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 Reflections of a Legend

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PostSubject: Reflections of a Legend   Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:11 am

"Rebel Angel" Jack Carter shows the camerman the neighborhood he
has grown up in and has come back to in Chicagao. He's wearing his
black skull cap, black jeans,heavy brace on his left leg, boots and
"Support Nomads Illinois" shirt.

"No matter how much you try to get rid of the gang graffiti it always
comes back. This neighborhood has gone from a bad neighborhood to
a good one to a horrible one and now, it's become just a pretty good,
bad neighborhood. But the fact I grew up here, moved out, and was
able to buy the very house I grew up in, was one of the things that
this sport has allowed me to do...It's funny how things seem to come

They walk up the street to the corner where the EWA offices are now

"This building has always been here, survived two fires, several floods and
tons of broken windows, but this building just won't die. When Eddie Gordon
told me he was gonna buy this company I had mixed opinions..On one hand
why keep making others rich by showing them how they should be doing their
jobs and running a company when you can just own your own and make the
money yourself. On the other hand..I've seen companies come and go and
not really make a mark anywhere....So why invest my time with this group".

"Eddie Gordon has run several different promotions, each one he has raised
their ratings, the attendence at shows, as well as make it a harder style, he's
tinkered with this for years and now, he can do what he wants how he wants
and not have to explain himself to the owner, he is the owner. So if it sinks or
swims it's all on him. Why go along with him...because he's a man who knows
this sport, he knows how it used to be and how it's evolved and he knows how
to mix the two together. Now most can't handle his style, we've seen that with
how many people ran for the hills with their tails between their legs because the
harder style was too much for their pooh butts to handle. he wanted a wrestling
show with real authentic wrestling promos. not the bullshit the WWKF was allowing
with the crap Tyrone Williams, Alex Armstrong and Matt Betts were allowed to get
away with. Allowing crap talent like Suicide, Johnny Leather and others to pollute
the company without putting a stop to bullshit skits that sucked, and Onita was
right. you have to hide behind a Vince Russo kind of skit, then you're hiding behind
the fact you don't have any mocrophone skills. They proved that right to Armstrong
and Williams, can't talk for shit, you're gonna wrestle like the end, we got rid of
the shit, the shit talent with shitty promo skills who couldn't put an ass in a seat unless
they bought the ticket themselves. The only people who thought Matt Betts, Tyrone
Williams and Alex Armstrong didn't suck..was Matt Betts, Tyrone Williams and Alex

Jack goes inside the building and sees painters and other workmen putting the finishing
touches on the building.

"It's weird that things seem to have come full circle..The last three promotions I and Onita
have been in, we came in as the rudest cruelest haters of the fans...and what happens is
some things fall iunto place to where the fans come to like us..cheer for us...We never
asked for them to do it, but in the end, it's always the fans who decide who they like...They
like a stable who knowingly..breaks laws, gets certain 'things' that we're not supposed to have
and sell certain 'things' we're not supposed to sell...This is a lifestyle we've lived for years and
feeds our families and pays the bills quite well, so really, we don't have to wrestle professionally
anymore...we want to...That's the difference between he and I..and alot of others out there
that can't walk away or take whatever job they can get in this sport so they can pay the rent".

