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 GCW Monday Night Meltdown Highlights

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PostSubject: GCW Monday Night Meltdown Highlights   Tue Mar 24, 2009 7:03 pm

Courtesy of Geneva Championship Wrestling
GCW Monday Night Meltdown. WWKF vs GCW - Round One.

Craig: I'm Craig Johnson and I'm here with DXLatin of the World Wrestling Kings
Federation. Tonight you have a match against...

DXLatin: I know who I have a match with, Brett Fury, you thought you were real funny
Saturday night, weren't you. You couldn't get into the building for our show so you
have to nail me with a baseball bat outside the building. Well tonight you can come
try that against me in the ring.

Craig: It's been rumoured that you may not be 100% and possibly...

DXLatin: Take them rumors and shove em, I'm here to represent World Wrestling Kings
federation and I'm gonna do that....

(Right then Masa Onita walks up to him..wearing a black dress shirt, dress pants,
gold ring, watch..)

Craig: This wasn't part of the format sir. this was...

(Onita looks over at Craig)

MO: You're new here, so I'll spare you the slap upside the head, the format of GCW is no
format, so just do what you've been hired to do..hold the microphone..(He looks back at
DXLatin) You know who I am?

DXLatin: Yah, I know who you are.

MO: Good. You had a problem with your lockerroom last week? uhuhuh..don't say anything...
you had, a problem with your locker room, fine, see the one over there with the number 2
on it? take that one, it's mine...and I'll take yours.

DXLatin: You'll take mine? Why? Mine has broken chairs, dented lockers, it...(Onita puts
his hand up)..

MO: Why? because it reminds me of where I came from...It reminds me of the humble beginnings
I had to go thru to get to where I am being known as one of the best damn
wrestlers walking planet earth..It reminds me that paying dues the hard way in this sport
always pays off if you have the willingness to pay them dues..sometimes you have to go back,
to go forward. So I'll be happy to take your locker room. Have mine, it has everything you
could ever want in there. That way you have no complaints about how GCW treats you, you want
some respect? By this gesture...(Onita gets in DXLatin's face), I just gave you some.

(Onita then walks away as DXLatin looks a bit stunned).

Craig: Mike, Sean, I'm told we're going back to you at ringside.

The song "In Time" by Mark Collie plays, and the fans burst into huge cheers as the camera shot
goes back to ringside.

Mike: Yes we are back at ringside and the World champion is coming up the isle now.

Jack Carter comes to the ring, wearing a black leather vest with a "club 81" patch on the back,
black jeans, black skull cap and under the vest he's wearing a "Support Club 81 Nomads" jersey
with flames on the sleeves. Sean hands him a mic as he heads into the ring. The fans start
chanting "Carter, carter, carter".

"Well here we are, in GANGLAND USA! (loud cheers come from the fans), I'm not sure that would be
something to be proud of, but hey, you're the ones who have to live here, not me.(the fans still
cheer), I don't have a match tonight as I'm preparing for next sunday night, when I face a guy...
who's facing Brett Fury here tonight..DXLatin..from the World Wrestling Kings Federation".

(The fans boo, then chant "Latin sucks, Latin sucks").

JC: Well good, you said it, so I may not have to...Last week after Meltdown went off the air,
Me and the Extreme Four Horsemen decided to dish out alittle justice..and yeah, I'll speak on this.
I wanted to light Otani's ass up, you jump a matchmaker? a guy who isn't a wrestler, doesn't have
much of an on air role here by his choice because he wants to do what he does best behind the cowardly is now know the levels I'm damn well
willing to go to if you want to keep this little problem going. There's bigger fish to fry and those
fish...aren't you".

(as the fans go "wwhhooa" Jack starts circling the ring slowly, then sees something).

JC: What's that sign say? come on, give me went thru the process of making it, so let me
see it. (Jack goes thru the ropes and retrieves the sign..looks at it and shakes his head).

