heard that question alot, and I would hate to say it but ya I am, Brooklyn Beatdown Rules Match, it should be called "What Lance Says Goes", he makes the rules, I basically made a stupid decision accepting the match, and changing it to even a handicap situtation.

Latin, I need you to be confident, If you lose, I dont get my job back and your fired.

DXLatin chuckles, he shakes his head smiling at her.

Im dissapointed in you Alyssa, if anybody knows what Im capable of, it should be you, you were Gm for a long time, you booked me in matches that were dangerous and "scary", you've seen me overcome the impossible, you've seen me hold gold, and lose gold, heh... you should know by now, that tonight, you can add to what you saw from me, cause tonight your going to see me give you your job back.

DXLatin smiles, Alyssa hugs him, he then has a weird look on his face.

...I appreciate the hug, but its kinda... gross, your my boss and hugging your boss..oh man.

The fans luagh as Alyssa lets go smiling.

Im not your boss..

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for the WWKF Undisputed Tag Team Championship and it is a Tag Team Championship Battle Royaaaal, Introducing the first team, Representing Beatdown, The Maaaasked Terroooors!

The Masked Terrors begin to walk down the ramp, all 3 of them then stop, raise their hands into the air and fireworks go off and they all give eachother high fives, the fans begin to boo them, they slide into the ring.

Introducing Team number 2, they are the only team representing BOTH Slim Survivals and Beatdown, Neeeew Generaaaations Carl J and Solutioooon!

Carl J and Solution walk down the ramp smiling, a cocky smile, they both walk down the ramp and slide into the ring and stare at all 3 Masked Terrors, they shake their heads.
Mike - You see what I see?

Jim - What?

Mike - So far its 4 on 3

Jim - No its auctually 3 on 2...

Mike - Carl J has the power of 2 men.

Jim - Ahh

And the third team, Representing Beatdown, Heeells Guaaardians!

Johnny Rocketfingers and Bad Blood walk down the ramp smiling, Johnny has a ciggertte in his ear, he takes it out, and brakes it in half, luaghing, they then slide into the ring and stare at New Generation and Masked Terrors with no fear in their eyes.

And Introducing the fourth team... Representing BOTH Slim Survivals and Beatdown, K-Generaaaation X!

Ricky Wilde walks down the ramp with his Money In The Bank Briefcase and Richard Kennedy walks down the ramp behind him dancing, they both slide down to the ring, and all of a sudden New Generation, Masked Terrors, and Hells Guardians begin to luagh, pointing at Richard Kennedy who is in his wrestling attire, now Richard doesnt look very happy, he looks at the Beatdown members in the match and they quickly be quiet not luaghing.

And the fifth team... Dreeeeaaam Killerrrs!

Alex Wilder walks down the ramp, a cocky smile, he then turns around and looks at Master Of Disaster, hes walking behind him, limping he doesnt look too good, a bunch of paramedics appear and they talk to M.O.D, and M.O.D nods his head saying hes ok, they leave and Alex and M.O.D slide into the ring as the fans boo loudley.


And as the bell rings it is just an all out war, the tag teams run into eachother and punches fly everywhere, the fans erupt in loud cheers, The camera zooms into a clear view of the action. Two Masked Terrors have already easily taken M.O.D down, its a 2 on 1 Assualt as they are stomping on him and not letting him get up and showing him no mercy.

Alex Wilder is battling with Carl J, trying to take the man down, hes throwing shots at him but he doesnt seem to react much to the shots, he shoves Alex hard, Alex bounces off the ropes, Carl J goes for a clothesline and Alex ducks, as he ducks the clothesline he gets caught with a big boot from a Masked Terror as the fans boo.

Hells Guardians are attacking Richard Kennedy, beating him with huge shots to the skull, maybe its because Richard never gave them a tag title shot on Beatdown, they are showing Richard no mercy, and Solution is battling with Mr.Money In The Bank Ricky Wilde. Ricky Wilde gets the better of him, he irish whips him towards the ropes, Solution bounces off the ropes and as this happens, Ricky dropkicks him hard to the floor and the fans cheer.

The two Terrors pick up M.O.D and as this happens, they pick him up high into the air, and they attempt to throw him out of the ring as this happens, M.O.D lands onto the apron, he then waves at one of the Terrors, the Terrors get angry and run towards him, he brings the top rope down and the Terror falls out of the ring, and now there are only 2 Terrors in the match.

Richard Kennedy cant fight with Hells Guardians they have too much experience as wrestlers and Richard really had no experience, Johnny drags him to the side and hits the "Smoked", then Bad Blood takes Richard and he clotheslines him out of the ring.

Bad Blood and Johnny Rocketfingers begin to smile, luaghing, Richard looks at them from outside of the ring, distracting them, Bad Blood and Johnny begin to mock him and make fun of them, and all of a sudden they both turn around and Ricky Wilde runs towards them and clotheslines both Bad Blood and Johnny out of the ring and the fans begin to cheer loudley and chant "Ricky"

Ricky Wilde begins to smile, he turns around and BAM!, Alex Wilder hits him with a vicious right hand and it sends Ricky out of the ring, Alex then smiles, he lifts his right hand up and blows the top of it, tuanting Ricky as the fans boo loudley, he then turns around and Solution trys to attack him, Alex easily fights him off but then out of nowhere Carl J attacks Alex and its a 2 on 1 Assualt, on the other side, M.O.D is also dealing with a 2 on 1 Assualt, doing his best to fight off the Masked Terrors.

Masked Terrors are just playing with M.O.D now, M.O.D is badly hurt and cant fight them off, One of the Masked Terrors take out brass knuckles from their pockets, the other Masked Terror holds M.O.D from behind, the Masked Terror with the brass knuckles studys M.O.D, he takes a few steps back, and then he runs straight to M.O.D, aiming his fist with the brass knuckles for M.O.D's skull but M.O.D gets loose and rolls out of the way, the Masked Terror hits his own partner with the brass knuckles right in the skull and he falls out of the ring, the fans cheering but booing for M.O.D

The Masked Terror turns around he swings his right fist around because its the one with the brass knuckles and M.O.D does his best to dodge it but Masked Terror isnt that hurt, he stops for a momment and remembers M.O.D cant move that fast, he runs at full speed and smashes his fist right into the skull of M.O.D as the brass knuckle connects right at the same spot he got hit with the 24/7 Kick, M.O.D stumbles backwards and he leans onto the ropes then falls over them and falls out of the ring.

Alex Wilder doesnt even know that his partner got eleminated hes now looking at a 3 on 1 Assualt, New Generation and Masked Terror, beating down Alex Wilder, all of a sudden Alex gets thrown to the floor by Carl J and all 3 men begin to stomp on him, Alex then rolls out of the ring, he didnt get eleminated because he never got out from over the top rope, and now that Alex is out of the ring, New Generation attacks Masked Terror with a 2 on 1 Assualt.

