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 WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009

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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:26 pm

The scene opens as there are no cops outside of Madison Square Garden, they're all inside looking for KODX who just escaped once again. Alyssa is still in the Police Cruiser, shes looking at her watch and looks depressed, all of a sudden KingOfDX, runs over to the cruiser and taps on the window.
Oh my gosh, ok get in!, your making things worse, Im glad your ok and all but you have to just give up, Chris Jericho is going to win this war, he has about hundreds of police on his side!

Alyssa, Im going to win K.O.K, Its my destiny.

Please dont make things worse they're goiing to find you

No, no they wont.

KingOfDX opens the cruiser door, and takes Alyssa out, Alyssa hugs him but KingOfDX pushes her off

Look Im sorry but theres no time for this, I want you to wear this.

KingOfDX hands Alyssa a blonde wig.

What the hell?, why?

You have the keys to my car, get in, wear the wig, drive off, the cops will follow you thinking its me, drive as far as you can, lose the cops, they wont come back here, they're gonna be gone, it'll leave me anough time to win the tournament.

Oh my gosh, you can send us both to prision for a long time.

Maybe, but think about when they check the stolen hammer for fingerprints, Jericho will go to jail not me, me on the other hand, Im walking out of here 2009 King.

Alyssa nods her head, puts on the wig and gets in KODX's car, as KODX hides behind a dumpster he watches his wife drive off far as a bunch of police nearby hear the car and see somone with blonde hair driving fast, all of a sudden abunch of police cruisers follow the car until Madison Square Garden as Cop Free, KODX Smiles and goes back into the arena
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:48 pm

Ladies and Gentlmen the following contest is scheduled for a Steel Cage Match, Introducing First, Mr.MoneyBags!

Mr.MoneyBags walks down the ramp smiling and confident he slides into the ring and looks up as he sees the Steel Cage.

And the opponent... KINGOFDXXXXX

KingOfDX walks down the ramp smiling at MoneyBags as MoneyBags wasnt expecting to see him he walks down the ramp as the fans cheer loudley and he slides into the ring, as the steel cage lowers down.


MoneyBags looks around he then turns around and quickly begins to climb out of the cage trying to escape from KODX and trying to capture a quick win, KODX shakes his head, walks over to MoneyBags, reaches up and throws MoneyBags to the canvas as the crowd cheers.

KODX then picks up MoneyBags and irish whips him, MoneyBags bounces off the ropes and KODX hits him with a knee to the face, KODX luaghs as he begins to feel intense, MoneyBags slowly gets up and as he does he gives KODX a poke in the eye as the fans boo and KODX holds his eyes in pain, MoneyBags then bounces off the ropes and hits KODX with a huge clothesline as the fans boo louder.

MoneyBags then begins to stomp on KODX luaghing and stomping not allowing KODX to get up, he then stomps and begins to climb the cage again, but as he does KODX slowly gets up and runs towards his side of the cage and kicks the side of the cage hes climbing and MoneyBags crashes and burns once again as the fans cheer.

Now KODX climbs the cage as the fans begin to cheer even more, as he climbs the cage, MoneyBags slowly gets up and climbs the cage also, as both men are climbing beside eachother, KODX is further up and MoneyBags is abit down, MoneyBags then begins to hit KODX's leg, and KODX becomes unbalanced, KODX trys to kick MoneyBags but now Money Bags is holding onto one of KODX's legs, MoneyBags then climbs higher until he is directly beside KODX, he grabs KODX's back and delivers a huge suplex off of the cage well as the fans boo but are impressed.

MoneyBags goes for the pin.


KODX Kicks out as the fans cheer loudley supporting him.

MoneyBags is angry, he goes for an elbow drop and KODX rolls away and MoneyBags hits the canvas, both men get up and as MoneyBags looks at KODX, KODX gived him the crotch chops as the fans yell " SUUUCK IIIT" , MoneyBags gets mad and he runs towards KODX only to get hit with a Double A SpineBuster as the fans cheer, he then picks MoneyBags up and hits the X-Mate. He goes for the pin.


Going to the Secooond Bracket, KingOfDXXX!
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:03 pm

Mike - Ladies and Gentlmen, we have our 6 men that have qualified.

Jim - Master Of Disaster, Jack Lightning, DXLatin, Jericho, Christian and KingOfDX!

Mike - Man and what a night it has been, this has to go down as one of the BEST Pay Per Views in WWKF History

Jim - Ya and we still have the second bracket to go !
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:27 pm

Ladies and Gentlmen, we are now in Brackeeet 2!!, And this is a FIRST EVER, WWKF Staples Match, there are a bunch of staple guns and staplers placed in the bucket thats in the middle of the ring, the winner to staple their opponent 20 times will be the winner!. Introducing First JAAAACK LIGHTNING!

Jack Lighting runs out of the curtains but he looks hurt from his Hardcore Match, he slides into the ring smiling.

And his opponent, Maaaster Of Disaaaaster!

