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 Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th

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PostSubject: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:15 pm

The first show kicks off with a huge firework show on the start as the crowd keeps cheering for it as the band keeps playing Beatdown's song , the announcers that were hired to Beatdown are Brian Burns and Jack Jones , the camera shows them up with some papers as they see the camera and officially start the show

Jack : Good evening , ladies and gentleman and welcome to the first ever edition of Beatdown !

Brian : I'm Brian Burns and this is my partner Jack Jones , tonight we will kick off with a great show , you need to see that.

Jack : And what about the main event ?! A Richard Original , a Beatdown Rules Match between M.O.D and Chris Jericho !

Brian : Can't wait to see that one start !

Jack : But it seems that it's time for the first ever match here on Beatdown;

Brian : It will be HBK against Johnny Rocketfingers , what a great kick off !

HBK's music hits the sound system as HBK comes from the curtain as the crowd gives a huge cheer for him , HBK does a little dance for our WWKF screaming fans and bends down and fakes that he is praying , from all sudden , he looks up as many fireworks appear and he gets up , he makes his way to the ring slapping the hands and slides into the ring , he does some dancing as he goes to his corner and waits for his opponent Johnny Rocketfingers

Johnny Rocketfingers comes from the curtain as the crowd keeps booing and he makes his way to the ring focused and quickly , he slides into the ring and raises his hands as he gets to his corner and waits for the bell

Brian : It's time for the first square off in Beatdown !

Jack : Let's see it now !


rings as HBK goes after Johnny Rocketfingers but Johnny slides out of the way and encurralates HBK on the corner , nailing him with some punches and kickes to the mid-section as he puts HBK on the ropes and irish whips him , Johnny Rocketfingers is going for a back toss but HBK counters it with a huge kick to the head as Johnny gets groggy and HBK bounces off the ropes and hits a flying lariart as the both are down

Brian : HBK seems to be reacting !

Jack : Johnny is only playing with HBK , let's see how he really goes now !

HBK gets up out of nowhere and the crowd gives a huge pop to him as he climbs the turnbuckle , it seems that he is going for his signature elbow drop , he jumps off the turnbuckle and hits it as the crowd gives more cheers and he quickly hooks both of Johnny's legs for the win


Johnny kicks out and the crowd gets frustrated HBK now goes near the turnbuckle and starts to stomp the mat as the crowd counts the stomps

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

Johnny Rocketfingers gets up and when he turns to HBK , it was almost his end but he countered HBK's sweet chin music into a roll-up as the referee counts

1.......2........3 !!!!

Johnny steals another win

Jack : That was absolutely great ! I never knew that Johnny could do it , and on HBK !

Brian : It's the life , Jack.Johnny again proved that he is worth product here on WWKF.

Jack : You're absolutely right.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:22 pm

During the commercial break , M.O.D was walking on the backstage area when he saw Godfather , WWKF's new superstar that already has signed on the Beatdown brand , the camera saw the conversation that they had and let's see it

M.O.D : Look another new jobber, I guess I could welcome you, Welcome.. Jobber

Godfather : Oh...thanks.Who are you ???

M.O.D : Isnt it obvious..?, Master Of Disaster

Godfather : Great , they told me to tell some bad news for a guy called Master of Disaster.

M.O.D : And what are those news ???

Godfather : They found your mom dead in a street near the arena...

M.O.D : WHAT ?!!!!

Godfather : And with so remorse , your ''father'' admitted that he is not your ''true'' father.


Godfather : It's just my job , and if you want to know the truth ....I'm your father.

M.O.D gets pissed off and punches Godfather right in the mid-section as he keeps kicking and punching right there , then Godfather hits a huge european uppercut on M.O.D that makes him stop

Godfather : You have a main event tonight , and you are really prepared.

M.O.D : So , you're my father ??? Why didn't you show up at my house and tell me ?!

Godfather : Because your mom didn't want me to.

M.O.D : ....I'm getting out of here.

M.O.D passes Godfather as they keep walking to different ways as the show comes back with another huge match for Beatdown
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:38 pm

The show comes back with the WWKF announcers relaxing from the break as they quick come back from the work position

Jack : Hello , fans ! Welcome back to the first ever Beatdown show here on WWKF !

