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 Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009

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PostSubject: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:53 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:07 pm

.A Recap Video Begins To Play.

While I have been doing that for the past year or so, It seems that all Alyssa Ruins has been doing while GCW has been comming in here and emberassing us is sitting in her office, coloring some fuckin coloring books!

[Cuts to Alyssa walking out as the fans cheer]

Rattlesnake, I assure you I havent been coloring, instead I have been doing all the danm work around here!, you said it yourself, you've just been sitting at home getting drunk while at some nights I wouldnt be able to sleep with everything going on around here, I have been accepting contracts, signing contracts, booking arenas, dealing with drama backstage and working my ass off to make this company what it is!

[Cuts to Rattlesnake smiling]

I havent been doing my job huh?, fair enough, allow me to do my job right now... Alyssa Ruins, your here by... FIRE-

[KingOfDX walks up the ramp]

Rattlesnake.. think about this, Alyssa has been doing her job, I mean she went over to GCW this past Monday, she made the challenge, tonight me and Killer take on Masa and Carter, we will win, this whole thing could very well come to an end tonight.

[Cuts to Rattlesnake up the ramp near the ring]

KingOfDX... should you and Killer lose tonight againt GCW, Alyssa Ruins shall be FIRED!

[Scene shows fans gasping, then it cuts backstage]

Honestly man, do you just ruin everything?, I mean I dont even want to team up with you, to be honest I feel that someway, somehow your going to do somthing, somthing so stupid, just like what you did earlier, and you'll cost us the match, this is a big match, we cant afford to los-

Shutup!, I know, I know how big of a deal it is, I dont care if you dont want to team up with me, we're gonna win, Alyssas not gonna get fired and we're gonna end this WWKF and GCW thing tonight.

Killer smiles, nodding his head hes about to leave but he stops he sees KingOfDX's sledgehammer laying on the chair he looks at him.

Im not planning on taking that out to the match.

Good. If you do, Your gonna have doctors trying to pull that thing out of your ass.

KingOfDX rolls his eyes, he opens the door as if telling Killer to leave, as Killer begins to walk towards the door KingOfDX begins to speak.

However, GCW tries to pull a fast one on us, prepare to see that hammer out there.

You better not even think of brining that out there and Im sirious!, that'll just give GCW not only ane xcuse as to why we beat them but they're comments about you hiding behind that sledgehammer out there will prove them right.

[Cuts To Another Scene Backstage]


Your not bringing that with you

Relax I told you, Im only gonna use if things get abit cheap.

I said your not gonna bring that out there??

KingOfDX smiles

Just watch me.

[Cuts to highlights of the match, then finally the ending]

Killer begins to throw lefts and rights at Onita and Carter as they begin to back away, KingOfDX slides into the ring and hits the sledgehammer right on Carters back as the fans cheer, Carter falls out of the ring, KingOfDX then measures up Onita, he runs over to Onita with the hammer and just as hes about to hit Onita, Killer tries to hit the KKU, this causes KingOfDX to hit Killer with the sledgehammer.

Jim - WHAAAAT???!!!

Mike - Holy shit no not this way!!!

Killer falls down hard, he looks knocked out, Onita then snatches the hammer from KingOfDX, he breaks it in half with his knee then throws KingOfDX out of the ring, he then crotch chops KingOfDX as the fans boo, and he pins Killer.


Here is your winners... Jack and Onita!!... GCW!

Killer is still knocked out, the fans look shocked and KingOfDX looks pissed off, the fans begin throwing things everywhere even the steel chairs they are sitting on, they look really mad, the scene then goes backstage.

Alyssa is walking down the hallway, she goes to the door in her office and she sees her luggages outside of the door, Rattlesnake then appears from the corner.

Your Fired!

[The scene then cuts to GCW's Monday Night Meltdown]

(the lights come back on and the fired GM of WWKF is in the ring)


Sean: she don't work...she was fire....what the hell is this about.

Alyssa: Jack Jack...You having fun? having fun over the fact that everything seems to have gone your way?

[Cuts to the end of the back and forth talk]

Alyssa: I tell you what is though, Like your man Eddie Gordon, I have connections in this sport too, and because
you two insist on being total a(beep)holes about this recent win, I can promise you, I will get even. I may not
have a job, but I have friends and Jack.. when it happens, keep this little thing in mind.

(she gets right in Jack's face)

Alyssa: HELL, hath no fury, like a woman scorned, you remember that.

(Alyssa leaves the ring and Jack looks concerned)

[Scene Cuts to End Result]

Out fo different parts of the fans WWKF Wrestlers Killer, KingofDX, Ricky Wilde, Joker, Master of Disaster, and
DXLatin all come out of the seats, hop the rail and jump James the Truth in the ring.


They clobber James with chairs, a barbed wire baseball bat and a blackjack, busting him wide open, they nail him
with a stuff piledriver on the broken table and then. DXLatin pulls a bag from his jacket.

Mike: DAMNIT! this is an all out assault, someone needs to get out here.

Sean: What trhe hell is DXLatin doing!?

As KingofDX, Kiler and Joker Hold a bleeding James The Truth, and Master of Disaster is hitting him. DFXLatin
pulls out a staple gun.


Mike: This is so screwed up...I can't...what the hell they going to do.

Sean: I don't know but I've got to stop it.

Mike: Sean, GET BACK HERE!

Sean leaves the table and slides under the ropes. they drop James and stomp and beat Sean up. Then sail him over
the top rope and then tie James up in the ropes. he's trying to get out but they beat on him. DXLatin then walks
up and nails the staple gun in Jame's eye.

MIke: SON OF A..B(beep)TCH!

DXLatin uses the staple gun a second time on James's eye and blood comes pouring out. They then bail out as the whole
GCW locker room comes running and enters the ring. carter, Onita, brody, brett Fury, a bandaged Billy Nightmare,
the Jones all come in. Carter and Onita look as DXLatin and KingofDX give them the chop block, and then give all the
wrestlers in the ring the finger.


Carter, Onita and now Vinnie James who came running chase all the WWKF wrestlers out the door but they all piled into
a van and you can hear the tires squeal as they take off away from the arena

Mike drops the mic and goes to check on Sean, who's laid out on the outside of the ring. Mr. Hughes comes running,
bleeding from his battle with Riquez, he's as angry as the others and throws things in all directions as a show of
emotions. Even the Hardcore Institute comes down as well. Owner James Long and General Manager Eddie Gordon come with
the paramedics and get into the ring, pushing the other wrestlers back as James was unhooked from the ropes and is
grabbing his eye, screaming in a voice that's sickening to hear.

Craig Johnson comes out and gets the mic.

"Mike, Mike, how's sean"?

