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 Awesome Sean MCA

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Awesome Sean MCA


Wrestler Information
Your Health:
100/100  (100/100)
Hometown: Knoxville, Ten
Finisher Move: Awesome Driver

PostSubject: Awesome Sean MCA   Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:23 am


Name : __Awesome Sean MCA _______
From :___Knoxville, Tennessee_____________________
Hometown : ____Same________________
Height :___6'4"_____________________
Weight :_____245lbs. ___________________
Expereience:____ 1 year ________________
Championships Won:___Many__________
Companies Been In:____4__________
Slogan:___"I am simply...Awesome!_____________________
Fighting Style___Technically skilled brawler________________

Diving crossbody
Jumping cutter
Running punt to an opponent's head
Wheelbarrow suplex
European uppercut
Falling clothesline
Gutwrench elevated neckbreaker
Inverted headlock backbreaker
Jumping knee drop
Multiple stomps while circling a fallen opponent
Rapid forearm shots to the head and chest of a seated opponent
Rope hung implant DDT
Scoop powerslam
Wrenching chinlock

Finisher:____Awesome Driver (Jumping Piledriver)___________________

Specialty Match:__Ladder, TLC_______________
Pic Base:_____Randy Orton

Theme Song:_____"Line in the Sand" - MotorHead_______________

Enterance Discription: See: Randy Orton (Evolution)

By Signing this Contract you are held responsible if you break any of the rules here in the WWKF.
If you had not read the Rules and Regulations please do so. Also signing this contract you are aware that
the WWKF has 50% control of your character backstage in results and in storyline, you are also aware that
WWKF has property of your character until you reach an agreement of release. No deaths or injury will be WWKF's reponsobility.

Your Name Here :______Awesome Sean MCA________________________
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Awesome Sean MCA
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