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 WWKF Lost to GCW

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PostSubject: WWKF Lost to GCW   Mon Mar 30, 2009 5:27 pm

After the March Massacre PPV, Masa Onita and "Rebel Angel" Jack
Carter are in the parking lot of the U.I.C. Pavilion.

Craig Johnson: hey guys, you got a few minutes?

JC: yeah Craig, what's up..

MO: I bet you didn't see action like this when you were in The
Global Wrestling federation huh.

Craig: It's really wild, I wanted to get your thoughts on tonight
and your appearance last night on WWKF's Slim Survivals show.

JC: You know..they burned our luggage again, and you can burn em all
you want, but it doesn't cover up the fact we beat your guys. Joker and
Master of Disaster? That was a true disaster of a tag team. We could've
gotten a better match if we faced The Brooklyn Brawler and Doink The Clown.

MO:(chuckles)..Master of Disaster proved to be just that, he's a disaster
when it comes to being somebody's partner, he's a disaster when it comes to
him being a wrestler..hell he's a disaster in life, period. Joker? Proved
to be nothing but a joke in the ring.

Craig: You guys went into that match hoping for a decent match, and..well
everyone saw what happened.

JC: Yep, and that's besides the last minute switcheroo they pulled on Brett

MO: yeah but even the guy they switched, gave DXLatin sh(beep)t, so even his
own buddies in his own federation jabbed him for making a bunch of noise, but
not being able to back it up.

JC: They could've gave us Hell's Guardians to wrestle, seeing that I'm a member
of the Hell's Angels. M.C. that might've made for some interesting things.

Craig: That's what club 81 stands for?

MO:'re getting pretty smart there Craig, anyother observations of the
obvious you'd like to bring up?

JC: Easy mr. Onita..Craig's better than most reporters we deal with, you know

MO: yeah yeah, but he's not gonna be spared either.

Craig: Jack, your match earlier tonight against DXLatin...

JC: Shouldn't have happened. Alyssa Ruins should've sent someone else, this..even
though DXLatin was forced not to wrestle on WWKF, in a way, I can see why..I just
they would've switched guys for Fury earlier and not at the last second. She
could've let GCW know last night that she was going to send someone else and that
way her company would've looked better than it does now.

MO: that we tied it looks like they just sent flunkies to do a
main event job, and came out looking bad.

Craig: What was your feelings facing DXLatin tonight?

JC: My feeling first, put up or shut up..but then I kept seeing his leg give
out, he really couldn't bring it like he did to Brett Fury on Monday Meltdown last
week, so it was not the best match I've ever been in...But he was given every out,
every chance to say 'ok, you're right, we can always do this another day'. but he
refused, and in the end, it not only cost him, but the company he works for. You
can't lay that blame on me.

MO: Jack here, went way out of his way, even during their match to have DXLatin
reconsider it, Jack didn't have to do that, he could've said "f(beep)k it, and
really beat the sh(beep)t out of him. But he didn't, he gave the fans what they
paid to see, he could've forfeited the match himself. But Latin wanted to fight,
and in GCW you say the things Latin said, you fight. I agree with carter that
WWKF should've sent someone else. But since they didn't, and nobody's really been
backing DXLatin's play. That in itself will always say plenty about the faith they
have in him.

Craig: After the Match Jack, you left the ring, but then came back in.

JC: I wanted this guy to get medical attention. you don't get into this sport to
really see guys like DXLatin be put out of a profession he loves. there's competition
and then there's the livlihood of a man's life. We all have bills to pay, some guys
have families to feed, and I don't know Latin, I don't know what his expenses are, but
to intentionally keep a guy from making a living, is not the goal of any pro
wrestler, and if it is to a wrestler in this business, then he needs to get the
F(beep)k out of it..because that's not what this GCW vs WWKF thing is all about.

MO: As we've said before, competition is good for business, for their business in
the WWKF as well as for us in GCW. Everyone else is playing catch up now because
both groups are competing with each other. Neither fed has to repackage a guy and
call him the nation of violence, because GCW has ALWAYS been a nation of Violence.
The buzz around Wrestlemania isn't as big now because of what we're doing. and more
people are watching WWKF and GCW then ever before.

JC: And why is that? because WWKF and GCW are doing it right...and when you do
something right, people take notice..People watch and will want to see what
happens next. That's what compelling television is all about. This rivalry...
between GCW and compelling television..the ratings show it, the buys
from this PPV tonight will show it..and most of all..the competition that both
companies have, will see it and try to copy from it in some way, in some fashion,
to try and get what we already have because of this.

Craig: So what's next on this?

MO: I'm off to Germany for a few days to defend the International Championship.
As much as I looked forward to facing RVD tonight, which I was happy I defeated
him. One guy in Germany I really wanna face, is a guy named Robbie Brookside. I
heard tons about him and have seen matches of his on tape. To me, Brookside will
be more of a challenge, than RVD was.

JC: Me, a few days off, then I'm gonna come to WWKF's Slim Survivals and once again,
tell it like it is. I hope the fans and staff of WWKF can handle it. Go ahead and
burn my sh(beep)t, we beat your guys, so we won out in the end, and that's something,
you can't do anything about, so accept the fact the bums you sent, couldn't get it
done, so who's got the B(beep)ls to step up now?

