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 GCW Monday Night Meltdown Highlights

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PostSubject: GCW Monday Night Meltdown Highlights   Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:15 pm

Courtesy Of Geneva Championship Wrestling

(when the lights come back on...WWKF General Manager Alyssa standing right in front of Carter..
and the fans pop with a kix of cheers and boos.

Alyssa: Hello Mr. Carter...since you like to come on my show however you feel, I thought I'd return the
favor...(the fans go "oooooooo"). I know this is a favorite building for GCW to run, and it has some of your
most diehard fans here, so what better place to address the issue of GCW vs WWKF, than right here, in your
backyard, with your fans here, in South Philadelphia.

(the fans pop big for this).

Sean: She's HERE at OUR SHOW!?

Mike: and in our ring no less..

Sean: Is she safe in there?

Mike: About as safe as they allow her to be.

Alyssa: (walks around the ring alittle), Now it's true, you and Onita and Brett Fury, all came into my company,
you've gone out of your way to make fun of every little thing you could. Made our security people look stupid,
helped put DXLatin on the shelf for awhile, even defeated the tag team of Joker and Master of Disaster. But that
wasn't good enough, I mean I'll admit it.. GCW has brought the fight to us, but to go ahead and rub it in our
faces like we're some two bit, inferior back yard wrestling federation, was going too far...(the fans go "ooooo")
Saying we have happy meals for catering (some fans laugh), making our sound guy look like an idiot..well I can
tell you this Brotherhood...THIS...ISN'T...OVER!

(the fans pop, and then chant.."prove it..prove it...prove it").

Alyssa: I am going to prove it, right now..because not tonight Jack, You're going to be busy having a visitor later
in the show, but this saturday night..on MY Slim Survivals show...YOU and two wanted competition in our're getting it by facing Killer and KingOfDX...(Carter looks alittle concerned, and as Onita leaves
the ring to look under it for something), and you have a match too.. You big man will take on a one
of the Hottest Free Angents that WWKF has ever signed, Big Daddy J!...So NOW...WE WILL PROVE!

the fans go "OOOOOOOO", Carter still looks a bit concerned, Brody nods his head "ok", and Masa returns to the
ring with a sledge hammer.

MO: (tosses the sledge hamer to Alyssa, who catches it) You might want to give KingofDX that, since he has to hide
behind that all the time, proving to the whole world..that he has no..."Game""...what so ever.

(the fans pop at that)

Alyssa: Well Mr. Onita, and Mr. Carter, and you too Brody..when my guys get done with you, it just might be YOU..
that has to hide behind one of these, Because our coming right at...YOU...(the fans pop again)..YOU
wanted you got don't piss and moan when you find.... YOU.. can't handle it.

(the lights in the area go out again...when they come on..Alyssa's gone..and Jack smacks the top of the turn buckle)

Mike: I think for one of the few times ever, The Brotherhood, have been one upped...

Sean: That doesn't happen too someone's coming to see Carter tonight, at least, that's the word.

Mike: We'll see on that later, we'll be right back, after these announcements, with our first match.

GCW's Next PPV will be "When World's Collide-WWKF vs GCW", check with your cable company for air time and order
what will be a ground breaking PPV, "When World's Collide", presented by GCW, the federation other companies want
to be.


The Voices Inside Scare Me" Hits the stage as Killer walks down the isle holding his Main Event Championship, the GCW
Fans begin to Boo him loudley, but they seem to be surprised that hes here in GCW, hes wearing a black suit as he has
a cocky smile, he slides into the ring and yanks the microphone off the Announcers hand as this gets the GCW Fans to
Boo him louder.

Killer: You know Boo all you want, I dont care, Im used to it. I get Booed on WWKF, and I get Booed here. So continue,
please carry on!, keep Booing, It doesnt bother me at all.

Killer smiles, looking around as the fans just begin to Boo him but this time they begin to chant "Get Off The Stage",
This gets him to smile even wider.

Killer: You see... if you tuned into WWKF Slim Survivals you saw alot of things... including Jack Carter... Masa Onita...
and Stan Brody..."

The fans begin to cheer loudley.

Killer: You see those three stooges think they can do whatever they want!