Master Of Disaster walks out of the curtains holding his back, he slides into the ring and looks at Jack, as M.O.D for the first time ever, looks like he is regreting sliding into the ring.

BELL RINGS, Jack Lighting runs and Baseball slides the Bucket as it falls and staple guns and staplers fall out all over the ring, M.O.D bends down aking in pain and trys to pick one up but Jack runs up to him and DDT's him right on one of the staple guns shooting out a staple that lands nowhere.

Jack picks up M.O.D and irish whips him towards the turnbuckle, he then runs at him and clotheslines him as M.O.D falls hard, Jack grabs a stapler and walks over to M.O.D, he turns M.O.D right around and staples M.O.D right in the back! [JL][1], M.O.D screams in pain as the fans are in shock as they see the staple stuck in M.O.D's back as blood trickles down M.O.D's back, Jack smiles he then takes the stapler and throws it right at M.O.D's back, making the staple go more deep inside M.O.D's back as the fans chant "WWKF"

M.O.D then slowly crawls to his knees and as Jack isnt paying any attention, M.O.D low blows Jack and as Jack gets lowblowed, M.O.D picks up a stple gun and shoots the gun right at Jack Lightnings stomach
[MOD][1] and Jack screams out in pain and spits out blood as some fans are disgusted but others are cheering. M.O.D then grabs Jack and slams his body to the floor as the fans cheer, but he feels uncomfterble with the staple in his back, he then grabs the staple gun and begins to shoot Jack not once but twice, followed by three times, then four times, and ending it with a fitfh shot [MOD][6] as all of them land on Jacks left arm as his arm becomes a bloody mess as the fans are covering their mouth, some are covering their ears and eyes.

Jack is now weak, and can barley move his left arm the arena is covered in blood, M.O.D is proving he is the Master when it comes to Disaster, he then grabs the stapler and gets on his knees and begins to staple Jacks left arm even more he staples his hand also leaving it weak and numb [MOD][15] Jack is struggling to get on his feet, and M.O.D helps him up, he picks him up, grabs the staple gun and shoots him several times on the right arm [MOD][18], Now Jack is really weak hes about to fall but M.O.D catches him, and gives him the White Out as Jacks arms are weak and the staples are ripping into his skin as the White Out is causing it too. Jacks eyes begin to flicker and Jack is knocked out cold, M.O.D then staples him right in the lip then, M.O.D smiles and shoots Jack with the staple gun right in the mid-section [MOD][20].

Going to the Finals, Maaaaster Of Disaaaaster!
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:41 pm

Chris jericho is backstage, he walks up to KingOfDX who is drinking from a water fountain, Jericho slaps him on the back and KODX almost chokes, he turns around angry and remembers he cant hit Jericho.

It doesnt matter if you sent those stupid New York Police men on a wild goose chase, Im going to go to the finals, and when I win, and I become King, I will go to Slim Survivals next week, and tell you, the fans and everyone... "I TOLD YOU SO"

Chris Jericho smiles and walks away as KODX looks on angrily
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 1:21 pm

GCW Superstar Marcus Jones is seen in the WWKF Hallways as the fans begin to Boo Loudley.

Mike - What the hell???, hes from GCW, get that peice of trash out of here!!

Jim - Ya whats he doing here?

Marcus Jones begins to walk down the hallways as Staff members and Camera men begin to look at him with a confused look on their face as they know that he isnt suppose to be here, all of a sudden Marcus bumbs into IronEX who lost his match momments ago and IronEX looks mad.

(GCW's Faggit)
... Um.. Im not doing anything bad, let me through.


(GCW's Faggit)
No No No!, Im not, I got signed to WWKF!


IronEX then picks Marcu up holding on to his neck and throws him onto a WWKF Magazine stand as he watches Marcus crash and burn, IronEX then begins to luagh at him, all of a sudden a couple of WWKF Superstars walk by smiling, they look at IronEX then at Marcus.

This Is WWKF Nigguh, Now Dip On Back To Your "Great Cock Wrestling" Facility.

Marcus gets up slowly all hurt, hes surrounded by a bunch of WWKF Superstars he then begins to run out of WWKF scared, but they seem to notice a brown stain all over his jean pockets.

Um... did he forget to go to the Womens Washroom or somthing??... poor kid.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:16 pm

Ladies and Gentlmen we are still in the Second Brackeeet, and this match is scheduled for a Knockout Match, Introducing First, "Y2J" Chris Jerichoooooooo!

Chris Jericho walks down the ramp with a cocky smile as the fans begin to boo him loudley, he slides into the ring and bounces off the ropes.

And his opponent, Mr.5150 Elite, DXtreeeeeeeeme Laaaaatin!

DXLatin runs out of the curtains smiling as the fans begin to boo loudley, he runs down the ramp and slides into the ring as he begins to stare down Jericho.

Mike - We're about to withness history, first time ever, DXLatin vs Jericho!

Jim - Ya and this may be a preview of KingOfDX vs Jericho in the future!