Alex begins to rest outside of the ring, he sees M.O.D getting helped up the ramp and he relizes he got eleminated, you can read his lips as you can see him say "Aw Shit"

In the ring, Solution clotheslines the Masked Terror right to the floor, then Carl J jumps up then lands down on Masked Terror, the ring makes a rumbling noise and the fans go "OOOOH!", 500 pounds slamming onto Masked Terrors body. Solution begins to luagh, they pick up Masked Terror and throw him over the top rope, they look around the ring and notice there the only ones left, they begin to smile and celebrate, forgetting about Alex.

All of a sudden Alex Wilder slides into the ring with a steel chair, the fans begin to boo loudley chanting "FUCK YOU", Alex smashes the steel chair onto the skull of Carl J, and then as Carl J stumbles back and falls over the top rope, he throws the steel chair onto Solutions skull, he then picks him up and hits the "Pure Imagination", he picks him up then throws him out of the ring.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winners, the WWKF Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Alex Wilder and Master Of Disaaaster!

Alex Wilder has a very cocky smile on his face, blood trickling down from his skull from the assualt from New Generation and Masked Terror, he picks up all 4 Tag Team Championships, and yells out in victory.
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The Brotherhood of The Damned Masa Onita and "Rebel Angel" Jack carter enter the building, Onita's pushing a shopping cart they stole from a grocery store up the block. As they past various WWKF staff, wrestlers, etc. nobody knows how to react to them.

They beat up WWKF owner Rattlesnacke last week, set the GCW titles they held on fire since that fed closed up shop, and the fact they have many wins over WWKF talent, nobody knows how to treat them or what to say to them, or what to expect from them next.

They walk down another hall and Rattlesnake stops talking to a staff aide and sees them. They stop and glare at Rattlesnake who is sitting down on a seat looking pretty emberassed, for a long moment, then were about to continue on, when...


...Well what the hell is in the cart?


We wre in a no disqualification match tonight, right?



No rules, anything goes in a no disqualification match, right?


Then don't worry about what's with the cart.

Onita pats Rattlesnake on the head like a puppy and smiles

You just worry about staying in your office playing owner, ok there, Teddy Long?

some WWKF wrestlers heard that and chuckled as nobody has ever talked back to the boss and treated him like the BOTD is doing, as Rattlesnake just shakes his head.

They start moving again but then Carter looks at Rattlesnake.

Nice shiner you got there, who actually gave you that swollen shut eye, was it me, or Onita here.

Just remember, we can, give you a matching one.

As they moved forward towards a locker room, Rattlesnake mumbles "assholes".

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Aundrea is backstage shes leaning onto the wall talking to DXLatin, he says somthing that makes her giggle, and she seems to be flirting with him, all of a sudden Christina Martinez steps in.

I know... that your not getting all sweet with my boyfriend.

Oh relax "sweetheart", I was just-

You were just begging him to tell me to go easy on you.

Wow.. yup, thats definetly what I was doing... stupid puta.

Now Christina Martinez and Aundrea go face to face, Christina not looking happy and Aundrea smiling, DXLatin slowly walks looking pretty mad for some reason, as the two divas are still staring eachother down, Nikki Banks walks up to them.

Oh dear... tell me, whats the point of arguing and calling eachother names if we all know, either of you wont walk out with the right to face any diva for their championship.

Oh thats funny, now let me know somthing, you and Aundrea are sisters, tell me, is your mom the retard, or is your dad?, cuz either way their traits got passed on to you bitches, Im the only one representing Slim Survivals, I come from a brand that has the most dominant divas, Im taking that #1 Contendership.

You know... I would beat the shit out of you right now, but Ill save it for our match.

Both of you need to relize that the #1 Contendership for any divas title, will be...

Nikki Banks turns her head to Christina Martinez.


Nikki Banks then turns her head to Aundrea.


Nikki Banks then stares at both of them smiling.

BANKS! .. . , and you say that Slim Survivals has the domiant divas, well maybe when I win Ill challenge Brittney or Perfection for their Womens Championship, move onto Slim Survivals and become Champion.... or maybe Ill challenge Alicia, stay on Beatdown, and continue to be the #1 Diva on Tuesday Nights.

Nikki Banks walks away smiling as Aundrea and Christina look at her unhappy.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:47 pm

Ladies and Genetlemen the following contest is a Divas Battle Royal, and the winner will get the right to have a match, anytime, anywhere, for any championship in the Divas Division, Introducing First, Heather Pheonix!

Heather Pheonix walks down the ramp, she doesnt look too happy, shes been on the losing side for the past week, she slides into the ring and makes the title around the waist tuant smiling.

And next, Nikki Baaaanks!

Nikki Banks walks down the ramp, she gets a mixed reaction, most of the fans cheering, she slides into the ring and raises her hands up into the air, looking at Heather.

And next, Auuuundrea!

Aundrea walks down the ramp, as she walks down the ramp you can hear a large amount of booing, and this only causes Aundrea to lift up both middle fingers and walks further down the ramp, she then slides into the ring and looks at Nikki and Heather shaking her head.

And last.... Christinaaaaaa Martinez!

Christina Martinez walks down the ramp, she looks pretty sirious, the fans boo her, she slides into the ring, and stares down at all 3 divas.

Alicia Jackson walks down the ramp with the Divas Championship smiling, the divas in the ring dont look too happy to see her, she walks over to the announce table and sits down between Mike and Jim, the fans cheer for her.


All 4 Divas slowly move to closest corner in the ring, they then study eachother, finding an opening, then all of a sudden Aundrea notices that Nikki is not looking at her, she runs accross the ring and clotheslines her onto the turnbuckle, and now the divas begin to fight. Aundrea begins to stomp on Nikki Banks, getting revenge on her.

Christina Martinez is getting her hands on Heather for the first time, she gets her in a front headlock and begin smashes her knees onto Heathers skull and things are getting really violent.

Heather then uses her strength to lift Christina up into the air, the fans cheer, Christina still holding onto Heathers head, Heather takes both her arms and pushes Christina up, this causes her to Bench Press Christina then drop her right onto the center of the ring and the fans go "OOOH" as Christina goes up high then drops down chest first.

Aundrea gets onto of Nikki Banks and viciously begins to attack her with elbows and punches, and you can start to see that Aundrea is out for blood the elbows and punches hit hard onto the skull, chin, and nose of Nikki Banks. Heather Pheonix stands there watching Christina layed out, she then watches as Aundrea continues to attack on her sister, and you can see blood on Aundreas elbow and fist, the camera then zooms into Nikki Banks face and it is busted wide open, and her whole face is just dripping with dark red blood, some of the kids in the arena covering their eyes and auctually crying.

Heather smiles at the scene, Aundrea then gets up, looking down at her sister.

What Now Puta!

Aundrea smiles, she slowly turns around and BAM!, a huge clothesline brings her down to the floor hard, the fans give in a mixed reaction, Heather picks up Aundrea by the hair then throws her accross the ring and she lands chest first and the fans go "OOOH!", amazed by Heathers strength.