Brian : And tonight we had a huge start off with HBK and Johnny Rocketfingers !

Jack : Now it seems that we will have another huge contest , two great starts squaring off , it will be a Money In The Bank Qualification match ! Let's see how it ends.

Rockstar by Nickelback roars through the sound system as J-Roc comes to the arena with a happy face and focused for the biggest match of his career , he slides into the ring and goes to his corner , waiting for his opponent to enter

Metalingus by Alter Bridge hits the sound system as the crowd boos and boos as Edge comes from the curtain and goes near the ramp , he lifts both of his hands in a metal symbol as many fireworks appear , then he keeps walking focused on his way to the ring and he slides on him as he takes off his ''jacket'' and waits for the bell to ring

Jack : Let's see how these two fight here tonight.

Brian : I'm sure this will be a great match !


Edge quickly spears Big Daddy J , Edge picks Big Daddy J and puts him on a seated chin lock as Big Daddy J screams and screams in pain , Big Daddy J slowly gets up with a help of the crowd and elbows and elbows Edge's mid-section to get out of the hold

but Edge retaliates with a knee strike to the mid-section and irish whips Big Daddy J , Edge back tosses Big Daddy J when he comes back from the ropes and quickly covers


Big Daddy J kicks out

Jack : Really good match that is being dominated by Edge

Brian : He really wants to win that one.

Edge picks Big Daddy J up and suplexes him , costing a huge pain to Daddy's J back , but Edge is not enough about that , he irish whips Big Daddy J on the corner, Edge tries a clothesline but the boot of Big Daddy J smacked on his face as he tried again and the same happened , Big Daddy J gets fired up as clotheslines Edge and taunts the crowd

he keeps clotheslining Edge again and again until Edge gets tired and Big Daddy J irish whips him and when Edge comes back Big Daddy J hits him with a double leg spinebuster and now it's time for his finisher , he wants to Edge to get up and he slowly does it , when Edge gets up he turns to Big Daddy J as he hits the Big D Drop and hooks the leg of Edge , hoping a win

1.....2.....3 !!!

Big Daddy J wins it .

Brian : What the hell is happening here ? All the most popular superstars in the world are getting beaten by our WWKF superstars !

Jack : That's good for us !

Brian : Yeah , it is and it seems that we will have a quick interview with Y2J right now !
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:44 pm

The scene shows up with Y2J and Blossom , our WWKF backstage interviewer , let's see how the interview goes

Blossom : Ladies and gentleman , I'm here with the man that is going to make the first ever main event of Beatdown , please welcome , Y2J , Chris Jericho !

Y2J : Hello , Blossom it's good to be here.Better than in the ring , where I have to see these liars screaming and cheering for these chumps here on WWKF.

Blossom : Chris , what are your toughts for your match tonight ??

Y2J : My toughts ?? My toughts is that I'm going to prove to these hippercrits why I'm the best one here in this business and it's against M.O.D ! M.O.D , I'm going to show the chump that you are in a Beatdown Rules Match and I will prove once again why KODX is afraid of me .He doesn't shows up because he is afraid of me and I'm going to expand this life right here tonight !

Y2J leaves the interview as the scene slowly fades to the commercial
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:46 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:00 pm

Jack : Hello , fans ! We are here with more WWKF Beatdown action for you !

Brian : And now we have Kane facing off against Bad Blood ! Let's see how this battle of Giants ends tonight.

We see many fireworks from out of nowhere as light goes red and the crowd keeps cheering as Kane comes and makes his way to the ring slowly , just slowly as he slides in the ring and slowly raises his hands , then he quickly drops them down and more fireworks appear on the 4 corners as the crowd cheers and light goes normal as Bad Blood enters in the ring out of nowhere as the crowd keeps cheering and cheering about that , the both are staring at each other , waiting for the bell to ring

Brian : Two Giants in one battle ! Let's see how it ends !