JC: 'Swear at me, Carter'. you mean to tell me..of all the F(beep)king things you could write on a
sign, the best you could come up with is 'swear at me, Carter'? (fans laugh)..You've got to be
kidding, take this f(beep)king thing back(he hands it back and then points to the fan)
That has got to be one of the worst freaking signs I ever seen in my entire life..I'd a rather have
seen a hulk hogan sign or something, but NNNOOOOO.'swear at me Carter". God..this is why huffing
paint isn't a good thing..(a section of fans start chanting 'carter, carter carter' again, he walks
over to them)

JC: And here's another example why, right over here".

(the fans cheer and laugh and Jack starts to circle the ring again, but then stops..and glares at someone.
he walks over, keeps glaring as he leans his arms on the top rope.

Sean: Who's he staring at?

(the camera shows the General Manager of World Wrestling Kings Federation. Alyssa Ruins).

Mike OOHH sh(beep)t, that's the general Manager of WWKF, sitting right here at ringside.

Sean: Oh man, are sparks gonna fly now.

JC: Miss Alyssa Ruins, of WWKF...welcome to GCW...(the fans give a mix of cheers and boos), Glad you
could make it to the show....I presume that Eddie Gordon and owner James Long, have been very gracious,
courteous, and very respectful to you? (Alyssa nods), and some of the other wrestlers here in GCW have
come up and been pleasant to you? (She nods again), Good, because what we wanted to do, for all
the claims on how we're a garbage wrestling company, how we slam other federations, and all the other
ga ga that's been said...we wanted to show a level of respect to you and your your opinion,
has GCW accomplished that? (she nods and you can hear her say 'Yes'), "I'm glad that we here at GCW can
show the respect of another federation when it counts most". (Jack turns..and then turns around again
facing her)

JC: It's too f(beep)King bad that your promotion couldn't have the same for us.

(the fans go "WWWWHHOOAA")

JC: For the fans who don't know, Brett Fury and myself appeared at WWKF's show this past Saturday Night, not
only were we not let in the building..but they had the place surrounded so that way we couldn't ruin the
show..(the fans booo). wasn't secure enough now, was it Alyssa...(as the fans go "ooooo" the camera
flashes to see Ruins frowning at Carter, then goes back to Jack in the ring). Because I stood in THEIR ring,
holding THIS world heavyweight championship belt, and I told it like it is, right on their show"..(the fans
burst into cheers).

JC: And what do they do in return? They burned my luggage(the fans boo loud), the snive remarks are one thing,
I expected that, but to go ahead, take my luggage and burn it, what kind of cheap ass stunt was that? (the
fans start chanting "she's a bitch she's a bitch").

JC: Now whoa whoa..hold need to call her that, she didn't do her credit I have to admit, that
she has been very professional with the powers that be here in GCW in getting this thing off the ground, so
don't blame her, because she has a bunch of disrespectful pieces of sh(beep)t on her roster...someone has to
take care of the special education quota in wrestling, so you can go ahead and do it.

(as the fans roar in approval Aylssa crosses her arms and give a mean glare at Jack)

JC: I want you to realize something, Miss Ruins, There's no pretty mats around the outside of this ring like
in your company....The rules, what rules there are, are very laxed here, we here in GCW take it to the extreme
like no other federation can, and're going to see that for're also going to see..
that your boys..are in deep trouble when it comes to taking us only have one guy with the b(beep)ls
to come here...but on your show..this coming weekend..Brett Fury will be there..and in what will be a
news item on the internet if it isn't already...the reteaming, for one night..of the original Brotherhood
of the DAMNED..myself and MASA ONITA!

(the fans burst into very loud cheers again.)

Mike: Did he say that right? he and Onita are reteaming again, on a WWKF show, this coming weekend?

Sean: yes he did..oh man, I may have to find out what cable access channel these guys are on, because I
want to see that happen.

JC: So Miss Ruins, you watch what happens tonight, because what you see here tonight..IS COMING, to YOUR
federation...this saturday night...and I promise won't be burning sh(beep)t this time round, enjoy
the show.

(the fans cheer as Jack Leaves the ring..Alyssa stands and yells something to Jack..they stare at each other
and she yells and points at him..he nods, then blows a kiss at her as he walks up the isle..she then shutters
and sits back down).