DXLatin and Jericho walk towards the middle of the ring as they begin to trash talk eachother, the fans begin to chant "YOU BOTH SUCK", Chris Jericho doesnt take his eyes off Latin, but as the fans contiue to chant "YOU BOTH SUCK", DXLatin turns his head to look around and Jericho slaps him accross the face, DXLatin then angrily trys to grab Jericho but Jericho runs out of the ring and DXlatin runs after him, as both men are outside of the ring, running around in circles, Jericho slides right under the ring.

DXLatin then looks mad, he then randomly sees Jerichos leg sticking out from under the ring, he pulls Jericho out but as he pulls Jericho out, Jericho gets dragged out of the ring, holding a steel chair, and Jericho whacks the steel chair right at the skull of DXLatin as DXLatin falls down hard as the fans are surprised as they didnt see that comming.
Mike - Oh my goodness!, that was such a smart move!

Jericho smiles, he grabs DXLatin and smashes his head onto the announce table, he then irish whips DXLatin and DXlatin hits the ring post hard as the fans begin to continue to boo both superstars. Jerichos cocky smile re appears, he picks up the steel chair again as DXLatin slowly turns around. Jericho then runs toward Latin and tries to hit him with the chair but DXLatin rolls out of the way and the chair hits the Steel Post, DXLatin then comes from behind Jericho and smashes Jerichos head on the steel post.

DXLatin then slides Jericho into the ring as Jericho grabs his head in pain, DXLatin slides into the ring and begins to hit Jericho with angry stomps as hes mad that Jericho cheap shotted him with a chair. DXLatin picks Jericho up and irish whips him, Jericho bounces off the ropes, and DXLatin clotheslines him as the fans begin to boo and chant "BOOOOORING"
DXLatin smiles as he feeds off the crowd. He whispers "So they're bored?", DXLatin throws Jericho out of the ring as the fans continue to boo, but all of a sudden, DXLatin bounces off the ropes and jumps out of the ring with a huge flying clothesline knocking Jericho off his feet, as both men hit the floor hard and are out of the ring once again.
Jim - DXLatin promised to go 5150 at K.O.K and there it is!

DXLatin slowly gets up but all of a sudden Lance Kent jumps out of the fan area as the fans begin to cheer loudley, Lance has brass knuckle, he turns Latin around and nails him with a huge punch right to the skull with the brass knuckles as the fans cheer " DUUUUN KNOOOO ", Jericho looks up at Lance Kent and smiles at Lance, Jericho tries to shake Lance's hand but Lance gives him a huge kick to the face as the fans cheer even louder. He yells "If I Cant Be In Dis Tournament, Nobody Can Styll" as the fans cheer louder, all of a sudden KingOfDX runs down the ramp as he gets a mixed reaction, he throws Lance Kent into the steel steps as the fans boo louder.
Mike - Oh come on, this is suppose to be DXLatin vs Chris Jericho!

Jim - Shhhh, I dont want thease fans to start a riot!

KingOfDX, then turns his head and sees Jericho who is about to get up, and Jericho looks scared, KingOfDX smiles, he grabs Jericho and gives him a huge X-Mate right onto the floor.

Mike- KingOfDX was waiting to do that for such a long time!

KODX smiles as he slides DXLatin and Jericho into the ring, as he walks away, DXLatin and Jerichio slowly get up as they both look like they may not be able to take more damage, Jericho goes for the codebreaker and DXlatin counters and just drops him to the floor, he then picks Jericho up and hits the DXXD in the middle of the ring

Here is your winner via Knockout, DXLaaaaatin!
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:21 pm

DXLatin is walking down the hallway smiling but hes holding his head in pain, Perfection walks up to him smiling as DXLatin lets go of his head acting like hes not in pain.

Heyy Latinn!

Whats Up Perfection..

Well look, I dont want you to get the wrong idea, I heard about what Christian said, I have done some bad things, I regret them, Im not using you or anything, I really do like you, do you want to come back to my hotel room after K.O.K?

... ok

DXLatin smiles as Perfection gives him a smile as she walks away.

Mike - DXLatin looked like he way hypnotized by her beauty!
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:25 pm

Blossom is with KODX smiling as KingOfDX is with a sirious face.

KingOfDX, you hit Jericho, are you afraid to get charged?

Come on Blossom did you forget, Jericho said I cannot lay a hand on him outside of a match, he was in a match when I attacked him.

Oh wow, then that was a smart move, have you heard from Alyssa?

Yea, shes having trouble losing those stupid NYPD, helicopters are flying everywhere, but she'll escape them, I know it.

This is turning into one hectic night, so you didnt steal the sledgehammer?

I didnt steal the sledgehammer, why would I?

Ok thanks KingOfDX.

KingOfDX walks away as Blossom smiles
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:32 pm

Chris Jericho is backstage, he sees a camera man walking down the halls and he stops him and tells him to play the camera, the camera man plays the camera and begins to record Jericho.