Heather then walks over to Nikki Banks, she picks her up and her body is lifeless, her eyes closed, theres blood all over her, Heather grabs her by the head then trys to throw her over the top rope, but all of a sudden Nikki counters and hits her right in the face with a right hand, Heather stumbles back and leans on the ropes, she grabs her chin angrily, she then runs towards Nikki.

As this happens, Nikki kicks Heather right in the mid-section and with all the strength she may have left she hits the Beauty Killz, the fans cheer loudley, surprised, Christina slowly gets up she sees Heather knocked out on the ground, Aundrea knocked out on the ground, and Nikki partialy knocked out, she picks up Heather, seeing as how she may be the threat, she then throws her out of the ring and the fans cheer at the fact that Heather is eleminated.

Christina then walks over to Aundrea she picks her up by the hair, and as this happens, out of nowhere, unexpectedly, Aundrea grabs her by the head and hits the "Welcome To California Motherfucker", the fans cheer in surprise, Aundrea then jumps up, picks up Christina and throws her out of the ring, and now the fans cheer loudley, they go on their feet in anticipation.

Mike - OH MY GOD!, Do you know what this is???

Jim - No clue... what is this..?

Mike - FINALLY!, Nikki Banks vs Aundrea!, the fans cannot wait!

Jim - In my opinion who cares, both of them are not even 100 % right now.

Aundrea drops down, shes sitting down on the mat, catching her breath, Nikki is slowly getting up shes on one knee, she looks around and notices Aundrea is the only one left, Nikki smiles, and Aundrea smiles too, the fans cheering like crazy, Nikki and Aundrea both get up at the same time, both at a distance.

Nikki and Aundrea both come running at eachother, Nikki goes for a clothesline, Aundrea ducks, she bounces off the ropes, Nikki turns around, Aundrea goes for a clothesline, Nikki ducks, then Nikki Bounces off the ropes and now Aundrea bounces off the ropes aswell, they both come running at eachother at BAM!, both diva clothesline themselves and they are both knocked down!

Mike - Oh man what a collision!

After a couple of munites the fans begin to clap louder and louder, pleading for both divas to get up, Nikki Banks gets up slowly, and Aundrea notices this, Nikki is up now and shes stumbling, Aundrea then quickly gets up, she runs at Nikki, and spears her but she was leaning on the ropes, both divas fall out of the ring and the bell rings.

Jim - Woah who won??

Mike - We're going to go to a replay!

The replay goes on slow motion, Aundrea runs towards Nikki, spears her over the top ropes, as they are falling out of the ring, the camera zooms in, in slow motion, it shows Nikkis legs hit the floor first.

Jim - Aundrea won!!

Mike - Ya I saw it too!

The Reffs are still deciding who won, and all of a sudden Nikki and Aundrea both get into the ring complaining and saying that they won, the reff then gets notice that the match must be restarted, right when Nikki hears that the reff whispers it to the other reff, without waiting for the reff to announce a Restart in the match, Nikki turns Aundrea around and hits the "Beauty Killz"

Mike - WOAH! what a cheap move!

Jim - Well maybe the only way to beat Aundrea is to fight like Aundrea... Cheap

Nikki Banks still bleeding picks up Aundrea and throws her over the top rope and the fans cheer but some of the fans boo as they wanted Aundrea to win.

Here is your winner and the #1 Contender for any Divas Championship... Anytime, Anywhere.... Niiiiiikki Baaaaaanks!

Nikki Banks smiles, she looks at Alicia Jackson and looks at her Championship, Alicia stands up and holds her championship up high.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:58 pm

Christian has just arrived to the arena, he has his Golden Crown Championship on his shoulder, he also has his luggages behind him, hes smiling Blossom runs up to him.

Christian!, your here!, do you know what happened to Jericho?

Definetly, I was back at the hotel, I ordered the PPV back there in my room, and I was watching it, Its also recording as we speak, I saw Jericho walk out of the match like a crybaby, and I know he wasnt making that excuse of an injury because of KingOfDX, but he did because of me, he didnt want to get beat like he did on Beatdown.

Great, any specific reasons why your recording the ppv at home?

Uh.... no?, well, wait ya, there is, tonight, is a special night, its the night Captain Charisma becomes Heavyweight Champio-

KingOfDX walks by he has his sledgehammer on his shoulder smiling, Christian looks at him and he sees his sledgehammer and he rolls his eyes.

Wow man, the kid with the sledgeha-

KingOfDX then walks over to a trash can, takes the sledgehammer and drops it in the trash, he then looks at Christian with a confused look on his face.

What sledgehammer?

KingOfDX smiles, an intimidating smile, Christian doesnt look happy, he looks abit less confident now, and KingOfDX walks away.

Mike - Why do you think Christian looked less confident, KingOfDX god rid of the sledgehammer, isnt that a good thing, if anything he should've been more confident.

Jim - No way man, he should be less confident, when KingOfDX took his sledgehammer out to matches he was always making mistakes, now, now he cant make any mistakes.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:39 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Hall Of Fame 2009 Cermony!

The fans begin to cheer loudley with a "WWKF" Chant, the ring is decorated in red carpet, and it has an alter with a microphone.

Please welcome, the WWKF Owner, Raaaaattlesnake.

Rattlesnake walks down the ramp wearing a suit, the fans give him a mixed reaction, he slides into the ring and raises his hands he then gets onto the alter.

I know that I've been a total asshole over the last week, but hey, Im sorry, Sorry is a word that I have used a very few times in my life, so it means alot for me to come out and say sorry to you fans, and sorry to the superstars and divas backstage who were offended by my actions, Carter and Onita, you got the best of me, I thank you, that woke me up, but know this, you wont, and I mean WONT, get the best of me again.

The fans cheer loudley still chanting "WWKF"

Now its time to wonder who will join the Hall Of Fame of 2009...

Brittney Knox walks down the ramp smiling, the fans boo her but she ignores it, she slides into the ring and shakes Rattlesnakes hand then goes onto the alter.

Im going to be the WWKF Womens Champion tonight, and you can very well say Im the most dominant diva in the WWKF tonight, you may not want to but you have to agree with me on that, so why not induct a former WWKF Womens Champion, she was never a "badass" like myself, instead she was like some Goody 2 Shoes, but hey?, it worked, shes a 9x WWKF Womens Champion, and she has changed Womens Wrestling for the better, brining an "Xtreme" name to Divas Wrestling, reminding people that we are not just pretty faces.

The fans cheer, Brittney rolling her eyes as if she doesnt want to act all nice.

But hey soon, Im going to be inducted into the WWKF, reminding all of you that I was the baddest bitch to ever step into this ring.

The fans boo loudley and she smiles.

But now, I would like to induct, Candy to the WWKF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2009!