Mike: Well..that was a hell of a welcome to the show eh Sean?

sean: Sparks are flying, emotions are starting to rise on this..who's the better federation? I say it's us..and
we're gonna damn well prove it, to them or any other federation that wants to step up.

Mike: These guys were the ONLY federation that had the guts to step up.

Sean: This is gonna really be hot...and with that, we'll be right back after this, with our very first bout.


AW: last week in this ring Naughty Niki jumped me and beat me up (fans cheer), yeah go ahead, yyyayyyy! cheer away.
But the fact is she didn't give me a chance to defend myself, she jumped me from behind, and took advantage of me
in every way. (the fans cheer loud again). I'm...shut up with that booing! (fans boo again), I'm tired of sleazy
little sl(beep)ts, women who know they're beter suited with a matress tied to their back, thinking they should be
in this business..Women like this b(beep)tch over here! (points to Alyssa Ruins).

Sean: Oh no, no Worthington, don't go there.

Mike: This guy...He just doesn't get it, does he.

Sean: No but if he keeps it up, he's gonna 'get it'.

(Worthington in the ring goes closer to the ropes looking at Ruins)

AW: That's right baby, I'm talking about you. You have only two things that are worth looking at, and you should
bare 'those' more often..(the fans go whhoaaa, and Alyssa frowns at him), tell the truth baby, you used those
knockers to get to the top of your federation, didn't you..(Ruins yells "f(beep)k off"! ). hey baby we can do
that, not that you haven't slept with wrestlers before...

Sean: Oh man, this is not the way to go if you're going to have an interfederation agreement.

Mike: Worthington is just a clueless putz, it's that simple.

Worthington leaves the ring and Alyssa stands up and they're in each other's face.

AW: Come on baby, you and I, 30 minutes, I got plenty of money, and I'll throw ytou a few thousand so you can get
your federation a better tv deal, all you have to do is get with me and show me what you can do with 'those' and..

(Alyssa slaps Worthington in the face and the fans ROAR with cheers, she slaps him again and says, "I wouldn't
sleep with you, if you were the last d(beep)k on earth". and the fans..ROAR again.).

Worthington suddenly slaps Alyssa.

Mike: WHOA! what the hell..why's he slapping her! What's he trying to accomplish?

Sean: That he's a total a(beep)hole, that's it, I'm gonna go stand up to him!

Mike grabs sean and holds him back.

Mike: whoa whoa...hold it..he's a wrestler Sean, you're not.

Sean: I don't give a damn, Miss Ruins hasn't done anything to deserve this treatment, she's a guest of this company
and someone has to do the right thing here, so let it be me!

Mike: Easy..hold it, the right thing? You might be getting your wish now.

Big Vinnie James comes down the isle and slugs Alexander in the head. he then rams him into the ring post as the
fans start cheering. The Bloodshed Brawlers come down and join in on the beating of Worthington. Dan Stansen also
runs down with his bullrope. The others hold Worthington and Dan steps forward and clobbers Worthington in the
head with the cowbell. Busting him open.

Sean: Talk about us standing up and taking care of business.

Mike: I told you..what goes around, comes around.

All of them keep beating on Worthington, then grab him and after clearing the Time keepers table they lay Alexander
on the table. Big Vinie looks at Alyssa and says "Mam..We clean up our house here, you won't be bothered by anyone
else here anymore". Alyssa nods and smiles alittle bit.

Dan Stansen climbs the top turn buckle and comes off with a splash, putting Worthington thru the table. The Brawlers
bash Worthington with chairs and then they pick Alexander up, and take him away from the ring side area and up the

Sean: Is there a camera back there? We need to keep watching this.

Mike: Yes there is, let's go with that right now.

The camera in the back catches the scene as they bring Worthington into the backstage area, stop and beat on him some
more, and then go to a fire exit, and shove Worthington out the door. The Brawlers bring Worthington's gear and throw
it on him.

Vinnie: Don't come back..On behalf of everyone inm GCW Worthington, You're fired"!

(You can hear the fans cheer. The Brawlers grabs Worthington and deliver a spike Pile Driver on the concrete.

Benny: That's for Lita you son of a b(beep)tch.