Jericho - Mark My Words, I will find a way to be K.O.K Winner, I will be Golden Crown Champion, and I will be King Of 2009, And DXLatin.... What the hell are you going to do when your in the Walls Of Jericho!!!

Chris Jericho walks away all mad.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:30 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last match in Brackeeet 2, Introducing First, KiiiiingOfDXXX!

KingOfDX walks down the ramp as the fans cheer loudley, he slides into the ring and crotch chops the announcer as the fans luagh and cheer.

And his opponent, Christiaaaaaan Caaaage!

Christian walks down the ramp as the fans cheer, he slaps his chest and points at the fans, he slides into the ring and stares down KODX.


KingOfDX runs toward Christian and nails him with a right hand, the two men begin having a slugfest, punches start flying everywhere, Christian gets the upper hand and knocks KODX to the floor with a well executed headbutt. KingOfDX falls on one knee, Christian lifts him up and irish whips him, but as he does, KODX comes back off the ropes with a knee to the face, and Christian falls down hard, grabbing his nose and checking if hes bleeding, but hes not and the match continues.

KODX grabs Christian, and irish whips him toward the turnbuckle, as Christian hits the turnbuckle hard, KODX runs at him for another knee to the face but Christian gets out of the way and KODX's knee just hits the turnbuckle, Chritian then runs forward and gives KODX and neckbreaker as the fans cheer.

Christian slaps his cheat and points at a fan, he slides out of the ring, and grabs a bag of thumb tacs as the fans cheer, he brings it into the ring and hes about to pour it all over the floor but KODX slaps the bag out of Christians hands and trys to execute his signiture Double A Spinebuster, but Christian counters with a DDT as the fans cheer and boo.

Christian picks up the bag and pours it all over the middle of the ring, as its covered with Tumb Tacs, KingOfDX then gets up from the DDT, he runs at Christian clotheslines him out of the ring but Christian holds onto KODX's tights and they both fall out of the ring as the fans cheer louder. KingOfDX slowly gets up, and removes the cover of the Announce Table.
Mike -Woah careful with that!!

Jim - Move, lets move away from this spot!

KingOfDX kicks Christian right on the back of the head, he then picks Christian up and places him ontop of the announce table, he gets into the ring and goes up the turnbuckle, but as he does, Chrsitian quickly in desperassion, runs towards the apron and dropkicks KODX off the turnbuckle and causes KODX to fall hitting his back onto the thumb tacs as the fans cheer and chant "HOLY SHIT", Christian smiles and as KODX turns around you can see thumb tacs stabbed into his skin, Christian pulls KODX out of the ring and places KODX ontop of the announce table.

Christian climbs the turnbuckle and commits a huge tadpole splash, but KODX rolls off, and Christians chest hits the announce table breaking it flat as the fans cheer, Christian looks knocked out cold, KODX drags Christian into the ring, he gets Christian in the X-Mate position, he walks slowly close to the thumb tacs and is about to give Christian an X-Mate onto the thumb tacs, but Christian untangles KODX's arms, flips him over, and now KODX is now in the UnPrettier Position, and Christian executes the UnPrettier and KODX's face plants right on the thumb tacs as hes bleeding.

Here is your winner, Christiaaaaan Caaaage!

KODX looks mad as blood trickles down his face, but all of a sudden Christian slowly walks towards over the reff and they begin to talk, the reff then begins to talk to the Announcer.

Ladies and Gentlmen, Christian is still the winner, but he has a broken arm, and he cannot continue to the Finals, so going to the Finals, KingOfDXXXX!
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:55 pm

Mike - Ladies and Gentlmen we are now in the finals!, There are only three men left! There were 12, that turned into 6, and now there are 3!.

Jim - Master Of Disaster, DXLatin, and well.. Christian won, but he broke his arm untaggling KODX's X-Mate, so the third person is KingOfDX!

Mike - Yea but there is going to be only 2 men left, 1 man will be voted off, we will find out who that is as the fans will be voting starting now.

Jim - Yes and the person that gets voted off will have two options, option A, Go back to the hotel and call it a day, or option B, wrestle the winner of the Final match.

Mike - Yes and while the fans are voting and those 3 men are taking a break, it is now time for the Heaven On Earth Match, Champion vs Champion, Winner Take All.

Jim - Oh by I have been waiting for this, Heaven On Earth, The Ropes are replaced with Eltrical Ropes, and the only way to deactivate the Electricity is for a person to go into the ropes.

Mike - Not only that but outside the ring, there will be tables all around it set on fire.

Jim - Ok well thats nothing, not only are the ropes eletric, and the ring is surrounded by flamming tables but the ring mat is metal, falling on your head on the mat may just give you a concosion!.


Saturday Night Slim Survivals Febuary 14th 2009
Mike - What is Killer doing out here his match is next!

Jim - Shutup, lets find out!

Killer walks down the ramp with Kennedy and they're dragging Non-Stop by the legs and Non-Stop just looks Knocked Out Cold.