Mike: he's hurt man, and they got James f'n good, his eye's all messed up.

Craig: Unfortunately, this is going to be news.

Mike: How the hell can you call, THIS, news?

Craig: Mike, we're paid to tell the news, and this is, news.

Mike: What the f(beep)k you talking about, explain how this is news.

Craig: well, GCW has boasted about how they take things to the extrme.

Mike: yeah.

Craig: well tonight, it's sad to say, but WWKF, just took GCW, to the extreme.

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:03 pm

As the scene opens into the Slim Survivals Arena, firworks begin to hit the stage loudley as the fans cheer, and the camera pans around and catches some signs that the fans are holding some read :

"Bring Alyssa Back", "KillerKillsUrprince" , "Kana For President"

The fans begin to cheer as the Slim Survivals theme begins to play, and the arena looks packed.
Mike - Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to another edition for Saturday Night Slim Survivals!, We are live here in Toronto Ontario Canada!, in the Air Canada Center, and I personally cant wait to start the show!.

Jim - Yes what a night it was last week, WWKF scoring its first ever, rare, 5 Star, Tv Rating, Alyssa was fired, GCW Beat WWKF, and many more things happened.

Mike - Thats right a draft was announced, and look, Im seeing Beatdown and Slim Survival Superstars!.

The camera moves towards the ring and you can see the Beatdown Roster and Slim Survivals Roster, surrounding the ring, inside the ring there is a bucket of beer, a red carpet and an Alter with a Microphone.
Jim - Thats right, Rattlesnake is suppose to host the Locker Room Meeting right now, I wonder why hes calling for a meeting.

Mike - Me too. But why is it called a Locker room meeting, they're in the ring, not the locker room why not just call it.... Rattlesnakes Meeting?

Jim - Because you goof, thats a silly name.

Mike - Whats silly is its called Locker room meeting but there is no locker room.

Jim - First of all, there is your whole locker room, right there, each and every one of those superstars and div...., look Mike, Look, over there, its Perfection!, do you think she can see me?

Mike - And you call me a goof....?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the WWKF Owner, and the New General Manager of Slim Survivals... Rattlesnake!

Rattlesnake begins to walk down the ramp as the fans cheer but alot of them are booing, he doesnt seem to care, as he walks down the ramp, Brittney Knox and Christina Martinez, who are at the front of the ring, step aside so he can slide into the ring, he picks up a beer from the bucket and begins to drink from it, he grabs a mic and looks at all the Divas and Superstars.

I can see... from all them long ugly faces... that some of you, dont wanna be here.

Some of the WWKF Divas and Superstars nod their heads agreeing with Rattlesnake while some just stand there.

You know... nobody forced you to be here, if you wanna leave, I layed out a nice buffet backsatge, all you can eat.

The superstars and divas begin to smile as they sound excited, they cant believe what Rattlesnake is saying.

Dont worry, come on, go ahead, Ill just do this by myself...

The Superstars and Divas smile grow wider, they all begin to leave the ring when all of a sudden, Rattlesnake puts the beer bottle he has near the micopone then smashes the beer right to the floor making a huge noise, making the superstars, divas and fans jump as they werent expecting it.

What??. You idiots think I would really lay out a buffet for you?. What??. After you dipshits get humiliated by GCW. What??. You Bony Divas, Get your Bony Asses back here, and you hairy chimpanzee like Superstars get your flabby ass back here!.

The superstars and divas roll their eyes not looking too happy with Rattlesnake, they all get back near the ring.

Maybe. just maybe, Good Ole Rattlesnake would throw all you wrestlers and divas a Pool Party!, maybe a tea party!, better yet a brithday party!. You assholes just dont deserve it!, I made this company 14 Years back, and in it had the strongest and fastest superstars, worthy enough to call themseleves Kings Of Wrestling, thus being called the WWKF, but I look around at you superstars and divas, I dont see Kings or Queens, you know what I see?

Rattlesnake looks at every memeber of the Locker room and smiles.

I see a bunch of stupid sons of bitches!

The fans begin to boo Rattlesnake loudley chanting "Your The Bitch"

My point is, if a GCW Wrestler were to step into the ring with one of those Superstars from the past, they would get their asses whuped all the way back to where they came from!.

Alot of the superstars and divas really dont look happy.

Oh I get it. You all dont want to be here. You all dont want to listen to me. Ok. Well. Too Bad!, I dont give a Donkeys Ass, you see, I have been recieving hate emails all day long, saying that Im a bad person and that I fired the glue that was holding this company together, and those email senders, each and everyone of them, agreed that because of me, the GCW vs WWKF War will come to an End!. I have also been getting stupid emails that claim that anybody, could beat me up at anytime, thats not true, look around, sitting down and standing, I see scrawny and overweight fans, around the ring, I see more muscles than brains, none of you, no superstar, fan or diva, good beat ole Rattlesnake up, not take me down, not hurt me, nothing! Why?, Because Im the God of the Buisness, Im the Owner of this Company, and Im the Pimp in this ring while all of you "Well Deserving Wrestlers" Are my bit-

Alyssas theme begins to play and her titantron does also, this changes the superstars and divas mood and also the fans mood, they all begin to cheer and it brings a smile to the superstars faces, Rattlesnake looks confused they begin to look at the curtains and nobody comes out, all of a sudden the curtains begin to move.

The fans cheer loudler, it seems someone is behind the curtains, all of a sudden the curtains begin to open and the fans cheer loudler, only its not Alyssa, its a WWKF Secruity Guard, he walks up to the ramp then gives the thumbs up to Rattlesnake.

Ahaha see?, you know what that "thumbs up" means, it means Alyssa Ruins has been taken out of the building, Well Ms.Ruins, that was a nice attempt to get in, but heck, your gonna be soon forgotton, everyone knows your banned, and your face will never be seen on Wrestling Tv again, I assure you!, and if your still mad at me Alyssa, I left some coloring books and scooby snacks in my office for you, Ill be glad to give them to your incredibly stupid boyfriend KingOfDX so he can give it to you.

KingOfDX looks mad, hes smart enough to not react and not say anything, all of a sudden a staff member slides into the back of the ring and begins whispering into Rattlesnakes ear, and Rattlesnake doesnt look happy, the fans begin to wonder whats going on, and the staff member grabs the microphone to explain whats happening.

It seems that somebody has snuck in backstage, and is roaming the halls, most likely a fan, he has been caught on camera, we cannot see the face of the person, but it seems to be a fan, if you know who it is, please call him, and tell him to get out of the area, and back into his seat, if he continues to stay back there, Police will escort him out of the building and will charge him.

The staff member all of a sudden gets a signal on his radio, he listens to it and begins to nod his head and grabs the microhpone and looks at Rattlesnake.