Now the fans begin to Boo loudley, and Jack yells "You're f(beep)king right we can"!

Killer: They think they can do whatever they want, say whatever they want, and talk about whoever they want without
even getting away with it!, you see I'm not like them, we, the WWKF are not like them, I'm here, I'm not walking around
those disgusting hallways backstage that those morons call home, Im not harrassing secruity guards, and you definetly
dont see me buying WWE Championship belts from Wal-Mart then sneaking them into the GCW Stage acting as if they belong
to GCW!

The fans begin to Boo angrily chanting "You Suck" , not liking the way Killers talking, Jack shakes his head saying,
"yeah right, keep talking, stupid".

Killer: Last week you idiots made a mistake, you came out to the ring and you mentioned my name. You mentioned my name,
and your going to wish that you never mentioned my name. You see Jack.. you and Onita are Champions here, I'm the WWKF
Main Event Champion!, (Jack shrugs his shoulders, like "so"?) and if that doesnt make you regret it then maybe this will...

Killer smiles standing there for awhile, he then takes out a remote from his pocket and points it at the titantron he plays
the tape.

[The Tape Shows Christian Cage in the washroom, hes washing his hands, all of a sudden Chris Jericho walks in with Killer,
Christian doesnt notice them, Chris Jericho stands back listening to Killer whos whispering into his ear, and all of a
sudden Killer grabs Christian by the head and smashes his head right onto the sink which it made of metal, he does this
again and again, you can hear the impact, and you can hear Christians skull bouncing off the metal, Jericho is shocked at
how far Killers taking it, he begins to tell Killer to stop, Killer stops but then he gives Christian a vicious KKU right
onto the floor as Christian is a bloody mess

The fans begin to Boo and they chant "You Still Suck", Jack yawns, making Killer even more angry.

Killer: I did that to a member of WWKF's Roster... just imagine what Ill do to you Jack.

Jack: Anytime motherf(beep)ker, right now, or this saturday night, bring it..B(beep)tch! (the fans pop as Killer begins to
circle the ring smiling a very evil smile.

Killer: You see... I was signed by the WWKF at the age of 21. I was jailed up, I was suppose to be in jail for the rest of
my life, for the people I've hurt... and most importantly the people I've... Killed. You can say Im crazy.. you can also
say Im dangerous... Killing over forty Superstars in the Wrestling Ring, including Legends, Jobbers and Main Eventers.

Jack: what is this, sob story month? First DXLatin, now your sad sack ass, lots of sob stories in WWKF, no winners, but
lots of sob stories.

Killer smiles wider.

Kiler: You see Jack, Onita, Brody, I dont care that you've reunited your "Girls Scout Crew", as the General Manager of WWKF,
Alyssa Ruins said today, your going to take on me with your partner Onita.. and well... my partner... the self proclaimed
"King" of WWKF. Now Ill be honest, I can take both of you single handedly, but since it is a Tag Match, and I have to team
up with a Jobber like KingOfDX, dont for a second think that its going to be easy, Alyssa should've announced this match to
be the Opening Match for this Saturday because its only going to last a couple of seconds!.

(Jack goes "rrriigghhttt, rriigghhttt" as The fans begin to Boo loudley, now throwing stuff at Killer, like plastic bottles
and junk. He looks around as the whole GCW Fans are looking to start a riot, they look very angry and dissapointed).

Killer: Oh whats wrong?, Dont tell me Im getting you upset now... I mean dont worry, its not like I revealed that you guys
get in here for free... its not that I revealed that GCW Pays you to sit there for more than an hour.... its not that I
revealed that GCW gives each one of you peices of paper that has "cheers" for you to yell out.... its not that I revealed
that GCW forces you to sit there and watch boring matches that they call... "Extreme".

Jack: They're boring enough to get your attention, dumba(beep)s.

(the fans pop and Killer, looks alittle pissed)

One of the Fans in the front Row looks really pissed off, he begins yelling things at Killer and looks like he wants to jump
over the railing, the secruity stops him but the secruity looks like hes wishing he doesnt want to stop him.