Killer - Hey PB360!, HEY PB360!!, listen up, it doesnt matter what the hell he did to you, put that all aside and look at Non-Stop, knocked out, no blood, just unconcious, I beat him sensless!, now you gotta wonder if the police were investigating what happened to him here, they wouldnt even know who did this to him because of how well we beat him, now just forget about what Carl J did... whatever he did... and think about what Im going to do to you at the King Of Kings Tournament.....

Saturday Night Slim Survivals Febuary 21'st 2009
PowerBomb360 argues with Killer telling him to not cheat
but Killer yells and says that he doesnt play by PB360's rules, PB360 then slaps Killer in the face and the fans erupt in cheers, Killer then gets into the ring and runs at PB360 and they start having a slugfest with punches and kicks flying everywhere the bell ring.

Saturday Night Slim Survivals Febuary 28th 2009
titantron then shows an area backstage where PowerBomb360 is on the floor all bloody, IronEX is standing above him with Killer smiling as the crowd boos loudley

(PowerBomb360, Is this Hardcore Enough For You??)

Saturday Night Slim Survivals March 7th 2009
Killer then grabs PB360's head and begins to throw huge punches at it, PB360 looks weak now, Killer then picks him up and drops him with a huge bodyslam, he tags in IronEX, and as he does, PB360 crawls towards Kennedy but before he can get to him, IronEX picks PB360 up and throws PB360 right on the turnbuckle as he lands head first, the fans chant "Holy Shit", Killer smiles as he watches Kennedy worrying and PB360 hurt, Killer then sees that PB360 is knocked out.


"Wrestlers are suppose to give you a show, win titles, retire and be forgotten, PowerBomb360 has given you a show, he has won titles, hes retired more than five times, but yet he doesnt seem to have been forgotten, At K.O.K I PROMISE, to give you a show, win another title, retire after I have done everything, and then I promise that after the show you see at K.O.K, after the Heaven on Earth match you will never forget Killer!, you see I cannot be forgotten, winning the Heavyweight Championship twice, Multiple Time Tag Champion, Well Known throughout the Wrestling World, and killing over 30 Superstars, I am the biggest threat there can possibly be, and PowerBomb360, it doesnt matter if you lost only two or three times, and it definetly doesnt matter if you won 1000 plus matches, the fact of the matter is, before this Sunday, spend time with your friends and family, rob banks, rob stores, act as if the World Is going to end on Sunday... well it will end, that is... for you, Im not just a WWKF Superstar, Im THE WWKF Superstar, and this Sunday not only will I bring you hell and back, end your career, win the match, but you can call me the Triple Crown Winner!. "

"Every Single Heaven On Earth Match... The Same Thing Happens All Over Again, One Person Dies. The Other Barley Survives....


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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 5:50 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is a Champion vs Champion, Winner Take All, Heaven On Earth Maaaaatch! Introducing first the WWKF Heavyweight Champion, PowerBomb360000000000!

PB360 Rolls out of the curtains holding his Heavyweight title as the fans cheer loudley he slaps the fans hands, and slides into the ring as the fans begin a "360" chant.

And the opponent, The WWKF Main Event Champion... KILLER!

Killer walks down the ramp as the fans boo loudley hes holding his Main Event title, he slides into the ring and raises his title in the air as the fans boo loudley.


Killer quickly grabs a microphone and puts his hand out telling PB360 not to attack Him.

Look around Mr.360, do you see IronEX?, I dont, I sent that Indian Giant Home!, I dont need help defeating you!.

PB360 cocks in a smile he then walks toward Killer, takes the mic away from him and walks a few steps back.

Good. Then lets play.

PowerBomb360 whips the Microphone right at the face of Killer as it lands right in his left eye as the fans make a "OoOoO" noise as Killer falls down hard, PB360 then grabs Killer and smashes his head onto the turnbuckle, he then irish whips him onto the opposite turnbuckle, as the fans are cheering like crazy. As Killer is on the turnbuckle, PB360 runs toward him, jumps up, catches Killers head with his legs and gives him a hurracurrana landing Killer face first into the metal mat as Killer is busted wide open.

The fans are on there feet chanting "360", Killer slowly gets up but he cant see anything thers blood all over his face, he wipes the blood off and he sees PB360 running right toward him but he cant do anything, PB360 dives and lands a huge shoulder block, as that happens both men hit the ropes hard as you can see and hear a huge amount of eletricity transfer from the ropes to their body and as that happens, its so powerfull that it causes PB360 and Killer to fall out of the ring and land right through a burning table that breaks in half.

The fans begin to chant "CHRIS ANGEL SHIT!" PB360 and Killer are layed out as they have small bits of flame still on them, they both seem to be knocked out but all of a sudden. PowerBomb360 jumps up like it was nothing he screams "Whoooo! Lets do that again!", as the fans cheer "360", PB360 then grabs Killer and slides him accross a whole bunch of tables and causing each flame on the table to burn onto Killers chest, Killer finally falls off the last table and all the tables he slid accross dont have flames, as Killer turns on his back his chest is pure black, burnt, with cuts all over, Killer is coughing and it looks like hes slowly dying.