Sir they have found the person, he is backstage, and hes apperntly comming out to the ring.

The fans begin to cheer loudley, they wanted somone to come out, anybody, even a stupid fan that managed to get backstage, they didnt want to hear Rattlesnake talk anymore.

Mike - Whaaaaaat the Heeeelll!!!

Jim - Hes here!, hes here in his hometown!

DXLatin runs out of the curtains smiling, wearing his New & Improved Shirt, and black shorts, he smiles as the fans go on their feet chanting "5150", you can now see signs, most of them to Latin, like "Marry Me Latin", "Toronto Is 5150", "Welcome Home Latin".

DXLatin walks down the ramp smiling, Brittney and Christina who are at the front of the ring seem happy to see him, expecially Christina, DXLatin gives her a small kiss then slides into the ring, face to face with Rattlesnake as the fans wait in anticipation to see what is going to happen, Rattlesnake doesnt look happy, DXLatin picks up the alter and he throws it out of the ring as the fans cheer, Rattlesnake looks even more mad now, and out of nowhere, DXlatin runs towards the bucket of beer and kicks it, as many beer bottles brake, he then goes back face to face with Rattlesnake.

Before I get into this... I would just like to say, because of the draft, not only is Slim Survivals 5150 Territory, but it feels GOOD, to be home!

The fans cheer loudley as DXLatin smiles Rattlesnake really doesnt look happy.

Good Ole Rattlesnake huh?, man, you really have been gone for a long time, things have changed man, things have changed completly, for starters, I can say this, and I can speak for everyone.... Nobody...Gives...A...Fuck....About...

DXLatin begins to think about finishing off that sentence, Rattlesnake looks deep into his eyes, waiting to see if DXLatin is smart enough and DXLatin smiles.


The fans cheer loudley chanting "5150" and DXlatin covers his mouth as if saying "Whoops"

Rattlesnake smiles, he begins to luagh, the fans look confused, he raises the mic quickly up to his lips and is about to say your fired but before he can speak Latin interupts.

Nahh man. Dont even think about it. Firing DXLatin, then you know the GCW vs WWKF War would end, not only would I be the HOTTEST Free Angent, but I'd be making some company more money than this company, I love the WWKF, Its my life, and I respect it... but I dont respect you.

The fans cheer loudley, Rattlesnake again trys to speak but Latin interupts.

Like what is going on in that bald head of yours man!, you fired Alyssa, without her there would be no 5 Star Rating last week, without her GCW wouldnt have been 5150 Territory Last Monday, without her there would be no "Violence & Attitude Era", fuck without her... WWKF wouldnt be what it is today.

The fans begin to cheer chanting "Bring Her Back"

Oh so who are you Latin?, you come back, no hugs, no hello?, you want to come off playing the "Hero", huh?, forget your cape at home Latin?, I dont know what your trying to do, I stand here still Owner, and I remain with my words, Nobody can beat me or take me down, as much as you would love to punch me in the face just like every one of thease fans, it wont happen, sticks and stones can break my bones... words will not hurt me, I fire you if I want to, only thing stopping me is GCW. You see lets make this interesting, GCW is holding a "When Worlds Collide Pay Per View", WWKF vs GCW. You have a match against GCW's Jack Carter....

Im listening...

You win that match. Alyssa Ruins comes back to the WWKF, thease fans can stop whining, and you can be the little fuckin "hero".

DXLatin chuckles at how Rattlesnake randomly swears, he begins to keep a straight face though and nods his head.

You lose that match Latin, Alyssa doesnt come back to the WWKF, remains band, oh lose... thease fans can stick their heads up their asses for all I care because Slim Survivals will no longer be 5150 Territory, and no longer will Beatdown ever be 5150 Terriroty, because you lose that match... YOUR FIRED!

The fans go in shock and Latin looks surprised, Rattlesnake sticks the finger right in his face and he slides out of the ring as the Superstars and Divas look at Latins expression as he looks worried now and all his confidence seems to be gone.

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:28 pm

Ladies and Gentlmen, the following contest is a Debut Bout, introducing first, making his debut, please welcome Baaaam Baaaam Kaanaaa!

Bam Bam Kana begins to walk down the ramp smiling as the fans begin to boo loudley, not liking the promos he made on WWKF.Com, they begin a "You Suck" Chant as he just stares at all of them angrily, he slides into the ring.

And his opponent, also making his debut, please welcome... Riiic Oweeen!

Ric Owen begins to walk down the ramp as the fans cheer, favoring him over Bam Bam Kana, he slides into the ring with a cocky smile looking at Kana.


Ric Owen and Kana begin to circle eachother, they run towards eachother, hooking up, all of a sudden Ric begins to yell out in pain, the fans are confused, the reff breaks them up and begins to check on Ric, Ric has a red mark on the side of his chin, the reff then notices that Kana pinched Ric. Kana smiles, an evil smiling, and shakes his head as if he didnt do anything, the reff gives Kana a warning and they hookup again.

Once again Ric yells out in pain, Kana must've pinched him again, before the reff can break then up, Kana gets Ric in a headlock, he then flips him over for a headlock takedown, squeezing Ric's head, Ric yells out, but Kana doesnt let go, the reff tries to get Kana to let go but still no sign in Kana changing his mind.


Kana lets go, he looks mad though, he didnt want to stop, he looks at the reff and begins to yell out words in differnt languages, the reff looks confused, and before Kana can do any more talking Ric comes from behind and knocks Kana down, hitting him hard, with angry stomps as the fans cheer and boo, Ric then picks him up, and before he can do anything Kana hits him with a thumb to the eye, Ric falls back, leaning on the ropes and holding his eye.

The Reff tries to give Kana another warning but before he can Kana just pushes him away, he runs over to Ric, picks him up and hits the "Death To America", the fans begin to boo, he pins.


here is your winner... Bam Bam Kanaaa!

All of a sudden Kana begins to continue his assualt, stomping on Ric, again and again, he then slides out of the ring, and gets the flag of Canada, and the candian fans begin to boo loudley, thinking the worse.

Kana gets out a lighter and begins to burn the canadian flag, he smiles, he gets a microphone and looks at everyone.


The fans begin to boo loudley as the flag lays on the ring burning, Kana's music plays as he slides out of the ring and walks away as the fans boo.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:42 pm

Scene Opens in DXLatins locker room, hes looking into the mirror, hes shirtless and looking at the permanent marks on his chest area from his battles, he looks at it, and begins to think about Carter, that he sent him to the hospital, and he got him sidelined, he looks mad, and worried, he looks straight in the mirror and looks as if he needs to let his anger out, hes about to punch the mirror but all of a sudden the door knocks, he turns around and looks at the door.