Candy walks down the ramp smiling, tears in her eyes, the fans cheer for her loudley she hits some fans hands, then slides into the ring and hugs Brittney and Brittney has a facial expression like "What the fuck is she doing?", Candy then hugs Rattlesnake and goes onto the alter.

I am SO glad to be here, in this Biggest night of WWKF, and be inducted to the WWKF 2009 Hall Of Fame Class. I never would picture myself being here and being inducted, and who knows?, this may not be the last time you see me on a WWKF Stage.

The fans cheer loudley with a orginal "Caaandylicious" Chant. As Brittney just rolls her eyes.

KingOfDX walks down the ramp smiling and clapping as the fans cheer loudley, KingOfDX slides into the ring and hugs Candy he then goes onto the alter smiling waiting for the "King" Chant to die off.

Candy, in the year of 2007 I saw you in the ring, becomming Womens Champion for the 6th time in your career, and you know, you may have not seen it comming but I did, and I bet you a thousand bucks alot of people in the back saw it comming.

The fans cheer loudley.

Now I would like to induct somebody that alot of people looked down on, somebody that people said would NEVER ever hold gold around his waist, they looked at him and said, heres another man with more muscles than brains, or heres another man thats going to go on to Main Events just because of his size, he proved that not only was he good because of his size but because of his athletic ability, at 6 feet tall and 300 pounds her performed suicide dives, and risky high flying moves, just trying to prove to the fans that hes not just another guy, he only won one title and that was the WWKF Heavyweight Championship, unfourtunetly, his brother died who was in another promotion and unlike other wrestlers he just couldnt go on and this forced him to retire, Ladies and Gentlemen, Steve Jennum!

Steve Jennum walks down the ramp smiling, he walks down the ramp and slides into the ring, shakes Rattlesnakes hand tight, then pats KingOfDX on the shoulder and also shakes his hand, he goes up onto the alter.

You know, me and KingOfDX didnt get a chance to really meet eachother, he joined WWKF just before we added the "F" in it, he joined back in late 2005 and I remember he would come up to me when I was Champion and ask me for advice, ask me to watch his matches and give him feedback, and I told him, "Always give your best and go all out", and you know, honestly I thought he would turn out to just be one of those guys that would later drop out, KingOfDX didnt look that committed, and here we are about 4 years later, and hes about to go up in a Main Event for 2 Championships, and I could only give him that same adivce, and wish him the best, and thank him for the induction and thank you fans for keeping this company strong and alive.

The fans cheer loudley and chant "Jennum", Steve then shakes KingOfDX's hand as they both smile at eachother thanking eachother.

DXLatin runs out of the curtains as the fans cheer louder, hes wearing his New & Improved shirt, and his Black Jean Shorts, he slides into the ring and shakes Steves hand and also greets Candy as they had history before, he then goes up to the alter.

Man... its like you go up here and you think "Im not gonna be nervous" but then you stand here ready to induct your best friend, and then what do you know... your nervous.

The fans cheer loudley chanting "5150"

Alot of people heard rumours such as Im going to induct a TEWF Superstar and yes I am, he was never a WWKF Superstar, Im here to induct a man I knew for a very long time, Metal Mike Toaster, now dont let the name fool you, this man was and probobly still is one tough son of a bitch. Shit do we have a lot of history, I can stand here and tell you every single thing that happened between us, I can tell you how he use to kick my ass, how I use to kick his ass, how he was on Revolution while I was in Hells Guardians, man, we can be here all night, but alot of you people know him, alot of you people watched TEWF, so please welcome, my best friend, Metal Mike Tooaaaster!

Metal Mike Toaster walks down the ramp smiling wearing an old TEWF Shirt, he slides into the ring and hugs DXLatin, for a momment he begins to check out Brittney Knox who just rolls her eyes. MMT then gets on the alter.

[Mike Toaster]
It feels sooo good, to be back in a Wrestling Ring, infront of millions of fans, I miss wrestling so much, and too bad I cant get back into the sport because of a permanent injury, but only me and Latin know how hard it was to keep my ass out of trouble and stay good friends, like he said we've had tons of history, God bless, thanks everyone!

The fans cheer loudley and balloons fall from the sky.

This is your class of Hall Of Famers for the year 2009!

Metal Mike Toaster, Steve Jennum and Candy walk to the front of the ring smiling.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:16 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for a 6 Man No Disqualification Tag Team Elemination Match! Introducing First, Jack Carter and masa Onita, Brotherhood Of The Danmed!

"War Machine" by Kiss plays and the BOTD come down the isle, they enter the ring and make the referee move to the side, they then do the "Jeff Jarrett strut" across the ring as the fans boo. They do it again and then give the fans the finger, which makes the fans boo even louder. Onita gets a mic.


We have a special announcement, besides the fact every one of you in this building..SUCKS!

The fans boo real loud and security has to keep acouple of them from trying to hop the rail


Earlier tonight you heard us get told that there's strength in numbers...well, you're right, and now.. here comes the strength because...tonight, for one night only..we have a partner..and that partner is none other than...JAMIE HAYDEN!

Jim: WHAT!?

Mike: No way...what the hell's going on.

Jim: Jamie turns on his partners and then, JOINS THE ENEMY!?

Mike: uneblieveable...but can Jamie trust the Brotherhood..

Jim: Can they trust him...

Mike: If Jamie tries anything those two aren't above beating people up.

Their tag team partner, Jaaaaamie Haaaaayden!

Jamie comes down the isle as the fans boo and throw things at him.

And the opponents, Alex Wilder and The Iceman Kaaalvin Brooown!

Kalvin and Alex come down and enter the ring, the ref calls for the bell.

Wilder and Brown try to get to Jamie but the Brotherhood step in front of him. They shove Alex and Kalvin and they get shoved back in return. They shove each other and then both BOTD members turn around...then turn and clobber Kalvin and Alex to the mat.

Mike: They should've seen that coming.

Jim: inexperience as a team might be what hurts them here.

The referee makes them all go to their respected corners. Carter and Alex circle each other. They tie up. and Jack gets Wilder against the ropes...he then breaks clean and backs off. They tie up again, and after Jack gets Wilder against another set of ropes, he breaks clean again. The third time jack goes for a punch but Wilder ducks it, puts
carter against the ropes and hammers him with punches. the referee starets a five count and at the count of four. Alex backs off, then gives Carter the finger.

Mike: I see Alex is trying to make friends with Carter.

Jim: He's better off staying on him.

They tie up and Wilder gets a side headlock on Carter and then hip tosses him, Jack gets up and is arm dragged to the mat. Jack gets up and is hip tossed to the mat. Jack escapes, gets up and is arm dragged to the mat again. Jack rolls out of the ring.

Mike: There's some competition for you carter.

Jack heard that and smacks the announcers table "shut the hell up, you". and cirlces the ring.

Jim: keep it up Mike, you really want to get their full and undivided attention?

Jack circles back and then rolls into the ring. he tags Onita in.

