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 WWKF Punked on my great show

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PostSubject: WWKF Punked on my great show   Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:43 am

"The Sources" if you shall say, well they say that in the link, is a wonderfull site called EWA made by Eddie Gordon, and run by Eddie Gordon, and abit over 20 accounts of Eddie Gordon made to look "alive".

In my latest Shotgum Saturday Night show it's a long show that I made because I have no life, on how the EWA's headliners BOTD tore thru and made WWKF look like a junkyard, beating all their talent including the owner rattlesnake. It even shows how Alyssa Ruins did sleep with EWA owner Eddie Gordon!, see I told all you great folks that she did!

OOC- you really thought the ban would stick? come can't ban the unbannable and I'm always, going to be, unbannable baby, Im always going to hunt you guys, I am like the hair in your ass, I am like the virginity on myself, I will never go away, I will make more and more characters, I will try to humiliate you fellows, it may not work, but I will try baby!, I may be 78 but I am young at heart, and EWA forever!

None of your talent is back. don't even have enough people for a show so why advertise times for them?? Right now WWKF as a fed is a 'slim survival". Gordon Out!

PS - Proxy servers do wonders, get by every kind of ban there is. dummy. dummy. dummy,

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jack carter


PostSubject: Re: WWKF Punked on my great show   Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:08 am

Hey guess who!?, thats right, Jack Carter... well really Eddie Gordon... well no, really Billy. Yup its Bill here on another one of my accounts, just stopping by with a friendly reminder..

there's not 20 accounts on EWA and changing my password that I had provided shows you're a pussy. only a pussy like kingofdx and only a pussy that I cannot get.

can't handle the truth that he's nothing but a bitchboy in feds. Atleast I can handle the truth that I am a virgin, but hey, you know what that means, just like I cannot lose my virginity, I cannot lose this fed, I will keep comming, stay tuned for my next account on here! O.O

oh oh oh and at least we have my 11 accounts including characters I have stolen from your fed, and people from NLWF kicking our asses, who you got right now? not much O.O

Punked again as this fed always will be!



- Chicago Bill OUT!
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Punked on my great show   Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:18 pm

at least im able to get some pussy, ur a fucking 45 year old virgin who goes on forums, making other characters and basically talking to himself ! i fucking feel bad for ur friends, family and especially ur PARENTS !!!! ur parents should be ashamed to have a son who looks like a fucking retarded nerd who looks like came out of Elvis' ass !

i think ur parents should just slap u the next time they c u, even better if they slapped u when u were born....cause they had to live with a fucking nerd who can't even get a girl through the internet ! and Bill, if that's ur real face...i gotta tell u should get plastic surgery to fix not only ur retarded face, but fix that fucking nose aswell ! jesus christ, it looks more funnier than when people make fun of Triple H for his nose....i guess they won't make fun of him anymore until they've seen urs ? and wow.....WWKF getting punked ? the only reason y WWKF had to start over with new account is because ur skinny ass changed everything into something called EWA ?

btw, u can tell EWA is shit and will always be shit is because ur the same person for each and every member on that EWA forums ! u can go and deny it but we all know u r because when u changed WWKF to EWA, u first off don't know how to spell the WWKF character's name right because we would all regconize ! plus, u wouldn't even sound like the person OOC or in character, so for example....IronEX ? first off, the guy doesn't even go on barely, and second...he doesn't fucking speak English ! i went of the forums b4 when it was EWA, and everything IronEX said was perfect English, the fucking guy can't speak English, let alone even say hi to you ! what's more sad is that u make people believe ur starting shit with NLWF when NLWF doesn't give a fuck about u ! what next....ur gonna try and be an admin on the NLWF forums and then steal the forums and make it into EWA again ? theres not fucking point cause EWA is a shit place, i bet u even TNA would be more successful than EWA if it was to be a real company !

me and everyone in WWKF knows u have no life cause u make a forum, using every single character as urself and just talking to himself, expecting people who've never been on the site think it's different people ? u won't fool anyone, ur a terrible liar and u can't cover up shit....i bet u in real life if a fire started in ur house and the cops asked u who did it ? first thing u'll say is that u didn't do it and say ur dog did it ? stop trying to punk "WWKF" cause u never did and will never do it ever again !
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Punked on my great show   Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:31 pm

PWNED!! cat #

But i gaurentee you that gordon wil come back with complete utter bullshit!

He deinies being onita and carter, then when you ask in a months time he says

"I bet you just figured that out"

Gordon is ione sad son of a bitch

I dont think he has parents King, i think they abandoned him since they found out he was a sad son of a biitch and retarded on top of that

About that fire thing, i dont thik he would blame it onh a dog, A dog exists, hes that sad hed blame it on somoeone who doesnt exist
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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Punked on my great show   Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:32 pm

you think I'm 45? LOL! dimwit, I posted Scott Norton (the guy Carter uses) age and you say it's me, what a dumbfuck. Then again
you are quite dumb because I am auctully over 70 years old, DUH! dipshit. Feel the slap bitchboy.

Kalvin you have nothing to say especially after what you said on NLWF about this fed. Kalvin losing to BOTD 4 times in a row doesn't help your cause any, if anything it shows you're a shit efedder that has fucked more girls than me.

You're able to get some pussy? so what?, Im able to get rock hard cock, even better.

EWA never punked WWKF? you're right, eddie gordon did, aka Jack Carter did, aka Masa Onita did, aka I DID, me and my 10000 accounts known to man did! and who's the dumbfuck stupid enough to give that kind of power away, hhmmm? I think its Alyssa Ruins, yup, she may be sexy but shes a domb blonde, haha, feel the great slap.

your whole roster bailed on you, no loyalty. I stepped up when alyssa was down and everyoine bailed, order in the court, would you like to go out on bail?, YES!, I would, hahaha, feel the slap bitch, so this place deserved to be put to rest. and it is. just put up the going out of business sign. it's done. its over. its dead. its buried. its gone. its drowned. its.... ya its just bye bye, lets call scooby doo or maybe blues clues to find out when its comming back, oh yes, never muahaha, feel the slap, feel it the fucking slap.

i wouldn't set the house on fire, I'd rob it, just like I robbed my moms dildos LOL!

find better arguments, it took me 60 seconds to put you in check again, haha like hello!, feel the slap!

do better.

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PostSubject: Ban slaped away with ease.   Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:37 pm

you still haven't scraped up an excuse on how i'm supposed to be banned, but yet, just like NLWF I farted the ban out.

just like I fart you out,

why ban someone you know you can't ban, dumbass.

see how Im talking to myself?, I have no life, but who cares, because YOU HAVE A LIFE UNLIKE ME!, feel the slap!
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PostSubject: zzzzz   Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:23 pm

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PostSubject: Re: WWKF Punked on my great show   

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WWKF Punked on my great show
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