...Come In.

After a couple of seconds, the door slowly opens and Perfection comes in, DXLatin looks confused to see her, he turns around, pretending she never came in and begins to ignore her, she walks over to him, still behind him, and shakes her head smiling.

Im so glad your ok.

DXlatin doesnt respond still touching his permanent marks, looking at himself in the mirror, shes still smiling, she then puts her hand on DXlatins shoulder, he still ignores her.

You know I was praying for you, every night. I was just hoping you would come out ok, and soon later find out that Christina doesnt love you and that Im the one that doe-

All of a sudden she stops talking, she looks infront of her and on DXLatins other hand he has his steel bat raised up, she takes her hand off his shoulder and he turns around looking at her.

You love me?. After cheating on me, walking around backstage half naked, flirting with the staff, you expect me to believe you?. After Christina visits me in the Hospital, calls me everyday, and takes care of me, you expect me to believe she doesnt love me?. I come back from injury, here in my hometown, Instead of a party being thrown or anything, I get a middle finger right in my face, a big stipulation for Worlds Collide thrown at me, and now this shit??

DXLatin looks mad he smashes the mirror with his steel bat, and watches as it shatters to a million peices, all of a sudden Christina runs in hearing the sound.

Whats wr....

Christina sees Perfection and Latin, she doesnt look happy, she looks at Perfection and Perfection looks worried.

You little bitch.... , your done being slut huh?, your done?, well heres a new thing you should stop. Stop thinking about him, its over, hes over you, move forward and find a new man... I got mine...

Christina walks forward ina sexy way, she goes up to Latin and gives him a big kiss right infront of Perfection, Perfection looks really mad as she feels like they would never stop kissing, as Christina stops she looks into her eyes.

Ill see you in the ring..

Christina smiles as Perfection looks mad she looks at Latin, and he looks away, she then looks at Christina who smiles back at her, she really looks mad now, she just walks out and shuts the door as Christinas smile grows wider.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:45 pm

Killer is walking down the hallways, hes holding his Main Event title, and he seems to be looking for somone, he gets his cell phone and dials a number, you can hear the voice mail of Brittney play, and Killer hangsup, he looks around, the hallways as he watches over staff members and superstars, he shakes his head and walks away.
Mike - Man.. where has Brittney been?

Jim - Shes been ignoring Killer, come on now. Its obvious.

Mike - Well the Main Event will be Killer and Prince Harming, as Killer puts his title on the line against Harming.

Jim - Ya, and I garuntee you that Brittney will be watching!
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:04 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a singles match, Introducing First... Jaaaaack Liiightning!

Jack Lightning walks out of the curtains as the fans cheer, he looks confident, he slides into the ring smiling.

Mike - For a guy with a 3 Match losing streak, he looks happy.

Jim - Come on, he holds the highest undefeated record, hes sure to get back on track.

And the opponent, Laaaaaance Keeent!

Lance Kent walks down the ramp all cocky, hes wearing a shirt that shows a picture of Perfection, on the top it reads "Property Of 3LK Nigguh". He slides into the ring and grabs a microphone.

What is this?, Can one of you, any of you, dumbass nigguhs, tell me what the hell this is?, They got me facin Mr.Kick My Ass, And Watch Me Lose!, This fool aint on my level!, I dont even think hes on the Pay Per View this sunday!, What the hell you doin with yourself nigguh??

Jack Lightning shrugs smiling.

I heard you requested this match. Nigguh You Craaaazy!

The fans begin to boo but some cheer.

You see, right here, right now, I kick this kids ass, he loses for the fourth time in a row tonight, and then on Sunday, I defeat your precious DXLatin!, I take home Perfection, and then I prove, I prove that the mexican has nothin on me!

The fans boo loudley, he drops the mic, Jack and Lance stare down eachother and the reff is about to ring the bell.

DXLatin runs out of the curtains as the fans cheer loudley he stands there looking at Lance smiling as Lance doesnt look happy, DXLatin then walks down the ramp, he walks over to the backside of the ring and sits down with Mike and Jim.

Mike - Woah well, look who it is

Jim - How are you man??

Latin - Feelin Good, Alot Better, and I can now say, Im back, stronger than ever, and ready for Lance Kent.

Mike - Im sure your here to observe the match.

Jim - Ya, maybe check to see Lance's flaws, and get a better picture for this Sunday?

Latin - Im here to obsereve the match, not to see any mistakes caused by Lance or anything like that, I just wanted to let him know Im watching cause all that shit he talked.. he cant back it up, this Sunday, I may not want to, but Im taking Perfection, Christina may not like her, and I may not like her, but Perfection will be 5150 Property.


Jack and Lance walk straight to eachother, they begin talking trash, then all of a sudden Lance slowly turns his head back to look at Latin, Jack doesnt wait for him to turn around, he hits him with a huge right hand, knocking Lance to the floor, the fans cheer loudley, Jack then begins to give Lance some angry stomps, not letting Lance back up.

Mike - Impressed so far?

Latin - What kind of an idiot turns his back to his opponent??.

Jack picks up Lance then gives him a huge elbow shot to the chin, Lance begins to stumble backwards, Jack then runs at Lance, but he rushes things and Lance runs into Jack, ramming him with a huge clothesline, knocking him to the floor this time, and knocking the wind out of him, as Jack looks knocked out.

Lance looks at Latin, and points at him smiling, Latin shakes his head, Lance picks up Jack, and irish whips him hard, he bounces off the ropes and as that happens, Lance hits him hard with a huge big boot to the face, this causes Jack to flip into the air and land right on his stomach hard, Lance again looks at Latin and screams out "How Do You Like Me Now Niguhhh".

Jim - Well your answer to that Latin?

Latin - Id like to see him come over here instead of yelling things out from the ring.

Lance picks up Jack again, this time irish whiping him into the turnbuckle, Lance takes a few steps back, then runs as fast as he can, over to Jack, he goes for a clothesline, but Jack rolls out of harms way, and Lance clotheslines the turnbuckle, he yells out in pain, as he turns around Jack gives him a huge dropkick, the fans cheer, and Lance begins to get on a sitting position as the turnbuckle is behind him. Jack smiles, he then takes a few steps back, and runs forward he then delivers a baseball slide onto Lance as he the fans are amazed at how effective it came out. Jack gets on his feet and tuants the fans raising his arm right into the air.

Jim - And now the end could be near for Mr.3LK

Jack picks Lance up, and then gets him in a huge front headlock, he takes a step back, going for a bulldog, he then runs forward but Lance stops, he lifts Jack up into the air and throws him out of the ring, Jack falls over the top ropes and face first onto the announce table. The fans chant "Holy Shit"

Mike - Woah!, I thought he was gonna hit me!.