PowerBomb360 smiles, he throws Killer into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, hes about to do the 360 Splash right onto Killers burnt chest but somthing stops him...

IronEX walks down the ramp as PB360 looks shocked and confused, Killer is knocked out hes not moving, he contiues to look at IronEX, PB360 then jumps off the turnbuckle, runs at IronEX and throws punches at him but it doesnt hurt him, IronEX grabs him by the hair, pulls him up and chokeslams him right onto the steel ramp as the fans can hear the impact!
IronEX doesnt think thats enough he grabs PB360 by the hair and slides him into the ring, IronEX then walks over the ropes, and then he grabs PB360 and gives him another chokeslam right onto the metal mat, and PB360 screams out in pain, the reff then comes in and checks PB360 and yells out "Stop leave him alone!, he has a broken back!", IronEX then luaghs, he throws the reff out of the ring, picks PB360 up and throws him onto another set of flaming tables, as the fans watch him burn.

IronEX luaghs he then goes outside of the ring and goes under the ring and grabs a tank of gasoline as the fans begin to boo loudley yelling out "NO!!", IroNEX then pours Gasoline all over PB360 as the flame grows and begins to spread all over the arena, and you cant even see PB360 anymore, a bunch of reffs run down the ramp and move IronEX away, followed by firemen who put out the flame.

Ladies and Gentlmen, PowerBomb360 cannot contiue the match, here is your winner, your new Heavyweight and fourth Triple Crown Champion... KILLER!!!

Mike - Aw come on that should've been a No Contest Killer is still knocked out!!
All of a sudden Prince Harming walks out of the curtains as the fans go crazy and begin to cheer "All Hail", Prince harming smiles, he then leaves, as IronEX begins to stare and watch him leave.

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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:08 pm

The scene reopens and you can see a bunch of ambulances brining Killer and PowerBomb360 to the hospital.

The camera then reappears in the WWKF Arena.

Mike - Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the votes are in, Master Of Disaster has been voted, and he gets to choose Option A, or Option B, whats your choice M.O.D!
Master Of Disaster appears on the titantron.

I would love to be a daredevil and go on and choose Option B, but Im not risking my lives for you fans, you dont deserve it, and you dont deserve to see me give you my best, Im going back to the hotel, Im banged up enough as it is, Im gonna have a few drinks with Joker, and we're going to discuss how bad Im going to beat Non-Stop at Rare Survival and become Tough Enough Champion.

Jim - Thanks for the comments M.O.D

Mike - Ladies and Gentlemen, you know what that means, KingOfDX vs DXLatin!

--Video Begins To Play--

Saturday Night Slim Survivals Febuary 14th
DXlatin just picks Jericho up and nails Jericho right in the throat with the Steel Bat, And now KingOfDX picks up MoneyBags and hits him with the King Mate, and MoneyBags looks knocked out, DXLatin then holds Jericho and commands KingOfDX to hit him in the skull with the Sledgehammer, KingOfDX aims for Jerichos head and before he can hit the sledehammer to Jericho, Jericho escapes and rolls out of the ring, and the Sledgehammer hits DXLatin and DXLatin falls down hard, the crowd is shocked and KingOfDX looks down at Latin worried.

Saturday Night Slim Survivals Febuary 21st 2009
(Aight then Romeo, but incase you forgot you need to clear your mind and forget about Alyssa, Jericho, or whoever, we got a big match tonight, and I dont wanna get betrayed again, or lose, and if we win, its not going to be by a disqualification)

(Betrayed??, come on Latin I told you 1000 times, It
wasnt my fualt man)

(And I told you 1000 times back, that I know it aint, and
you need to understand, if it happens again, your a deadman.)

KingOfDX leaves his sledgehammer on the table and walks over to DXLatin, they are now face to face, as if KingOfDX is offended by what DXLatin said.

(Ok. I understand that. But Latin, you need to understand that
we will defenitley work as partners tonight, but come K.O.K, when or if it comes down to me and you, your going to be the
deadman... now dont let the door hit you on your way out)

**Later On That Night**
As PB360 and Killer continue to battle, DXLatin gets back up still blood pouring from his head, but he has his steel bat, he gets into the ring and PB360 and Killer stop, staring at DXLatin, even the fast PB360 cant think of what to do, PB360 and Killer try to go the other way but they see that KODX is standing up with his sledgehammer, KODX gets into the ring, and DXLatin and KODX start swigning their weapons hitting the two men, KODX bashes the Sledgehammer into Killers head for revenge, then DXLatin hits PB360 right in the throat with the Steel Bat, Both Champions are layed out, and DXLatin looks at KingOfDX as if hes about to attack him with the Steel Bat, KODX sees DXLatins hands tingiling.

KODX - Come On Latin, Do Somthing Tough Guy!, Do Somthing Stupid, I see What You Want To Do!