Jack : It will end great , I guarantee it !


they both lock up in the match and Kane gets the first actions of the match , putting Bad Blood into a headlock but Bad Blood uses his strenght to push Kane into the ropes and irish whip him , with a big boot as comeback , Bad Blood bounces off the ropes and he hits a huge leg drop to the skull of Kane as he covers for the first time here on the match


Kane kicks out with authority from all the sudden Kane picks Bad Blood's neck as he slowly gets up , it seems that Kane is going for a chokeslam , he lifts Bad Blood up but in the drop Bad Blood counters it into a DDT as Bad Blood gets and puts him on a powerbomb position ,he lifts him and drops Kane right into the mat as he goes for the cover


Kane kicks out again, Bad Blood gets frustrated about that and he picks Kane's head again and throws him out of the ring as he goes out too , he picks Kane by the head and throws him on the steel steps with such a great strenght , leaving Kane almost knocked out

Brian : Great strategie for Bad Blood !

Jack : He wants to win , Brian !

Brian : Everyone wants to win , Jack !

Bad Blood now goes to the ring as he enters on him , the referee starts the count out

1...... , 2........ , 3......... , 4.............. , 5............... , 6............. , 7.........

Kane gets up


Kane slides into the ring as the crowd cheers and now Bad Blood climbs the turnbuckle that is near Kane , he waits for Kane to get up and when Kane gets up he tries a flying clothesline but Kane counters it into a chokeslam and quickly covers for a win

1.....2......3 !!!

Kane wins out of nowhere

Brian : Kane didn't made a very good match , but the end is all that matters !

Jack : That's Kane's gameplay , just keep that in mind for the next few weeks .
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:05 pm

A limousine shows up out of nowhere in the parking lot arena , then we see the driver getting out of the car and opening the last door of it

a sledge hammer comes out nowhere in the limousine as KingOfDX gets out of the car , a motive for the huge pop of the crowd, KODX walks to his locker room as scene slowly fades to black
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:17 pm

The commercial break finishes as we come back with more WWKF Tuesday Night Beatdown action and there is Dash Star and Alex Wilder , both are on the ring , waiting for the ring bell

Brian : These two guys have such a great talent .

Jack : I hope they make a good match for us right here tonight.

Brian : Let's see how it ends !


Dash Star and Alex Wilder start surrounding the ring as they finally lock up first , Dash start takes the control of the match with an arm lock as Alex Wilder feels the pain and tries to counter it , after some time ,

Dash hits a huge judo hip toss on Alex Wilder as Dash raises his hands and waits for Alex to get up for more action

Brian : Dash Star is really impressive today !

Jack : He will get the win ??? Of course not.

Alex Wilder gets up as they lock up again , but now Alex is in control with a headlock , but Dash Star uses his strenght and pushes him to the corner , making Alex groggy as Dash bounces off the ropes but Alex retaliates with a nothern lights suplex , he stays on the position for the cover


Dash Kicks out Alex Wilder picks one of Dash's arms and puts it on a cross armbar as Dash screams and screams in pain , but for his lucky , the ropes are too near him , he uses all his forces to put his foot on the ropes as Alex Wilder releases him from the hold , the referee says to Alex wait for him to get up as

Dash hits a enzuigiri on Alex Wilder while he was distracted by the referee , Dash now puts Alex Wilder on a camel clutch , but Alex uses his skills to quickly counter that by lifting Dash up with his shoulders and dropping him with a queen suplex as Alex hooks his leg to the cover


Dash kicks out again

Alex Wilder tries to pick Dash's head but he counters with a high kick as Alex bounces of the ropes and Dash gets up , nailing Alex with a Spinebuster bomb as Dash rolls him up hoping for the win


Alex kicks out again from that

Brian : What a great match that we are seeing here tonight , Jack !

Jack : These 2 young guys are putting everything on the line , and I like that.

Dash quickly runs to the apron and tries to hit Alex with a springboard splash , but it seems that Alex got out of the way as Dash felt pain on his gut , Alex recovers from the moves that Dash made on him ,

Dash finallly gets up and Alex hits the Pure Imagination and hooks both of Dash's legs for the victory

1......2.......3 !!!!

Alex wins the contest .

Jack : Alex wins this one and gets a huge push here on WWKF !