Masa and Alex tie up and Alex gets Onita against the ropes, and then slaps him before backing off. Masa nods his head and they tie up again. Alex gets Masa against the ropes and slaps him again. hew backs off and Onita shakes his head.

Mike: I don't think that's a good plan there Alex.

Jim: Have to do alot more than that to beat the former International champion.

Alex ties up with Onita and gets him into a corner. he goes to slap him but Onita blocks it and hits a thrust to Wilder's throat, then spins him into the corner and nails him with a series of chops, punches and kicks, then follows up with a spinning back hand that drops Alex to the mat in the corner.

Onita goes and cracks Kalvin in the face and then tags Jamie in.

Jamie kicks Alex in the head and then after going to the diagonal corner, he runs and hits a bronco buster on Alex. Kalvin comes in and pulls Jamie off his partner, Carter comes in and clotheslines Brown from behind. Jamie picks Wilder up and snap suplexes him to the mat. he drops a knee and then drops another another one. Kalvin
shoves past the ref and kicks Jamie in the head.

As the ref gets Brown out of the ring Onita drags Jamie over to their corner and Carter tags in. Jack gets Alex up and fires him into the ropes for an overhead powerslam. he goes for a powerbomb but Alex turns it into a hurracarana for a 2 count. he goes to make a tag but Carter trips him and starts punching Wilder in the head. Brown tries to
come in but the ref makes him get out, Carter and Masa make a switch and Onita nails a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Alex.

Mike: They switched without tagging.

Jim: Oldest tag team trick in the book, and the referee didn't see it.

The ref turns and sees Onita's in, Onita makes the sign that he tagged. The ref shakes his head, knowing he's full of crap but can't prove it. Onita fires Wilder into a corner and then nails a running dropkick, making Alex slump to the mat again.

Mike: Alex really needs to tag.

Jim: You ain't lying. He's getting the crap beat out of him.

Onita taunts Brown, then charges at Wilder, Alex stops Masa and turns it into a "hot shot", dropping Masa face first into the top turn buckle. Alex crawls over and tags Kalvin.

Jim: There's the hot tag.

Mike: finally.

Kalvin is all over Onita with punches, he then whips Masa into the ropes for a backdrop, then punches Carter and Jamie before clotheslining Onita to the mat. he hammers Masa with punches, and when Jack comes in Kalvin superkicks Carter and then drop kicks Jamie off the apron. Kalvin turns ducks a wild punch by Carter and nails a reverse atomic drop and a swinging neckbreaker.

he turns and Masa forearms Kalvin in the back of the head. He then nails a full nelson suplex. Brown blocks a kick and headbutts him in the stomach, he then nails a vertical suplex. He goes to Punch Jack in the corner again but Jamie grabs Brown by the tights and pulls him into their corner. Alex comes in and the ref is getting him out.
While the ref is distracted Jamie, Jack and masa triple team Kalvin in their corner. Jamie comes in and delivers a DDT on Kalvin, then hops the ropes and nails a guillitine leg drop to the back of Brown's head.

Mike: This is going back and forth Jim.

Jim: The action's getting fierce.

Jamie goes for a boston crab hold. he cinches it in..and Kalvin screams in pain. Alex comes in and yanks Jamie off and starts hammering him with punches, Onita and Carter enter too and an all out brawl ensues. Onita and Jack
whip Wilder into the ropes and hit a double drop kick, sending him over the tope rope to the floor. They then grab Jamie and whip Jamie so he can hit a suicide dive thru the ropes, crashing Alex hard into the guard rail. The ref looks at the action on the outside and Onita takes the chance to spit green mist into Kalvin's eyes. Carter then
delivers the death Wish. Onita gives him the end of the line, and then after they get him up, double dropkick Alex off the apron again for trying to get in to save his partner. They then get kalvin, and deliver their tag team
finisher. total elimination. carter goes for the cover.


The lights in the arena go out....

Mike: What...the hell...

Jim: Now what's gonna happen...

The lights come back on

Mike: It's those guys..the Masked Terrors

Jim: What the hell are they doing here? This..they're on the Beatdown roster..

The Terrors jump Carter and Onita with aluminum garbage can covers. They smack the referee as well with the covers and then Terror #1 Piledrives Carter on top of garbage can cover, Terror # 2 hits a face first suplex on the other cover and Terror #3 keeps Wilder and Hayde at bay smacking them in the heads with a steel chair. Terror #1 nails a death valley Driver on Masa, Terror#2 powerslams Jack on the cover and they leave the ring, smack Hayden and Wilder win the face as they run off.

Ladies and Gentlemen this match has now been scored a Noooo Contest
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:22 pm

After a short break the scene goes backstage, you see the Masked Terrors running backstage, luaghing, they run through the halls bumbing into staff members and knocking them to the floor, the camera then sees that they are being chased by Jamie Hayden, Masa Onita and Jack Carter.

The Masked Terrors run into the parking lot then get into a car, shut the door and drive off quickly, Hayden, Carter and Onita dont look happy, they kick things around. All of a sudden they hear the enterance to the Arena door slam, they all turn around only to see Alex Wilder and Kalvin Brown the fans begin to cheer loudley.

Alex Wilder and Kalvin brown run towards the ree men and they all begin to attack eachother, unforutunetly secruity runs to the parking lot and breaks it up as the Superstars begin to yell things at eachother.
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PostSubject: SHIT and now Im here doing every single thing and you know if Richard went online he would've rushed it, Im here putting work into this and not rushing anything so sorry if I sound like a spaz but hes getting on my nerves   Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:09 pm


DXLatin smiles then looks at Brittney

"And no, If I came here for Brittney I would've auctually said the words. "I came here for you Brittney" when she asked me what brings me here."

DXLatin then looks at KODX

"Hey but lets not argue, I mean... do you wanna run around in the hallways for fun?"

DXLatin looks at both of them smiling acting like his usual "kid" self.

Brittney smiles also at Latins childish ways. She actually thought it was kind of cute.

DXLatin smiles back at her

"Good Luck at your match this Saturday, Im rooting for you and Perfection"

Brittney decides now that he brought up Perfections name it would be a good time to ruin her.

"Oh about her. I have bad news about her. I have some bad footage of her also."

DXLatins smile fades away.

"Footage??... What are you talking about?"

Brittney smiles at the fact that she finally got his attention. She just turns around and begins to walk again.

"Follow Me!"

She walks to where the video room is. She looks at the dude who works there and hands him a video. He puts it in the VCR and it begins to play. You can see perfection sitting on someones lap kissing them wildly. The only other thing you hear besides the moaning is a Dun Kno. Brittney looks at Latin with a smile.

"Does that tell you anything?"


Perfection bumbs into Blossoms shoulders hard as she looks very upset, she walks down the hallways as Superstars are working out and everything looks normal, everyone looks happy as this makes her jelous, she gets to her locker room door, however before she opens it, she notices that the Superstars all stop what their doing and begin to whisper at eachother staring at Perfection, looking at her in a curious way, she looks at them back confused as to why their looking at her.