Saturday Night Slim Survivals Febuary 28th 2009
(Well there is no Hell In A Cell setup, so lets bring this match outside.... KingOfDX... one on one against DXlatin... in a Parking Lot Brawl Match)

The Crowd roars with cheers

(....Are you sure???)

(He beat me once in his match, but this time its Part 2, My Time)

KingOfDX walks off as the crowd cheers and Alyssa just looks at him walk off and she shakes her head as if worried. The Camera then switches to another area where DXLatin is backstage with Alicia J.

(DXLatin , I have gotten word that your match is changed to a Parking Lot Brawl Match, your 29 - 1 in that match, your thoughts?)

(Maan, I dont know what to say but, KingOfDX what are you doing with your life man, you got Alyssa Ruins now I have to admit she aint all that bad you know, shes pretty hot, but is that the only good part in your life? because either you want your career to be over or you just acting dumb, your in Toronto Canada, my hometown, you got a huge ass rivalry with Jericho, which you may want to impress him, but you gotta wonder, how are you possibly going to do that by losing to me?, I mean it'll take 10 King Mates to get me knocked out in a normal match and only 1 DXXD to knock you out, so imagine in a Parking Lot Brawl, well M.O.D Is still in the building so all I gotta say is M.O.D watch and relize that DXtreme Latin is back, the New and Improved DXLatin, oh and KingOfDX remember 10 King Mates.... 1 DXXD)

*Later That Night*
KingOfDX kicks out right before the reff can count to 3, and now DXLatin cannot believed what just happened, KingOfDX is bleeding all over and still wont give up, DXLatin then goes into a car and pulls out his Steel Bat as you can hear his fans cheering from inside the arena, DXLatin measures up KingOfDX, and gets ready to hit him with the steel bat, as KingOfDX turns around, DXLatin charges at him, KingOfDX quickly ducks, but is too weak to do anything else, DXLatin turns him around and hits him with the Steel Bat right on the throat, and KingOfDX falls to the floor hard spitting out blood, DXLatin then applies the DXFX, he still has the wire wrapped around his fist causing it to dig in, on KingOfDX's neck, as KingOfDX yells in pain and taps out.


So you like to be a biter.
Well guess what, Im a fuc*ing Fighter.

Xtreme all the way light your ass up with a Lighter.
Ill watch you burn and turn until you learn you cant be me.
I use my knees while fighting, you use yours for enlightening.
I have a steel bat which I use to slam you to the mat.
Then I turn my hat, and make your fatass run!.
You'll run till your done, cant you see? its over son.
I recieve awards all the way, you need one, for just being gay.
Do you like raps now??, guess you dont, but bow done anyways.
Im the true King, Rapping aint your thing, wanna coppy me now?
bring your floppy wrestlng abilties over to the K.O.K Facilities.
Then get eleminated and demonstrated, you picked the wrong thing to steal.
You better pray you get healed, how will it feel to have a nice Steel Bat Meal.
Just Give Up now, You got no chance gainst me. Only thing your way, is a DXXD!

DXLatin flicks his shirt.

What Up!


if your gonna be 5150 Elite on people's asses at the K.O.K Tournament, then I'm gonna be that Sledge Hammering Maniac you've been waiting to see!


Two Well Known Superstars. With A Whole Lot Of History. Meet Once Again. For The Fifth Time. Only This Time They're In The King Of Kings Finals.
DXtreme Latin vs KingOfDX
Place Your Bets


--Video Ends--

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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:36 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Reached The Finaaaal Match Of The Niiiight!, The Winner Of This Match Will Be Crowned King Of 2009, And Will Gain, The Goooolden Crooooown Championshiiiiiip!! The fans have voted this match a Singles Match! Introducing First KingOfDX!!!

KingOfDX walks down the ramp, he looks real hurt, he doesnt care tho, hes smiling as the fans cheer for him, he slides into the ring and crotch chops the reff.

And his opponent.... DXtreeeeeeeme Laaaaaaaatin!

DXLatin runs out of the curtains and tuants the fans as the fans still boo him, but DXLatin also looks hurt from his match with Jericho, he slides into the ring and KingOfDX and DXLatin look at eachother it looks like they're still mad at eachother but then DXLatin walks over to him and gives him a handshake as some of the fans cheer.


DXLatin and KODX begin to circle eachother, looking for an opening, then they come together and lockup, KODX gets the upper hand and throws DXLatin accross the ring, the fans cheer, DXLatin shakes his head, he runs at KODX and takes him down with a nice football tackle, he then begins to hit KODX with lefts and rights as the fans boo, DXLatin then picks up KODX and irish whips him.

KODX comes back with a clothesline but DXLatin ducks and as KODX comes back again DXLatin goes for the clothesline but this time KODX ducks. They both turn around and KingOfDX smiles, and DXLatin looks tired.
Mike - Thease men are both evenly matched.