Brian : Let's see if he has the guts to stick to the main events in these 2 weeks before Rare Survival.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:48 pm

Nikki Banks is backstage, shes drinking some juice and looking confident she turns around and all of a sudden drops her juice because she had bumbed into somone, she looks up and sees Aundrea she looks at her tensely.

Whats up sister...

What do you want??

I just want to wish you luck out there, in the Battle Royal, you know you are gonna need that luck, you know that right?

How so?

Im in that match. I was always the favorite one.. mom and dad liked me more, and I was always the more athletic, smarter, and sexier sister, you know it, and tonight, Im taking the Divas Championship

Aundrea bumbs into Nikki Banks hard walking away as Nikki doesnt look happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:08 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:35 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is a WWKF Beatdown Divas Battle Royal, and it is for the WWKF Divaaaas Championship, Introducing First... Aliciaaa Jacksooon!

Alicia Jackson runs down the ramp, slapping the fans hands, smiling, she slides into the ring and tuants them some more as they cheer.

And next, Heatheeeer Pheonix!

Heather Pheonix begins to walk down the ramp smiling, and flexing, the fans begin to boo loudley, she slides into the ring and looks straight at Alicia.

And next, Nikki Baaaanks!

Nikki Banks begins to walk down the ramp as she gets a mixed reaction, she slides into the ring and still doesnt look happy, she has juice stains on her top.

And last.. Auuundrea!

Aundrea walks down the ramp smiling, the fans begin to boo her loudley, she slides into the ring and stares at all 3 Divas.


Heather Pheonix runs at the two sisters and clotheslines both of them right to the floor as the fans cheer, not expecting that, Alicia Jackson then runs towards Heather and jumps on her back, covering her eyes, not allowing Heather to see anything, Heather begins to stumble, beginning to fall

All of a sudden Heather falls down but on her back, squishing Alicias back to the floor, Heather gets up and begins to stomp on Alicia as the fans boo, just then Nikki and Aundrea slowly get up, they both see whats happening and they notice that Heather is a big threat to this match. Nikki and Aundrea both run at Heather, knocking her off her feet from behind.

They knock her down, stomping on her and working together, all of a sudden both of them stop, they slowly look at eachother and relize they're working together, they stare deep into eachothers eyes and before they could attack eachother, Heather Pheonix is already up, they dont notice, before they could even attack eachother, Heather shoves both of them towards the ropes, and eleminates them, throwing both of them over the top rope as the fans boo.

Just then as Heather begins to smile, she turns around and Alicia Jackson gives her a huge kick right to the side of the skull, Heather begins to stumble back and then she falls over the top ropes.

Here is your winner... WWKF Divas Champion... Alicia Jaaackson!

Alicia smiles holding up the title, but as that happens all thease secruity guards run down the ramp Alicia is confused, she notices they are running towards her because outside of the ring, Nikki and Aundrea are beating the holy hell out of eachother, the secruity seperate them as the scene fades.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:09 pm

Master of Disaster is on his locker room , taking a deep breath before the first ever main event of Beatdown and before the first ever Beatdown Rules Match

M.O.D : I am Master of Disaster and I will prove that I'm worth product here in this business! Chris ready to face your fear today !

Scene Fades To Black
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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:43 pm

Announcer :
The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Beatdown Rules Match !

The crowd cheers while the announcer says

Announcer :

The rules are simple , it's a hardcore match with every kind of weapon under the ring , wins only via pinfall and there is no-disqualification !

Brian : Wooo ! The moment of the night , let's see it , Jack !

Jack : I can't wait for that match , it's too exciting for me to watch this one.

Break The Walls Down hits the sound system as the countdown starts
Then many fireworks show off out of nowhere as Jericho comes walking focused to his match as the crowd boos and boos him as he keeps walking , after a little bit of time , Chris Jericho reaches the apron and enters on the ring as his music stops....

Jack : Where is M.O.D ???

Brian : I don't know !!!

Out of nowhere , a barbed wire shows up from under the ring as a little hole is opened and M.O.D gets out from it

Jack : That's shocking !

Brian : This is the preview of a good match .