She opens her locker room door and right as she does that, Brittney Knox runs out of her locker room and knocks her to the floor. All the Superstars begin to crowd around, Brittney Knox gets ontop of Perfection and just begins a vicious and brutal assualt, hitting her with right hands to the skull, cracking and breaking her sunglasses, she then picks Perfection up and throws her into a vending machine as it makes a loud noise, the Superstars follow the fight as Brittney doesnt stop. Nobody seems to care about whats going on, as if they dont like Perfection for cheating on Latin.

Brittney Knox starts hitting her some more then just stops as she relizes that she still needs a Tag Partner. Perfections nose is bleeding and looks like she has multiple bruised areas on her face, Brittney smiles, she begins to walk away, until she hears somone say "woah how is she still getting up??", Brittney turns around and Perfection is on her knees, slowly getting up, Brittney then runs towards her and hits her right into the skull with her knee, dropping Perfection face first right into the floor.

Brittney Knox smile grows wider, she turns around and walks into the crowd walking away, she then sees DXLatin who is staring at her, she stops for awhile and looks at him, then looks back at Perfection, then back at him.

She never gave a shit about you...

Brittney than walks passed him as the Roster members stop talking they are now staring at DXLatins reaction, he looks down at Perfection who has turned around on her back, her eyes half way open, she looks at Latin, DXLatin then shakes his head and walks away, the camera then zooms in to Perfection and sees wearing "Xtreme Perfected" shirt under the leather jacket.


[Brittney Knox]
"I mean who cares. DXLatin has a new woman now and her name is Christina Martinez, and tonight she is going to defeat Perfection in a No Disqualification Match, so for all you fans that think Perfection auctually cares about what you think, you can auctually start Booing again instead of Booing when Christina wins."

The fans begin to Chant "An Asshole" As Brittney just shakes her head.

[Brittney Knox]
This "Asshole" is going to be Womens Champion at Rare Survival. Perfection lost her boyfriend.. and soon shes going to lose her WWKF Womens Championship to your one and only.. Brittney Kno-

Perfection walks down the curtains as the fans erupt in cheers, she has an angry expression on her face, her championship is on her waist, she takes it off and places it down on the ramp, then runs down the ramp as the fans cheer, she slides into the ring and goes face to face with Brittney Knox as the cheering stops and the fans are anxious to see whats about to happen. Brittney then slaps Perfection right in the face showing no fear, Perfection grabs her cheek in pain stepping backwards and Brittney rams into her with a clothesline taking her down as she begins to stomp on her as the fans boo and the "Perfection" Chant grows louder.

Brittney takes a momment to stop and raise her hands up into the air smiling, just then Perfection jumps up and yanks on Brittneys hair throwing her to the floor she gets ontop of Brittney and begins hitting her with vicious elbows as the fans cheer louder.


Brittney kicks out as the fans are chocked, they thought it was gonna be over. Alicia trys to tag Perfection as Perfection wants in, but all of a sudden Brittney gets up and yanks Alicias hair back, and throws Alicia to the floor viciously as the fans boo, but Perfection leans in and tags herself in, touching Alicias legs that are on the ground.

She gets in the match and clotheslines Brittney, she then clotheslines Christina out of the ring as the fans cheer loudley, Brittney slowly gets up and as this happens, she slowly turns around and gets hit with the Picture Perfect as the fans cheer. She pins.


Here is your winner... Perfection and Aliciaaa Jackson.

--Video Ends--

Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for a First Blood Match and it is for the WWKF Womens Championship!!, Introducing first, the challenger... Brittney Knooox!

Brittney Knox walks down the ramp smiling the fans begin to boo her, she slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and tuants the fans then does the title around the waist tuant.

And the opponent, the WWKF Womens Champion... Peeeerfectioooon!

Perfection walks down the ramp smiling, holding the WWKF Womens Championship, she slides into the ring and looks at Brittney as the fans cheer.


Perfection runs towards Brittney trying to get her hands on her, she watched the video package and relized all the shit that Brittney did to her, she runs towards her and Brittney slides out of the ring quickly, Perfection slides out chasing her, as Brittney goes around the ring she slides in, Perfection takes a shortcut and slides into the ring, as this happens Brittney hits Perfection with a baseball slide and it causes Perfection to fall out of the ring.

The fans boo loudley, As Perfection is outside of the ring, Brittney bounces off the ropes the jumps out of the ring, landing on Perfection with a huge splash as the fans go on their feet concerned for the two divas, they begin to chant "HOLY SHIT"

As Brittney and Perfection slowly gets up, Perfection gives her a spinebuster right onto the railing and the fans back away not expecting it, they cheer, then all of a sudden Perfection takes a few steps back then runs towards Brittney she jumps on her and both divas fall over the railing and into the fan area and the fans cheer loudley.

They begin to pull on eachothers hair and nail eachother with slaps and punches and elbows on the floor, Brittney and Perfection then get up, Brittney shoves a fan off his seat, and Perfection trys to help the fan up, as that happens Brittney grabs the chair, closes it, and slams it right on Perfections back and the fans begin to boo loudley, and a fan even grabs their drink and throws it at Brittney, Brittney gets surprised, she waste no time in slapping the fan in the face and attacking him, some secruity guards pull her off him and as that happens BAM!, Picture Perfect, Perfection hit her finisher, she throws Brittney over the railing.

The fans cheer, and as Perfection gets out of the railing, she slides into the ring dragging Brittney into the ring, Perfection then climbs the turnbuckle, she wants revenge and she wants it bad, she then jumps, Brittney then brings up a knee from out of nowhere and Perfection hits Brittneys knee face first and the fans go "OOOOH!!", Brittney smiles, she slowly gets up and pins Perfection.

The reff stops her and reminds her this is a First Blood Match, Brittney slaps her head remembering, she slides out of the ring and goes under the ring, she grabs a green steel chair, its wrapped in barbed wire and it has the words "Rich & Famous" on it, she smiles, Brittney slides into the ring with the steel chair, Perfection is slowly getting up, Brittney runs at her with the steel chair and Perfection bends back and goes forward and hits the biggest, most violent, and loudest headbutt ever, Brittney falls back dropping the chair, and Perfection falls back too.




Perfection and Brittney are on the floor, laying their, not moving, blood trickling down from both their skulls, paramedics quickly run down the ramp and attend them, the reff gets orders to send the paramedics away but he looks at Brittney and Perfection and both divas look fucked up, The reff then alows the paramedics to do their jobs and the bell rings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, both Brittney and Perfection cannot continue the match, therefore, this match is a Noooo Contest!
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After a short break, the scene shows Perfection and Brittney being taken into a stretcher, they are backstage and the paramedics begin to rush the stretcher through the hallways, you see Brittney Knox on the stretcher and it goes towards the parking lot, and now Perfection is seen on the stretcher heading through the parking lot area in the hallways but all of a sudden it stops.