Lance slides out of the ring and walks over to Jack, he picks his head up and looks at Latin, he then smashes Jacks head on the announce table over and over again, Latin then stands up and Lance backs away slowly, yelling out "Sit down nigguh!, sit down!.", Latin smiles, he does as Lance wants him to and sits down thinking about Sunday, but all of a sudden Lance picks up Jack onto his shoulders then throws him onto DXLatin whos sitting down, and they both fall down, as Latin falls off his chair with Jack ontop as the fans boo loudley, and chant "Big Mistake" Lance slides into the ring quickly and the reff is already ending the count.


Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner via Countout!, Laaaance Keeent!

Lance Kent slides out of the ring, DXLatin and Jack Lightning are both slowly getting up, Lance picks Jack up and throws him into the ring, he then grabs a steel chair and as DXLatin is getting on his feet he smashes the steel chair right onto DXLatins skull as the fans chant "Big Mistake" once again, as Latin falls right onto the floor. Lance then slides into the ring, and begins to give a signal over to the curtains the fans dont know whats going on.

The fans begin to boo loudley and at the curtains, stand Beatdown's Non-Stop and Solution, then in the middle, Carl J, the fans begin to boo loudley, all three men run down the ramp and slide into the ring, Lance begin to whisper things over to them, then all of a sudden, all 4 men begin to attack Jack Lightning, stomping on him and hitting him with huge shots to the head, back, arms, legs, everywhere.

Carl J picks up Jack right into the air then slams him down to the floor as the fans boo loudley, then Solution picks him up, he then hits the "Problem Solved", the fans begin a "5150" Chant but Latin seems to be knocked out.

Non-Stop then picks up Jack and hits the 24/7 Kick as the fans boo, then all of a sudden, Lance Kent lays Jack bending down, he then bounces off the ropes and hits the "Speeding Ticket", the fans boo loudley, but all of a sudden DXLatin gets up slowly, he sees whats going on, but New Generation doesnt seem worried to see Latin, Lance still has the microphone in the ring, he picks it up.

Nigguh, Get Steppin, Why dont you go on backstage, gett your Latina Slut to kiss your boo boo, then give some autographs to your ugly hometown fans, cause theres 4 of us, and one of you..

DXLatin has blood trickling down from his skull, he just stands there looking at New Generation, but then all of a sudden, he pulls out his steel bat from the back of his shorts and the fans cheer loudley, now New Generation looks worried, DXLatin slides into the ring ,and he begins to swing his steel bat, he hits Non-Stop with it right onto the skull and Non-Stop falls down hard, then Solution tries to come from behind and DXLatin hits the steel bat right onto his throat, knocking him over the top ropes.

Carl J and Lance Kent both run at Latin, Carl J grabs DXLatins steel bat, and throws it out of the ring, now DXLatin is empty handed, Carl J picks up DXLatin right up, but DXLatin jumps off, he then boucnes off the ropes and hits a huge shoulder block, knocking Carl J right to the floor, Lance Kent doesnt want any of DXLatin, he slides out of the ring quickly as the fans chant "3LK is aaaa Chiiiickeeeen", DXLatin looks right into the eyes of Lance Kent who is outside of the ring, DXLatin smiles, he picks up Carl J and gives him a huge "Hat Trick", the fans amazed by his strength and now Lance looks worried

DXLatins theme hits the stage, as he and Lance stare at eachother hard.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:17 pm

Killer is walking down the hallways he looks very upset now, and it looks like he still cannot find Brittney Knox, hes holding his Main Event title on his shoulder, he walks up to some staff members and asks them if they have seen her and they shake their heads.

He continues to walk down the hallway then he Sees Christina Martinez in a distance, shes waiting outside the mens washroom he walks over to her and just stands infront of her looking into her eyes, she looks up at him, and she has a weird look on her face.

...Can I help you?

Where is she?


Dont play stupid Christina!, you know who Im looking for, and you know why shes avoiding me, I just want to talk to her, Where is she??

Ok, I do know what your talking about, but the last time I've talked to her was about 3 days ago, I dont know where she is, I've been looking for her too, I got a tag match with her.

Where is she??

I dont know!!

This is the last time Im gonna ask you, you better think twice before you answer, because god help me I may just do somthing I may or may not regret!, Where is she??

Before Christina can answer DXLatin comes out of the mens washroom, he goes infront of Christina and looks right at Killer, face to face.

She said... she doesnt know.

Killer looks mad he looks at DXLatin then at Christina and he backs away slowly, he then walks off, as hes walking away you can see him kick things around in anger.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:28 pm

The scene then shows Rattlesnake walking to his office, as hes walking he notices alot of staff members, and superstars backstage, looking at him with anger, the superstars and staff members looks as if they wish they could each take turns punching him, he luaghs at that, and sticks the middle finger to all of them.

He walks into his office and he sees a note on the desk, he picks it up and begins to read it, his smile dissapears and he looks very mad, the camera zooms in on the note..

Dear Rattlesnake

You like to run your mouth huh?. You like to tell yourself that nobody can beat you... you like that dont you?, pretending as if you have super strength, pretending as if nobody, nobody, nobody in this world, can lay a finger on you, because your like the strongest man?.

Tonight we prove that not only are you weak.. but you do nothing but run your little mouth all day, I wonder what your gonna do when you we prove you wrong.

Signed : You'll soon find out
Now Rattlesnake looks pissed off he begins to rip off the note and walks out of his office, he throws all the peieces off the note all over the floor and the staff members and superstars look at him confused.

Do it!, come on you bitches, do it!!

The superstars and staff all look at eachother confused and walk away, Rattlesnake then goes back in his office and slams the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:15 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is a Get The Win Match, Introducing first, The Icemaaan Elite, Kaalvin Browwn!

Kalvin walks down the ramp smiling, he slides into the ring, and tuants the crowd. As they cheer for him.

And his opponent... Jaaaamie Haaayden!

Jamie begins to walk down the ramp smiling, he slides into the ring and Iceman trys to give him a hand for a handshake but Jamie just slaps his hand away as the fans begin to boo him.


Jamie and Iceman begin to circle eachother, the fans are excited because they know the history that thease two have, they lockup, and Jamie gets Kalvin in a headlock, but all of a sudden, someway, somehow, Kalvin referses, he irish whips Jamie, Jamie bounces off the ropes, and as this happens, Jamie goes for a quick clothesline, but Kalvin ducks a counters with a sleeper hold as the fans cheer.

Jim - He calls himself the Master Of Submissions, hes proving it right here.

Jamie is trying to escape the hold but its too tight, the fans are beginning to plead Jamie to not to tap, as much as they dont like him they dont want the match to end too soon, Jamie then takes his leg, kicks backwards and hits Kalvin with a lowblow that the reff never saw.