"When Eddie Gordon came to me and asked about me being the top champion here..I was
flattered...but look at ribs are healing up from being cracked, I got this brace on my
knee, what kind of top champion can I be if I can't even wrestle..Had I accepted this company
wouldn't have been launched until I was cleared to wrestle...I said no..and when he asked for my
opinion on who then. I pointed to Great Riquez. I said he and maybe Onita because them two are
ones who can wrestle, can brawl and they truly do it all. Anyone who saw their match against each
other last week. Was the embodiment of what a great match, with great build up, is supposed to
be. Them two had the match of a lifetime, their match blew HBK vs The Undertraker at the
Wrestlemania 25 PPV out of the water. Jericho bs Rey Mysterio couldn't come close to what Riquez
and Onita did. So to build a wrestling company around them two as top guys is the best choice any
smart promoter should do..We also have some awesome young talent in IronEX, Solution and Nonstop
Nicky Barnes that can be the next superstars in this sport. Christian is a name guy who's proven
himself, Kennedy is nolonger inprisoned by McMahon so he adds alot and now...the guy who put me
on the shelf, Golpe, has decided to give it a go here..This is a roster that's gonna rock and with the
\emphasis on sport, competition and the harder style compared to what WWKF was doing..we are
gonna be the outlaw federation that does it their way..on their terms...and not..give two shits what
the critics have to say...we draw fans, we have good ratings and have awesome action...then all the
wimps who left here will have nothing but their foot, up their asses for not staying and upping their
game so they no longer sucked ass in the ring or on the mic".

Jack walks out and lights up a cigarette.

"So now here I am...Full circle..The EWA could've located their offices anywhere in the country, Eddie
chose Chicago cause you can get anywhere from here more easily...the tv station airing our show is
from here..and Chicago..has always had a deep tradition in pro why not come back to a
known wrestling capital and make things happen from here...Now while i can't wrestle on tv yet, I have
been lending my expertise to the younger guys here...Onita as well..because the day will come when
we're not gonna be here and someone else will take the spots we why not give back to
what has given greatly to us..I get in the ring in there and show some of these young guys some as I am right now, I show em...There's plans to open up a wrestling school here too so
guys wanting a shot in this sport can learn the right way..learn what paying dues really is and that the
WWE way, and Vince Russo booking doesn't equal greatness..And the fact that big name guys like
Taz, Abdullah the Butcher and others will come in for matches, just adds more to the mix of what this
fed will be like. I see guys like Nicky Barnes and Solutioin and see they have what it takes, they have
the heart, so why not show them what was shown to me by guys who showed it to them. Passing it on
the right way".

"When I come back from this injury... as much as I'd like to be TV Champ..I have another mission in
mind..Since it seems we're always the ones who have to confront loudmouths, and show why we are
the baddest in the land, with fans cheering us for it. I guess instead of fighting it..just embrace it and go
with it...Maybe that's thr ole as a whole now...I'm not the best choice for a hero in this sport but then cheered the Sandman, and he's been copying me for years. Maybe the role for me is a
teacher, show these new guys how it is...Alot of veterans in this sport won't do that or just rip people
off and not show em shit...the harhness of this sport".

Jack walks back towards his house..and stops out in front...

"Golpe...glad you came to the EWA...I'm going to be very give to you what you give to me
you sorry son of a bitch. Do what you can...Have fun while you can...because when I get cleared..I'm
gonna kick your can..all over the place...So bet your ass Golpe..or anyone else...I may be down...but
I'm not out...I'm not done on it".

Right then Blossom comes to the front door wearing daisey dukes and a Chicago Harley-Davidson tank top. Jack turns and looks at her, then turns back to the camera.

" knee may be fucked up..but when you have someone liike her...she has many 'ways' of making many pains go away..know what I mean"?

He winks as he goes inside with her.
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PostSubject: Re: Reflections of a Legend   Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:23 pm

OOC- hey man just wanted to say this was excellent. I like the way you're still putting on the fact Golpe injured you, even if the WWKF changed hands and such. I don't know where you're going with this, but this was a cool read.
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PostSubject: Re: Reflections of a Legend   Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:24 pm

OOC- He tells a great story in his rp's. You should hear what one former member from here has said. Talks shit but 'T-Rone' won't step up on his own. I should show you the rp he sent me saying he the best roleplayer. Some lame shit that was so fake and unrealistic. I read it four times in hopes of seeing something good. Jack hewre puts effort into it. Some just write alot of words and don't say anything, ya know?
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PostSubject: Re: Reflections of a Legend   

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Reflections of a Legend
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