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 Say Hello to Frank Bronson

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PostSubject: Say Hello to Frank Bronson   Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:41 am

Frank Bronson is in his garage revving up his chopper, he punches the gas
and then shuts it off.
(Frank Bronson)
My name is Frank Bronson, some of you might've heard of me, or you may not, it
doesn't matter whether you have or you haven't because soon you will be feeling me.
I get my contract to this federation faxed to me and I call this GM up. I ask him what
do you want me to say in my debut promo for your show, he tells me to say anything
I want. I told him I may slander some wrestlers from the last fed I was in and he asks
me what's stopping me. This is definetely different than the feds I was in before because
I'd hear you can't say that, that's not a nice thing to say but here I get the GM telling
me say whatever I want. No limits on what want to say say it how I want to, I can
cuss swear and be the guy I want to be. Ok, so it goes.
(Frank Bronson)
By the logic of your GM I'll go with his directive, which doesn't seem to be much of one.
I honestly found this fed by mistake. But before I decided to click back I decided to give
it a look over. The feds I was in before were cookie cutter feds, all looking the same,
trying to be the same, even had the same headliners on their shows. How many feds can
really have Randy Orton on there doing the Legacy bit. I can go down a list of feds and any
five of them at reandom will have this kind of junk. I've been doing this for a few years and
the same old tired let's be WWE tv shows with same WWE headliners is just junk. forteen
different feds all can't have Randy Orton in it on a monday night show, or a HHH or, I can
make a list for you. I wanted something different. before I decided to blow off this fed I
looked it over. What I saw was a change in direction over the last few weeks with this GM
coming in and blowing the roof off. The temp of the Beatdown shows changed when he
took over. I am a guy who likes to see different things in a fed, not the same ol retread
of what other feds are doing. I spent over ninety minutes going thru thingsdhere to see
the before and after change from WWKF? To EWA. I might be of unpopular opinion but I
like this change. You went from cookie cutter to, This is a different scene.

(Frank Bronson)

I could go down a list of Feds at Chris Hart's top sites and not one has a world tv title in it.
This fed does and the way it's presenting it is a throwback to maybe the NWA, I can't put
a label on how tio describe this fed. Instead of a world champion on top yoiu have an
international champion. Most of these feds go with I-C titles or world titles. never an International
title. Different things like that will have me want to join. I looked at the different promos and
interviews here and it was nice to see just a straight up promo. Who you're facing when you're
facing him and what you're going to do to him. Nothing all spiffied up and long going on and on
and on waiting for a punchline. That I liked too. So by mistake I found this place and after seeing
so far what it's about, I like it. I can't really put a label to describe it but it looks one part NWA
One part Mid-South one part ECW from back in the day and just let the matches speak for themself.
To some it may be bare bones, no fancy videos or youtube additives and I like that. I'm sure alot
of WWE marks hate it because you don't have the pyro and the effects of Smackdown but to me
that's good. Why copy someone else. That's cheap, be creative work your imagination don't stick
with the same old monday night copycat everyone else is doing. That doesn't seperate you from the
pack You're just as cookie cutter as the rest of them.

(Frank Bronson)

Do I know what I'm talking about? Yes I do, the feds I was in before are exactly what I described as
cookie cutter, nothing different about them but the name. I think I heard of acouple people on this roster
but if I have or am mistaken, Don't be mistaken by the things I say because I joined and I'm here to go
to the top. You have a jap guy and a masked guy as your top guys. Your tag titles are going to be put in
somewhere soon. I don't care about tag titles right now I care about getting to the top. So if it's the jap
guy or the masked guy, I don't care. I'll make it to the top because that's what you do. You don't just
come into a place and say you want a shot at the top guy, you have to go for wins to impress the top
guys. That I'll do. I know the show is locked up for this week so I make my debut next week. If this is
as old school as it feels. This will be real nice to be part of. So next week, start getting used to the name
Frank Bronson, you'll be seeing more of it, with many wins next to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Say Hello to Frank Bronson   Fri Jun 12, 2009 3:06 pm

Um, welcome Frank, Thank you coming, hope you enjoy the EWA.
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PostSubject: Re: Say Hello to Frank Bronson   Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:26 pm

I think I will. I think I'll be used better here than where I just left.
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PostSubject: Re: Say Hello to Frank Bronson   

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Say Hello to Frank Bronson
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