Brian then grabs Alexander and powerbombs him on the concrete and Vinnie climbs on a car hoom and nails a splash on

Brian: And that's for all the smart ass comments you've ever made here.

Vinnie: Now get the f(beep)k outta here, before we ask Carter and Brody to bury you alive somewhere.

(You can hear the fans chant "GCW, GCW, GCW").

They all come back in the building and walk past owner James Long, They nod their heads at Long, Long looks out the
door and then comes back in.

James Long: Well, another one bites the dust.

The front camera takes over at ring side with Mike and Sean)

Sean: Wow, they just 86'd Worthington from GCW.

Mike: We take care of our own problems, in our own way here but I never thought I'd ever see anything like that.

sean: They beat up one of their own as a way to show that even though Miss Ruins is the GM of another promotion, that
respect to her will be given, no matter what.

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PostSubject: Re: GCW Monday Night Meltdown Highlights   Tue Mar 24, 2009 7:04 pm

Craig here with Brett Fury, in a few seconds you're going out and representing GCW against WWKF's DXLatin, your
thoughts on this"?

Brett: My thoughts are, we've done all the talking to hype this match up, on both sides, in this company and in yours,
now the time for talking is done. it's time to show DXLatin, and all of World Wrestrling King's Federation, just, what
GCW is all about, and that's all I have to say about that.

Craig: Back to you guys at ringside.

(DxLatin is shown coming up the isle with his valet Perfection, a very hot blonde woman. they walk around the ring,
and then enter it.

Mike: here we go fans, what everyone's been waiting for all night. GCW vs WWKF, right here on Monday Meltdown.

Sean: DXLatin looks impressive, the fans are giving him an ovation, some boos, some cheers, but this is a real big

Mike: And Perfection? She is a living breathing definition of the very word.

sean hands DXLatin a mic.

"Ok Brett Fury, you huffed and you puffed, now get out here so I can go 5150 on your ass"!

The fans go "OOOOOOOOO".

DXLatin vs Brett Fury...falls count anywhere GCW vs WWKF match.

"Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers" by Motorhead plays, and the fans cheer as Brett Fury comes down the isle, carrying
his singapore cane. He's puffing a cigarette and when he gets to the ring side area, he reaches into his pocket and
pulls out a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, he opens it and starts drinking it.

Sean: Well that's one way to show support for one of our sponsers.

Mike: Too bad we can't get cigarette companies to sponser us, the way Brett goes thru Newport 100's, you'd think we
could get them to sponser the show.

Brett finishes the beer and climbs inside the ring, he meets DXLatin in the middle of the ring and they have a face to
face staredown.

Ike Brewer the senior referee for GCW calls for the bell and as Perfection goes to leave the ring, Brett goes and
lifts the ropes for her. She hesitates, then goes thru the ropes. Brett then looks at DXLatin and he nods his head
like "ok..good deal". They then cicle each other in the middle of the ring. they tie up.

They try to move each other into the ropes but both are standing their ground and they both let go. They try it again
and get the same result, when they let go, they get in each other's face and start trash talking each other. Brett
then shoves DXLatin and Latin shoves back. They shove each other and then Latin smacks Brett in the face. Brett turns
and then turns back around connecting with a round house right that floors Latin to the mat. Brett then mounts him
and hammers him with punches.

latin spins Bret on his back and returns the favor, then beings Fury to his knes, Brett lowblows Latin and DDTs him
to the mat and starts the slugging fest again. They come to their knees slugging each other, neither wanting to give
an inch. They tie up and Brett reverses a whip into the ropes for a spinebuster. he then grabs Latin by the hair and
slugs him some more, busting him open, then takes him and hurls him thru the ropes to the floor.

Sean: I knew this wasn't gonna last long in the ring.

Mike: Falls count anywhere? What'd you expect? This is the GCW where we take it to the extreme unlike any federation
out there.

Latin reverses a whip and Fury crashes hard into the guard rail. he then runs and nails a clothesline, sending Fury
over the rail into the crowd. Latin Takes Brett and slams him face first into the top of the Guard rail, Perfection
wisely steps away from the fight. Latin then sets up a chair and uses it to spring board over the rail and take
Brett down in a Thez press, bashing Brett in the face with punches. The fans yell and scream as the brawl ensues.