Killer: Wait, what the hell do you think your doing...?, let the "hero" jump over the railing, let the hero come to this
cheap ass ring, and let the hero stand up to WWKF's Main Event Champion!!

Killer has an evil smile on his face, the fan doesnt look scared, and the other GCW Fans are cheering the fan on, the fan
jumps over the railing but a bunch of secruity guards get into the ring with him, just incase things get out of hand. A GCW
Staff member hands a microphone to the fan, and Killer smiles eager to hear what the fan has to say.

GCW Fan- You think your so good huh, you think your like Gods gift to Wrestling, we fans dont get paid by this Buissness to
come here, we spend out hard earned cash to come here because its worth it, I went to WWKF Slim Survivals live, I paid
thinking it would be good as you idiots say it is, and the only times I was awaked was when GCW was there... kicking your
superstars asses, embarassing you fools, and having a good time, you come here and you just disrespect us, you thi-

Killer: Heh thats enough now little boy...

Killer pushes him away as if telling him to sit back down. Ike's about to go over there when Jack, holds him back.

GCW Fan-I'm not fu*king done yet!, I would love to kick your ass all over this ring but Im not gonna because knowing you
WWKF Asswipes, your gonna proboboly say your injured and that it was my fualt that Jack and Onita kicked your asses!,
you kn-

Killer: Sit down before you get hur-

GCW Fan: No, why dont you get the hell out of here, your polloting the whole arena with your waste of talking and your
garbage speeches that you practiced, Im not gonna get hurt your gonna get hurt.

As the GCW Fan contiunes to talk and talk, he seems to have a spitting problem where all this spit is going to Killer
forehead, eyes and cheeks, Killer looks over at Jack, who's pointing and laughing at Killer. Killer is getting really mad
and annoyed, hes slowly dropping the Championship and fans begin to tell somthings going to happen.

GCW Fan: Your pathetic!, you think Jack and Onita are scared because you've been in Jail??, I've probobly been jailed up l
onger and much more times than you, you little stupid son of a-

Killer grabs the fan and KKU's him right in the middle of the ring, but hes not done, he turns the fan over to his back,
gets ontop of him and begins to pound the fans skull as the fans begin to boo loudley, secruity try to get Killer off him
but Killer pushes them away, all of a sudden Masa Onita and Jack Carter run to the ring, Killer sees them and slides out of
the ring with his Championship, Jack and Onita get into the ring and see if the fan is ok, the fan is knocked out, before
Jack and Onita can even get revenge on Killer they dont see him outside of the ring anymore they then look down the isle
and Killer is up at the ramp, holding his Main Event title up high smiling with the fans booing loudly.

Sean: wow...Looks like WWKF is really stepping to the plate now.

Mike: absolutely, this feud..has just RED HOT!

Sean: we'll be right back with more, Monday Meltdown, right after this...whoa...

Nash Bridges is on WGN America weekday mornings, be sure to catch your favorite episodes of Nash Bridges right here on
WGN America, television that can't be ignored.

Starting in April right here on WGN America..WWE Superstars, see all the divas, see all the superstars from all brands
of the WWE every thursday night starting in april, right here on WGN America, television that can't be ignored.

"Craig here and after what we just saw..Here's Jack carter and Masa Onita".

Jack: F(beep)k that other show we just saw advertised. you can watch them, and be reminded why you prefer to watch us.

(Craig cringes)

Jack: think you're real brave and smart attacking a fan? why didn't have the b(beep)ls to jump on me, huh?
Because you know damn well that even after having a tough match with Tazz, I'd still kick your punka(beep)s. anybody
can attack a fan, if had real n(beep)ts you would've jumped on me.

Onita: That's ok because we see what you're all about, you can jump on innocent fans who aren't wrestlers, that's the
only way you can show people you're tough..

(the camera comes in close)

Onita: But this saturday night on Slim Survivals..we're not innocent fans, and we kicking your ass.

(the camera pans back)

Jack: and kingofdx, hide behind your sledgehammer, you're gonna need it. Killer? all you are, is a n assclown and both
you and king will be clowned on your own show, this saturday night, bet on it, B(beep)TCH!

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GCW Monday Night Meltdown Highlights
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