Mike - Look how he escaped!, What strategy!

Jim - Strategy!?, thats cheating!

Mike - If the reff never saw it, you cant call it cheating!.

as Kalvin falls to the floor, Jamie bends over and begins to slap Kalvin on the head, humiliating him, he then picks Kalvin up, he spits on his own hand, then takes his hand with spit and rubs it all over Kalvins face, the fans begin to boo loudley, the reff doesnt like whats going on, he pushes Jamie Hayden back, Kalvin is on his knees now gettinup, Jamie pushes the reff aside and dropkicks Kalvin right onto his skull as the fans all go "OOOOH!"

Jim - Is his head still on??

The fans begin a "Holy Shit" Chant, but all of a sudden Kalvin looks pissed off, he gets up holding his head in pain, and as Jamie gets up, Kalvin starts swinging like crazy looking to make this a slugfest, Jamie backs away, tripping on his own feet, he falls on his ass and now Kalvin pays him back, he jumps down and hits a dropkick right on Jamies face as the fans cheer, this causes Jamie to fall under the ropes, falling outside of the ring.

Kalvin slides out of the ring also, he picks up Jamie and trys to smash his head onto the steel steps but before he can Jamie hits him with a huge elbow shot to the face. Kalvin stumbles backwards, then Jamie grabs him and irish whips him into the steel steps hard, it makes a big impact noise and Kalvin screams in pain.


Jim - Come on now, play nice!

Jamie then picks Kalvin up once again the reff is commanding Jamie to bring Kalvin into the ring but Jamie smiles and shakes his head, he then throws Kalvin over the barracde, into the fan area, the fans cheer, touching Kalvin, Jamie begins to tuant the crowd.


Kalvin then gets ontop of the barracade, surprising Hayden he jumps off it, landing ontop of Jamie as the fans cheer and start a "Iceman" chant, Kalvin, then throws Jamie into the ring.


Kalvin slides into the ring, he begins to stomp on Jamie, then he picks him up and locks him in The Elite Submission. Jamie has nowhere to go, he doesnt want to tap out but yet he cant break the hold, but then all of a sudden Jamie somehow breaks it with all the strength he has left.

Kalvin looks surprised, he bounces off the ropes and trys to hit Jamie hayden with a clothesline but Jamie ducks, he turns Kalvin over and goes for the 'Definition Of Demolition', but just before he can, Kalvin reverses it and hits a huge DDT right to the floor. He pins.


Here is your winner... Iceman Elite!, Kaaaalvin Brooown!

As Kalvin celebrates his victory, Jamie rolls out of the ring, he looks groggy but hes still moving, he picks up a chair then slides into the ring, as Kalvin turns around Jamie hits him hard with a steel chair shot to the skull as the fans boo loudley.

Rattlesnake looks mad, he walks halfway up the ramp and he has a microphone, he stares right into the eyes of Jamie Hayden.

Listen here cupcake..., that was smart, very smart, you stupid son of a bitch, you just hit your partner with a steel chair.

Jim - Partner???, what is he talking about??.

At Rare Survival, Team WWKF has been announced..., Alex Wilder will be teaming up with you Jamie Hayden, and your other partner... Kalvin Brown!

The fans begin to cheer and Jamie doesnt look happy.

Your opponents... GCW's Masa Onita, Jack Carter and Stan Brody!

The fans cheer loudley as Rattlesnake walks away and Jamie stares down at Kalvin.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:38 pm

Killer is backstage sitting down on a sofa near the enterance of the arena, holding his Main Event title, still checking his cell phone for missed calls, he hangsup and sighs, still not being able to find Brittney, he then stands up he walks outside of the arena and into the parking lot, he then sees Brittneys car parked.

So you are hiding arnt you...

Killer looks very mad now, now that he knows Brittney is somewhere, he looks at his watch and smiles.

Well you gotta showup to your Tag Match...Ill Wait..

Killer smiles and walks back into the arena.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:43 pm

Prince Harming is backstage with Blossom, Prince Harming is smiling, he looks extremely confident, Blossom holds up the mic and looks at the camera.

Prince Harming, just next Sunday you take on Killer and PowerBomb360, for the Main Event Championship as all 3 of you main event Rare Survival, are you having second thoughts?

Not at all. Going into a match with just one of the biggest legends, and a man that has killed, murdered, just took away so many lives, you think I would have second thoughts but I dont. You see Killer can brag about Killing 40 Superstars, fact is he hasnt Killed me.

At Rare Survival, research shows that everyone comes out of this Pay Per View either incredibly injured or right into a stretcher, your thoughts?

I know that Rare Survival has that record, just look at its name. However tonight, I walk out Main Event Champion, walk in Rare Survival Main Event Champion, then walk out Rare Survival... alive... healthy and still Main Event Champion!

Prince Harming smiles as he walks off and Blossom looks on.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:08 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is a Money In The Bank Preview Maaatch!, Introdu....

The announcer stops reading, a staff member slides into the ring and begins to whisper into her ear, she nods her head.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there will be no Preview Match, it has been said to me that Jeff Hardy seems to not be in the building, and Ricky Wilde has been found backstage... injured..?

The camera goes backstage quickly, and as it goes backstage you can see Ricky on the floor, there seems to be smoke comming from him, the camera zooms in closer and on his chest is a small candian flag, one of those souvenir ones, and its burning, the fans begin to boo loudley.
Mike - What the hell?... who could've done this to him?

Jim - Dont blame the drugs... blame the Kana

Mike - Come on hes not behind this, do you think?

Jim - Earlier today he said Death To Canada, now theres a small canadian flag burning on Ricky and your questioning my thought that its Bam Bam Kana?, come on now.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:37 pm

Rattlesnake walks down the ramp he looks very mad, maybe because of the note he got , he slides into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Oh so do I have a target on my back?, no no, better yet on my head?, ya you maybe ontop of my big shiny round bald head huh??, every person wants to kick my ass now??, You Fans... My Superstars..... And Staff Memebers!

The fans begin to boo loudley and chant "You Caused This Shit"

The show's almost over, and them guys from GCW didn't show up. They made all kinds of threats and nopise, buit they just sold nothing but a woof ticket. They aren't going to do nothing to us anymore, we here at WWKF taught them a lesson. And as far as I'm concerned, they'll never have the guts to step into this ring, ever again, if they know what's good for them!.

Rattlesnake still looks mad, but now hes talking about GCW, they have talked and talked about comming but they havent. All of a sudden the lights in the arena go out.