They brawl to the rail near the isle and Brett fights back and slams DXLatin into the guard rail. Brett's bleeding
as well but he gets a beer bottle from a fan and smashes it in Latin's face.

Sean: Welcome to GCW DXLatin.

(The camera quickly shows Alyssa Ruins with some concern on her face)

Mike: Yeah baby, it's very rough in this company.

Sean: You don't bust your ass here, we will, bust your face, that's, the GCW way.

Brett gets another bottle ands smashes it in Latin's head, causing more blood to come from his head. Brett then gets
a chair from another fan and cracks Latin in the knees and wafles him in the face, causing him to topple over the
guard rail into the isle.

Brett jumps and stands on top of the guard rail and as Latin gets up Brett jumps, but Latin catches him and slams
Fury's back hard against the rail, then grabs a cookie sheet from a fan and starts beating Brett with it with a
vengence. Perfection at ringside grabs Brett's singapore cane, brings it up the isle and throws it to Latin, who
swings and connects with Brett's ribs and head with solid shots. he then covers and Ike makes a count. 1...2...

Brett gets his shoulder up.

Sean: I can't see sh(beep)t, someone get a camera back there.

DXLatin goes to get the cane again and brett grabs hold of the dented cookie sheet, and cracks latin in the kneecaps,
he then jams the end of the cokie sheet in Latin's groin and then takes him up the isle and smashes his face into the
pepsi machine. he goes to do it again but Latin puts his fot up to stop it, and smacks Fury's head into the machine
before taking him out a side door into an alley.

Mike: Holy f(beep)k! they went outside the building!?

Sean: Falls count anywhere in this match, you heard what Eddie Gordon said, they could fight all the way across the
street if they want to.

Brett gets thrown in to a set of garbage cans. Latin gets an aluminum garbage can cover off another garbage can and
goes to hit Brett, but brett ducks out of the way, staggers to his feet and tries a kick, Latin blocks it but gets
hit by a jumping kick of Brett's other foot, bringing him to his knees. brett then smashes Latin's face into the
concrete and rubs his face against the asphalt. He then climbs on top of a garbage dumpster and delivers a leg drop
to the back of latin's head, rolls him on his back and covers Latin for the count. 1...2...

Latin gets his shoulders up. Fury kicks Latin in the face, stomps his chest and after another leg drop tries a cover
again. 1...2... but Latin gets his shoulders up again. brett turns and rubs Latin's face into the asphalt again before
lifting him up and firing him into a garage door. he then takes him down the alley and out to the front of the arena
where he slugs latin and latin falls against a car. The car alarm goes off as Fury nails Latin with lefts and rights,
slumping Latin the the ground where Fury stomps his chest and then bashes the back of latin's head into the passenger's
side door, denting it.

Brett looks around and picks up a brick, he's about to bash latin with it but latin gets his foot up and kicks Fury in
the groin. He takes the brick and bashes Brett with it and then rams Brett's face thru the passenger's side window.
Fans have gathered outside and start cheering as the fight continues. Gary city police keep the fans back, one's on a
radio. "Don't send anyone if someone calls about a fight on the street, it's the wrestling show and this match has
come outside".

latin rams Bret gut first into the side of the hood then hoists him onto the hood. latin then gets on the hood and
goes for a piledriver, but Brett turns it into a back drop on the hood. Fury kicks latin in the head, gets on the car
roof, and jumps trying a senton bomb but latin rolls out of the way off the hood., he gets back on the hood, and
then powerbombs Fury on the car hood. the fans chant "GCW GCW GCW".

Fury rolls off the car and Latin poises himself, he jumps and at the very last second, asa brett gets to his feet,
Fury catches Latin, turns and slamsLatin's back hard into a parking meter. Brett then lifts and connects with a
brain buster on the side walk, then covers for the pin. 1...2...