Nikki Banks is infront of the stretcher and the fans immidetly cheer excited to see her they know whats comming.

I got the opportunity to face any diva, for any championship in the divas division, so get this bitch off the stretcher because I want my Championship
Mike - No... fucking way

Mike - Perfection isnt even moving or opening her eyes how on earth can she defend her championship!!!

The paramedics unstrap Perfection from the stretcher and her lifeless body falls to the floor, Nikki picks her up by the head, she smiles at the camera, she takes a couple steps back, she then gets ontop of a WWKF Stand, shes ontop of the counter the paramedics turn around not wanting to see whats about to happen, and without showing mercy, BAM!.

Nikki Banks hits the Beauty Killz on the counter with Perfection, she smiles, she then kicks Perfection off the counter, Perfection is bleeding all over the place now and coughing out blood, Nikki Banks then pins her and a reff comes out of nowhere.


Nikki Banks grabs the Womens Championship and holds it up high into the air, she winks at the camera smiling.

Bye Bye Beatdown... Hello Slim Survivals.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009   Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:57 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for a Triple Threat Hell In A Cell Match!, and it is for the WWKF Golden Crown and Heavyweight Championship, Introducing First, KiiingOfDX!

KingOfDX walks out of the curtains and spits out water, he smiles, he walks down the ramp and slides into the ring and the fans begin to do a bow down tuant towards him and he smiles nodding his head.

And next.... he is the WWKF Heavyweight Champion... "Y2J" Chris Jerichoooo!

The fans begin to boo loudley and KingOfDX looks at the curtains surprised, he didnt know Jericho came back to the arena, he looks mad now but all of a sudden he smiles, because after a couple of seconds Jericho doesnt showup and his music fades away

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Jericho is not in the building, therefore the Heavyweight Championship will remain on the line but Chris Jericho will not be in the match, Introducing the Golden Crown Champion.... Christiaaan!

Christian walks out of the curtains smiling holding his Golden Crown Championship, he walks down the ramp looking down at KingOfDX, he slides into the ring and smiles, he holds up his title and the reff holds up Jerichos title.

All of a sudden the Hell In A Cell begins to go down slowly as the fans cheer loudley, it surrounds Christian and KingOfDX, then the reff locks the door and the fans cheer loudley, KingOfDX smiles and he whispers "Its Good To Be Home".


Christian runs towards KingOfDX and Christian may have rushed things because KingOfDX hits a huge big boot to the face of Christian which gets him to fall down hard. KingOfDX looks down shaking his head smiling, he picks up Christian and throws him into the cell wall and it makes a loudnoise, he then grabs Christians head and begins to grind it with the Cell Wall as the fans cheer "King".

Christian hits KingOfDX with an elbow and it causes KODX to go back, Christian then takes down KingOfDX with a spear and hits him with huge shots to the head with his fists, the fans cheering for both warriors. Christian gets up and now stomps on KingOfDX's face, KingOfDX turns on his stomach avoiding kicks to the face, Christian smiles, he then gets out of the ring and goes under the ring, he grabs a wooden plank and the fans cheer because of the weapon, he slides into the ring, and KingOfDX is already up.

KingOfDX runs towards him, Christian swings the plank, KingOfDX ducks he turns KingOfDX around, KingOfDX spits in his eye and the fans luagh and cheer, Christian holds his eyes in pain, he rubs his eyes abit, and looks mad, dropping the plank, he looks at KODX and KODX gives him the crotch chops, Christian runs towards him angrily and KingOfDX retaliates with a huge Double A Spinebuster the fans go on their feet cheering.

KingOfDX smiles, he then grabs the wooden plank and places it in the center of the ring, he grabs Christian and sets him up for the King Mate, he makes sure Christians head is pointing down to the plank he smiles, he then hits a vicious King Mate right onto the Plank and it makes such a huge noise, echoing through the arena, the fans go crazy with cheers, Christian turns around and hes busted wide open and the wooden plank is snapped into two peices.

KingOfDX looks pretty surprised, he holds both peices up and shows the fans and they cheer loudley, KingOfDX then yells out "SORRY BUT THIS ONE ENDS QUICK", he then pins Christian.


Out of nowhere Christian kicks out and KingOfDX looks really surprised even the fans look surprised.

Mike - Christian is showing alot of heart!

KingOfDX cant believe he pins Christian again.


Christian kicks out quicker this time and KingOfDX just gets even more pissed off, he gets out of the ring, he takes out a table from under the ring and he slides the table into the ring the fans cheer loudley, he then takes out a ladder and slides it into the ring and the fans cheer louder, KingOfDX smiles, he then grabs the steel steps and throws it into the ring and the fans erupt in huge cheers.

KingOfDX slides into the ring he stes the table up, he then sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring, he then puts the steel steps under the table, KingOfDX smiles, he hits Christian with a second King-Mate, he then throws him ontop of the table, he climbs the ladder.

Mike - I never seen KingOfDX ontop of a ladder

Jim - Thats not just a ladder thats a 24 foot ladder!

KingOfDX gets to the top of the ladder , he bends down, his head almost touching the top of the cell, he looks down at Christian, he then makes the sign of a prayer, and jumps down with a leg drop, as hes falling down the unthinkable happens, Christian rolls out of the way, and KingOfDX finds himself giving a leg drop through a table, then onto steel steps, the fans cheer loudley chanting "HOLY SHIT"

KingOfDX's eyes go back and it seems hes losing conciousness, he then faints and the fans are shocked, Christian is still hurt from the King Mate is is layed out.

Chris Jericho walks down the ramp smiling, a cocky smile the fans look at the ring and see KingOfDX and Christian knocked out they then look at Jericho and hes wearing his wrestling attire and hes smiling the fans go crazy with boos getting the picture.

Mike -


Chirs Jericho gets to the cell, he trys to open the door but its locked, he trys to get the reff to open the doors but they refuse and say hes not being fair, Jericho spits in the reffs face and gives him the finger, he sees the 24 foot ladder, he climbs the cell, and gets to the very top, the fans boo and chant "FALL", Chris Jericho gets to the center and kicks the small opening in the cell out, the top of the cell has a small opening now, Chris Jericho then gets ontop of a ladder smiling.

The fans boo loudley, he climbs down the ladder, he then gets to the ring and grabs KingOfDX he spits on his face then rubs the spit all over his face he then hits the Codebreaker, the fans boo and he pins.


Christian breaks the pin , saving the match, Jericho looks pissed off he cant believe it, he grabs Christian and begins to pound on him, hitting him with elbows and headbutts, and all of a sudden KingOfDX slowly gets up, he looks really mad.