KingOfDX and DXLatin then get into their boxing stances, KingOfDX throws a punch (Fans Cheer), DXLatin throws one back (Fans Boo), KingOfDX throws another punch (Fans Cheer), DXLatin then throws another one (Fans Boo), KingOfDX then throws another punch back (Fans Cheer), DXLatin then goes for another punch but then KingOfDX ducks the punch and DXLatin misses, KingOfDX gives DXLatin the crotch chops and pokes him in the eye and DXLatin falls down and grabs his eyes in pain, As DXLatin falls to the floor, KingOfDX gives him not one but three crotch chops.

The fans begin to chant "SUUUUCK ITTTT", DXLatin slowly gets up, KingOfDX picks up DXLatin as hes getting up, and KingOfDX irish whips him towards the turnbuckle, DXLatin hits the turnbuckle hard, and KingOfDX runs toward him, but Latin turns around and KingOfDX gets hit with a nice clean elbow and KingOfDX stumbles to the floor and falls on one knee. DXLatin then climbs the turnbuckle, and as KingOfDX gets up DXLatin hits the Flying Clothesline as the fans boo.

Both men are layed out, DXLatin is the first to get up, he looks at KingOfDX who is hurt, he goes to the middle of the ring and gets ready for the Thuganomic Shuffle, he bounces off the ropes and hits the Thuganomic Shuffle as the fans boo, DXLatin then measures KingOfDX, KingOfDX slowly gets up and DXLatin gets him up for the DXXD but DXLatin cant drop him, KingOfDX keeps trying to get off, KODX finally jumps off DXLatins shoulders and low blows DXLatin from behind!. The fans cheer loudley.

The Reff walks over to KingOfDX and begins to yell at him, telling KingOfDX that the fans voted this a Singles Match, and that he must follow the rules, KingOfDX then looks around as the fans are cheering, KingOfDX then gives the reff the crotch shops and gives him the X-Mate right in the middle of the ring as the fans cheer louder. He gets out of the ring, and grabs DXLatin steel bat and slides back in, as he gets in, DXLatin is slowly getting up, DXLatin turns around and sees KingOfDX holding the steel bat, DXLatin runs at him and KingOfDX rams DXLatins steel bat right on his throat.
Jim - Thats the first time, somoebody has ever rammed DXlatins own steel bat right on his neck!, or even used it against him!!!

The fans begin to go crazy, cheering for KingOfDX, As DXLatin is crawled up like a ball, choking, and coughing, KingOfDX then gets DXLatin in the X-Mate Position, but just as hes about to hit it, DXLatin gives him a low blow in return as the fans begin to boo loudley, Now both men are layed out trying to catch their breath, DXLatin gets up before KingOfDX, he then bounces off the ropes and hits KingOfDX with the Thuganomic Shuffle again, he measures KingOfDX up once again, and as KingOfDX gets up, DXLatin turns KingOfDX around and crotch chops KingOfDX, he then picks KODX up for the DXXD, and hits the DXXD right in the middle of the ring as the fans boo loudley, a Reff runs down the ramp, DXLatin is about to pin KODX but he stops.

He sees Perfection who has just came, and is at the ramp, shes clapping for DXLatin as she blows him a kiss and once again, DXLatin looks like hes in Nowhere Land, he looks hypnotized, hes staring at Perfection smiling at her, but all of a sudden KODX sits up, he turns DXLatin right around and hits the Double A SpineBuster, he then smiles, and says "Whoooops", KingOfDX, then picks up DXLatin for the X-Mate, he looks at Perfection and Perfection does not look worried at all, KODX then drops DXLatin with the X-Mate right in the middle of the ring. He pins.


The Refferee stops counting for no reason, KODX looks at the reff, "What the hell are you doing????", The reff points at the ramp, and as KODX looks at the ramp he sees Chris Jericho walking down the ramp with a bunch of NYPD, KODX looks surprised and really mad, there has to be 100 police men in the ramp, all of a sudden they all run towards the ring, and KODX begins to punch them, taking them down, but theres too much and they restrain KODX and put handcuffs on him, Jericho then spits on KODX's face

Jericho looks at DXLatin who looks knocked out, Jericho then locks in the Walls Of Jericho, and DXLatin is knocked out hes not even moving as Jericho is tightning the hold, hes smiling, and is really confident, then all of a sudden, DXLatin uses his knuckles to bring himself up

DXLatin slowly reaches forward and grabs the bottom rope, Chris Jericho loooks mad, he then grabs DXLatin and gives him a huge codebreaker, he then locks in the Walls Of Jericho again, this time in the middle of the ring. DXLatin has nowhere to go, the ropes seem far away, and his eyes are starting to close, all of a sudden DXLatin is unconcious and does not tap out.

Ladies and Gentlmen, DXLatin cannot contiue the match, here is your winner, and the First Ever Golden Crown Champion, The King Of 2009, "Y2J" Chris Jerichooooooooo!

The Fans begin to boo as fireworks begin to go off and the WWKF Logo Flashes.
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009   

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WWKF King Of Kings Tournament - Sunday March 15th 2009
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