Latin at the last second gets a shoulder up. "DAMNIT"! yells Brett. he staggers to his feet, blood pouring down
all over his GCW shirt. DXlatin gets up and he's got blood pouring down as well. they both tie up, slugging at
each other and latin turns an attempted whip by Brett into Bret's smacking the brick wall face first. he then takes
Brett back to the allesy and fires him into another garage door. he then gives a series of shoulderblocks on Brett
against the metal garage door. Latin hits a twist of fate type move on Brett, Jumps up onto the Garbage dumpster and
comes off with a frog splash on Brett, hooking the leg. 1...2...3. WINNER! BRETT FURY!

Mike: WOW!, what can i say about this...DXLatin successfully defeated Brett Fury. Right now, it's WWKF 1 and GCW 0.

Sean: But this match wasn't easy to win, if Latin tries to play it off like it was nothing? he'll be a freaking liar,
and he knows it. Fury gave it his all and almost had this guy. This guy Latin knows it, he knows he just had a hell
of a beating himself.

Mike: We may have lost this battle, but the war has just begun.

Sean: That's right and This Saturday night, GCW invades THEIR promotion as Fury, no matter what condition he's in,
will be there, and the REUNITED..BROTHERHOOD OF THE DAMNED..GCW's International Champion Masa Onita, and the GCW
World heavyweight champion, 'Rebel Angel' Jack Carter, reunite as the legendary tag team they once were, to take
the WWKF in their own ring.

Mike: you bet, and now...things are gonna get hot..we'll be seeing one half of the old Brotherhood, Masa Onita, in
action, right after this.

Sean: what...a hell of a

WGN America is the only station that proudly presents GCW's Monday Meltdown every week, The most violent wrestling
promotion in the country, GCW can only be seen on one station, and that's WGN America, Television that can't be

Later tonight on WGN America, Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke star in "Harley Davidson and The Marlboro man" watch it
right here later tonight on WGN America, Television that can't be ignored.

"Craig Johnson here in the Locker room and DXLattin is here, and....".

(right then Jack Carter, Stan Brody, and the Bloodshed Brawlers all come in).

JC: Listen, I was just checking in on Brett and he's being looked at, I wanted to make sure you were given the same

DXLatin: I'll be ok man, thanks anyway.

(the other wrestlers start bitching about how Bret lost but Jack quiets them).

JC: hey hey....hey...This guy here won fair and square, in the match it said falls count anywhere, and he won it, so
don't hold a grudge on sure you gonna be ok there?

DXLatin: yeah man, I'll be ok.

(Brody hands Jack a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer)

JC: You wanna beer at least? Our treat for you having a great match on our show.

DXLatin: Sure man, I'll take the beer.

JC: ya go.

Carter smashes the beer right in Latin's face and all four wrestlers jump DXLatin right there as Craig gets out of the
way. The Brawlers pick up Latin and hold him for Jack.

JC: BURN MY MOTHERF(beep)KING LUGGAGE!? (Jack slugs Latin in the stomach and thyen the face) YOU DIDN'T THINK YOU GUYS
WERE GONNA GET AWAY WITH THAT, DID YOU!? (Jack slugs him again, and Brody headbutts Latin, knocking him dizzy).

JC: Let him go...let him go.

(They let him go, and Jack grabs Latin, and nails The Death Wish, putting Latin thru the wooden bench).

JC: I'll be seeing you...This week on YOUR show..and especially next week, at OUR PAY PER VIEW..when you, face me..
and I promise you...You're gonna do a hell of alot more than go 5150 on beat me, B(beep)TCH!

They grab latin, take him out of the dressing room, and throw him out the back door. Big Vinnie James comes up,
Holding onto Perfection real tight.

Vinnie: Hey Carter, what do you want to do with her?

(Jack smiles)

JC: If I was a different kind of man, I'd have one real good idea of what I'd want to do with her, but I don't stoop
to that level, so let her go.

(Vinnie Lets her go and she goes to the fallen DXLatin.

Perfection: YOU A(beep)SHOLES!

(Carter walks up to her).

JC: That we are...when we need to be..(Jack kicks DXLatin right in the nose, causing blood to come out of it), welcome
to GCW, motherf(beep)ker...(they all walk off, and the camera shot goes back to ring side).
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GCW Monday Night Meltdown Highlights
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