When they come back on several men dressed in all black, wearing black masks jump Rattlesnake. They beat him to the mat with fists, an axehandle, fire extiquisher and brass knuckles. Rattlesnake tries to fight back but the numbers are too much and two of the masked men hit Rattlesnake with a tag team moved called "Total Elimination". Dropping the WWKF owner to the mat.

One masked guy pulls some barbed wire out of a sack and they wrap Rattlesnake arouund in it, another takes some barbed wire, wraps it around his fist and starts punching Rattlesnake in the face with his barbed wire wrapped fist. Blood spurts out of his face and head as the punches keep coming.
Referees come down the isle but the masked ben beat them off the apron, another masked guy takes a can of spray paint out and spary paints "GCW" in big letters on the mat. Two more masked guys bring a table into the ring, another pulls a can of lighter fluid out, squirts it on the table, while the leader pulls out a zippo lighter. he looks around at the fans and lights the table on fire.

The 'Leader", then grabs Rattlesnake and gives him what looks like a "Death Wish", putting Rattlesnake thru the flaming table. One other Masked guy tosses the "leader" a mic.

They all then unmask, revealing to be "Rebel Angel" Jack carter, Masa Onita, Brett Fury, Big Vinnie James, Stan'the man'Brody and Billy Nightmare from GCW.

Woof ticket THAT.. Rattlesnake. What goes around, comes around, motherfucker.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:44 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a No Disqualification, Tag Team Match, Introducing First... The WWKF Divas Champion, Aliciiaaa Jackson!

Alicia walks out of the curtains smiling, holding her Divas Championship, the fans begin to cheer loudley, she slides into the ring and holds it up high.

And her Tag Team partner... The WWKF Womens Champion, Peeeerfectiooon!

Perfection walks down the ramp smiling, holding her Womens Title, she looks confident, she slides into the ring and holds up her Womens title up high.

And they're opponents... The Queens Of WWKF... Brittney Knooox and Christinaaaaa Martinez!

Christina Martinez walks down the ramp, the fans begin to cheer for her loudley, maybe because shes dating Latin, but shes alone, the reff signals her from a distance, and she shrugs, ponting out that she doesnt know where Brittney is, she slides into the ring and look at both divas.

Brittney Knox finally comes out as the fans give her a mixed reaction, she looks really emberassed, she slides into the ring and Christina and her begin to whisper to eachother.


Christina starts off the match and so does Perfection the fans cheer as Perfection wanted to get her hands on her for a long time, they lockup and Perfection goes crazy on Christina just knocking her to the floor and stomping on her, she then picks her up and grabs her head, yanking on her hair then slapping her right in the face as the fans cheer and chant "Perfection"

As Christina stumbles back from the slap, Perfection runs towards her and gives her a huge clothesline sending her straight to the floor again as the fans cheer, Brittney doesnt look too happy but she has to wait her turn. Perfection then picks up Christina once again and irish whips her onto her corner, she hits the turnbuckle, Perfection then walks over to her, tags Alicia, then they both begin to attack Christina as the fans cheer.

Perfection gets back onto the apron, Alicia is now in the match, as she picks up Christina, Christina gives her a big poke into the eye, she falls back and hits the floor, this buys Christina some time, Brittney looks as if she wants a tag, but Christina isnt done yet. She gets up and gets ontop of Christina, hitting her with elbows and lefts and rights, she then pulls on her hair, brining Alicia up, she irish whips her towards the ropes.

As Alicia bounces off the ropes, Christina puts her head out and Alicia runs into Christinas head as a headbutt is made. Christina then walks over to Brittney and tags her in Brittney then runs accross the ring she hits Perfection with an elbow shot and she falls out of the ring she then turns around and sees Alicia on the ground and smiles. Brittney picks her up and throws her onto the turnbuckle, she takes a few steps back and then rams her into the turnbuckle with a huge clothesline as the fans boo loudley, she then picks up Alicia and hits a big DDT in the middle of the ring she goes for a pin.


Alicia barley kicks out, Brittney looks mad, she gets up and drops down with a big elbow drop she then smiles and pins again.


This time Alicia quickly kicks out before the 2 count now Brittney looks really mad, she gets up with Alicia then irish whips her to the ropes once again, when Alicia bounces off the ropes, Brittney picks her up and slams her to the floor with a huge bodyslam as the fans boo.

Perfection finally gets up she gets back onto the apron and stares right into the eyes of Brittney, Brittney begins to tuant her doing the title around the waist tuant, Alicia then gets up slowly, Brittney doesnt notice, Alicia then rolls Brittney up as the fans cheer.


Brittney kicks out as the fans are chocked, they thought it was gonna be over. Alicia trys to tag Perfection as Perfection wants in, but all of a sudden Brittney gets up and yanks Alicias hair back, and throws Alicia to the floor viciously as the fans boo, but Perfection leans in and tags herself in, touching Alicias legs that are on the ground.

She gets in the match and clotheslines Brittney, she then clotheslines Christina out of the ring as the fans cheer loudley, Brittney slowly gets up and as this happens, she slowly turns around and gets hit with the Picture Perfect as the fans cheer. She pins.


Here is your winner... Perfection and Aliciaaa Jackson.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:26 pm

After the attack on WWKF Owner Rattlesnake The GCW army goes into his office. They tear the places up. They bust up the furniture, spraypaint "GCW OWNS WWKF" all over the office. they pile the broken furniture into a pile and Onita squirts lighter fluid all over.


Burn our luggage...try to end the career of one of our wrestlers..Let's see
how you like this..

Jack takes his zippo lighter out and sets the furniture on fire. then they all leave
the building. They walk past a car it has a licence plate that says "Killer" on it, and another car that says "Ratlsnk" on the plate.


Shall we?



They smash the windows of both cars. they take out the tail lights, head lights,
puncture all the tires and spray paint "GCW" on the sides of both cars. Onita goes to the van and comes back with a gasoline can as Brett fury has t motilov cocktails in his hand.

Jack helps pour gasoline all over both cars. brett and Billy Nightmare
light the cocktails and throw them inside both cars. Jack looks at the camera.


Things are going to get real explosive around here now.

both of the cars blow up

Told you.

The GCW crew all jump into the van and squeal out of there as you can hear sirens in the distance.

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:36 pm

Brittney Knox is backstage comming back from her match she looks hurt, sweaty and tired, as she turns around to the corner Killer is there holding his title staring right into her eyes, she looks surprised to see him there all of a sudden.

Miss me..?

Look can we talk later...

Brittney turns around and trys to walk away, Killer shakes his head in disbelief at how shes acting he runs up to her and gets infront of her, grabbing her arm tight as you can see it hurts her abit, he looks down at her.

Look... tell me why the hell your trying to avoid me!

Fine shit, just let go off me!

Killer lets go off her and crosses his arms waiting for Brittney to give him her explanation.

