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 The War Machine

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Jackhammer Muldoon


Wrestler Information
Your Health:
100/100  (100/100)
Hometown: Chicago, ILL
Finisher Move: Something Wicked

PostSubject: The War Machine   Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:02 am


Name : ___Jackhammer Muldoon______
Nickname : The War Machine
From :____Chicago, ILL____________________
Hometown : __Chicago, ILL__________________
Height :____6'4"____________________
Weight :____255lbs.____________________
Championships Won:____Many_________
Companies Been In:__SWFL, KWL, NCW, many others____________
Slogan:___"I don't give a damn!_____________________
Fighting Style____Technically Skilled Brawler_______________
Trademark Moves:
Choke on This (mandible claw chokeslam)
Ego Trip (legsweep faceslam)
Therapy (Michinoku Driver)

Most Used Moves:
gorilla press slam, DDT, swinging DDT, low blows, foot stomp, sucker punch, swinging neckbreaker, back drop driver, haymaker punch, scorpion death drop, missile drop kick, double axe handle smash, elbow smash clothesline, Russian leg sweep, stomach breaker, powerbomb, jawbreaker, piledriver, rope rake, football tackle, gorilla press slam, springboard DDT, brainbuster, European uppercut, Thesz press, Beel throw

Northern lights suplex, Fisherman Suplex, Vertical Suplex, Release German, T-Bone, belly to back, millennium suplex

STF, iron cross, Mexican surfboard, crossface, kneelock submission, full nelson, sleeper, Indian deathlock, triangle choke, scorpion deathlock, camel clutch, figure four, Texas cloverleaf

double axehandle smash, senton off top rope, top rope leg drop, flying fistdrop, top rope suicide DDT (to the outside), Banzai drop

Finisher:__Something Wicked (Reverse Underhook DDT)_____________________

Specialty Match:___Street Fight______________

Pic Base:_______________________

Specific Weapons:___Has been known to use whatever isn't nailed down and, occassionally, things that have been nailed down!_____________

Theme Song:___"War Machine" - KISS _________________

Enterance Discription:

The lights dim, heavy mist filling the ramp as strobe lights begin to pulse slowly. A steady bass throb begins, growing in volume, sounding much like a heartbeat. A single gunshot shatters the silence, followed by mocking laughter and Jackson's voice hurling insults before the music skips, and then the sounds of 'Lies' by Evanescence filters through the speakers. Dark red strobes pulsate on the entranceway, and a dark figure moves among them, stepping forward as indigo fountains of pyrotechnic spark either side of him. He strides forwards, ignoring the crowd reaction. He circles the ring once, his eyes steady, a look of angry concentration on his face, before ascending the ring steps and climbing between the ropes. Jackson stands in the middle of the ring, his head thrown back in a triumphant roar as the music comes to a grinding halt, cut off with a squeal of feedback.

By Signing this Contract you are held responsible if you break any of the rules here in the WWKF.
If you had not read the Rules and Regulations please do so. Also signing this contract you are aware that
the WWKF has 50% control of your character backstage in results and in storyline, you are also aware that
WWKF has property of your character until you reach an agreement of release. No deaths or injury will be WWKF's reponsibility.

Your Name Here :___Jackhammer Muldoon___________________________
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The War Machine
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