Craig: is Onita going to be there too? Is this a regular teaming of you guys again?

MO: You'll just have to wait, and find out, just like everybody else.

Craig. Onita what about that date you had with Brittany?

MO: What about it?

Craig: How'd that go?

MO: What, you Access Hollywood or something? Ask her..what her and I did, or may not
have done..stays between her and I as far as I'm concerned. You want details? You
won't get em from me. I have respect for her so go get a porno or something. I ain't
telling you sh(beep)t.

JC: Nice try Craig (Jack starts laughing).

MO: But not nice enough there, Todd Grisham.

(Carter gets on his Triumph and Onita gets in his Hummer, and they both smoke the tires
as they leave the area).
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Lost to GCW   Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:47 am

GCW World Champion "Rebel Angel" Jack Carter finishes doing his
reps on an old weight bench at the Irving park YMCA in his home
town of Chicago. After he's done he goes and has a seat. wiping
off sweat with his "We wrestle, we brawl, we do it all" t-shirt.

"I see a few days have gone by and nobody in WWKF has said a word
about how they lost to Onita and I this past Saturday night, and
how DXLatin lost to me Sunday night on GCW's March Massacre Pay
Per view".

"What's the matter boys? Afraid? Alittle scared that you have to your own fans, that you flunked the course? That after
all the huffing and puffing..MOD and Joker together couldn't blow
down a house made of paper? You can't deny it, it happened right
on your own show, in your own ring, in front of your own fans..
You lost to a better team".

(The camera comes in close)

"A beaten half to death DXLatin put up a better fight than those
losers Joker and Master of Disaster".

(the camera pans back)

"I'm sure I speak for Masa Onita, the GCW International Heavyweight
Champion when I say I wonder".

(The camera comes in close again)

"I wonder where the real competition is, in WWKF".

(the camera pans back again)

"See, guys like Onita and I, we can defend out titles in other places
because that's what REAL International and World champions do", Unlike
you guys who are stuck wrestling each other in the same company, we can
go to other federations and take on top guys what
seperates the true champions..from the company champions like you here
in WWKF. Onita's in Germany taking on top guys, and Friday Night I'll be
In Texas for Texas All Star Wrestling, Florida for you here in WWKF, then
Sunday for Alabama Wrestling federation, and then Monday in South Philly
for GCW Monday Meltdown". All you guys are going to be doing is fighting
for a 'tough enough' title (laughs), and the funny thing is, we haven't
seen anyone here in WWKF tough ewnough to do anything, except for DXlatin
who tried to be the hero of the day for WWKF, and failed, with flying
colors, just like MOD and Joker. That team was a disaster and their hopes
of even giving us a decent match was a joke".

"So Slim Survivals, Masa Onita and myself, the two guys who ran roughshod
over your jobber team..oh wait..that's all you have here are jobber teams..
what was I thinking...Onita and myself..the two guys who beat two of your
own, in your own ring on your own show..will be back again this saturday
night, with Brett Fury, who was this close to killing the killer...and you
can burn all our luggage you'll never cover up the fact that when
push came to shove...none of you motherf(beep)kers were good enough to beat
Onita and I...We're gona be there this Saturday night..and we're gonna rub
our victory your faces...what are you going to do about it"?

(the camera comes in close again)

"Nothing...and like it".

Jack gets up and walks out.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Lost to GCW   Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:15 am

Masa Onita sends a promo from Germany.

"I'm overseas defending the GCW International Championship, taking on the top guys that this country has to offer. I check in here and see that my man Carter's rubbing it in, Rubbing it in that The three stooges, MOD, Joker, and DXLatin, couldn't get the job done on behalf of WWKF. I did also notice that Master of Disaster seems to be scoping out GCW to come to since he's not doing too good here".

"You come to GCW and whatever you wanted to do here in WWKF, you won't even come close to doing in GCW".

"MOD can't run from the fact he's more like the Master of Dipsh(beep)ts. You lost against a superior talent, so did Joker... and so diid DXLatin".

" So who's going to step up now? I guess nobody since nobody has had the b(beep)ls to even admit your asses were handed to you, and very easily I might add. It felt like I was warming up for a real match, but the real match never came. When it comes to WWKF, the real match may never come".

"So how about world's wimpiest kooks federation, anyone got the n(beep)ts to finally admit your company just doesn't have the talent to face a superior levwl company? nnaaa, don't bother, us beating you guys all the time will tell the tale just fine, jus like it'll do again this saturday night when we come to your show again, and laugh at you all, why? because we can".
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Lost to GCW   Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:04 am

Jack's on the sames Card I's am in Texas Friday Night. I's think I's ginna ride along so's I's can join up wit you here. If we's ginna do this thng, let's do it right and all three ride again. We's been talkin bout it, so why's not do it. yous think they's ginna keep a 450 lb man from coming thru da door? I's butst the door down wit all my weight. sees you saturday Onita. we's can ride as one again.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Lost to GCW   Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:43 pm

Wow. I think all the top stars are booked.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Lost to GCW   Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:57 pm

it's ok, we'll keep chipping away with iwins, a win over a WWKF guy, no matter who it is, is a notch for GCW.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Lost to GCW   

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WWKF Lost to GCW
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