Chris Jericho then hits the Codebreaker on Christian, as he slowly turns around, KingOfDX gives him the crotch chops, Jericho runs towards him, and KingOfDX grabs him, and as hard as he can he picks him up and with every bit of strength he has, he throws Jericho out of the ring, he throws him hard and viciously, Jericho breaks through a peice of the cell and it makes a big hole the fans go on their feet shocked, and KingOfDX falls down from throwing Jericho so hard and cant believe it, Jericho turns around and gets knocked out and on his back you can see a huge imprint from the cell wall.

KingOfDX is surprised by his own strength but he then he gets up, he tosses the ladder down, he then grabs Christian and King Mates him onto the ladder and the fans cheer loudly he goes for the pin.


Here is your winner and the NEW Golden Crown and Heavyweight Champioooon, KiiingOfDX!!

Mike - He did it!, He did it!, My god he pulled it off.

KingOfDX smiles, he gets on his knees and recieves the two titles, he then gets up and raises it high into the air and smiles as his theme hits the stage.
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After a short break KingOfDX walks down the ramp holding the Golden Crown and Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder smiling, Killer comes up to him and looks at him, he looks at both of his titles then looks up at him.

You go home KingOfDX, you go home, you celebrate your victory, and you look at your 2 Championships, then I want you to think about the Main Event Championship, and I want you to ask yourself, how does it feel to call yourself a King, when you stand in my Kingdom?

KingOfDX looks at Killer angrily and Killer chuckles he bumbs into him hard and walks off.
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Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for Brooklyn Beatdown Handicap Custody Match, If DXlatin loses he will be fired and Alyssa Ruins will NEVER get her job back, Introducing First the team of New Generation, Carl J, Solution and Laaance Kent!

Lance Kent walks down the ramp with Carl J and Solution they begin to smile, they slide into the ring as the fans boo loudley

And his opponent... The 5150 Elite Soilder... DXLAAAAATIN!

DXLatin runs down the ramp smiling, he stares down Lance Kent from a distance, and runs down the ramp then slides into the ring, he stares down Lance and the fans cheer.

Befo this match beginz, Just wanted to tell y'all dat its ma rules, Brooklyn Beatdown, Ma rules are as follows, DXLatin cannot pin me, Solution or Carl J, the way for him to win is only by knocking out every single one of us, DXLatin cannot get dq'd or else he'll automatically lose, and us.. its No Dq for us, Good Luck Nigguh!

All of a sudden the match is about to start and a deep scary music begins to play, the lights begin to flicker, DXLatin turns around and a bunch of men with hoods on and holding candels walk down the ramp they surround the ring, and DXLatin looks freaked out, all of a sudden Diabolique appears looking at him smiling, then all of a sudden the lights flicker again, and a loud BOOM!, makes a huge noise and they all dissapear and it has Latin whispering "What the fuck!?"


Lance Kent, Carl J and Solution attack DXLatin from behind and the fans begin to boo loudley, DXlatin trys to fight them off but they're too strong and DXLatin rolls out of the ring, Lance Kent wants to show no mercy, he taps Solutions chest, Solution and Lance then bounces off the ropes and they jump out of the ring as the fans cheer.

All of a sudden DXLatin catches Solution in mid-air, he then takes a step back and Lance Kent lands on the floor and the fans cheer, as Solution is on DXlatins shoulders, DXLatin picks Solution up high into a belly press then throws him into the fans as they cheer.

Carl J slides out of the ring and goes to attack DXlatin, DXLatin grabs Carl J's head and runs towards the steel post, he slams Carl J's head into the steel post and the fans cheer, Lance Kent then gets up and DXLatin begins to throw shots at him, then Lance Kent hits him with a low blow and the fans boo, DXLatin gets to the floor.

Lance Kent picks DXLatin up and begins to knee him in the face.


Lance Kent tries to keep Latin out of the ring so he can get counted out but DXLatin takes a desperate decision he bites Lance's arm and Lance lets go of him, DXLatin slides into the ring.

Lance Kent slides in after him, DXLatin then bounces off the ropes he hits a clothesline, then another clothesline, followed by a huge bodyslam, the fans cheer, DXLatin gets to the middle of the ring with lance Kent on the floor, he then tuants him for the "5150 Shuffle", he bounces off the ropes than hits a legdrop, he then goes for the pin.


Carl J and Solution break the pin, they pick up Latin by both arms, DXlatin trys to fight off, Lance Kent gets up and he begins to take shots at Latin and DXlatin is defenseless, DXLatin trys to fight Lance Kent off but hes too strong, but all of a sudden DXLatin hits a big boot to the face to Lance Kent and he falls down hard, DXLatin then takes both of his arms and brings them together causing Carl J and Solution to give eachother a headbutt.

Lance Kent gets on his feet now, he looks at Carl J and Solution the reff says they're knocked out and Lance Kent doesnt want to get knocked out, he runs out of the ring and DXLatin runs in after him, Lance Kent then slides under the ring and Lance Kent slides out of the ring he gets annoyed that Lance hid under the ring, DXLatin then goes to another side of the ring, Lance comes out and DXLatin doesnt see that hes holding DXLatins steel bat he aims it at DXLatins mid-section and nails it and DXLatin falls to the floor.

Lance Kent then drags DXLatin into the ring, he then slides in and picks Latin up, he irish whips him, DXLatin bounces off the ropes, and when he comes back, Lance Kent hits the steel bat right into Latins throat and the fans Boo loudley. Lance goes for the pin.


DXLatin kicks out, Lance picks DXLatin up angrily, he kicks him in the mid-section again, DXLatin is barley awake, Lance bounces off the ropes, he goes for the speeding ticket, but DXLatin dodges it and hits a quick Hat Trick out of nowhere, the reff notices Lance is knocked out but hes not rining the bell, Latin turns around and notices Carl J and Solution are standing, DXLatin double clotheslines both men, and as they get up BAM!, DXLatin jumps up and hits a double big boot to the face the fans cannot believe what he just did.

The fans begin to chant "HOLY SHIT", DXLatin takes his steel bat and begins to whack it on Lance again and again, the fans begin to chant "5150, DXLatin then picks him up and hits another Hat Trick, and the reff rings the bell.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner DXLaaaaatin!

Mike - Alyssa gets her job back!

Jim - And DXLatin keeps his!

All of a sudden Kalvin Brown walks down the ramp and hes holding a microphone.

Hey Latin. Like Perfection was saying, Im the man she found, and Im now dating her.

DXLatin gives him the thumbs up and grabs a mic.

Congrats, go make babies my friend.

Oh you think its funny?, well guess what, you signed the wrong custody papers last week, your not gaining custody of Perfection, oh no buddy, I switched things around, your getting custody of BIG DICK JOHNSON!

Yhe fans go "OOOOH", and DXlatin screams "WHAT?"

Big Dick Johnson walks down the ramp smiling he begins to dance, he slides into the ring and gets all up in DXlatins personal space he begins to grind on DXLatin, DXLatin takes his anger out and gives Big Dick Johnson a Hat Trick, he then points at Iceman.

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WWKF Rare Survival Sunday April 26th 2009
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