M.O.D smiles to Chris Jericho as the both stare down at each until the ring bells


M.O.D keeps surrounding the ring and taunting himself as Jericho gets pissed off and tries to spear him , but M.O.D gets out of the way and Jericho hits the ring post as M.O.D capitalizes and rolls him up


Jericho kicks out Jericho gets up quickly and hits a step-up enzuigiri on M.O.D , leaving him down , Jericho goes to the place where the hole is and picks up a chair

Brian : A chair ! A chair !

Jack : That's what we call a real ''Beatdown''.

M.O.D gets up and Jericho hits him with a chair shot , leaving him groggy , then Jericho sets the chair right on the middle of the ring and puts M.O.D sitting on her , Jericho bounces off the ropes and dropkicks him , making M.O.D fall down right on the hole that he came from

Brian : M.O.D seems to be out there , Jack !

Jack : M.O.D is a freak of nature , he always has a surprise.

Jericho looks at the crowd and keeps taunting then , but out of nowhere , M.O.D comes out of the ring with a table on his hands , he sets the table right out of the ring and enters on the squared circle , Jericho turns to M.O.D as he(M.O.D) DDTs Jericho ,

then he pulls Jericho up by the hair and throws him out right on the table , Jericho is laying down on the table as M.O.D climbs the turnbuckle , he taunts to the crowd and hits a huge elbow drop to Jericho right on the table , proving why Beatdown is the most wildest brand on WWKF

Brian : Oh my god ! Right on the table !

Jack : I hope they're good.

M.O.D gets up like a freak as he brings the hotweiller to the arena as the crowd wents nut , M.O.D releases the hotweiller and quickly enters in the ring , leaving the angry hotweiller alone with Jericho , the hotweiller starts biting and scratching Jericho , that keeps screaming and screaming as the security team takes the dog away ,

but it seems that M.O.D putted 3 chairs and 2 tables on the arena , leaving the match most extreme , Jericho slowly enters on the ring as M.O.D tries to suplex him but jericho hits a knee to the mid-section of M.O.D and throws him on the table , now it's time for Jericho 's reaction , Jericho goes to the ropes and uses them as impulse to hit a lionsault right on the table to M.O.D

Brian : Now it's a lionsault on the table ! That's what we call extreme !

Jack : Holly sh*t !!!

Jericho now is angry and wants to finish it , he picks M.O.D by the hair and irish whips him , when M.O.D comes back , Jericho back tosses him as he goes to the announcers table , almost knocked out as Brian and Jack leave the table and get to sit on the other table that was designed just for that ,

Jericho picks up a ladder from the hole that has the extension of 1/4 of the ring , Jericho sets the ladder near the ropes and climbs it , Jericho jumps off the ladder and hits a huge body splash to M.O.D on the announcers table as they are almost injured

Brian : They are just too extreme !

Jack : That's why they came here to Beatdown !

The show was stopped by a commercial for the guys to get up , when the commercial break stops , the match keeps up as we see M.O.D and Chris Jericho at the middle of the ring , down as the referee starts the count

Brian : Jericho and M.O.D killed themselves on the commercial break .

Jack : They have throwned themselves over tables , they have broken the ladder in a half !!

The referee counts


the both of the guys get up in the nick of time as Jericho picks up a chair that was near the corner and then he tries to hit on M.O.D but he ducks and kicks the chair that was near his head , Chris Jericho falls down to the ground as M.O.D covers for the win

1....2.....3 !!!!!!!

M.O.D wins !

Announcer : Here's you winner....Masteeeerr Oooof Disaaaster !!!

Jack : Great fight by these two guys , they have broken their bodies on this fight.

Brian : This is the greatest match that WWKF has ever seen !

KingOfDX comes from out of nowhere to attack the almost knocked out Chris Jericho as he quickly slides into the ring and hits Chris Jericho with a sledge hammer four times in a row , leaving him almost injured , then KODX picks Jericho and King Mates him right on the chair as Y2J starts bleeding

Jack : That's KODX !!!! He was drafted to Beatdown too !!!

Brian : And it seems that he wants some revenge...

Jack : Thank you for watching another edition of WWKF Beatdown !

KODX taunts to the crowd as they keep cheering for him.

WWKF Beatdown Logo Flashes and the scene slowly fades to black

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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th   

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Tuesday Night Beatdown April 14th
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