Do you know how emberassed you made me feel last Saturday?. You went over to GCW, Ran away, then you talk so much about how your gonna beat them, then in the main event you get hit by your own partner and lose to GCW!.

Thats.... what this was all about...

Yes!, do you know how it feels to walk around and have people look at you, and start giggling, its like I have a big sticker on my forehead that says "Hey look at me, my boyfriend got his ass kicked and talked so much garbage but didnt have the balls to back it up"!

Killer looks really mad at this point, as Brittney finishes the sentence he holds his Main Event title high on his shoulder and looks at her.

That reminds me of somone... hmm, Brittney didnt you attack Perfection week after week, humilate her week after week, then each week talk about how your better than her, how you can easily beat her... but yet... you got pinned by her tonight... you lost to her.

Now Brittney looks mad, As Killer catches the frown and smiles.

You dont see me hiding from you, not answering your calls, yet here I am, not doing any of that bullshit you pulled, talking to you!.

Look Im sorry, you just dont get it, I didnt lose to GCW, its differnt.

Its not differnt!

Ok listen, we talk about losing and shit... , then I just cant afford to get more emberassed, your right I lost my match , I need to save myself from more emberassment, if you lose your title to Prince Harming tonight... not only do you lose your title... and your match but you also lose me..

Killer looks surprised at what she just said and Brittney looks surprised at what she just said also but she hides it.

....So basically Im fighting for you too?, when you dont even fight for me?, you hide from me, avoid me, dont answer my calls and your "emberassed" of me, and Im suppose to fight for you...??

Brittney grabs his hand and looks up at him.

Look... just try ok, whatever happens.. happens, you lose, we'll just be friends

... Not only will I beat him, but Im gonna make sure he doesnt even make it to Rare Survival!

Killer smiles as Brittney smiles back at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:41 pm

As the scene re-opens after commercials, a new superstar, Burt Angle is walking down the hallways, he has a big stupid smile on his face, as hes shaking peoples hands and introducing himself, he seems happy to be signed to WWKF, all of a sudden he sees a WWKF Superstar, his back facing him.

Burt walks up to him smiling, he taps him on the shoulder.

[Burt Angle]
H... He... Hi, Me named Burts, whats you?

All of a sudden the Superstar turns around smiling, the camera zooms into him and you can see who it is, its Dash Star, he smiles at Burt and instead of shaking his hand he gives him a huge right hand as the fans boo, knocking Burt to the floor, he begins to stomp on him violently, he then picks Burt up and throws him head first into the vending machine he smiles and looks up at the camera.

My names Dash Star... and I demand competition...
Mike - Dash Star is back!! what the hell? I thought he was released!

Jim - Ladies and Gentlemen, I am just getting word that Dash Star is now on the WWKF Slim Survivals Brand!
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:18 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for the Main Event Champioooonship, Introducing First, The Challenger, Priiiiince Haaarming!

Prince Harming walks out of the curtains smiling, he slides into the ring and tuants the fans smiling as they cheer him on.

And his opponent the WWKF Main Event Champion... Killer!

Killer walks down the ramp holding his Main Event title on his shoulder, he begins to smile, looking straight at Prince Harming, thinking about what he said to Brittney, he slides into the ring and holds his title up high, then looks straight at Prince Harming again.


Killer and Prince Harming come forward, exchanging words, Prince Harming then begins to luagh, maybe at somthing Killer said, Killer doesnt look happy now that Prince Harming is luaghing at his face, all of a sudden Killer steps back, then jumps up and hits a huge KKU right on Prince Harming slamming him to the floor.
Jim - KKU??, Already what the hell??

Killer smiles as Prince Harming seems to be knocked out, he gets on his knees and looks rolls Prince Harming towards his back, the fans begin to boo loudley and chant "We Wont Pay", Killer then pins Prince Harming.


Prince Harming kicks out right at the last mili-second, Killer looks so surprised, he KKU'd Prince Harming, right in the beginning of the match, he didnt waste any time to pin him and he kicked out, Killer stands up he looks very mad. The fans begin a "You Suck" Chant towards Killer, Prince Harming is slowly getting up and as this is happening, Killer takes a few steps back and kicks Prince Harming right on the head and Prince Harmings head falls right back down to the floor.
Mike - Man.. there is no way Prince Harming is going to get back into this match.

Jim - Im afraid your right Mike. He had such a bad start with that big KKU and now this kick to the head...

Killer without even trying to pin Prince Harming, picks Prince Harming up slowly and throws his lfeless body out of the ring as the fans begin to boo and begin to do another "We Wont Pay" chant. Killer slides out of the ring and picks up Prince Harming is who is laying on the floor, he slowly picks him up and irish whips him onto the steel pole as it makes a big noise and Prince Harmings head bouncess off the steel hard and he falls right back down like a ragdoll as Killer smiles.


Killer picks up Prince Harming again and this time, he drags him near the steel steps, he grabs his head, then begins to run towards the steel steps, he then jumps over the steps, grabbing Prince Harmings head, he then goes down, smashing Prince Harmings skull onto the steel steps with another hard KKU.


Killer smiles, he gets up, picks Prince Harming up and slides him into the ring, then Killer slides into the ring right before the Reff could count to 10. Killer then begins to stomp on Prince Harming, not letting him up, he then smiles, an evil smile, he picks up Prince Harming and goes under his arm, grabbing Prince Harmings neck, then hits a huge neckbreaker as the fans boo loudley, and chant "You Still Suck".
Jim -leave Prince Harming alone already, you already won!

Killer then slowly gets up, he climbs the turnbuckle and the fans dont know what hes gonna do, he then begins to mock PowerBomb360, tuanting like him in a stupid way as the fans boo, he then jumps and hits the 360 Splash onto Prince Harming as the fans boo even louder chanting "360", wanting PB360 to come out but he doesnt.

Killer then gets up and slowly picks Prince Harming up and now you can see all the blood on Prince Harming, hes busted wide open and his neck looks purple with bruises, Killer then jumps up again and hits another KKU right in the middle of the ring he pins.


here is your winner, and still WWKF Main Event Champion... Killer!

Killer smiles, he kicks Prince Harming out of the ring, Brittney Knox runs down the ramp and slides into the ring and hugs Killer as the fans boo loudley and chant "You Both Suck", the reff hands Killer his title and he holds it up in the air.

PowerBomb360 walks down the ramp as the fans cheer loduley and Killer looks surprised, he cant believe PB360 is out here, he walks halfway up the ramp and looks at Brittney Knox, then at Killer, then at his Championship, he then smiles and does the "title around the waist" tuant, as the fans chant "360"

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Saturday Night Slim Survivals Apirl 18th 2009
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